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THE CARNAVAL UPCOME On Friday February 21 KCP school is going to make a special presentation. The elected queens for each class will be crowned and will read La Lectura del Bando. The queens will dance and show their skills to the audience. There are 4 queens. One for 9th grade, 10th grade, 11th grade and 12th grade. Every year there is an assembly exclusively for these event. It takes place in the gym and middle school and high school go.

This event is very important for school. These show our great spirit for Carnivals. I really enjoy these assembly as well as the other people. It is a very fun day because although it just one event everyone enjoys it their own way. Every queen prepares their own and unique dance. Another fun thing about this days activity is that you get to see which one of the four is the best dancer. This event is in the outsides, and allows you to interact with your friends and teachers. Its organized by the Seniors and Stuco.

INTERVIEW WITH CARA DELEVINGNE PAUL: Hello Cara how are you? CARA: Hi Paul! I'm fine thank you. PAUL: Well Cara lets start your interview .First question, what couldn't you live without? CARA: My family and friends. PAUL: Why? CARA: Well because they are always there for me supporting me when I need them. PAUL: Very interesting. Next question, what does your wardrobe consist in? CARA: Well basically jeans, trainers, t-shirts and leather. PAUL: What's your nickname? CARA: Monster( from my granny) PAUL: Cute! What are you surprised by ? CARA: Hmm.. Not much to be honest, unexpected kindness surprises me. PAUL: Hahaha! What's the best advice you’ve ever given? CARA: To think before to speak PAUL: Tell me one defining trait of your personality CARA: My hyperactivity PAUL: You look like a pretty calm girl CARA: Well then I've done a good job hiding it PAUL: Hahaha! Yeah you do . What is your favorite cult film? CARA: Spice World PAUL: What is the most exiting place you could be is? CARA: Well my room since I'm single right know. PAUL: What is something would've always wanted to be? CARA: A superhero to save people and be the center of attention. PAUL: Well Cara this interview is over it was very interesting talking with you CARA: Sure it was Paul

ONE DIRECTION One Direction are and English pop boy band. The members of these band are Harry Styles, Niall Horan, Louis Tomlinson, Liam Payne and Zayn Malik. One Direction has three albums which are: Up all night, Take me home and the most recent Midnight Memories. It all started on 2010. All of the One Direction Band members auditioned in the famous show, The X factor. They all auditioned as solo candidates but later in the competition they became a group. Although the group didn't won they still got to the third place in the competition. The final song they sang was Forever Young.

One Direction is going to have a tour in Colombia/Bogota on April 25. One direction is the most popular boy band ever. One Direction represented a $50 million businesses by June 2012. After the release of their album, Midnight memories they became the number one band in the US to have their first three albums debuted at number one. They are even more popular than the Beatles in their times. Their achievements include four Brit Awards, four MTV Music Video Award among others. We hope that these band keeps achieving their goals because they have a lot ahead.

As always the Brit Awards are a huge deal. This year the Brit Award were held on the 19th of February. It was the 34th edition of the annual pop music award. The award ceremony was held at the 02 Arena in London. This year for the fourth time consecutive James Corden. Artic Monkeys and One Direction both won the most awards. Each band won two awards. The artic Monkeys won the award for best album. The boys of One Direction won an award for best song “ Best Song Ever�. The second award they won was for the artists biggest global success. One Direction has gone to the Brit awards in two occasions. This year the Brit award were amazing, full of awards and smiles. I really enjoyed the Brit awards this year.