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Mizuki Spa & Fitness



the quest of our well-being


Among the most powerful symbols, the moon and

Mizuki Fitness, meanwhile, provides heat

water are also sources of nature’s healing process.

and water experience (jacuzzi and sauna) and membership that offers gym, studio and

Creating a unique and special atmosphere, with

swimming pool for your best well-being and

help from the moon and water, Mizuki Spa offers

a sense of luxury.

every kind of person the utmost relaxation and serene tranquility for restoring energy.

In essence, this is what Mizuki Spa and Fitness stands for.

The priceless Mizuki Spa experience enhances one’s state of well-being, including our own special signature treatments.



Spa Treatments

Mizuki Signature

Luxury of Being Yourself

120-minute Menu

Special spa treatments come with

Very unique individual treatment

Touch therapy and gentle aromatic

private shower room, toilets, and

with private counseling. Each

body massage with full deep

a bathtub made from Japanese

therapist creates their own menu

hydrating facial treatment for

hinoki. Inducing utmost relaxation,

depending on the client’s health

damage caused by dry working

this enhances both physical and

conditions or other reasons.

environment, focusing around the

mental well-being. The Mizuki

eyes and mouth.

signature is only available for

Ultimate Spa Journey

couples or friends.

Full body treatment to remove

150-minute menu

fatigue, nourish dry and elastic skin,

Full body treatment with the most

Mizuki Sprit

and provide the ultimate relaxation

effective anti-aging facial treatment.

Full body treatment using bamboo

and well being.

180-minute Menu

and Japanese hinoki bathtub. The

All prices include consumption tax and are subject to a 13% service charge.

effect of bamboo is not only to

90-minute Menu

Full body treatment that enhances

enhance blood circulation, but also

Touch therapy and gentle

your skin’s condition and elasticity.

to revitalize your body and mind.

aromatic body massage with facial

After a full body scrub, you are

treatments: moisturize your skin and

wrapped up to provide wonderful

enhance your elasticity and quality.

relaxation and skin moisturizing, followed by an aromatic bath.



Facial Treatments

Mizuki Original by SUKI

only shaping the facial lines, but

Deep Cleansing

—80 minutes

also revitalizing the skin’s condition

—60 minutes

After a back massage, two kinds

and improving its elasticity to boost

Dense skin purification and

of facial cleansing are carried

skin turnover and stimulate its

stimulating of the skin’s elasticity,

out, followed by a peeling mask


improving moisture and inducing its

and whitening skin treatments.

turnover, while removing keratin and

While nourishing and developing

Deep Hydrate

your skin’s elasticity, an intestinal

—60 minutes

massage that we call “the second

Moisturizing facial treatment

Back & Shoulder Massage

brain” connects with the immune

removes dryness caused by different

—30 minutes: ¥9,500 (only when

system to improve the skin’s quality.


taken with facial treatment)

SUKI makes more difference than ordinary products.

Anti-Aging —80 minutes

clearing pores.

·· We recommend you combine with option courses.

·· We also sell the treatment individually; please ask reception staff.

Antioxidant facial treatment All prices include consumption tax and are subject to a 13% service charge.

diminishes wrinkles and aging lines, especially around mouth areas. Not



Mizuki Body Treatments

Mizuki Original

It stimulates utmost relaxation to get

essential oils. It relieves muscle pain,

—60 minutes: ¥24,500

rid of mental and physical stress.

increases the body metabolism,

—90 minutes: ¥29,500

and relaxes tissue. Body peeling

Revitalizing and restoring your

Anti Cellulite

is recommended before this

energy, this massage gradually

—90 minutes: ¥30,000


returns you to a state of well-being

Profound oxygenating and

and comfort. The Mizuki original

remineralizing, while favoring an

Energy Balance

is appropriate for long-distance

intense draining and lipolytic actions

—90 minutes: ¥29,500

travelers to adjust their body clock

to remove signs of edematous

Using strong pressure points, the

or after training at the gym or

cellulite and orange-peel skin, ideal

body regulates its balance and

swimming pool.

even for sensitive skin.

well-being. Soon after it restores

Aroma Relax

Hot Stone

circulation. This massage can be

—60 minutes: ¥24,500

—90 minutes: ¥30,000

given while you are fully clothed.

—90 minutes: ¥29,500

Deeply soothing and relaxing

Deep stress-relief oil massage

treatment that performs an

Express Facial

loosens stiffness and tension of

important detoxifying, relaxing

—30 minutes: ¥9,500


and draining action by heated

(only when taken with body)

your energy flow and boosts blood

All prices include consumption tax and are subject to a 13% service charge.

basalt stones with therapeutic



Spa Hands & Feet —

Complete nail and cuticle care and color in a special private room.

Spa Manicure

Treatment Enhancements

—60 minutes: ¥15,000

Vichy Shower and Scrub

Nail care including elbow massage.

—30 minutes: ¥10,800

Spa Pedicure

Hinoki Bath

—70 minutes: ¥16,000

—30 minutes: ¥16,000

Nail care including a massage, scrub and removing keratin from your feet

Private Bath —30 minutes: ¥8,000


VIP Room Charge: ¥5,000

—20 minutes: ¥3,500

·· Nail coloring only is not available. ·· Jell nail is not available, including

Heat and Water experiences —60 minutes: ¥3,800

removing color.

·· Time subject to change depending on nail condition.


All prices include consumption tax and are subject to a 13% service charge.



Fitness Program —

Only available for Hotel Guests and our members

Partner Stretch

Studio lesson

—30 minutes: ¥5,000

—30 minutes: ¥1,800

Stretching your muscles and

—60 minutes: ¥3,000

ligaments under our fitness

Several programs such as yoga or

instructor’s guidance.

pilates are available in our studio. Please ask reception.

Personal Yoga —30 minutes

Mizuki Spa & Fitness offers three

One-on-one Personal Yoga lessons

types of membership: Individual,

depending on your level, such as

Corporate, and Family; fitness

creating original poses or breathing

facilities are open from 6am to 10pm


every day.

Personal Training

Please ask our staff and see our

—30 minutes: ¥5,000

brochures for information on prices

Customizing your personal training

and more.

with individual physical abilities and All prices include consumption tax and are subject to a 13% service charge.

your own goals, adjusting to correct your form or support your training.


Gift Certificate

Mizuki Spa Gift Certificate offers the gift of beauty, the state of well-being, and a luxurious sensual experience. Select from our wide range of therapies including our original signature treatments.

Spa Etiquette & Reservations

Mizuki Spa recommends advance reservations. Please advise at time of booking if you have any major health concerns. If you have any allergies or have any physical concerns, please get

60-minute Mizuki Spa treatment

approval from your doctor and

—choice of Mizuki Body or Facial

advise the spa therapist prior to

+ 60 mins Heat & Water Experience:

your treatment and at the time of



120-minute Mizuki Spa Package

For cancellations or reservation

+ 60 mins Heat & Water Experience:

changes, please contact us during


business hours one day before your appointment by telephone or in person.


Charges for cancellations

When using Heat and Water area,

If you feel ill or uncomfortable

Two hours before treatment

we recommend you come 60

during your treatment, please

—50% of fee

minutes prior to the reservation

inform our staff immediately.

Less than two hours before

to warm up your body before the

treatment—100% of fee


Without notice—100% of fee

Please turn off your mobile phone while using the spa so as not disturb

Please bring your own cosmetic

other guests.

Spa treatment is only for those

products if you wish to apply to

above 16 years of age.

make-up after your treatment.

On the appointment day

Please remove your contact lenses

inconvenience or disturbing other

Please arrive at least 10 minutes

during facial treatments.

guests or staff.

have time to check in. Arriving

Use of Spa facility

Please note that we so not conduct

late will limit your treatment time.

Please check your valuables at the

any spa treatments for those who

As a courtesy to all our guests,

front desk on 28F or lock them in

have tattoos of any kind on their

treatments begin and end as

your guest room safe. Mizuki Spa



will not be responsible for any lost

Please note we will ask guests to leave the facility if causing

before your appointment so you

or missing items.



Mizuki Spa & Fitness 営業時間:午前 9時~午後 10時

Operating Hours: 9:00am to 10:00pm

コンラッド東京 〒105-7337 東京都港区東新橋 1-9-1

Conrad Tokyo 1-9-1 Higashi-shinbashi, Minato-Ku, Tokyo, 105-7337 Tel: 03-6388-8000 (代表 / Hotel) / 03-6388-8620 (スパ直通 / Spa)


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