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Megan Glew Product Design Portfolio

Flatpack Furniture Personal Project

A flatpack chair manufactured using birch faced plywood with a contrast of red upholstery for comfort. Using gold pins as an accent of detail to the chair.

INSTRMNT Contempory Project

Design and develop a complementary tabletop timepiece. Attention to detail and minimalistic design working together with the companies exsisting products.

2. Place the clock mechanism and battery into the body of the clock

1. Open back panel to access open space for mechanism 3. Put back the back panel onto the body. A lip in the back to give a flush result

4. Place the back panel back onto the body

The square minimlist black and white concept inspired the design and colour combination of the design.

Petal Pyramid Wilko Toy Design

An innovative, gender neutral, educational toy designed for Wilko. Giving young minds the opportunity to develop their number knowledge by sorting the petals into the correct sequence with this bright and colourful stacker. It’s carefully designed parts allow it to be easily manipulated by small hands allowing for independent play. Stack the flowers in descending order starting from 10 up to 1, with the number of petals correlating to the number on the petal. Wooden knotches on the stacker to ensure the child is learning the correct number sequence. Shortlisted by Wilko for innovative toy design 2017.

The Canny Bag Upcycling Project

A handbag comprised of over 1,000 upcylced aluminium can ring pulls and rope, which makes for an innovative, individual accessory. This bag is expectionally hardwearing, ideal for everday use or for an occasion. The ideal size to carry your everyday items around.

Xpand Herman Miller / Matter

1 / Bag open to fill the essentials to commute to work with

2 / Closed and fastened with press studs for security whilst commuting to/from work

3 / Expanded to allow for paperwork collected at work and other work related items

4 / Fold over cover fastened with press studs for security

BBC Bitesize Timetent Innovia

BBC Bitesize TimeTent

Branding across the top of the entrance to the tent

Curved surface all around the tent inside for ease of 360 viewing

Entrance to TimeTent Black inside for full immersive experience

Glove controllers to allow children to interact with the 360 video for a more engaging experience

Base of the tent is all black to give a fully immersive experience

Hoop band of cameras and lighting which project onto the inside walls of the tent

Consumer Journey

1. KS2 students go to school to begin their day

4. Children experience a 360° video about a period of time on the BBC Bitsize KS2 History curriculum, educating them about this time period

2. Teacher begins morning reigstration and goes through the learning objectives of the day

3. Beginning a history lesson, children in groups of 5-10 enter the TimeTent

5. With the aid of VR gloves, children can interact with the TimeTent as the video plays in order to answer questons like mini games, making each child fully immersed in the learning process

6. When all groups in the class intake have experienced the TimeTent, teacher discusses what they have learnt and the normal school day continues, with children feeling more engaged with the leanring process than before


- A virtual learning experience for KS2 students - Learn about ancient history from around the world via 360° video - Step into the TimeTent and be fully immersed in a new yet familiar world - Explore the four corners of the world throughout history, right in the middle of a school hall

Personal Photography

Personal Project

Concrete ring holders and plant pots made using concrete mix and hand-made moulds.

Profile Currently studing in my second year at Nottingham Trent University, however orginally from Yorkshire. I have a keen interest in the manufacturing of products and the process behind the development of a product. I enjoy experimenting with different materials within the products which I design. Interests Lighting and furniture design Skiing, hockey and netball Photography

Achievements: Winner of the School Design Prize from the Furniture Makers’ Company for having the best piece of furnishing related design 2015. Starpack Design Awards Shortlisted by Starpack to be entered into the final stage of judging 2017. Wilko Toy Design Shortlisted by Wilko for innovative toy design 2017.

Skills: Adobe

Photoshop InDesign Illustrator


Solidworks KeyShot

Email: Contact Number: 07972922231 Linked In:

Megan Glew Product Design Portfolio

Product Design Portfolio  
Product Design Portfolio