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Possesed By Megan Hines

INT. MIA’S BEDROOM. EVENING It’s a dark autumn evening outside with the white blessed snow falling upon the dark windows of the Adam’s household. Inside the hallways are filled with angry shouts from the couple on the top floor. As we come in through the front door, the shouts get louder and we slowly make our way up the creaky stairway to the third floor. The only doorway on the top floor says MIA on it and is halfway open and by the now the shouts are ear piercing. As time passes the screams eventually die down as we hear a figure merging out of the door. It’s a male figure with light blond hair, he’s got the popular guy look and is medium height. He’s wearing a work badge with the name MARK on it. He makes his way downstairs and leaves the house. A few minutes later we see another figure emerge. This time the figure is female and a hell of a lot different to the first persons outlook. We can assume this is MIA as her name is positioned on the door she has just stepped out from. MIA has look black hair sweeping over a pale offset face on a short slim body. As the figure moves closer to the stairs we follow to see what is going on. The girl slowly steps down the stairs to peak out of the kitchen window making sure the boy is completely gone. As MIA steps away from the window she looks towards the door on her left. Its an old rusty door practically falling off of its hinges but MIA manages to fling it open and step inside. INT. MIA’S BASEMENT. EVENING MIA is down in the basement now looking through some old torn boxes. She comes across a box which says ’MIA AND MARK’S MEMORIES’ in black marker. We can see the anger and pain rise up in MIA’S face as she grabs the box and its contents and throws it across the room ripping it on the way. as she carries on destroying the contents she sees a face. A smiling doll face to be precised and she reaches out to grab it. The doll is old and rustic looks like its been there for many years. MIA reaches out her pale right arm to grab the doll and with full force she pulled the doll towards her face. MIA steps back up the stairs and out of the basement with the doll clutched against her chest. INT. MIA’S LIVING ROOM. NIGHT MIA is sat in the living room on the posh leather sofa with her parents. Her mum is no more then silenced whilst her dads head hangs as he snores away. The TV is blaring at full volume but MIA’S concentration was fully focused on the doll.


INT. MIA’S BEDROOM. NIGHT MIA steps into the bedroom door still half way open from when she left it. With still full clutch of the doll MIA slowly sulks towards her bed. The dolls legs swung back and forth until MIA hit the bed with full force. With her head gently laying on the pillow, her eyes slowly start to close until she is eventually off in a deep sleep. The doll now has a fixated smile on it ’s face and is lent up against MIA’S limp arm. FADE OUT INT. MIA’S BEDROOM. MORNING By now MIA has been asleep the whole night. She is still positioned in the same place as she went to sleep with the doll still lent up against her arm with that smile still smug on it’s smile. MIA’S eye’s gradually open with sleep covering the corners. She looks straight at the doll still laid on her arm and smiles. As her legs emerged out of bed, her arms fling up as her mouth opens wide to yawn. The first thing she goes to reach for as she finishes her yawn is her phone.It’s jam packed with texts and calls from her best friend SCOTT. Being as MIA hadn’t answered her phone all of the night before people had must have been worried. She replies and get out of her pit to get ready for the day ahead of school. As she finishes getting ready she places the doll on the window sill and exits the room. FADE OUT INT. MIA’S BEDROOM. EVENING MIA is jumping into her night gear after a hard days work at school. She looks at her calender to see Halloween is approaching in just over two weeks. She then flips the calender back to the last day of September. Two weeks have passed since her and MARK first split up and MIA has shown no pain in knowing this. Putting her calender back, MIA looks over her left shoulder back at the doll sat on a little rocking chair on the window sill of MIA’S room. FADE OUT


EXT. SCHOOL GATES. AFTERNOON It’s a typical Friday afternoon and MIA is stood at the school gate waiting patiently to be told she could go. Her best friend, SCOTTIE black hair, bright blue eyes but stick thin, was stood the other side of the school fence. As MIA’S teacher approaches the smile on MIA’S face finally appears knowing she is finally allowed to go. She runs over to SCOTTIE and wraps both arms around him. MIA and SCOTTIE are really close friends and by now a lot of people would’ve thought they were partners. As SCOTTIE walks MIA home he takes her hand and takes control of their situation. EXT. MIA’S DRIVEWAY. AFTERNOON By now SCOTTIE and MIA have reached MIA’S house and it’s time for SCOTTIE to go. He finally lets go of his grasp on MIA’S hand and leaves her to walk in the door. Just as MIA goes to close the door shouts to her. SCOTTIE MIA, I love you girlfriend As MIA clicks she turns back to look at him and see’s him wink as he walks away out of sight. INT. MIA’S KITCHEN. AFTERNOON By now the excitement of SCOTTIE being MIA’S boyfriend is too much so she runs upstairs to explain to the doll exactly what has just happened. When she arrives at her bedroom door she stops for a minute to figure out what shes going to say. As she composes herself, she grabs the door handle with full force and with a smile on her face she enters. INT. MIA’S BEDROOM. AFTERNOON The doll is situated in its normal place in its little rocking chair. Today has been a particularly sunny day and therefore the doll is quite warm. With not a care in the world MIA walks across to the doll and picks it up. She jumps onto her bed and clutches the doll in her arms. MIA sits up and starts to explain to the doll exactly what happened. FADE OUT


INT. MIA’S KITCHEN. MORNING MIA is sat in the kitchen with her parents on the last day before they leave for a work trip. By the kitchen sink are two passports whilst the family of three sit round the small table and eat breakfast. As MIA’S Mother and Father finish they grab their passports and walk towards the door. With a kiss and a hug from her mother, MIA gets up and walks up the stairs to her bedroom. FADE OUT INT. MIA’S LIVING ROOM. EVENING It’s a typical Thursday evening and nothing is on TV. MIA has her doll situated next to her on the cabinet still sat on the rocking chair. MIA’S phone is also sat on the same cabinet when it starts ringing. On the phone it say ’SCOTTIE CALLING’ so MIA immediately grabs the phone and answers. The pair are on the phone for a while and when MIA finally hangs up she runs upstairs and packs a bag. MIA has no realized that she has left her beloved doll downstairs but doesn’t remember to come and get it leaving it sat on its chair in the living room by itself. INT. MIA’S BEDROOM. EVENING After grabbing all of her stuff MIA takes one last look around to check she has sorted everything and picks up her over sized over night bag. Before she leaves she makes sure her two dogs, FLY and SCOUT, are fed and watered for the next day. Leaving them in their cages overnight she grabs her bag and walks to the door.She opens the door walks out of the bedroom and closes the door behind herself. EXT. MIA’S DRIVEWAY. EVENING MIA has locked up the house and made sure everything is safe so is waiting outside. We see a black mustang pull up at the top of the driveway and SCOTTIE jumps out of the front passengers seat. MIA walks up to SCOTTIE gives him a huge hug and gets into the car with her over sized over night bag. The car pulls away and the rain starts to fall upon the ADAM’S house hold.


EXT. MIA’S DRIVEWAY. AFTERNOON It’s the next afternoon by now and MIA has full responsibility for her dogs whilst her parents are away. MIA jumps out of the Mustang again and shouts at SCOTTIE. MIA Oi SCOTTIE, I’ll see you tonight. MIA waves them off and takes her bag and walks into the house. INT. MIA’S BEDROOM. AFTERNOON MIA’S been so busy sorting the rest of the house she never had time to go into her bedroom. She walks up the last steps and takes hold of the door handle. As she opens the door she sniffs and smells something funny. She fully opens the door and see a huge gunky mess on her bed. MIA walks over to the bed to find the source of the muck was her beloved doll. MIA’S face is disgusted so she picks up the doll and runs down to the dustbin with it. INT. MIA’S KITCHEN. EVENING MIA still has a disgusted facial expression and with the doll having a massive stench she throws it into the bin and sprays with air freshener all over the house until it has a better smell. INT. MIA’S LIVING ROOM. EVENING MIA has finally sat down with her phone and hasn’t giving the doll that had brought her two weeks of happiness a second thought. We hear a loud knocking at the door so MIA puts her phone down on the side and goes to answer it. INT. MIA’S HALLWAY. EVENING MIA answers the door to the knocker and it was SCOTTIE. With a small bag in hand he walks in, gives MIA a massive hug and follows her through to the living room. X-Factors playing on the TV and SCOTTIE can’t stand the program so tells MIA he is going to the toilet. MIA decides she is going to cook some dinner so leaves SCOTTIE to it.


INT. MIA’S STAIRWAY. EVENING SCOTTIE slowly steps up the three flight stairway until he gets to the second floor bathroom. As he walks towards the doorway of the bathroom, he goes to step and reach for a light switch for the stairway and steps into the bathroom. Whilst he is busy MIA is quite happily preparing some dinner for the pair when she hears a scream from SCOTTIE upstairs. MIA comes running up the stairs and sees SCOTTIE lying on his back on the floor outside the doorway of the bathroom. He struggles to say anything so MIA automatically grabs the phone out of the study across the hall from the bathroom and calls the ambulance. Whilst they wait patiently MIA tries to find out what caused SCOTTIE to fall. All he could say was ’a doll’s arm’ and from that MIA couldn’t quite figure out much in her state of panic. INT. MIA’S STAIRWAY. EVENING As the paramedics take SCOTTIE to the hospital, MIA is advised to stay at home and call SCOTTIES parents to notify them. MIA follows the paramedics advice so makes her way downstairs with the phone to call SCOTTIE’S parents. As quick as shes rung them the phone call is over. MIA needs to find out what has caused this and goes over to the kitchen bin to see if her doll was still in there and funnily enough it was still sat at the bottom with what looked like its arm bent behind its back. MIA left it in there and put the lid back down. She feeds the dogs and makes her way upstairs FADE OUT INT. MIA’S BEDROOM. MORNING MIA has had the whole nights sleep to think about what has happened with SCOTTIE and when she finally decides to get up she wants to find out how he is. The house is three floors and MIA is stuck on the third floor. She steps down to the second floor in her pajamas to the bathroom and once finished she goes downstairs to see the dogs and feed them. When MIA makes it downstairs she sees the whole living room is an absolute tip and the dolls old rocking chair is rocking back and forth as if someones been sat in it. MIA’S phone has not stopped ringing so MIA ignores the mess and steps through it to her phone. Her phone reads ’5 missed calls and 17 texts from SCOTTIE’S MUM’. MIA goes through the texts to find out SCOTTIE has just broken his left leg and will be out of hospital later on that day. MIA decides after reading her texts she should clean up the living room and make sure its presentable for her parents arrival home.


INT. MIA’S LIVING ROOM. AFTERNOON It’s got to half an hour before MIA’S parents are due home and MIA has finally finished cleaning. MIA leaves the living room and makes her way back to her bedroom where she waits for her parents to arrive back. INT. MIA’S BEDROOM. EVENING MIA’S parents are now three hours late home and when MIA hears a banging she thinks its them. Curious as to if it is them or not, MIA gets up from her bed and walks down towards the bathroom where she then starts to question if its actually them or if she was hearing things. INT. MIA’S STAIRWAY. EVENING Waiting at the top of the stairs, MIA being very nervous just braves it. Before she steps she shouts out. MIA Hello? Mum, Dad? As she hears no reply, she decides to go down and goes to step on the top step where she slips and falls to the bottom of the stairway right in front of the door. MIA breaths once and stops when we hear a child’s giggle coming from the top of the stairs. FADE TO BLACK

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