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INT.FATHER’S CAR. NIGHT FATHER(late 40’s) and DAUGHTER(14/15) are driving along in there old rusty Punto after DAUGHTER had been picked up from a party in her best party dress and cute school girl ponytails. Whilst DAUGHTER is being her usual grumpy self playing on her phone, FATHER continues to drive along a dark misty country road to home as they come across a young girl around the same age as DAUGHTER hitchhiking on her own.The curiosity builds up in FATHER so he decides to pull over and see what’s going on. FATHER DAUGHTER, Sorry there’s a girl there and I can’t just leave her alone at this time of night. DAUGHTER (Playing on phone not concentrating) Yeah yeah whatever dad just hurry up I’m cold. DAUGHTER looks down at her phone to continue grumpily whilst FATHER pulls up to the girl. FATHER (Winding window down) Hiya I saw you were alone. Do you want a lift? HITCHHIKER (Whispering in croaky voice) Thanks for that.It would be great. I only live about five miles down the road and its number 19. You just have to drop me outside...Thank you. FATHER It’s more then fine, much further then us like it’s out of our we’ve never seen you

you don’t live so it’s not way. How come around?

HITCHHIKER ignores FATHER and looks out to the misty night road.As the car pulls away the rain starts to pour and the wind gets stronger. CUT TO:

2. INT.FATHER’S CAR. NIGHT FATHER carries on to drive as in the corner of his eye, he sees a house. FATHER I’m guessing this is the house then... FATHER waits for a response but soon decides to pull up at the house. As he pulls up he turns to HITCHHIKER to tell her they have arrived and soon realizes she has disappeared into thin air. He looks around but shes gone. We see his face dazed and confused. FATHER (Confused and dazed) Err DAUGHTER, did you see where that strange girl went? DAUGHTER looks up to her dad to react with not a care in the world and the grumpiest expression on her face you have ever seen. DAUGHTER FATHER like I said earlier I’m really not bothered just get me home please. DAUGHTER looks back down and continues to play on her phone and sighs. INT.FATHER’S CAR. NIGHT FATHER looks over to DAUGHTER and realizes she is paying no attention at all so decides to click in her face to get her attention. DAUGHTER FATHER, what do you want this time? FATHER For goodness sake daughter. I really need your help explaining to her parents what has happened do you not realize whats going on? DAUGHTER Okay, okay I’ll come with you but you’d better make it up to me. Both of them step out of the car and take slow steps towards the house.


EXT.HITCHHIKER’S DRIVEWAY. NIGHT As FATHER and DAUGHTER walk towards the doorway they both realize how mystified and spooked they both feel. DAUGHTER FATHER, I’m sorry I’m scared will you do it I don’t know what to do you’ve really scared me. FATHER looks over at DAUGHTER and tries to find some words to explain what to do next. He also tries to think up in his head how to go about telling HITCHHIKERS family the situation.FATHER looks up to the house which is dark and dusky. The rain is continues to pour on FATHER and DAUGHTER but right now that is the least of their problems. FATHER Don’t worry DAUGHTER we will find a way around this we just have to tell them the truth. The calming words soothe DAUGHTER’S fears and her strength to walk to the door plucks up. EXT.HITCHHIKER’S FRONT DOOR. NIGHT The pair take their final steps to the door step and knock hesitantly and they see two dark tall figures approaching the door. The HITCHHIKER’S father turns the creaky doorknob and opens the wooden door. JIMMY Good evening fellow. To what do I owe this pleasure? Not knowing how to reply to such a friendly stranger FATHERS face pleads in DAUGHTERS direction for her to help him out. DAUGHTER Well...err.. we believe we picked up a girl that lives at this address... DAUGHTER continues to describe the HITCHHIKER and waits to see how the family react. JIMMY We once had a daughter who funnily enough is that exact description who you have described as you picked up but unfortunately to our (MORE) (CONTINUED)



JIMMY (cont’d) heart break she disappeared some years ago and as she was as you saw her she was hitchhiking on this very road. From the background we hear a faint voice of HITCHHIKERS mother trying to explain something. MOTHER I just thought I’d add that today would have been her birthday. I’m really sorry but this is just a bit too much JIMMY.

The hitchhiker  
The hitchhiker