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Free Tasting Event Tuesday, October 22 From 18:00 Brooklyn III, Tokyo American Club level B2 Discover and enjoy Japanese distilled liquor

Honkaku shochu and awamori! Delicious, healthy, traditional, authentic, yet modern Space is limited. To avoid disappointment, register now: Door prizes also available!


Honkaku shochu and awamori have been designated kokushu (national alcoholic spirits) as they embody the essence of Japan.


hat are honkaku shochu and awamori? Like whisky, brandy and vodka, Japanese honkaku shochu and awamori are distilled spirits. They are made from grains and potatoes grown in Japan’s rich, diverse climate, which are carefully mixed with koji mold, a fermenting agent. The unique distillation process ensures the bold flavors of the base ingredients are retained. Both honkaku shochu and awamori have been designated kokushu (national alcoholic spirits) as they embody the essence of Japan.

when served using traditional methods or as contemporary cocktails; they may equally be enjoyed before or after a meal, or simply on their own.

Honkaku (authentic) is the word used to describe handcrafted, locally produced premium shochu. Awamori is the Okinawan version of honkaku shochu and possesses a very distinct flavor. It is an inimitable cultural product passed down from the Ryukyu Kingdom.

Honkaku shochu and awamori are also incredibly healthy. They have zero carbohydrates, are low in calories, rich in healthy properties and don’t cause hangovers! Health-conscious and cosmopolitan drinkers love the beverages for these reasons.

Typically, honkaku shochu and awamori’s alcohol content is around 20–25%, although some varieties reach 40% and above. They are versatile liquors that shine

Check them out for yourself, you won’t be disappointed.

The drinks’ purity is strictly controlled. The World Trade Organization has granted four regions—Iki, Satsuma, Kuma and Ryukyu—appellation of origin status. This means the regional identity of honkaku shochu and awamori will be protected for future generations of artisanal makers.

Kampai! May the spirit be with you!

Beneficial Health Effects Honkaku shochu and awamori, produced from only natural ingredients, are low-calorie, zerocarbohydrate spirits that do not cause blood sugars to rise after consumption. Honkaku shochu and awamori contain high levels of the enzyme urokinase, which can trigger thrombolysis, or the breakdown of blood clots, thus helping to prevent strokes and heart attacks. Red wine is also rumored to be rich in urokinase. However, the concentration of the enzyme found in the blood after drinking honkaku shochu or awamori is 1.5 times higher than after drinking red wine.


Schochu and Awamori Association  
Schochu and Awamori Association