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The Law of Attraction is one of the hottest topics of discussion these days. Talk shows, books, seminars, and articles focusing on the Law of Attraction, and how to get what you want in life, are everywhere. But don't make the mistake of thinking of this Law as a "fad," or a passing phenomenon; the ideas we call "the Law of Attraction" are fundamental to every religion, science, and philosophy on the planet. The foundational observation of all wise men is that we are the products of our thoughts; and, with our thoughts, we create our experiences and shape our lives. If you are having trouble understanding the Law of Attraction, stop studying the Law of Attraction and start studying your thoughts and emotions, your activities, and the way these things are related. When you reflect on this for a while, and look back over the years and years of cumulative thoughts and stored memories, beliefs, experiences, etc, you will understand that the things you were taught to be true, and the things you thought and believed all your life, have shaped every decision that guided and formed the collective experience you call your "life." If, for instance, you look back over your life as a school teacher, you'll notice that it started with your own thoughts, inspirations, or desires to become a teacher - or from a belief someone gave you that led you to become a teacher: Good, secure job; summers off; holidays off; teachers are smart; teachers are good people; etc... Everything you've done in your life as a teacher was done, ultimately, because of a series of thoughts that you nurtured, or allowed to grow into what you're now calling a "life," or a "career." If you had a thought about becoming a teacher - perhaps someone suggested it to you in college and you immediately said, "Nah... I don't want to do that. I'm going to be an artist!" then, you probably wouldn't register for the classes, or take the certification tests, or go through any of the rites of passage you must endure to be a teacher. You'd take art classes instead. Of course, it is possible that you won't find great success as an artist; and you may become discouraged. And, it's possible that you could unconsciously resort to teaching art based on a stored memory someone gave you that reminds you, "teaching is a secure job." But, whether you succeed as an artist, or as an art teacher, you will go the way of your thoughts. Gandhi said, "Man often becomes what he believes himself to be." This is very easy to observe; and yet it is very difficult to understand and master. This teaching, along with another of the Hindu sage's gems of wisdom, "Become the change you seek," are wonderful advice for mastering the Law of Attraction; which simply states that, "Like attracts like." And, we become "like" the object of our desire by thinking about it in such a way that we feel positive emotions, or "vibrations." Jesus said, "As a man thinketh, so it is done to him," and, "Declare a thing and it is so;" these teachings are not contradictory - though they were attributed to different men separated by language, religions, culture, and thousands of years. These teachings are simply invitations for us all to think about the power of our thoughts, what we've created with those thoughts and that power, and

exactly who is controlling, or guiding those thoughts - and where they might be leading us. Are we choosing our own thoughts, or are we following cultural belief systems and expectations? Through observation and experience, you gather information about what might be possible; through faith and courage, you decide what is possible for you. If you think about your desires in a certain way, you will be inspired to act on them in a certain way; "according to your beliefs," it is said, "it is done to you." If you don't achieve victory at first, consider that you have gained knowledge and experience; and, persistence pays, so, "if at first you don't succeed, try again." One of the biggest mistakes people make is to forget that they have been creating things with their thoughts throughout their entire lives; their creating didn't start with their awareness that their thoughts were creative - and experience doesn't, either. You may have to deal with the fruits of past thoughts, words, and actions for some time to come; but don't stop creating positive things for the sake of focusing on - and creating more of - the things you've previously judged as negative. Let-go of those old thoughts; they aren't producing what you think they are - they're producing what you're experiencing thus far. Most people feel pretty dumb when they finally realize how this works and what they've been doing to themselves I know I did. But, we figure things out at our own pace; and, until then, life is a certain way and, after we learn more, life changes a little. If you pay attention to your thoughts and your life, you'll soon understand this relationship so well that you can begin consciously shaping your life - literally sculpting it with your thoughts.

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