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She is one of the brightest new artists to emerge in the last few years and the first true discovery.

BIOGRAPHY FROM THE BEGINNING Colbie Marie Caillat was born on May 28, 1985 in Newbury Park, California. While growing up, she and her family spent their time between Malibu, California and Maui, Hawaii. As a child, Colbie took piano lessons but lacked significant passion for playing until she was 11 years old. Soon after, she realized that she wanted to be a singer and songwriter and began taking vocal lessons. While in the sixth grade, she performed onstage for the first time.

“My songs are optimistic and bright. I grew At the age of 19, Colbie began playing the acoustic

up in southern California and Hawaii. The

guitar. During this time, she started to write her first

lifestyle was laid back and I listened to

song with producer Mikal Blue. As she began

mellow, positive music, like Bob Marley and

focusing on songwriting, Colbie discovered an

Jack Johnson. So I think that`s all inside

innate talent for observing and capturing significant moments, such as the first blush of love or passage into adulthood.

me. I`m happy, and that gets expressed in my music.�

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Since the start of newsletter her career 2007, Colbie textinhere. Continue newsletter text her Caillat has been nominated for 11 awards Continue newsletter text here.and has won 6 of those nominations.

Continue newsletter text here. Continue newslette At the core of Colbie Caillat`s appeal are her honesty, lack

here. Continue newsletter text here. Continue new 2009: text here. Continue newsletter text here. Continue  BMI Pop Award for Songwriter of the Year newsletter text here. Continue newsletter text her  BMI Pop Award for Song of the Year for the Continue newsletter text here. Continue newslette song “Bubbly” here.

of pretense, and her intense desire to create a body of work that resonates from the first note to the last.

Her debut album “Coco” hit stores in 2007. This album debuted at #5 on Billboard`s Top 200 albums chart and

2010:  Grammy Award for Album of the Year for

remained in the chart`s top 20 more than half a year after

Taylor Swift`s “Fearless” album, for which she

its release. The debut single from that album, “Bubbly”,

wrote songs spent 14 weeks at #1 on Billboard`s Adult Top 40 chart

 Grammy Award for Best Pop Collaboration

and 4 weeks atop the Adult Contemporary chart. This

with Vocals for the song “Lucky” with Jason

single has also been certified platinum

Mraz  Soul and Jazz award for Best Album of the Year for her album “Breakthrough”

. Her second album “Breakthrough” debuted in 2009,

 Soul and Jazz Award for Best Artist of the Year

which featured many popular singles such as “Fallin for

Act in the Pop category You”. She is currently working on her third album “All of You”, which will be released later this year.

Colbie Caillat has been nominated for other awards in award shows such as the American Music Awards, Teen Choice Awards, and the People`s Choice Awards.

“I hate having to change an album because you don`t like that song or you want to go to the next. I want someone to just be able to put the album on and listen all the way through.”

COLBIE CAILLAT AND THE BEACH SURFRIDER FOUNDATION The Surfrider Foundation is a non-profit grassroots organization dedicated to the protection and enjoyment of our world’s oceans, waves and beaches founded in 1984 by a handful of visionary surfers in Malibu, California. The core activities and campaigns that the Surfrider Foundation uses to protect our oceans, waves and beaches fall into the categories of Clean Water, Beach Access, Beach Preservation and Protecting Special Places.

Colbie`s relationship with the beach began the moment she was born. She grew up on the beach and still vacations at the beach. Because of this, she is a member of the Surfrider Foundation and passionately

“I write at the beach, exercise at the beach,

supports their efforts to protect our oceans, beaches,

spend time with my family and friends at the

and marine life. “ I want my fans to know they can

beach. The ocean calms my heart when I

make a difference, and I have joined with Surfrider

am stressed! To this day, when I smell the

Foundation to tell them how.”

salt water in the air, I feel at home.”



As an infant, her parents gave her the nickname, Coco, which is the name of her debut album.


She became passionate about music after

listening to Lauryn Hill`s “Killing Me Softly”. 3.

She used to sing on techno shows at fashion shows before she was discovered as an artist.


She was rejected from American Idol because she was too nervous to sing in front of the judges.


Her father, Ken Caillat, co-produced Fleetwood Mac`s “Rumours” and “Tusk” albums.


Her musical inspirations are John Mayer and Lauryn Hill.


When she is not on stage, she can be found with guitar in hand, writing.


She is the first artist to be discovered through Myspace.


Her music is categorized into many different genres such as pop, acoustic, country pop, and folk rock.

10. She can play many instruments including guitar, piano, and ukulele.

“People tell me “Bubbly” made them realize that they weren`t in love with their boyfriend because their boyfriend doesn`t give them those feelings in the song. I was like „Oh my gosh. Wow!‟ That wasn`t my intention, but at least that`s helped you.”



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