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This intial drawing was inspired directly from The Minpins story. I listed all of the provisions ‘Little Billy’ would need. This design is not just for him, but any child or adult who finds their idealism a trait they do not want to lose, or in fact encourage.

When designing the tree dwelling, I first looked at the site and tree that I would use. This happened to be an Oak tree. I then set about researching the Oak, and used inspiration from Oak pollen and the Acorn to come up with my initial designs.

A Retreat for an Idealistic Imagination

A Stage For Storytellers - A Centre for Local History

This dwellnig I want to be not only enclosed soley for the use of my one executive, but I also want it to be a cyclical building, where the ritual of fire and heating water does not hide each stage to the user. If it takes 30 minutes to heat enough water for a bath that only stays hot for 10 minutes, this is part of the process. I also want the user to feel slightly vulnerable when in the bath, as demonstrated by the literary reference I have chosen.

Shunning the City - A Bath House for the Infallable City Worker

The setting of this dwelling is yet to be decided, whether it will be a retreat situated in a rural idil, or perched on the top of a 60’s concrete office block. The urban setting is interesting me more at this point.

3 Dwellings - 2  
3 Dwellings - 2  

Tree Dwelling, Chocolate Dwelling and Chimney Dwelling