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I joined the Quantum Success Coaching Academy in October 2008 to get my certification as a Law of Attraction coach. As I approach the end of the program and prepare for the final exam, I reflect back to where I was a year ago before I started the program. Everything about my life and experiences has changed. Transformed is more like it because not only is my life different but I too am very different. One year ago I rarely left my house and I never spoke to anyone except my husband and my daughter. I suffered with the limiting belief that I had social anxiety disorder. I say suffered because I was suffering and I believed I had no other choice, that's simply the way I was. We lived in a small town outside of Birmingham Alabama. There was not even a department store in our city. My husband and I worked for the newspaper in Birmingham, about 30 miles away. We worked nights, 7 days a week, 365 days a year for about the last 15 years. We were sleep deprived, burned out, just getting by and verging on depression and divorce. We were feeling trapped and saw no way out. We wished for big changes but could not imagine how we could make it work. We longed for regular sleep and a new life. The feelings that were common to us were depression, anger, frustration and hopelessness and revenge. In less than one year we have changed everything about our life and circumstances. We now live in Jacksonville, Florida about 3 miles from the Atlantic Ocean. Jacksonville is the largest city in the USA so there is no shortage of department stores. Every store I could imagine is now within 5 miles of my home. We are happy, healthy, thriving and closer than we have ever been before. I am focusing on my coaching business and my husband has a new management position. We both sleep all night now which is fabulous! Over the last year we have manifested so many wonderful things and situations for ourselves. So what does all of this awesome stuff that I am living have to do with you? Well, that's the really cool part of my story because you see I was just like you. I was struggling with most things, wishing for more and frustrated that nothing ever seemed to change. The Law of Attraction was not a new concept for me. I had been introduced to Dr Wayne Dyer back in 1988 by way of his book "You'll see it when you believe it". I was amazed by these concepts and immediately went about visualizing and pretending for the thing I wanted most at that time. Within weeks it happened but that's another story that should probably be called "Be careful what you wish for". Over the next 20 years I read everything by Wayne Dyer, Deepak Chopra, Neale Donald Walsh

and many others. In theory all of this information sounded good but I was only reading about it, I was not experiencing all that much that I really wanted to experience. Life is very different now. The physical manifestations did not happen overnight, not at first anyway but as we changed and raised our vibration, things started coming faster and faster. So as I sit here today, looking out over the Atlantic Ocean, so deeply grateful that I am here, I can tell you the single most important thing to do to begin your life of deliberate creation is simply to feel good! You see, your feelings tell you where you are. Abraham Hicks refers to our feelings as our emotional guidance system. So when you are feeling good you are closing the gap between the life you have and the life you want. When you are feeling good you are allowing the universe to bring good things to your experience. And by the Law of Attraction when you are feeling good you are attracting more of the same. You're probably asking "How am I supposed to feel good when life just sucks?" Well, that's the catch if there is one because you won't experience the good life until you start to feel good about the life you have. The easiest way I know of to start to feel good now is to focus on all the good things I already have. Appreciating the things you already have is allowing the universe to bring you more things to appreciate. I recommend starting with keeping an appreciation list. Simply list five things that you are grateful for every day. It may seem like an exercise in futility in the beginning but as you focus on something you are grateful for and hold that feeling inside of you, you raise your vibration just enough to allow you to notice something else you are grateful for. If you focus on making your list for a few minutes every day for 30 days, at the end of 30 days you will feel like a different person. In fact you will be a different person, one who has much to appreciate and one who continues to feel better and better.

Lexie Moon is a Law of Attraction Life Coach receiving her certification from The Quantum Success Coaching Academy. Please visit her web site at to explore the features on the site. Lexie is currently accepting clients interested in private coaching and offers a free 30 minute sample coaching session to all prospective clients.

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