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*Pie chart showing what social media sites are used the most by people all around the world.

Social networking sites. From 1992 to 2012 people born within these years are known as the ‘GENERATION Z’ This is because we have been born into the internet generation using hi speed internet connection to literally do or find out anything, computer gaming consoles, even solving maths equations online, eg money converting, online calculators. Obviously we have become a long way since internet first came about with early computers in the 1950’s. Social networking has become one of the biggest things known to us were we can communicate to our friends/family/companions via the internet on chartrooms, private messaging on websites such as FACEBOOK,TWITTER,BBM,HABBO etc. Also by the more new and newer ‘Smart phones’ that are being developed and sold makes it almost impossible for us to stay offline. Most smart phones are able to downloads any APP of shops, games, music downloaders, social networking, health apps and many more. On iPhone and Android Phones you can download a APPLICATION (APP) and technically visit the shops, see what's new, what is on sale etc, basically everything you can do in person you can do it from your phone to make less hassle. More and more shops are going ONLINE or making themselves a APP for people to use and order to their home. With shopping apps comes trend apps and virtual dressing apps etc. Were you can log on and see the latest trends for the month, and on some websites/apps such as POLYVORE, STYLEBISTRO, PINTREST you can make style boards of any fashion and trends you like and present them on a document which you can then share with the rest of the world and fashionistas. Living in this generation makes it easier for us to literally do anything we want. Don’t like our hair on a certain image? We can edit and enhance it. Blemishes, remove or fix them. There are apps from everything to ordering your food to editing all your photos. Social networking has come a very long way were you can share images/videos/blogs, etc with your friends on the site. INSTAGRAM is a very popular App which you can edit your pictures, rotating and adding effects to enhance them and then share them with your ‘followers’. You can add tags in which other people can click on them which takes them to a world wide page were everyone has tagged the same hashtag. Instagram is really good to keep up with fashion trends as there are people uploading pictures from all over the world at one time to show their favourite trends. Many people are moving onto the Instagram app to share their pictures and to meet and speak to new people from all around the world. Since the release of the social networking site Facebook, in 2004 the site has become popular with 1.23 billion Active uses every month. You build up your personal profile with Pictures/ videos and likes along with writing status’s and commenting on your ‘friends’ profiles. Originally founded in Harved University by Mark Zuckerberg for his college friends but then progressed to the rest of the world and people as young as 13 being able to sign up to it.

My look on generation Z These social media networks are literally taking over our generations lives, and our kids? They will be brought up on the latest technology and no nothing different to Hi-tech gadgets as toys. I believe this is going to make the next generations more retracted from the real life. Our generation (Generation Z) has already become one of the laziest generations yet as we are used to sitting at home on our gadgets compared to our grandparents that new no better than to get up and get active outside the house. The last 100 years have changed significantly due to the invention of Internet, computers, laptops and mobile phones. Instead of actually going to see our friends we would rather contact them via text, in boxing or messaging through the internet. Personally I think its corrupt. We would rather take a picture of the worlds beauty purely for likes on these social media websites rather than take time to actually enjoy it for ourselves. OK. I say I hate it but in honest truth if I was to go without my mobile phone I would probably be lost without it. But that’s because I was born into a era were technology has hit big time.

Gadgets and new technologies

Generation Z (people born from mid 1990s- 2010* Are born into a generation were we don’t know anything different to all these cool gadgets and internet access. However the invention of these gadgets that we are creating I think are making our population today much more lazy and in active. As we are relying on these devices etc to do everything for us including simple math! They talk about by 2020 we should be able to have mind reading gadgets, wearable computers and flexable wrist watch phones. These are wild inventions and our world has a very strong sway towards keeping a head of the game with more NEW and INNOTIVE creations for us to buy. They are looking on introducing a ‘Black hole’ phone. In which a little ball levitates from the gadget when you open your hand and all functions will be controlled in mid-air, with the aid of holographic technology.

New materials for new future garments

. is the website my group has been working on. We all picked 1 to 2 page links to read and learn more about in depth then discuss the benefits of the pages. has forums on some of there pages which link to other busy social networking, twitter, blogs then has quick links which makes it very exciting to be able to access other fashion trends while not having to navigate of the page you are most interested in. Has interactive link buttons to share, like or tweet the website page, which helps show your friends the latest trends your loving and looking at. Having these on the side of pages, which makes it easier to not have to click off onto the actual website meaning the viewers are more satisfied having everything on the webpage. also sport a STYLE MAP which shows a interactive box were you can see can see and keep updated with trends around the world and see or add comments. I think this is really exciting to a fashion designer as as it being so easy to see and use while still being able to keep up to date.

Tradition printing methods Tradition printing methods create some of the best and most expensive fabrics and materials in the world. With intricate designs and hours of designing and eventually making spectacular handmade resources/

Woodblock printingis a technique for printing text or patterns onto fabric. A traditional way in which people manually design and make these fabrics all by hand. Used widely throughout east Asia and originating in China. The workers have long days of physical labour, from having to chip the pattern out of the block, to dying the fabrics, then physically printing the image one by one. This technique is remarkable, finishing up with amazing complicated patterned fabric with amazing imagery. While being made in India, other country's want these luxurious materials, people will pay loads of money to purchase these.

Batik printingis the art of using a manual made wax resist technique on cloth. Originating from Yogyakarta and Surakarta, the most common colours used for batik are Indio, dark brown and white as they represent the three major Hindu Gods. However these are to the fact that natural dyes are most commonly available in these colours also. People manually drip hot wax onto material before dying it. This is so the dye runs of the wax and colours the material so what you have left is a coloured material with images or patterns left. People love these patterns for wedding garments, and will pay high end prices to get there marvellous pieces.

Screen printingis a printing technique that uses a woven mesh to support an ink-blocking stencil to receive the pattern or image you want onto the fabric. The attached stencil makes open areas of mesh which will transfer the ink onto the material. You can get most images (pattern stencil) you want by using this technique. This technique is first recognized dating right back to China (960-1279).

*Batik printing

*screen printing

Benefit and cons of traditional method

Benefits By using traditional methods of designing and making fabrics they are creating much more luxurious materials with gorgeous embellishment, and dyed royal colours, which some digital designing/enhance machines cant even achieve. People all around the world, will always want these original fabrics, some may use them for creating dresses or the very popular desired Sari’s, along with more luxurious, unique garments. The whole factor of it being ‘traditional’ and the idea of ‘handmade’ makes people want it more for the excitement of having something one off and unique. The whole concept of traditional printing methods and the sale of them will always be in business as there will always be a need in the world for these materials. Also the workers creating these fabrics might be on good pay. It may be classed as low pay to us but contrasted against some of the worlds lowest pay rates for over sea workers it is probably much better. As these companies creating these fabrics are often situated in the middle of little villages or towns. Which means there is no machinery, big warehouses and over crowded work areas. These materials, even though being sold for very expensive in couture/fashion shops around the world, to buy these of the makers is not very expensive. You are getting a one off unique fabric, even custom made for more than half the price you would if you was to buy the material in a shop. Cons Time consuming Hard hours Hard manual labour If mistakes are made, have to restart

Digital printing. From pencil on paper designing to physically being able to design our own garments on now on the internet has come along way. Digital designing is very big with the big designers. By electronically being able to enhance our work or create brand new original ideas we are able to create the most one off of pieces. The new technique that is becoming more and more popular within the fashion and textile industry. By creating a design yourself on Photoshop you can cleverly manipulate the pattern and picture to create unique designs that can be printed onto fabrics to use in garment making.

Digital printing pattern website This page allows anyone with certain web browsers actually design their own garments. They construct a 3D image of your design, were you can see the outside and inside of the design being made. This website helps you locate your way around. They have a selection on designs that have already been designed, for inspiration. You can also use one of their images or upload your own. You choose the style of garment, name your design and then can buy it. The workers of this website manufacture the garments to a average size or you can get custom made. By using a blend of traditional methods and digital technology they’ve created a webpage which is getting bigger and bigger audience due to the world always progressing in the latest technology's. Everything is going digital. The website obviously has to make money, which makes the final designs be quite costly but if you’ve got the money and want to have a one off piece this is were to go. This is a very creative idea for a website. I really love the unique ability to actually create your own material in away. You are giving the freedom to choose any design, pattern, colour you like and I think that digital clothes designing is going to get bigger and better in the next few years.

3D PRINTING Benefits How its come about. The concept of 3D printing came about and began to be taken seriously in the 1980s, created by a man named Charles Hull., who used the term stereolithography, were he defined it as a "system for generating threedimensional objects by creating a cross-sectional pattern of the object to be formed�. To initially start a print, the machine takes a reading from the computer .stl file and places down layers of liquid, powder, paper or sheet material one after the other to build the model from a series of cross sections. The layers made from the printer, which will link to the virtual cross sections from the CAD model, are combined and automatically attached to create the final shape. Being able to make almost anything. Expensive then cheaper Initially the process of buying the printer and all the programmes etc. needed for a successful print will be very pricey and not everyone will be able to afford one of these. Mainly big shops/designer will use them to create pieces for the public. However if you were to buy a 3D printer for your own use, the cost would eventually go down and it would be cheaper in the long run as you can generate and create your own designs by simply inputting it into a computer file. Then producing anything you want, whether it be home appliances, cutlery or furniture to jewellery, garments or shoes. No limits Physically anything can be made in one of these, anything is possible. Chairs, lamps, tables, ornaments, cutlery, shoes, bags, accessories, jewellery, clothes, underwear. The list is endless. Parts of machinery can even be made now to replace anything's broke. 3D Printing is also very sustainable, with it hardly having no waste left as you can print about 5/6 items within every session, anything that is wasted is moulded back together to reuse for another item/ batch. There is a worry with the 3D printers that guns could be made, as the machine is so sophisticated and high tech, giving it quality's and the ability to make a live gun, all the parts etc. So while 3d printing has come along way and is going to progress a very long way, there is a downside to it which is worrying people as they no just what this machine is possible off.

With 3D printers becoming a big craze at the minute, it attracts more and more customers and audiences. Customers who love unique and quirky items, someone who wants a item of jewellery, unique to them, were you cant get it from a store. Also the fact that 3d printing is actually very eco- friendly and saves waste and recycles it will attract customers and press that support eco friendly groups. There for getting the 3D printing trend out there more.

Original designs/ideas Originally I was going to a kaleidoscope/ diamond theme and these were some ideas that I created while playing around on Photoshop. Ive decided to change my theme to Disney now so wont be using these. I changed the effect to ‘Sumi-e’ and changed the saturation and hue of the image.

Altering patterns on Photoshop. I found this vintage look mickey mouse pattern on Google images. It looks good now but I thought it would be worth trying different styles out and techniques on Photoshop. To see if I could change it or enhance it to look better. I am looking for using micky mouse print on my garment as it’s a well know children's, toy/character, represents all things Disney and toys. Also many illustrators/designers have made Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse very fashionable, incorporating there style and patterns into garments, and making Disney modern. I inserted the image onto Photoshop and began to mess around with the saturations and hues, colours and effects to create different looks from the one pattern, each different effects create a whole altered appearance

Here I have inverted the colour of the original micky mouse pattern. Id also increased the saturation but as the original print is black and white you cant exactly notice. I auto- corrected the light on it also. I think the inverted colour has made the print stand out much more but its in own way as it gives of a darker sense to it. My theme is based around Toys, and the idea of a toy box so this print wouldn’t really fit right into the theme of it as I am looking at more brighter colours to give of a brighter cheerful look while still wanting a smart suite look for my final garment.

Here I changed the filter of the image. I used Ink Outline and it brought a much darker image. Everything is more defined than the original image. Also it gives a vintage style to it which creates a older rougher look, again creating its own style and would completely change a look of a garment.

Different prints/designs. Ideas for my blazer and shorts. Structured shorts with a black feather trim. This is just one idea of how my print could be used on a outfit. The blazer would be cropped with a bold Micky Mouse pattern on the front body with contrasting black sleeves and a plain black back. Black binding could be used around the edging of the jacket.

Simple white pants with distinct red frill collars and cuffs. Paired with plain white high waisted cigarette trousers. This is just a idea I came up with while playing around with different ideas‌


Final Design and Evaluation Here's my final pattern. Which I am going to use on the garment. I repeated the original image into a tile look and changed the contrast and hues to create this final pattern piece that I will use for my garment. I like this pattern as its quite bold and eye catching.

Megan Make it digetal  
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