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human rights by the apartheid

Head of school Betty White


also visited with the bishop at

The bishop has now shifted

the Priory.

his focus to HIV/AIDS. He

“My personal reaction was

makes appearances around

one of awe to be in his

the world to raise awareness of

presence,” said White. “It

the disease.

reminded me a bit of the

Students meet with iconic Bishop

A handful of Sacred Hearts,

Dalai Lama. The Priory was

La Pietra, St. Andrew’s Priory

well prepared, and I liked the

Jill Baxter

and Kamehameha students

pomp and circumstance of

were invited to meet with the

such a visit. I was also

bishop this summer at St.

impressed with his wife. She

Andrew’s Priory.

appeared younger, very

“After learning that

articulate, charismatic and had

Archbishop Tutu had won a

a flair for talking with young

series of awards and is a


world-renowned activist,

The students who met with

meeting him was surreal and

the bishop had the

was definitely a phenomenal

opportunity to meet one of

experience,” said senior Xylia

the greatest moral icons of a

Lydgate. “He has a unique


sense of humor and a radiant

“I think the girls understood

personality. He knows how to

the significance of his visit to

make those around him

Hawaii,” said White. “Of the


thousands of people with

Senior Caitlin Colipano

whom he spoke and shared in

agreed. “He is a child at heart.

Hawaii, he saved time for the

I guarantee that nobody can



Students meet with iconic Bishop ARTICLE 2

Dedication and blessing for the Clarence T.C. Ching Student Center ARTICLE 3

Cheerleaders represent Sacred Hearts Academy

Episcopalian Archbishop


South Africa in 1931. He

LIFE team furthers spiritual growth and leadership ARTICLE 5

Sacred Hearts Academy presents “The Little Mermaid Jr.”

FALL 2012

Emeritus Desmond Mpilo Tutu was born in Klerksdorp, worked as a teacher until 1953 when he quit in protest of the passing of the Bantu Education Act of 1953 that legalized segregation in schools. He spent the majority of his life fighting against the apartheid system of racial segregation in South Africa. Tutu received the Nobel Peace Prize in 1984 for his work and was appointed chairman of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission by President Nelson Mandela in 1995. The Commission was created to

resist smiling when he is in the room.”

investigate the violation of



FALL 2012

Dedication and blessing for the Clarence T.C. Ching Student Center completes the student center plans Development Director, Andrea Hamilton, said, “We are holding this event to thank the architects, sisters, donors and everyone in the community who supported us.” Head of School, Betty White, and fifth grader Hope Haythorne and sophomore China Carlos reflected on the development of the building and expressed their The high school choir sang the national anthem at the dedication of the Clarence T. C. Ching Student Center on Oct. 4 where Governor Neil Abercrombie spoke.

Sacred Hearts Academy held a dedication and blessing for the Clarence T.C. Ching Student Center on Oct. 4. The Sacred Hearts sisters, alumnae, parents, faculty, students and donors attended the event to acknowledge those who helped to fund and build the center. The student center was named in honor of Clarence T.C. Ching. Ching was a hardworking man who believed that one has the ability to make dreams come true through determination and perseverance. He was involved in his community, doing all that he could to help others. His good deeds will be remembered through the student center. Ray Tam, nephew of Ching and a trustee of The Clarence T.C. Ching Foundation, was one of the guests of honor along with Ching’s aunt Rose Ching who represented the family.

appreciation to the people who turned the T.C. Ching Student Center dream into a reality. Board of Directors members Joe Vierra and Sara Platte recognized the community supporters, project designer and construction team. Students of the Academy showed their gratitude through various performances. The Wind Ensemble provided lovely instrumentals, the Punahou JROTC color guard led the entrance, the high school choir sang the Star-Spangled Banner, Hawaiian Dance students performed the chant Ula No Weo (Bright Red Glow) and the lower school choir performed “Let There be Peace on Earth” for the closing of the blessing. At the end of the formal part of the ceremony, guests were invited into the student center to enjoy refreshments and to experience and admire the building which they had generously helped to fund.

Cheerleaders represent Sacred Hearts Academy

Wearing brand-new gold and white uniforms, Sacred Hearts Academy cheerleaders perform at Iolani School in the first cheer competition of the year.

This year Sacred Hearts Academy has its own cheerleading squad. In the past, the Academy sent cheerleaders to root for the Damien and St. Louis sports teams. However, Damien Memorial School became co-ed this year and as a result, will have its own squads. St. Louis cheerleaders now cheer for both St. Louis and Sacred Hearts Academy. The Academy team of Damien cheerleaders has disappeared, leaving the task to the St. Louis cheerleaders for the new Academy squad. While the cheerleaders won’t be cheering for Sacred Hearts at school events, they will represent the Academy at competitions. “Competition cheerleaders will be made up of a select group of junior varsity and varsity cheerleaders,” said senior Baylie Caires.



FALL 2012

New gold and white uniforms will be

become a sport in its own right,” said

Through the program, students and

worn to represent Lancer pride.

adviser Toni Normand. “These

moderators are encouraged to reflect the

Cheerleaders will have several

cheerleaders train for months on end,

Marianist skills of active listening, self-

opportunities to compete in state and

displaying great feats of physical strength

acceptance, self-disclosure, affirmation,

national cheerleading competitions. In

and gymnastic skill.”

trust, reconciliation, growing in

previous years, Academy cheerleaders were limited when it came to competition once the spirit season ended. As St. Louis cheerleaders, the

LIFE team furthers spiritual growth and leadership

Christian communities, discipleship and commitment to Christ. The program is based on the vision of Blessed William Joseph Chaminade who

squad needed to meet a co-ed

worked with Venerable Adele de Batz de

requirement and keep a certain number

Trenquelleon and Venerable Marie

of male members on the squad to

Therese de Lamourous during the


French Revolution to form communities

“We’re opening doors for future squads,

that could change the world.

setting an example for the squads to follow,” said senior Lauren Wedemeyer. The reaction of the students to the new

This year's LIFE team prepares to be spiritual leaders for the student body through monthly masses, liturgical celebrations and divisional retreats.

In 1970, Marianist LIFE was started in San Antonio, Texas, and spread throughout the Southwest from Texas to

squad has been favorable. Those who

This year’s Living in Faith Experience

California and to Hawaii and north to

have shown an interest in the new squad

(LIFE) team consists of seniors Kylie

Dayton, Ohio. Later, the program

have agreed that an independent team

Tokunaga, Xylia Lydgate, Sarah

spread to the eastern United States,

will make it even more possible for

Vinluan, Breanne Flores, Fria Falle,

Puerto Rico and Ireland.

students to excel in their sport. As the

Amanda Cieslak, Kristen Pang, Kristen

In 1982, Sacred Hearts Academy was

Academy’s first independent

Nishimoto, Emily Ko, Chelsea Nicholas,

invited to join Marianist Pacific as the

cheerleading squad, the school will be

Baylie Caires and Nikki Sen. Moderators

sister school of St. Louis and to create a

represented with a renewed sense of

Lisa Vega and Adele Takamoto

LIFE team.


accompanied the team to CYO Camp

“The goals and value of LIFE at Sacred

During the seasons, Academy

and Retreat Center in Occidental, Calif.,

Hearts Academy are building a

cheerleaders will cheer at St. Louis

from June 17-22.

community and becoming spiritual

football and basketball games. When the

The LIFE program is a national faith

leaders of the school,” said Theology

Interscholastic League of Honolulu

formation program, rooted in Catholic

chair, Sr. Irene Barboza.

(ILH) season begins, the cheerleaders

and Marianist practices, for high school

The responsibilities of the LIFE team at

will cheer under the banner of Sacred

students and moderators to further build

the Academy are to organize retreats for

Hearts Academy.

and model their faith. Students gather to

the high school and junior high, to head

Over the years, cheerleading has become

pray and develop leadership skills while

Liturgical Corps, which plan monthly

more competitive and intricate. “It has

learning more about social justice issues.

school masses, and Lancer Christian



FALL 2012

Communities (LCC), monthly gatherings for religious activities and building friendships. The Academy’s LIFE team was one of five from Hawaii. Other participating schools which participated were Maryknoll, St. Louis, St. Anthony’s School and St. Anthony’s Parish. Hawaii students joined teams from California and Missouri. Through the retreat, Academy students made new friendships while learning more about their faith and themselves. “In this retreat, I learned to accept everyone no matter where they come from or what they look like,” said Nishimoto. “I plan on opening myself to anyone who feels out of place and making them feel accepted.”

Sacred Hearts Academy presents “The Little Mermaid Jr.”

“The Little Mermaid Jr.” pays homage

Kai, it is worth it because I really enjoy

to the classic story while introducing new

every minute of it.”

characters who blend well with this

Ashley Layfield, Miss Hawaii 2007, has

revamped musical. Rehearsals are

joined the production team as the head

underway with an ensemble cast of

choreographer. Layfield recently flew in

students from several schools.

from New York where she appeared off-

At the helm of the project, veteran

Broadway in the production of “Girls

director Kyle Kakuno aims to create “a

With Dreams.”

magical production which will touch

Nine performances begin with the

audiences of all ages.”

special opening night by invitation only

The cast features a large ensemble of

for Sacred Hearts Academy donors on

students who rehearse Monday through

Nov. 1. There will also be a morning

Friday each week, dedicating a great deal

show for elementary school students on

of time to pre-production.

Nov 8. Remaining performances are on

“I never thought I would get so close to

Nov. 1, 3, 4, 9, 10, and 11.

such an amazing group of people. It almost feels like the cast is a family,” said senior Stephanie Yasay. Senior Kiloni Ramo has the lead, playing the plucky speech-impaired mermaid, Ariel. “I am unbelievably grateful for this experience. To be a part of such a spectacular cast makes me proud to be a performer,” said Ramo, who played the titular character in Kakuno’s production of “Mulan” last year. Kaiser High School sophomore Timothy Trimble is cast as Prince Eric.

Director Kyle Kakuno instructs cast members of "The Little Mermaid Jr." as they prepare for the opening of the play at St. Louis' Mamiya Theater on Nov. 3.

“I feel very excited about this play and happy that I actually got in. I have

Sacred Hearts Academy’s annual fall

always wanted to be in a Disney and

production is Disney’s “The Little Mermaid Jr.”

when I got accepted, I couldn’t wait.

Based on the children’s story by Hans Christian

Even though it is a pain to have to get

Andersen and adapted from the 1989 Disney

myself there and then back to Hawaii


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Kaleo PDF Issue 2 Fall 2012

Kaleo PDF Issue 2  

Kaleo PDF Issue 2 Fall 2012