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First week Flicked through interesting *confidential* trend packs and books

Received a few briefs to choose from and play around with based on work they’d seen in my portfolio

The design team really enjoyed the unique sense of character I was creating

I learnt that in the commercial design industry you create concept boards prior to any design work

Sloth yoga

This communicates to the other designers/your clients what you hope to achieve in terms of colour, quality, material and shape etc

Flamingo yoga - more sophisticated single line drawing - japanese vibe if origami?

I made a few based on their SS19 trends

The designer that leads the designing of outdoor products (picnicware, cushions, parasols etc) set me a brief to create a terrarium/planter pattern using hand-drawn line.

Finished terrarium print employing the set colour palette

They complimented the texture and addition of glass pots/bottles to offset the pots etc

First Week  
First Week