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Create your dream themes with Algerian Ivy The first thing you notice about a room when you walk in is its dĂŠcor. It only takes just one look to make a lasting impression. For malls, commercial offices and Restaurants, the interior landscape is a very important factor. Artificial Algerian Ivy is a wonderful plant to help enhance the surroundings with its attractive foliage. Whether you are going for a classy, subtle theme or a bold one to make a statement, the Algerian Ivy will suit your needs perfectly. Made for turning heads, it is the perfect mixture of grace and mystique to enchant onlookers.

Intricate elegance Modeled after the live evergreen Algerian ivy or the Hedera Canariensis, the faux plant more than manages to replicate the beauty of the real one. The polyester leaves are perfect reproductions of the large, thick, shiny leaves with five shallow lobes down to their rich dark green colour. Available in variegated green as well as cream colour, you can choose the colour best suited for your landscaping needs. The reddish stems are thin and dainty and covered with the beautiful leaves which form ground cover. The trailing foliage coupled with the beautifully patterned leaves make it a beautiful decorative plant. Hanging low

With a specified size of 48 inches, it stands, or rather hangs long in a dense growth. Its delicate tendrils hanging down covered in beautiful leaves create a beautiful picture and ensure that the products can be used anywhere for decoration. Some great ways you can integrate the Algerian ivy into your landscape are: As an ivy plant, its most common use as a decorative item involves hanging baskets. Use small wicker baskets or large ones, the light brown or crème baskets make a beautiful contrast with the ivy and can be hung from the ceiling or a wall hook. Whether it is a large conference room or a Restaurant dining room, it will lend its elegance with its presence. A small decorated pot can also be used for hanging purposes. A unique way to place the ivy is in combination with a sturdy artificial tree or woody plant. Wrap the delicate ivy stems around the tree stem or let them cover the floor. It is perfect for decorating large corridors on Hotel floors and large halls in Restaurants and malls. Infuse a little more colour into the green of the Algerian Ivy by using it with bright and pretty flowers. You can use it on the table, or in a hanging arrangement. Safety and quality The best feature about the beautiful replica is its safety and quality. The polyester leaves are not just good to look at but are also long lasting and resistant to fading. Additionally they are completely fire proof. Their production involves a sophisticated manufacturing process to ensure fire safety. In this process the fire retardant material is directly integrated into the raw materials of the product.

Create your dream themes with algerian ivy  

The artificial Algerian Ivy’s greatest allure lies in its delicate stem structure. You don’t have to worry about maintaining the plant, prot...

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