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The image of Miley Cyrus is shown to have a slight and subtle blur over her. This might be to make her appear softer. This may have been done to counteract her recent image of being wild. Within the image she is shown There has been a to be holding baby pink roses, this again gives the assumption that she has gradient from purple to a soft personality than her sexualized one now. pink/ these colours may have been used to convey her femininity as well as entice her target audience of The image of Miley woman aging from 16Cyrus has been 30 which is similar to taken at eye level. our audience of female This is probably ranging from 18-35. used to help create a rapport with the audience. The audience will feel like they are equal to Miley Cyrus The colour pink has instead of feeling many connotations. It below her if it was connotes respect and taken from a high admiration which again angle. This should links in with the theme then persuade the that Miley Cyrus is audience that they trying to neutralize her should go to her image of being wild but tour due to the fact instead show her more she is down to earth mature side. like them.

The colour purple represents elegance and beauty, which again reoccurs in the The font on the poster is San serif. This font is quite simple and modern this theme of Miley Cyrus may connotes how Miley Cyrus is trying to be the new celebrity at them who is showing the public that in the limelight and not a singer from the past. she is a mature adult and not a child from Disney. Miley Cyrus is written in the biggest font this is done to get the attention of the public so they see the name before the dates making them more inclined to read the rest of the poster. Bangerz Tour is a smaller font yet has been out in bold. This again is used to entice people in to read the dates on the poster in order to then go buy tickets for her show.

Miley Cyrus tour poster  
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