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COTY HERITAGE Coty is a global, French fragrance company that recognizes European luxury fashion brands, and the influence they have had on their heritage. Over the last 100 years, Coty Prestige has developed quality fragrances inspired by lifestyle and fashion. Each of these products showcases their value of creativity, integration, and the importance of consumer trends. They have always incorporated these elements when developing affordable luxury products.

LOUIS VUITTON HERITAGE Louis Vuitton is a French fashion house that has grown into a global luxury brand. For over 150 years, they have been producing hand crafted luggage and travel items that speak to their value of quality, excellence, and innovation. All of their products are sold exclusively through Louis Vuitton stores. This has developed a symbol of prestige and luxury in which the brand is built on.

COTY + LOUIS VUITTON Coty and Louis Vuitton are both French, global brands that have been around for over 100 years. Coty has an opportunity to grow in the luxury market in which Louis Vuitton is known for. Louis Vuitton’s luxury product line does not include a fragrance collection, so this presents an opportunity for growth as well. Both understand the importance of incorporating innovation and quality into their brand in order to compliment on-going trends. The collaboration of Coty and Louis Vuitton will provide a product in a niche market that speaks specifically to the consumer.

LOUIS VUITTON FRAGRANCE COLLECTION 2010 The Louis Vuitton Fragrance Collection captures the essence of all that the elite traveler appreciates. They will feel a sense of escape, the excitement of a new place, and experience only they can have. Each scent embodies the visceral experience of four exotic locations, each known for its own sense of beauty and mystique. The Fragrance Collection is a true luxury that embodies the energy of each city and the classic spirit of travel only Louis Vuitton can offer.

WHAT THE SCENT SAYS TO THE TARGET Havana Celebrating the old world beauty of a city frozen in time. Monaco Blending regality and sophistication to honor a city of glamour and royalty. Milan Showcasing couture experiences infused with fashion, design and legacy. Santorini Capturing the allure of natural beauty found nowhere else.



The fragrance experience that captures the beauty of the travel journey.

BRAND STORY Desire is powerful. Desire is passion. Passion is embedded in our lifestyle. We long for experiences that shape the way we view life, and shape the way we live life. Travel is a passion that conjures sophistication. A luxury we share with others who appreciate all that the world offers. It’s a part of our self-discovery, and shapes our style and status. Travel is our symbol of prestige. A calling card for exclusivity. It refines the art of living, and captures the spirit of the destination. The beauty of travel creates a unique experience, for you and only you.

BRAND VALUES Simple • Uncomplicated, effortless style Classic • Vintage elegance with a mastered grace Worldly • Travel not as an aspiration, but as a way of life


The brand is not an aspiration it is an affirmative. It is an exclusive collection of true high luxury fragrances.

TARGET PROFILE These women are highly motivated to keep up with fashion trends and make luxury brand purchases on a continual basis. They are specifically drawn to styles that have stood the test of time, which secures Louis Vuitton as an accessible brand for this target. These women are riveted by the thought of travel and exposure to new culture. They traveling abroad and are energized by the thought of destinations yet to experienced. The Louis Vuitton Fragrance collection has been specifically created for women ages 25--39 earning $150K+ yearly. These women are considered to be medium to heavy user of fragrance and often purchase fragrance to add variety to their collection.



Evocative • Each scent will invigorate the user through the vivid, tangible style each city possesses.

Discovery • Consumers will experience the spirit of each city and discovery themselves through the beauty of travel.

True Luxury • Rather than creating luxury for a mass market, Coty Prestige will launch a scent with a cachet meant to make an exclusive impact on a niche consumer. Artisanal • Made with carefully chosen ingredients, each scent will capture the old world art of perfumery with a modern edge.

Sense of Escape • The Collection is made for those who value travel and will exude their passionate wanderlust. Elite • The brand will express the shared ideals of travel, fashion and status between Louis Vuitton and Coty Prestige.

CONSUMER VALUES Reputation The Louis Vuitton fragrance collection opens up new opportunities for Coty. They have a chance to move their brand into a category that offers a level of quality products that consumer’s respect. This collection creates a new spectrum of luxury that Coty can embrace and build onto in the future. Relationship The value of affordable luxury is lost in the current mass market. The true luxury of Louis Vuitton has a value all it’s own that consumers appreciate and remain loyal to. The production of this fragrance will give Coty a loyal relationship with consumers and enhance their personal passion for travel. Experiential This fragrance takes advantage of Louis Vuitton’s travel legacy. It was made for people who value travel and not for those who just want to go to a destination. These elite travelers will be able to incorporate this passion for travel and the spirit of a culture into one experience. Symbolic This collection of fragrances creates a new symbol for Coty. It is an evolution from mass market to an exclusive luxury line. This element of exclusivity will lead Coty away from its current streamline of products, and into a world of true luxury.

Distribution The Louis Vuitton Fragrance collection will be sold exclusively in Louis Vuitton retail outlets and department store Louis Vuitton locations globally. This exclusive distribution allows for a true luxury purchase experience with the emphasis on the personal touch a boutique atmosphere such as Louis Vuitton offers. The staff will be prepared to capture our target audience on a personal level extending the brand experience and allowing them to understand the benefits of this product. All Louis Vuitton products are only sold exclusively at their retail locations, which allow the brand to use very precise messaging. The only other locations in which Louis Vuitton products are sold are boutiques placed inside well-known luxury department stores. This model still maintains constant control over the brand and its messaging but allows the brand to accommodate the target in a channel they frequent more often.


Experience the elusive mystique of travel.

PUBLIC RELATIONS Social Events Airports • Worldwide, simultaneous launch in an airport. • Cocktails and socializing in one location that represents a city, and then moving to different locations throughout the event to different destinations. Quiet Opening/Exclusive launch parties • In-store, invite only parties at major LV retails stores worldwide

FASHION SHOWS • Have after party’s at LV fashion shows • Guest list, invitation only to keep it exclusive • Decorate each party with culture and spirit of each destination

MERCHANDISING Dry down • In-store; spray fragrance on a cloth so you can smell what the different notes (top, heart, base) at their appropriate times (1, 4, and 8 hours) Personal sell • Perfume is a more personal and intimate purchase • Louis Vuitton associates would be able to assist clients with thorough and expert advice

MEDIA Magazines • Travel Conde Nast Traveler & Elite Traveler • Fashion Ocean Drive, Women’s Wear Daily & Vogue

ONLINE Online Newsletter • To pinpoint current customers that like to stay informed and educated on what LV is doing now and in the future Interactive microsite • Use city guide feel to allow consumers to experience the spirit of each destination city online • On LV’s website


Louis Vuitton + Coty Partnership  

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