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Stahlbush Campaign Book

1. Creative Brief 2. Mood Board 3. Thumbnails 4. Mind Map 5-7. Rough Drafts 8. Media Schedule 9-11. Final Drafts


Background: Stahlbush Island Farms is a farm and food processor that is committed to being environmentally friendly and sustainable while also delivering exceptional quality foods. Family owned since 1985 Stahlbush’s entire farm is certified sustainable by the Food Alliance. The farms philosophy is to leave the soil, air, water, plant life, animals, and people healthier than before. Integrity is the main focus at Stahlbush. They strive for the highest quality by meeting all food safety requirements. Sustainability to them means meeting the needs of the present without compromising the future. In order to do this they reduce pesticide use to improve soil and conserve water resources. In order to be the most efficient they are constantly looking for new technology and farming practices. Stahlbush is also dedicated to its people by creating safe work environments and maintaining long-term relationships with their customers, suppliers, employees and community. Stahlbush frequently uses imagery of the families coming together to farm and animals in the surrounding natural area of the Willamette Valley to show their deep connection with nature, biodiversity and the importance of sustainability. Challenge: For this campaigns purpose the challenge for Stahlbush is getting more consumers out to the farm to see the benefits and buying sustainable food for their families. Target Audience: The target audience for this brand is men and women from the ages of 25-40 with children.

Creative Brief

They will be the type of people that care about sustainable practices and health foods. They want their children to hold the same values so they feel educating them about these issues is important; however, they want their children to be in a fun and exciting environment while doing so. They will be willing to pay slightly higher prices for these types of foods because of their concern for the environment and possible chemicals in food brand competitors. They will be the types of people that currently buy locally some of the time but want to find more a brand that is more relatable and has more options for them. The ability to make foods quickly will also appeal to them because of the busy schedule involved in supporting a family. Tone and Image: The tone should be warm, friendly, and colorful to simulate the feeling of family, children, and natural growth. Objective: This campaign should connect with the heads of households doing the grocery shopping for their families and people that are concerned with environmental, health, and sustainability issues. The campaign should make consumers want to take their children to the farm to learn about sustainable farming and Stahlbush practices. By targeting these consumers we can show them that buying healthy and sustainable foods is easier than they might currently think and Stahlbush is a place where they can educate their children about the importance of these issues. To gain more viewers in a world with many forms of advertisements we will want to advertise traditionally, non-traditionally, and socially.


Mood Board


These thumbnails are just 4 of the 100 that were created for this campaign. They represent the initial thinking that led to the rough drafts and eventual final drafts.



primary shoppers environmentally friendly moms who worries about families chemicals health nuts

Go buy frozen food why


Get kids involved Get more info

print billboards expo events

when what

frozen food quick meals

environmental-ness healthy

Mind Map


spring swimsuit season fall soups family meal time

school flyers

Year-round environmental seasons when fruits/ veggies are in season



Billboard Advertisment Rough Draft #1


NonTraditional Strategic Placement This idea for non-traditional advertisements was originally thought to be a place where both children and adults could interact with the advertisment and get excited to go to the farm; however, I did decide to go in a different direction for the final draft.

Rough Draft #2


Social This social advertisment was meant to be handed to children and adults at schools; however, again, I decided to go in a different direction for the final draft.

Rough Draft #3


Traditional NonTraditional Social Jan. Feb. Mar. Apr. May June July Aug. Sept. Oct. Nov. Dec.

Media Schedule



Billboard Advertisment Final Draft #1


Come visit the farm!

3122 SE Stahlbush Island Rd, NonCorvallis, Oregon Traditional Flyer

This flyer is to be placed in schools and other places where children and parents will see it. The rough draft for nontraditional is different than the final because I thought flyers would reach the target audience more effectively.

Helping to fuel and educate your family. Contact at (541) 757-1497 Final Draft #2




Come visit the farm! Share pictures of your trip on Instagram with #triptostahlbush to be entered to win Stahlbush frozen foods at your local grocery store. Final Draft #1

Using Instagram as a place for people to share the experience of their trip to Stahlbush can entice others to make their way out to the farm. The hashtag triptostahlbush can link people to all the different pictures people have taken at the farm. Submitting a photo will automatically enter participants to win Stahlbush frozen foods as an incentive to posting pictures. Using this sort of social advertisement also allows for all different types of people to become aware of what Stahlbush has to offer.


Designed and produced by Megan Hannah