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Zoos In America

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by Megan Gantz  


A ​is for Arizona-Sonora Zoo

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Arizona-Sonora Zoo got a new male mountain lion who was a rescue, his  name is Cruz.

B ​is for Bronx Zoo

Image taken from Bronx Zoo

Bronx Zoo has many different types of birds, including the American  Bald Eagle.  

C ​is for Columbus Zoo and Aquarium

Image taken from Columbus Zoo

Columbus Zoo has reindeers and rhinos, along with many other cool  animals. 

D ​is for Denver Zoo

Image taken from Youtube

Denver Zoo has beautiful and crazy lights that they put up for one  month, and they don’t only have  animals they also have dinosaurs! 

E ​is for Elephants at Dallas Zoo

Image taken from Dallas ZooHoo!

Elephants can be found in a lot of zoos, but here in this picture inside  Dallas Zoo is of a mother elephant  and her baby. 

F ​is for Fort Worth Zoo

Image taken from The Online Zoo

Fort Worth Zoo contains African Pancake Tortoises, which can run 60  feet every minute!   

G ​is for Gifford Rosamond Zoo

Image taken from Zoo Chat

Gifford Rosamond Zoo has a bird aviary where you can catch a glimpse  of the colors, shapes, and styles of  our bird world. 

H ​is for Houston Zoo

Image taken from Roadtrippers

Houston Zoo has a variety of animals, including endangered  species such as elephants, Western  Lowland Gorillas, rhinos,  orangutans, and Okapi. 

I ​is for Indianapolis Zoo

Image taken from Facebook

Indianapolis Zoo has been voted having the best christmas lights, best  in the country! The zoo has an  elephant that paints!   

J ​is for Jaguars at San Diego Zoo

Image taken from San Diego Zoo

In San Diego Zoo there are jaguars, and this picture is of a mother and  her cub. Jaguars are also more heavy  built and muscular than leopards.   

K ​is for Kansas Zoo

Image taken from Kansas City Zoo

Kansas Zoo has many birds such as the African Crowned Crane, African  Fish Eagle, African Ground  Hornbill, and the American Bald  Eagle. 

L ​is for Lake Tobias

Image taken from Reading Eagle

At Lake Tobias you can ride around on a truck (like in the picture) and  see all the animals moving freely.  You can even pet and feed the  animals such as llamas and bison! 

M ​is for Minnesota Zoo

Image taken from Minnesota Zoo

Minnesota Zoo has west African Crocodiles, their speed and thick  dark scales protect them from  attacking predators.    

N ​is for North Carolina Zoo

Image taken from North Carolina Zoo

North Carolina has two polar bears, Nikita and Anana, which each have  glistening white coats.     

O ​is for Omaha’s Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium  

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Omaha’s Henry Doorly Zoo contains a sea lion pavilion where you can see  the animals lounging in the sun or  swimming. 

P ​is for Philadelphia Zoo

Image taken from Philadelphia Zoo

Philadelphia Zoo contains 3 orangutans, Tua (female), Sugi  (male), and Batu (female: born of  Tua and Sugi.) 

Q ​is for Quail at Saint Louis Zoo

Image taken from Saint Louis Zoo

Quail can fly but only take off into the skies when in danger! Quails live  in groups called coveys, that usually  contain 10 to 30 birds! 

R ​is for River Banks Zoo

Image taken from Riverbanks Zoo

Giraffes have the same amount of vertebrates in their necks, as humans  just bigger! Giraffes communicate by  grunts, snorts and soft whistles;  calves will also bleat!   

S ​is for Smithsonian’s National Zoo

Image taken from Getty Images (Tian Tian the panda)

Smithsonian's National Zoo contain 3 pandas Mei Xiang (adult female),  Tian Tian (adult male), and Bei Bei  (male: Mei Xiang and Tian Tian cub) 

T ​is for Toledo Zoo

Image taken from 13abc

Toledo Zoo has welcomed this Koala named Coedie! Koalas are more  active at night but Coedie does  occasionally move about in the  daytime! 

U ​is for Utah’s Hogle Zoo

Image taken from Utah’s Hogle Zoo

Utah’s Hogle Zoo has two rhinos: a female and male. White Rhinos are  actually gray! 

V ​is for Virginia Zoo

Image taken from The Virginia Zoo

Virginia Zoo has welcomed a new female Red Panda name Masu! Red  Pandas were found 40 years before  giant pandas!  

W ​is for Woodland Park Zoo

Image taken from Woodland Park Zoo Blog

Woodland Park Zoo has two sloths, Nentas (16 year old female) and  Mocha (14 year old male). Sloths  being slow makes it easier to survive. 

X ​is for X-ray Tetras found in 

Image taken from Animals| HowStuffWorks

X-ray Tetras have near transparent bodies. X-ray fish eat small insects  and planktonic animals. This fish  usually travels in a school.   

Y ​is for Yak at Stone Zoo

Image taken from Zoo New England

Yaks are large, hooved animals with dark brown thick hair. They can  weigh up to 2,200 pounds! Come to  the height of 6.5 feet at the shoulder  or taller! 

Z ​is for Zooamerica

Image taken from MiniTime

Zooamerica has three bobcats, Kiera (female), Reese (male: son of Kiera),  Kit Kat (female: daughter of Kiera.)    

Summary This book is about zoos in America. Listing from A-Z zoo names. Zoos have animals that you can see and sometimes (depending on the animal) you can feed them. There is no zoo that starts with X but there is an animal that starts with X and can be found in a pet shop online. All zoos have animals, but do you know what animals are found in certain (name) zoos? Well, in this book you will find out some zoos’ animals and what their names are (of the animals and zoos).


Zoos In America  

Summary This book is about zoos in America. Listing from A-Z zoo names. Zoos have animals that you can see and sometimes (depending on the...

Zoos In America  

Summary This book is about zoos in America. Listing from A-Z zoo names. Zoos have animals that you can see and sometimes (depending on the...