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 PRESIDENT 2017-2018


12 February 2018 To whom it may concern, I have known Megan for five years, and she has always been someone that stood out from the crowd. At first, I was not sure whether it was her height, her appearance, or the way she talked. After getting to know her and working with her for the past four years, I can proudly say she stood out because of her dedication and fighting spirit to always exceed her own expectations. From working with Megan as co-project directors to seeing her lead all of our members as president, I have witnessed her enormous growth in character and as a leader. Working alongside her in the executive board has allowed me to see what kind of role model she has become. Because she is an inspirational, devoted leader that embraces the four core values of Key Club, I nominate Megan Luong as Distinguished President. One of the four core values Megan embraces the most is inclusiveness. Throughout this term, she has been continuously motivating and supporting all of the club’s officers and members. Whether it is telling members to go to new events or motivating them to run for officer positions, she makes sure her words of encouragement are heard by everyone in order to give people the first push in striving for something big. When our club opened shadowing for executive officer positions, in which members can learn more about a specific job, Megan did her best in stressing how everyone should shadow at least one executive officer. I still remember the words she said at every meeting: “There’s nothing to lose, and it’s a great experience.” Not only does she make sure nobody gets left behind, but she also gives off a welcoming, positive vibe. At officer meetings, she makes sure to accept new and different opinions from the board, making officers feel more comfortable in speaking out and contributing ideas. Her words are never thrown half-heartedly out in the open, for they are genuine and meant to help those around her. With her positivity and inclusiveness, she has created a bond between her and many others in the club.


In addition to being approachable and fun to be around, Megan never forgets the professional aspect of the club. She knows exactly when it is time to work and when it is appropriate to have a bit more fun than usual. Being president, Megan always makes sure things go smoothly. Whether is it our members or the atmosphere, she looks over every element of the club. While working with her in dealing with difficult solutions, I rarely see her panic, for she is the type of person that looks at all sides of a problem and asks for help when needed. This characteristic allows Megan to deal with problems efficiently and professionally. Her professionalism does not stop outside of school. Even at events, she knows she represents Key Club, thus she is conscious of her actions and always takes her surroundings into consideration when making decisions. Throughout this past term, there has never been a month where Megan has slacked off. Our club’s accomplishments in reaching our hour and fundraising goals are proof of her hard work in making sure officers are always on track and members are continuously being involved in the club. Her balanced character of being professional yet enthusiastic has created a great club where everyone is involved in making it grow. Megan has become an inspiration to me and many others around her. From fulfilling her duties as president to caring for others, she never fails to show her love and dedication for the club. By placing others before herself, she demonstrates her love for the club and its members.  She has shown and taught me a countless number of things during this term. Many, including myself, respect how outgoing she is. She has shown me that there is nothing wrong in presenting new and different ideas by always voicing her opinion at meetings. As a result, those around her are also inspired to speak up and go after what they desire no matter what obstacles come in their way. Seeing Megan grow these past few terms has taught also me to always strive to become a better better person while not neglecting my current self. Of course, nobody is perfect, but what makes her different from others is that Megan knows how to adapt and use her mistakes to become a better leader. Even if she did not verbally tell others that making mistakes is part of improving oneself, she definitely demonstrates it with her actions. This has allowed her to become admirable and respected by many. In summary, Megan has amazing characteristics that make her a great leader, thus I believe she deserves to be distinguished president. She motivates everyone around her, remains professional yet welcoming, and is an inspiration to many. Piedmont Hills Key Club would not be the same without her. Last but not least, she is a leader that is true to herself, and whether she realizes it or not, she is inspiring others with her actions and words by showing that success does not always need a change in character. She has shown people that when one is true to him or herself, that is already a great start to success. Sincerely, Michelle Zhang 2017-2018 PHHS Key Club Vice President of Service

Letters of Recommendation  

This year, I was lucky enough to receive three letters of recommendation for my Distinguished portfolio, including one from Secretary, Vice President of Administration and Lieutenant Governor. I am grateful to have been able to work alongside such capable and amazing leaders, and to have their recommendation. These individuals are those I have served very closely with throughout my term, and people I not only worked with, but were able to know as friends. Their leadership and contributions to Piedmont Hills Key Club are partially to thank for such a successful term. and their encouragement throughout the year directly correlates to what has made me so successful.


Letter of Recommendation


Letter of Recommendation


Letter of Recommendation

Presidential Checklist

Presidential Checklist  

This Presidential Checklist is not just a reassurance of my work throughout the term, but also demonstrates my capabilities as a president and the actions I have completed. From the countless events and work throughout the term, completing this checklist allowed me to reflect on myself and the work that I have done. As I look at this completed checklist, I can truly be proud of the mark I have left on Piedmont Hills Key Club and the work I have done within my 2017-2018 Key Club term.

Proof of Attendance Throughout my term, I made it part of my job as president to not only serve my minimum 50 hours, but to go above and beyond. From attending 100% of DCMs, to attending all major Key Club events, from Key Club Training Conference and Region Training Conference, to Fall Rally North, participating in Key Club events is what has allowed me to continue to grow as a leader every day. The memories and experiences I take from each event are truly priceless. 
 From simple service events, to division, region and district events, each Key Club event reminds me of my passion and purpose within my club and in Key Club, and the irreplaceable puzzle piece I am within Key Club.




With a club of over 180 dues paid members, hosting a variety of meetings was imperative to ensure strong communication among all levels of the club. From weekly general meetings with members, to weekly board meetings with my 23 officers, as well as weekly executive meetings with my 4 executive officers, these meetings allowed me to stay organized among all aspects of my club.


General Meeting Agendas

Board Meeting Slides

Board Meeting Agendas

Board Meeting Agendas

Board Member Agendas

Board Member Agendas

Club Achievements 

Piedmont Hills Key Club is not only one of the largest clubs on our school campus, but commonly associated throughout our division as a powerhouse club. With 190 dues paid members, I strove to accomplish goals of over 9000 hours, and raising over $1200 for PTP and MNT. Beyond these goals, I also reached out to multiple other organizations in my division, school and community, to coordinate noteworthy and memorable events for my club. From starting our summer by participating in a 24 hour Relay for Life event to raise awareness for Cancer, to hosting D12E’s first DCM. to collaborating with our school’s CSF and Leo clubs, and even starting up a new website, these are only a few of the many accomplishments we have made as a club this year.

July DCM  

Upholding PHHS Key Club’s tradition of hosting the first DCM of the term, our club hosted July DCM. Our DCM included card making for a terminally ill child, selling ice cream shaped cake pops and lemonade! Raising over $200 for PTP and making over 50 cards for the child, the 70+ members that attended all had a blast!

CSF x Key x Leo Movie Night 

At the beginning of the school year, I approached our school’s CSF and Leo clubs, and we collaborated on a movie night! Our movie night featured the movie “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find them” and was a huge success, with over 150 attendees, and making over $400 from food and ticket sales! It was truly a great way to kick off the school year.

Relay for Life 2017  

Relay for Life is a 24 hour event where teams raise money and awareness for cancer research. Throughout this event, PHHS Key Club volunteered by helping set up the track with luminaria bags, assisting with the lighting ceremony, working the kids tent, all in addition to hosting our own team-PHHS Arc Reactor. Selling white and purple ribbon leis throughout the day, having volunteers walk for 24 hours, and overall having a great time, this July event not only brought many hours to our club, but raised lots of funds and was overall one of our most notable and successful events!

New Website  

This year, Piedmont Hills Media Directors created a brand new website with easier access and layout. This website became an easy way for members to register to become members, learn about our projects, and meet our officers! The website proved a very useful resource for members that did not have other methods of social media like Facebook.

Kiwanis Relations  

From reaching out to my local Circle K at the beginning of the term, to keeping in close contact with our Kiwanis Club through club visitations and summer Kiwanis DCMs, Connecting the Ks has always been a very important aspect of my Key Club term. In this section, I have included images and screenshots of my communications with both aspects of the Kiwanis Families!

Kiwanis Relations  

This year, we were sad to say goodbye to our Kiwanis Advisor, Mrs. Diamond, who retired and moved to Santa Cruz. However throughout our term with her, I was sure to extend invitations to many Key Club events, from weekly officer meetings to District Convention, and keeping close contact via weekly email updates! In addition, we took advantage of summer break to attend monthly Kiwanis DCMs and Kiwanis Meetings. Each month, I encouraged and coordinated rides for my club officers and members to attend these meetings!

Kiwanis Relations  

Though my interactions with my local CKI were limited, I reached out and contacted the president of SJSU’s Circle K to start a connection between our club and local CKI. My hopes are for future terms of PHHS Key Club to be able to make a stronger connection with SJSU CKI. However this year, we supported one another by helping publicize for events and communications online!


With a club of 190 registered members 18 board officers and 4 executives, communication was no doubt one of the biggest parts of my presidential term. From weekly general, board and executive officer meetings, to weekly update emails with our advisors, I utilized both online and physical means of communication throughout this term.

Division and District Communication  

Throughout the term, I have submitted many ERFs to our Region Advisor, as well as keeping in close contact with my LTG and Executive team. Through monthly updates, constant messages and emails, I am able to actively communicate what PHHS Key Club is up to.

Advisor Communication  

Piedmont Hills is blessed to have two very active faculty advisors as well as a new Kiwanis Advisor, and keeping them all updated is very important! To keep strong communication between myself and our advisors, I sent out weekly update emails every Sunday morning on weekly club updates as well as updates on our goals progress. In addition, I visited often after school, and sent text messages to keep all 3 adults up to date!

Member Communication  

In addition to our new club website, I have maintained an active Facebook page with over 500 active members. This page included many links to other resources such as our club Flickr, Activity Sign Up Sheet, and website. This page allowed me to relay information quickly to our members, from meeting reminders to publicizing for fundraisers and events!

Board Officer Communication  

Besides hosting weekly board officer meetings, I created a Facebook page and group chats for my officers to maintain online contact throughout the year. From links to our multiple online spreadsheets and google forms, to posting reminders and task requests, this Facebook page has allowed me to maintain strong communication and clearly update my officers on important tasks.


This term was full of new and exciting ideas, and as president there were lots of things I wanted to introduce to the term. As a president, I always strove to go above and beyond the expectations of a basic president, to best serve my home club and officers. This section includes some of my personal achievements, as well as some particularly noteworthy items!

Major Event Attendance 

As president, I have made it a priority to personally attend as many Key Club events as possible, as well as having my club present. Over my term, I have attended 100% of my division’s DCM, District Convention 2016, as well as both training conferences (R17’s Key Club Training Conference and Region Training Conference), Fall Rally North, and Conclave.

IHS x MHS x PHHS Charity Dinner  

One of my major goals of the term was to have my officers and club host a charity dinner, which Piedmont Hills has never done outside of hosting the 2015 LTG Banquet. With an Alice in Wonderland theme in mind, I reached out to Milpitas and Independence Key Club to collaborate on this event. Over a 3 month time, the presidents and division leadership team members from the three schools worked endlessly to plan the food. decorations and performances of the day. The outcome of the event surpassed any of our expectations-we sold over 120 tickets, and raised over $1200 for PTP and MNT. In fact, so many people showed up we had to set up extra tables and chairs. Everyone enjoyed this event immensely, and this will always be one of my greatest accomplishments and favorite memories of my term.

Media Director and Club Newsletter  

Towards the end of last term, PHHS started monthly club newsletters. To accommodate and continue these newsletters, I created the Media Director position. My media directors created monthly newsletters for our club in addition to digital flyers, which helped increase club communication and strengthened our publications and publicizing throughout the term!

Other Club Collaborations  

This term was both a year of new collaborations and old traditions. From our yearly Interkey Pajama Jam, a collaborative movie night with our school’s interact, to a joint board training with Independence, reaching out to collaborate with other clubs were a way that I both brought new knowledge to myself, members and officers, as well as having lots of fun! Our Pajama Jam brought over 50 members on a Friday night, raising over $100 in proceeds! Our board officer training with Independence educated our officers and bonded everyone together through bonding activities and multiple workshops.

Club Apparel  

One of my biggest goals of the year was to design and sell club apparel that would be popular and inexpensive! After discussing and playing with designs, we came up with a hoodie design that satisfied our whole board. After releasing the order forms to our club and division, we sold over 100 hoodies. Seeing members of our club wear these hoodies all around school never ceases to fill my heart with pride. This is Piedmont Hills Key Club’s first year of having successfully sold Key Club gear, and I could not have been more proud of the outcome!



Piedmont Hills Division 12 East Region 17 CNH

Distinguished President Application  
Distinguished President Application