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Protect Your Home With Homeowner’s Insurance One of the most important tasks that need to be completed after purchasing a new Breckenridge property is getting homeowner’s insurance. Research the different types of homeowner’s insurance plans, so you can find the right fit for you and your new property in Breckenridge. There are a few key things you want to keep in mind when finding the right homeowner’s insurance for your Breckenridge real estate from inventory to the claims process and everything in between. Owning Colorado mountain real estate is an investment in your future; getting homeowner’s insurance will ensure you are protecting that investment. The first step is making sure you purchase the right insurance to cover all the bases in the event of any potential problem involving your Breckenridge property, Your insurance should cover the possessions within the home, the structure itself, liability to others, and living expenses if you need to vacate your property in Breckenridge. Always get the replacement value insurance, this covers all items within your Breckenridge property and the home itself. This means in the event that something happens to your property in Breckenridge like a natural disaster, you will receive one hundred percent of the value of replacing the Breckenridge property and the contents within. Don’t just blindly purchase homeowner’s insurance for your Breckenridge real estate, make sure you know all aspects of the policy and completely understand the claims process. While Breckenridge property policies can look similar, the claims process can vary wildly making all the difference when recovering after an incident. Have your agent explain to you in detail how the claims process will work when it comes to your policy for your Breckenridge property. You need to know when you’ll receive your check(s) and the timetable on replacing lost or damaged possessions. Take inventory of all items in your Breckenridge property, a detailed list and photos and put it in a safety deposit box along with your policy. A natural disaster could wipe out your Breckenridge property and all documentation would be lost in the chaos, always keep the documentation outside of your Breckenridge property. Put importance on the little things regarding your Breckenridge real estate policy, this means keeping an eye on things such as inflation. Your Colorado mountain real estate may be worth more in the future than when you purchase it, so when renewal times come up for your Breckenridge property policy, make sure you talk with your agent about the correct coverage amounts. Look into “endorsements;” this is usually for more expensive items such as jewelry and electronics, adding these special policies ensures you get the value back in the event the items are ruined, lost, or stolen. Lastly always call your agent when life changing events take place in your life, they may alter what is needed in your Breckenridge property homeowner’s insurance policy.

Protect your home with homeowner’s insurance  
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