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ta b l e o f c o n t e n t s




i n s p i r at i o n


s k e tc h e s




three dimensional view


m e d i tat i o n r o o m

the land

house co ncept bo o k

designed by megan reynolds

The concept for The Land House began during consideration of a space that would encourage intimate experiences initiated by tea. With much of the history of the tea ceremony and the effects of drinking tea lending to a strong self awareness and calm consciousness, the “tea space” seemed to naturally marry a separate space for meditation.


When approaching the house entrance, the visitors first experience a contemplative stepping process presented by an elevated stepping stone path. From this guided path, onwards to the entrance and upon entering the house, the idea is to become consumed by a controlled awareness and consciousness. Once inside the house, the visitors will be surrounded by four walls. Only one wall has a window, that traces the floor of the wall opposite of the door at a two foot height. This window allows for a diffused light presence to fill the space. To the right will be a sink for gathering water in a small tea kettle. On the table next to the wall with the window, will sit a hot plate, where the company can heat their own water and choose from a variety of teas. They will share an intimate conversation or experience, initiated by the process of making tea and then serving it to one another. Also in the room, parallel to the entrance will be a ladder that extends upwards of the twelve foot ceiling, and leads the visitors’ eyes into an upper level space. By choice, they can climb the ladder, which also presents a four foot wide light source. As they climb to the upper level, their immediate environment becomes significantly lighter. On the top floor, there exists three solid walls, and one wall that consists mainly of window space. This window is about eight feet high by ten feet wide. Just in front of the window lie two woven egg shaped seats. Each seat gives its sitter a sense of protection and isolation, encouraging self thought. The view is cut off from the ground level, and is isolating enough to present a focused vision for the thinker. The location of The Land House should be somewhere heavily populated by natural forms, such as trees, fields, ocean, etc. With this in mind, each Land House’s top level view is strongly connected to its surrounding natural world.

2 | concept

variables for designing: inspiration

4 | i n s p i r at i o n

-presence of natural light -simple structure with the sole purpose of serving as a medium for meditation -incorporation of a tea ceremony -physical representation of enlightened thinking


6 | s k e tc h e s

p la n s

a. exterior wall b. window c. ladder


d. window

e. cement slab base f. door


g. stepping stones



f e

8 | plans


p la n s

10 | p l a n s

12 | t h r e e - d i m e n s i o n a l v i e w

meditation room

Meditation Room with Chair room attributes -ample window space with view of natural world outside -minimal furnishing to control focus on meditation chair attributes -exterior made of wicker -interior is cushioned for comfortable sitting -the shape creates a concave barrier for meditation visitor -can move slightly in rocking movement

14 | m e d i tat i o n r o o m

LAND HO USE megan reynolds project supervisor : junichi satoh s p r i n g 2013

Landhouses copy  
Landhouses copy