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INT.MAGGIE’S CAFE.DAY A couple, both around sixteen sit on the furthest table to the left. No words are exchanged between the pair but they continue endlessly staring at one another. LINDSEY, MARKS girlfriend flicks her long blond hair into a comfortable position as MARK just sits completely still, staring into midair. MARK and LINDSEY have been together just over a year now but they never seemed like a couple. LINDSEY is a popular teen. She’s probably one of the most popular girls at her school but she’s quiet and polite sometimes to polite and perfect. MARK, on the other hand is a geek. Rounded black specs sit on his button nose with spots situated all over his pale face. LINDSEY stands and moves slowly towards the counter. MARK continues to do nothing, what is there to do for him really. As LINDSEY finishes ordering she steps back over to there table and waits patiently. MARK what did you order then? LINDSEY Just fries, you didn’t want anything did you? MARK No it’s fine. So why did you call me here then? LINDSEY pauses not knowing how to tell him whats going on. The tension builds ever more as LINDSEY tries to push. MARK Honestly LINDSEY just be honest with me? We love each other, right? As MARK mentions love, his face lights up but on the other side of the booth LINDSEY quietly screws her face up at the thought of it. Her perfect spotless face is hidden behind her locks and her bright blue eyes are squashed. LINDSEY I don’t know how to say it but I have got something very important to tell you. MARKS face drops as the realization hits him. In a sense he thinks he knows what is about to happen. He doesn’t want it to happen so thinking he can prevent it, MARK slowly moves away but before the chance arrives, LINDSEY stops him.




LINDSEY MARK, please we can’t go on like this. LINDSEY grabs MARKS arm and as hard as he tries he knows he is just fighting the inevitable. MARK LINDSEY I love you, we’ve got so much together, is it me? Have I done something wrong? Am I not good enough anymore? LINDSEY looks away from MARK as we hear a mysterious car pull up outside the cafe. LINDSEY’S eyes lock onto the car as if nothing else exists. LINDSEY Look MARK it’s me I need focus on a little me time..yeah that’s it..I’m sorry. I really have to go. With nothing more to say LINDSEY gets up and walks away. As much as MARK wants to fight he just can’t. The tears start to fall from MARK’S eyes as the heartbreak covers him in pain. He looks out towards that mysterious car. As his eyes are still filled with pain he watches LINDSEY walk up to the black tinted punto. MARK thinks to himself about how she’d never really liked punto’s and told him that he should never get one knowing full well his brother was running one just like the one outside of the cafe. So why now would she be getting into one? As she takes the last couple of steps, a young guy looking around the same age as MARK steps out of the drivers side. MARK stares until it clicks. The guy situated to the right is his older brother, BRANDON.

The Break Up