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Where in Aotearoa is Tama?

Top of the top. Tama is at C_____ R______

We are heading sky high with Tama in the big little city of A__________

126 years ago we would have seen their beauty, now they are just a memory. Tama is at the P___ and W____ T_______.

If you go here you may feel the sting of politics. Tama is at the B__h___

I don’t like pancakes, no. I love them, ya! Tama’s pancakes are rock hard at P___________.

Tama is the king of the castle and you are all dirty rascals, as he is at New Zealand’s only castle in D________

These caves they show that worms can glow, flowing down the lake from T____ A____

Bottom of the bottom, Tama is at B___

Where should he go next?

Where in Aotearoa is Tama  
Where in Aotearoa is Tama  

Tama is going around New Zealand, can you guess where he is??