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How To Make Your Party Tote-Ally Amazing!

Ready to Party? Make sure Frank doesn't miss your party, but invite him the right way!

F-Friends R-Relatives A- Acquaintances N- Neighbors K- Kid Connections

Top Tip #1

50 50 invites is the magic number! When you invite 50 franks around 25 people will say:Â "Yes, invite me to your party" and 25 franks makes for a super fun and amazing party!

Top Tip #2 Do NOT mass invite people! Mass inviting is spammy and no one likes being added to an event without their permission. #dontbethatperson

Ready to Invite FRANK?

We want your invitation to be personal fun and stand out...JUST LIKE YOU! Here are some fun ways you can invite your guests. Send a pic with you and some of your favorite Thirty-One products and a quick message about the party Use the voice messenger  in Facebook Messenger to letthem and tell them how excited you are make a short video on your phone to post to your wall or send as a message Use the invitation graphic and message I will send along with to message, text, or email your friends to invite them

be sure that whatever invite you choose to use, you send it in individual messages.


This is the most important step to make your party a succes. It won't take much time and it will be well worth the time it takes in the end!

Now What? 1st: Only add your friends that wanted to be invited to the party 2nd: After you add your guests, post a quick welcome post along with the Graphic below (I'll send it to you) and tag everyone you just invited. You could say something like this.: Hey ladies, this is the Thirty-One party I told you about!. be sure to turn your notifications on right away so you can start earning party points for points towards the party prize!

This is how we do it! Bag lady (Me)

My job is to help you have an awesome, entertaining and super successful party that results in tons of FREE AND DISCOUNTED ThirtyOne products for yourself! Sidekick (You)

Your job is to invite and excite your friends!Â

when i post in your party like and comment the post too. If you see something one of your friends would like, tag her and tell her bottom line- when you participate in your party, your friends will too. when you like and comment on posts i have made, it increases the visibility of those posts and makes your party amazing!

Want even more rewards?

The more of the items you complete on this bingo card, the more rewards you are guaranteed to get! More hostess challenges and the full bingo card are attached. Each new bingo gets you more rewards from me personally. A blackout gets you over $750 of FREE AND HALF PRICE ITEMS!

You invited 'em, Now let's excite 'em

Add your own special post on our party event page

It can be something quick about how you can't wait to hang out with your girlfriends What Thirty-One products are you most excited about and what's on your wishlist. Why you think your friends will love your favorites too!

Make sure to interact with your guests BEFORE the party- They will catch onto your excitement and that really helps add to the party!

Since we all get busy, let's send a few reminders out using one of the options below

Send a selfie of yourself holding a sign that says, "Hey girls you're coming to my party tonight, right?" use snapchat or filters on FB messenger of you and one of your favorite products and a quick message reminding them about the party. Use the voicerecorder feature in messenger to send a short voice message Use the invitation graphic I gave you earlier and copy and paste the message I will give you to send to your guests.

Whichever option you choose, keep to sending everything as INDIVIDUAL messages/calls/texts to your guests.

Make your Thirty-One Party Tote-Ally Amazing  

Here are some simple instructions to help your party the best it can be. If any of the pages says I will give you additional information,...

Make your Thirty-One Party Tote-Ally Amazing  

Here are some simple instructions to help your party the best it can be. If any of the pages says I will give you additional information,...