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WGHI Communication Plan I.

We will increase the number of Researchers, by December 6, contributing to the Women’s Global Health Institute through the creation of an official Fellows Program. This new program and its subsequent promotion will aid not only in securing Researcher support for the WGHI but also in raising overall Purdue faculty and community awareness of the WGHI. a. Create the “Women’s Global Health Institute Fellows” Program i. This new, official title for participating researchers will promote a sense of achievement and community amongst Purdue faculty and graduate students. ii. Working with client, we will create an application process for Fellowship.

b. Fellows Membership Guide i. We will create an official guideline for Fellows Program members which will cover member expectations, the mission of the Fellowship and the WGHI, as well as outline benefits of membership. c. Fellows Newsletter or Facebook i. We will create a channel of communication for Fellows, where the WGHI can communicate events, happenings, seed grant opportunities, etc. ii. Channel of communication determined by client feedback. d. Infographic i. We will create an infographic highlighting the achievements of the WGHI in order to advertise the creation of the Fellows Program. This infographic will include information tailored to possible Fellows applicants. e. Create Content Promoting the New Fellowship Program to be Shared on the Existing Discovery Park Communication Channels i. Two social media posts, Facebook. ii. Secure placement on the Discovery Park televisions. iii. Secure placement in a Discovery Park newsletter. II.

We will increase monetary donations made towards the Women’s Global Health Institute by securing 3 donors by December 6. a.

i. Infographic 1. We will create an infographic promoting the fundraising drive campaign, featuring information tailored to drive donations (why donations are vital to the continued success of the WGHI, previous achievements). a. Posted physically at November 1 Women’ s Health Symposium. b. Distributed amongst Discovery Park contacts. ii. Email campaign 1. We will create email content to be distributed to the existing contacts of the WGHI and Discovery Park mailing list.

iii. Women’s Health Symposium invitations and thank yous 1. We will create and send invitations to the November 1 Women’s Health Symposium for retirement community residents, WGHI newsletter subscribers, and Purdue HHS alumni. 2. We will create and send thank you notes for attendees of the Women’s Health Symposium. III.

Time permitting, at the end of the semester we will offer input and create materials for next year’s Women’s Health Symposium. a. Based on our observations of the 2019 Women’s Health Symposium, November 1.

Evaluation We will evaluate our campaign based on the following objectives: ● Secure three (3) Women’s Global Health Institute Fellows by December 6. ● Secure three (3) monetary donations to the Women’s Global Health Institute through our fundraising efforts by December 6.

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WGHI COM plan  

WGHI COM plan