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Movable Type in Europe Project By: Megan Huibregtse

(This is one of the 3 grids I chose to complete, I just don’t know how to put it with the others in InDesign)

This project was a lot harder than I expected. I’m new to inDesign and I thought I knew my way around pretty well. Turns out, I don’t...I couldn’t figure out how to make letters red or any other color. It was very angerinducing, I still don’t know how to do anything in InDesign, no matter how much I work with it in this class. But I made grids just fine. Unfortunately, they didn’t turn out the way I wanted them to. The end product satisfied me, but apparently I will not be getting a good grade on it because it’s not up to par with the other people in the class. I also know I will be getting a low grade because I did something wrong with the margins and it printed wrong. Even though I would’ve never been able to do things like this before this class, college doesn’t grade you on self improvement. I also have a physical probalem of cutting and drawing straight lines. Everyone thinks I’m being funny and won’t help me. It obviously shows in my end products that I’m not being funny. No matter how hard I work, it seems like I will not be passing this class. This project was yet another indicator that I should not be in art. (I can’t upload my rough drafts on this version of InDesign becuase it’s too old for the newer version I used to have)

Movable Type  
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