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kristen larson justin burge david shinabarger banjor musa

The Pulse is Spring Arbor University’s student run newspaper. We bring the news to keep you informed, with a little bit of spice. Because life is dull without it. * Come see what we’re about Mondays, 5 p.m. in the Comm. Suite. in SDH.


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PICK UP LINE OF THE WEEK: Can you hold this for me while I go for a walk? ( hey, try this one on your lady. success rate = guaranteed )

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halloween fun

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1. 2. 12:15 p.m. - Preparing 10 p.m. - Deeper for an Interview 8 p.m. - How Well Do You Know Your PA?


7. 8. 12:25 p.m. - Working ELECTION DAY a Career/Job Fair 7 p.m. - Native American Celebration 7 p.m. - Men’s Basketball vs. Concordia University




21. 23. 22. 4 p.m. - Turkey Trot 7:00 p.m. - Men’s Basketball vs. Bethel College 10 p.m. Thanksgiving Break Begins


28. 7:45 a.m. - Classes Begin Again...


3. 7 p.m. - Wellness Event in POL 304

9. 10. 6 p.m. - Cross Cultural 7 p.m. - Wellness Immunizations Event in POL 304 9:30 p.m. - Musical 9 p.m. - RADICAL: Chairs The Bible Study 10 p.m. - Deeper

16. 15. 11:15 a.m. - Resuma- 10 p.m. - Deeper nia - 5 Minute Reviews 9:30 p.m. - Night of Gratitude with Paul Patton




4. 5. 7-11 p.m. - AWAKEN 9 a.m. - Service in SMC 110 Saturday


12. 6:30 p.m. - Bigger or Better (Gainey Residents Only)

17. 18. 8 p.m. - IM Superbowl 9 a.m. - Michigan (Flag Football) Collegiate Job Fair for 8 p.m. - Immune System Seniors Seminar in POL 304 7 p.m. - Post Village 9 p.m. - RADICAL: The Night of Awesome Bible Study 7-11 p.m. - AWAKEN in SMC 110

19. 7:30 p.m. - Men’s Basketball vs. Hope College



30. 7 p.m. - Women’s Basketball vs. St. Francis 10 p.m. - Deeper


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Greetings From Oxford S A U S pring



tudent spends semester in

written by justin burge

Oxford, UK.


from those used in England. For example, pants in England

especially when 8-10 hours of your day can be consumed in

As most of you know, Spring Arbor University (SAU) requires

means underwear. You would never want to say, “I’m going

the library.

students to take a cross-cultural trip before graduating. One

to change my pants;” the English way of saying this would

alternative to taking the cross-cultural trip is spending a

be, “I’m going to change my trousers.” Other commonly used

I attend church weekly, and I am part of a weekly Bible study.

semester abroad. I choose to spend a semester attending

terms which carry a multitude of meanings are cheers, rubbish

I also play football (soccer) for Queen’s College 2nd XI team.

Oxford University in England through the Council for Christian

and keen.

Games work like intramurals, except instead of playing other

Colleges and Universities (CCCUs) Scholars’ Semester in Oxford.

halls on campus, we are playing other schools within the STUDYING IN OXFORD

Oxford community.

First, Oxford is not a singular university; it is a system of over For those of you who dream of studying at a major college

39 colleges and private halls. For the most part, education

England is a drinking culture. There are drinks at every

institution or traveling to England, then a Semester in Oxford

is done in a one-on-one setting called a tutorial. You have a

occasion, even church. The program in Oxford does not have

may be for you.

primary and a secondary tutorial. You meet with your primary

a rule against drinking outside the residence as long as your

tutor weekly and your secondary tutor fortnightly (every other

home institution does not have a rule against it. Because SAU’s


week). In your tutorial meeting, you bring along a prepared

community standards extend overseas, I have not participated

I am living in a £2 million (3.1 million USD) house with 40

2000 word essay, which you read aloud to your tutor.

in any kind of drinking.

Each day, I have a three-mile morning commute to the City

Your tutor will interrupt with comments or questions

Choosing to decline a drink at a social event has not hindered

Centre via bike. From the City Centre, I can get anywhere in

throughout your paper. After you finish, you are expected

my experience. Instead, I get to observe while spending far less

less than 10 minutes.

to engage in an academic conversation on the topic of your

money on a Coke made with real sugar.

Surprisingly, there is still culture shock traveling to England.


other CCCU students from across the United States.

We assume because we speak the same language the culture must too be similar, but it’s not.

Well, it is time to run off to research Julian of Norwich and the 2000 word essays may not seem like much work, but when

speeches in Acts. Hope things at the Arbor are well, and I will

trying to answer questions like, “What was the purpose of Luke-

see you all by Midnight Breakfast.

You notice it right away when you get off the plane and board

Acts?” or, “How does Origen engage with pagan philosophy in

the bus which travels down the left side of the road. Being

his writings?”, it can take up to three full days of research and a


on the left becomes even more foreign when you bike daily.

full day of writing to feel comfortable to present your work.


Crossing the street, you find yourself still looking left then

In addition to the essays, you are also required to attend four

right which can get you hit because you are looking the wrong

lectures a week on the topics you are studying.

way for traffic. This can make you feel insecure and like a foreigner.

SAU’s Cross-Cultural office and visit www.bestse SOCIAL LIFE The work is very individualized, and possibly no one else


at Oxford is working to answer the questions I have for my

The meaning of words we speak in the U.S. can be far different

tutorials. This can make it difficult to engage in community,

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For more information on the various trips the CCCU provides, contact

Guat’s Up With This Weather?

sau student david shanabarger updates us on his semester abroad experience One nickname for Guatemala is “the land of eternal spring,” but this October, that meant lots of rain. From Oct. 11 until Oct.18 tropical storm 12E abruptly hammered the west coast of Guatemala, Mexico and El Salvador. Another natural disaster in Guatemala with floods, mudslides and turmoil left a handicapped people in a handicapped nation. This week of downpours put the nation into “Red Alert” status of emergency. The winds weren’t high enough for hurricane status, but for many students on Spring Arbor University (SAU)’s semester abroad, this kind of extended storm was a first. Students had different opinions about the week straight of rain: Alyssa Bulow: “I love the rain. I just wish I didn’t get wet

every time I walked in it. It makes it a lot harder to get people motivated to go buy ice cream because they say ‘it’s wet and cold, I don’t want to go get ice cream,’ and for me that’s a big problem.” Kyle Bowers: “Every time it rains, it rains in my soul. It makes your feet wet, it makes your underwear soggy, and rain in general is just very wet.” Rachel DeSimpelare: “I don’t enjoy it because everything gets soaked, but it makes you appreciate the sunshine! You’ve got to look at the bright side!”

He was a resident advisor his sophomore and junior year at Indiana Wesley University where he studied Youth Ministry. His senior year he became the Assistant Resident Director. After graduating, Thomas enjoyed working at Starbucks and quickly became a manager. Thomas was offered a job working with at-risk high school kids in California but decided not to take it and instead began school for massage therapy. Thomas even spent a year on an organic farm learning how to work the land and became a licensed massage therapist. Ready to get back into Resident Life, Thomas started searching for schools. He heard about SAU from SAU Chief of Staff Damon Seacott and started asking questions. After meeting with Seacott, Thomas said he was quickly sold on the university. “It’s such a good community of people here, you feel like you’re a family,” Thomas said. “I decided not to start any masters work so I could focus solely on U-Hall,” Thomas said. He accepted the challenge of uniting

they keep my pants dry. It has been fantastic and I even choose to step in the puddles because rain is one of my very favorite weathers. It’s purifying.” During the rains we learned in our classes the word “inundaciones,” which means “floods”. Thankfully the rain stopped Thursday, Oct. 20, permitting a beautiful view of the three volcanoes around Antigua. Halloween weekend we have plans to go to Lake Atitlan, arguably one of the most beautiful places in the world, but we can only go if the roads are passable.

Jenna Curcio: “I had long pants on and they got wet up to my thighs. Wet. Up to my thighs.” Kayla Hadley: “I happen to really enjoy the rain. I recognize that having my shoes wet all the time is not great, but I’m thankful for a pair of cowboy boots that I own because

Joel Thomas Profile Joel Thomas is new to Spring Arbor University’s (SAU) University Hall (U-Hall), campus’ newest dormitory building finished in 2010, but he is no stranger to Resident Life.

written by david shinabarger

written by bekka bossenberger

the residents of this dormitory and trying to “build a brotherhood.” He has big plans for this school year but said that none of it could be possible without help, “My RA staff is phenomenal.” Thomas became an avid runner in college because his hall put on a half marathon and he plans to encourag the guys of UHall to take up the hobby as well by training for marathons and triathlons. “I want to show guys that it’s actually not as hard as it may seem,” Thomas said. Thomas loves the outdoors. He enjoys backpacking, biking, tennis and anything of the sort. He appreciates ultimate Frisbee and wants to become an advisor to the group that plays on campus. Thomas is also working alongside Vitality, SAU’s health awareness organization, to introduce more male-friendly exercise programs because most guys aren’t going to attend “Jazzercise.” Thomas doesn’t care for television and doesn’t have one in his apartment. He is more of a simple, laid back guy who especially enjoys board games. He said one of his favorite games is called Bananagrams. He can often be found in a coffee shop

sipping on an Americano blend, not too sweet, playing this scrabble-like game. He is a fervent reader, preferring authors like John Eldredge and journals. A self-proclaimed perfectionist, Thomas submerges himself in whatever task is at hand. He is an extremely hard worker and finds he has trouble leaving his RD office because he believes there is always work to be done. Thomas’ future plans are broad, but he wants to get his masters in some form of community development, social work, public health or counseling. “I used to make a lot of plans, but I felt like God always had different plans for me. I’ve become a person who takes it as it comes,” Thomas said. Thomas puts God first in all aspects of his life and seeks His counsel before anyone else. After Residence Life, he is interested in possibly going into the Peace Corps for a while. He said that overseas work would be desirable but knows that there are plenty suffering people in the U.S. who could benefit. His ultimate goal is to improve the quality of life for those around him.

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The Shame of the Campus BIKES BEING JACKED FROM THEIR RACKS written by

Tyler Prough


we have spiritual growth as a campus? It would be as if

acceptable. This could not be farther from the truth, and

end of the semester last May, I walked back to University

a mathematician claimed to be a genius but failed to add

I am irritated that I even have to explain why that is.

Hall to celebrate the end of finals with my friends. My

and subtract successfully. People seem to be under the impression that borrowing

hopes of celebration were quickly dashed as I neared the front doors of my residence hall, noticing my bike lying

We talk about community and our responsibility to one

without permission is not stealing. If you needed to go

crippled on the ground. There lay my ride with its chain

another as brothers and sisters in Christ, yet at the same

to the bank and you noticed a running car in temporary

dismantled, handlebars twisted, seat missing and both

time we steal from our neighbor. How can we claim

parking, you would not think to yourself, “I’m just going

rims bent beyond function. My bicycle, my own personal

to be living for the name of Jesus and not live by His

to borrow this car for a few minutes to go to the bank.”

property, was destroyed.

commandments? I will give you the answer: we cannot.

That is simply absurd! The owner would immediately realize that their car had been stolen! Yet we continue to

As I thought about what happened later that night, I

I realize what most of you are thinking at this point,

view bicycles on campus as “community property,” free

was both frustrated and deeply saddened by the event.

that this does not apply to you—after all, you have never

for everyone to use at his or her convenience.

Obviously, my frustrations were due to my bike being

stolen a bike, right? While some of you maybe have not,

ruined; however, I found myself more upset as I pondered

there are plenty who have. How do I know this? Right

Of course, the most obvious solution to this problem

this question: why did something like this happen on a

now, as you are reading this, people are missing their

is for students to lock their bikes. While this is a viable

campus like Spring Arbor University?

bikes (and it is not because they misplaced them). Kailie

solution, should it be necessary? Should we, in the

Heim, a sophomore, had her bike locked by someone else

wonderful Christian community that we claim to be in, feel

This year, I have not been the only one to ask this

during the “House of Heroes” concert at the beginning

the need to protect our property with locks? Will security

question. Several bicycles have already been damaged or

of the school year; the next day it was gone and has been

cameras help to improve the safety of our campus? Many

stolen in the few weeks we have been on campus. Many

missing ever since.

of you will have different answers to these questions, but I wish to leave you with one final thought.

students are wondering why, on a campus that proclaims to be so devoted to following Christ, is it acceptable to

“My bike was a gift, one that has a lot of memories

steal, manipulate and damage another person’s personal

attached to it; it’s been gone for about a month now, and

I live in an extremely rural area; I know every person


I would just like to get it back so I can bring it home

within a five mile radius of my house (and perhaps more).

where it’s safe. I’m certainly frustrated about how careless

For as long as I can remember, we have never locked

people have become about others’ property,” said Heim.

our house or our vehicles. We feel comfortable doing so

I must clarify that by attempting to answer this question

because we trust and love our neighbors, many of whom

I am not insinuating that Spring Arbor University is not a Christian campus. Rather, I am simply bringing to light

Kristen Larson, another SAU student, recently had her

an issue I feel is a hindrance to the atmosphere that we

bike stolen from the Poling Center bike rack. It was

so greatly value.

later found in front of University Hall with a bent rim,

I would like to challenge the students of Spring Arbor

making it unusable. We can all guess what happened in

University to begin earning back the trust of our fellow

That being said, when a bike is stolen or intentionally

this situation, right? Someone did not want to walk all the

neighbors. Stop stealing, destroying, and “borrowing”

ruined on this campus, we as a student body are making

way back to University Hall, so they decided to “borrow”

other people’s bikes! Perhaps then our campus will regain

a statement: we do not take the call of being a Christian

another person’s bike to get there.

the atmosphere it once had as a place of love, comfort and trust.

campus seriously. You may think that this is a harsh statement, but being a disciple of Christ can be harsh at

This is perhaps the most frustrating element of bike

times. If we cannot even practice one of the most basic

thefts on campus: people who consider “borrowing”

commandments that God gives us: do not steal, how can

other people’s property without permission to be

page ( 8 )

are not Christians (sound familiar?).


Crystal Wood photo by J on A ren

written by


One thing that fascinates Aren about bicycles is that

UNIVERSITY (SAU), saw a vision for a new kind of

something so simple as two wheels can create such a

community, and it involved two wheels. This fall Aren

dynamic sense of enjoyment and still be sensible in

thought it was time to form a bike club on campus whose

regards to transportation.

emphasis was on fellowship and socializing through biking.

The Student Government Association program Vitality, whose mission is to encourage students on campus to

“In my three years after transferring from Grand Rapids

be committed to health and fitness for the glory of

Community College, I’ve never been on an organized

God, sponsors the bike club. Vitality sponsors different

bike ride. I see a lot of bikes but not a lot of riders,” said

activities such as Zumba, Bosu classes and other ways to


give students an on-campus opportunity to stay fit. Junior Katie Green, who encouraged Aren to pursue his vision

As long as Aren can remember he said, he has retained

of starting the club, runs Vitality.

a love and passion for bicycles and the craft of building them.

“I felt like having the bike club would give us the opportunity to reach out to guys on campus who we’ve

“For me it was never so much about riding bikes as much as

been unable to reach and provide activities for so far,”

building them. I achieve a great sense of accomplishment

said Green.

when I see a finished bike I put together,” Aren said. Green said there are many people who ride bikes on Aren has encountered countless students who took their

campus, so this would be a great opportunity to bring

bikes to the repair shop for simple things like changing

them together and encourage those who are interested

bike tubes or tires and thought this could easily be

in biking but don’t know where to begin. Vitality is

remedied. He believes people could easily learn how to

sponsoring a fitness fair on Nov. 17 at 7 p.m. in the

make these corrections if they had someone to teach

Cougar Den. Different booths will provide information

them, and that’s what this campus is lacking. Students

on health and wellness to students, including budget

could benefit from a do it yourself mentality in regards

friendly meals for college students and tips on getting

to biking.

better sleep.

In the bike club, Aren intends to build fellowship and

Stay tuned to the Facebook page for the SAU Bike Club

community by bringing people of different circles

for future updates and rides as this biking season comes

together by the shared love of biking.

to a close.

“There are people who love bikes and not so much other things and miss out on opportunities for fellowship on

“God bless this Indian Summer. We should take advantage of it while it lasts,” said Aren.

campus. This is for them. This is the basic idea of the bike club”, said Aren.

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SAU Theft Concern


Alexandra Harper


for a few minutes. These are the moments when a computer is

This is currently all the information our staff has. The Pulse

most likely to be stolen.

will do its best to keep campus updated as our staff becomes updated.

Another important feature to utilize is the security options; locking your screen is a great way to keep thieves out even if your computer falls into the wrong hands. For bikes, there’s really only one thing you can do: use your bike lock. The lock is the only proven measure against bike theft, and if you have one, it only takes 30 seconds to use.

NEWS REGARDING THEFTS at Spring Arbor University (SAU). Three computer thefts have been reported this year, and an average of 25-30 bikes are lost or stolen annually.

If your bike or computer is stolen, report the theft to campus safety as soon as possible.The more time that elapses between theft and report, the harder it is to find the missing item.

According to Tom Fiero, director of SAU Campus Safety, the most common reason for bicycle theft is joyriding.

The moment you realize your property is missing, bring a written description of it to the campus safety office. Also,

“A student will be too lazy to walk to class, grab someone’s bike, and then leave it wherever they want,” Fiero said describing a

printing off a picture of your specific model of bike or laptop can make the search much easier. Remember, campus safety can be reached after hours at 517.750.6911 or campus

typical “joyrider.”

extension 6911 to report a theft or suspicious activity. While some bikes are trashed or destroyed, often they are found on a different side of campus from which they were taken or left lying in the grass. “Students don’t realize that this is just as serious as joyriding a car,” said Fiero. Fiero added that in the cases when a bike is trashed, it is most often because of peer pressure. Usually, students are simply bored and believe that destroying a peer’s bicycle is an acceptable form of entertainment.

Spring Arbor University Locks Down


Brianna Fairhurst

There are steps students can take to make sure they aren’t the

ON MONDAY, OCTOBER 24 AT 7:00 P.M. students

next victims of campus theft. (Where did these steps come

received a recorded message and email pertaining to an recent

from? Did Fiero give you this information?)

alleged sexual assault on campus. Due to the alleged assault, all campus residences will have exterior doors locked 24/7 until

First, in order to up the chances of finding your computer

further notice. Students are to carry their ID cards with them

in the event it is stolen, personalize it. By only being able to

at all times to access their dorm buildings.

describe your stolen computer as a “Macbook,” you will not have a good chance of recovering it. Know the make of your

The suspect is a non SAU community member; however, the

computer, the software on it, the serial number and personalize

suspect is reported to be an acquaintance of the student victim,

the outside. Stickers and skins are harder to remove than the

who remains unnamed at this time.

desktop background picture, so make it noticeably yours.

written by

Laura Guikema

JUST FOUR YEARS AFTER OPENING THE FALLING WATERS TRAIL, Blackman Township officials now are considering an expansion to the trail. On Nov. 14, the township board will hold a public meeting for people to give input on the plan. “The trail would be beneficial to the locals for health reasons as well as bicycle and pedestrian transportation,” said Joe Barrett, chairman of the Parks and Recreation Committee. The planned expansion would make it easier to walk and bike through the township, especially due to the current lack of sidewalks in some areas. The trail also will attach to the Grand River ArtsWalk in Jackson, which opened last year. “This is a great opportunity to connect the city with the township,” said Barrett. Allison Richards, a recreation and leisure management major at Spring Arbor University, assisted in writing the 25-page plan, which inventoried current parks and recreation opportunities and discussed future goals, objectives and possibilities. “I met with the board and we discussed their goals and objectives for the community improvements and how they would like to follow through with the entire plan. I had to research the township, the census, the community involvement, the budget-

Campus Safety and the local police are currently looking into Next, don’t abandon your computer. This may seem obvious,

the matter and will keep campus notified. For now, students are

but because we become comfortable in a safe environment like

advised to walk in groups on and around campus, double check

SAU, it’s easy to walk away from your computer in the library

residence doors behind them and notify Campus Safety if they

page ( 10 )

see something suspicious or out of the ordinary.

Blackman Township looking to extend Falling Waters Trail

ing plans and other goals and objectives,” said Richards. The overall goal for the planned expansion is to create a better community for bikers and walkers. The plan also includes development of wider roads, bike lanes and expanded sidewalks.

Payments and Policies WADING THROUGH THE OCEAN OF COLLEGE BILLS written by

Alexandra Harper

The purpose of this group is to meet once or twice a month


to hang out. Because they have a different a background and

rumors about business policy changes circulated around

different experiences than those who have lived in one country

campus. In actuality, there are no new policies. Instead,

MKs tend to find commonality and understanding around

Spring Arbor University (SAU) has become stricter in policy

other TCKs. This group will be a place where they can swap


stories and eat food from their homes around the world. There can be significant consequences for failing to pay one’s

New MK Group on Campus written by

Once a month, Kelly Marshall, a parent of an SAU MK, wants

bill. For example, if a student does not pay his or her bills in

to host a dinner at her house and serve food from the different

August and ignores reminders to do so, SAU has the authority

backgrounds represented. The leaders of the group hope this

to shut down his or her Blackboard access.

will be a safe place to help students transition. Here are a few things that you can do in order to stay on top “It is important for everyone to feel support and that they are

of bills.

not alone,” said Harris.

Kerry Wade

First, do your FAFSA by April 15 at the latest. Completing your MKs, in addition to the normal transitions of college, also have

FAFSA is the number one way to ensure you are on the list for


unique needs as they get used to a new culture and country.

grants and loans.

and third culture kids (TCKs) got together at Brooke Harris’s

Coming together, even in this loose social group, may be the

house for an evening of talk and popcorn.

support they need.

Keep in touch with the financial aid office, and always keep records of important dates and bills. This will give you a much

Missionary kids are the children of missionaries who have spent

A representative from Mu Kappa visited SAU on Oct. 25. “Mu

clearer idea of the financial aid process and keep payments

all or part of their lives in another country or countries aside

Kappa” is an organization founded by Taylor University that

from sneaking up on you. It sounds like a lot of work, but really

from their passport country. A third culture kid is someone

has branched out to over 40 Christians universities around the

all it takes is a pencil and planner or your phone’s calendar.

who has spent all or part of their lives in another country or


countries but is not necessarily a missionary kid.

Also, learn to use Higher One. Although the business office

The term third culture refers to the fact that MKs and TCKs

According to the Mu Kappa website, Mu Kappa is an official

still can process payments through credit cards, there is a

know and have lived in more than one culture. As a result they

student organization that hosts events and takes part in MK

convenience fee that does not apply if you use Higher One to

do not belong to either culture and create their own unique

events nearest the college. The representative is meeting with

process your bills.

blend, a “third culture”, of the cultures they are familiar with.

Harris and some of the other leaders to see if Mu Kappa would be a useful resource for SAU.

Over the past few years, the number of MKs and TCKs at

This process can seem long and perplexing, but feel free to ask the business office questions about anything that is still

Spring Arbor University (SAU) has grown. The cross-cultural

Whether this MK group becomes official through Mu Kappa

department officially lists 22 MKs, but there probably around

or remains a loose social event to bring students with similar

25-30 MKs currently attending SAU.

Brooke Harris, the

backgrounds together, the hope is that it will be a place of

These are simple objectives to remember; with a little attention

advisor to the office of intercultural relations (OIR), along

support. OIR also hopes that this will help bring missionary

to the dates and details, you can make it through the sometimes

with Matthias Austen and Rebekah Mercer are putting together

awareness around campus as well as help SAU branch out to

confusing area of financial aid.

a group for MKs and TCKs to get together.

MKs around the world.


page ( 11 )

Halloween How-To

written by bekka bossenberger illustrations by emily thornton

Blast from the past: different eras have had some very interesting

Slip a dry cleaning bag and hanger over any outfit (with your

fashion. Bring back the 50s with ponytails and poodle skirts for

head through the top, of course) for an instant freshly dry

the ladies and broad shouldered suits with fedoras for the guys.

cleaned laundry costume.

Color blocking and the mod look was common in the 60s, pair just about any outfit with vinyl go-go boots. Channel the

Don a Hawaiian floral shirt with map and camera for a tourist

hippies of the 70s or play up the disco scene. Grunge down for


the 80s: think leather jacket, leggings, and acid wash jeans but remember massive volume (hair-wise) or sport some preppy

Find a lab coat, grab some peppers and safety pin them to the

pastel colors in your clothing.

lab coat—voilà. Dr. Pepper.

Tried and true favorites like the simple sheet ghost. Or put a

Grab a couple fishing poles, remove the hooks, attach some

twist on that white sheet and make a Roman toga. Cut the sheet

colorful lures, find some kind of yellow vest or coat and pair

into strips and become a mummy.

with jeans to complete the Old Man at the Sea look.

Cardboard is a great costume building material and is usually

Easy characters to copy: Charlie Brown, Pee Wee Herman,

readily available on campus. Ask around; odds are someone has

Mario and Luigi, James Bond, Harry Potter (and friends) and

a box from a package they aren’t using. Begin by cutting holes

any Disney Princess.

for the head and arms then the possibilities are endless. By adding a bit of paint the box can be transformed into a Rubik’s

Add a little dirt and fake blood to any of the above to convert

Cube, remote control, SpongeBob Squarepants, robot, traffic

to the undead variety.

light, hotdog vendor or anything resembling a rectangle.

Halloween, according to, was originally an ancient Celtic festival involving people wearing costumes and lighting bonfires. In the eighteenth century, Pope Gregory III created a holiday devoted to all saints and martyrs, Nov. 1 was All Saints Day. The night before was called All Hallow’s Eve and eventually become known as Halloween. Nowadays, Halloween is marked by kids of all ages venturing out in droves to knock on strangers’ doors and demand candy. A necessary part of this is dressing up. College students who want to celebrate Halloween probably don’t have the extra cash for expensive Halloween costumes, so here are a few Do It Yourself ideas:

page ( 12 )

Halloween Facts Ÿ of all candy sold annually in the United States is purchased for Halloween. Samhainophobia is the fear of Halloween. World’s largest pumpkin belongs to Jim Bryson and his daughter Kelsey of New York, who grew a 1,818-pound pumpkin. Halloween is the second largest grossing holiday behind Christmas.

Halloween Cities Frankenstein, Mo. Spook City, Colo. Scary, W. Va. Pumpkin Hallow, N.Y. Candy Town, Ohio

Thrift Stores near the Arbor Twice As Nice Consignment 111 East Ganson St. Jackson St. Vincent DePaul 812 Spring Arbor Rd. near Morrell in Jackson Goodwill 955 West Argyle Street in Jackson Encore! The Resale & More Store 2390 Wildwood Avenue in Jackson

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Brooke Harris Profile

written by kristen larson photo by katheryn caldwell

“I would definitely count him among the people who saw something in me and always encouraged me to be the best person I could be. I think he was able to connect with students in an individual basis and find a way to pull out their strengths,” Harris said. Under Eatman’s influence, Harris developed an attitude toward students that viewed them as individuals with potential strengths that could be fully cultivated with encouragement from others. This attitude has carried over and is essential to her vision for OIR today. Harris’s involvement in OIR has also taught her the importance of knowing what she believes about diversity as a Christian. Her desire is to see the students of SAU come together as a Christian community and talk about how their faith affects the way they view diversity and their actions towards others. Asking “how can I honor the Lord in my everyday actions?” is a large part of learning how to approach topics of diversity and ethnicity. The idea is for OIR to facilitate these types of conversations, helping students of each ethnicity live better together. Stepping into this position just as the school year was beginning was a challenge. Harris credits part of her successful start to the OIR staff who worked hard at the beginning of the summer to ensure the office would be prepared for the leadership shift. Her transition into the job was smooth due to their support, encouragement and clear vision. “I love working with the staff in Student Development. Everyone is fun and very encouraging,” Harris said. Brooke Harris is a woman of passion. Her heart beats with love for all people

A love for people, listening to their perspectives and being in tune with their needs are all

and for the kingdom of God. While most graduates from the class of 2011 are still in the midst

qualities Harris brings to the staff. She believes it is important to assume the best in others,

of their job search or starting a new life far from their alma mater, Harris is back in the place she

especially when dealing with the topic of diversity.

called home for the past four years. Her continued presence at Spring Arbor University (SAU) is accompanied by a vision of what the body of Christ on campus can become.

If there is one thing she wants students to know, it is to “not be afraid to join in the conversations about diversity.” She is working hard to create safe atmospheres where students

When Harris graduated in May with a degree in Special Education and Learning Disabilities,

of every race and background can feel comfortable engaging in these conversations.

returning to SAU was not in her plans. After student teaching her final semester she was eager to attain a job as a full-time teacher and spent her summer pursuing this goal.

Along with this, she wants students to realize they can gain the best understanding of each other when a variety of perspectives are brought to a discussion.

However, “God has a way of redirecting our plans,” Harris said. She received a phone call in August offering her the opportunity to take on the role of the advisor to the Office of Intercultural Relations (OIR). The offer surprised her, and she took time to think and pray about it. Accepting the position brought her a feeling of peace.

“GOD HAS A WAY OF REDIRECTING OUR PLANS” - brooke harris OIR is for everyone, and every voice counts. Harris approaches each conversation about diversity from the viewpoint of “the same blood of Jesus that covers me covers you and

OIR is not unfamiliar to Harris. Her first interaction with the office occurred before her freshman

we are all God’s children.”

year began, when Harris participated in the OIR-sponsored High Beams program, which allowed her to connect with other students and ease her way into college life.

Spend any amount of time talking to Harris, and you will see how this belief is lived out in the way she treats each person. Her words are wise, her tone is passionate and her love for

Throughout college, Harris participated in OIR programs like gospel choir and the fashion show,

people and the role they play in God’s Kingdom is unwavering.

but her biggest interaction with the office was through the former advisor, Michael Eatman.

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Spotlight On China’s Development

written by banjor musa

Many countries have seen a great deal of growth during the establishment of the modern era,

Also, China has done notably better in improving the quality of

and China is no exception.

life for its population. It ranks higher in areas of literacy, health care and life expectancy than many comparable countries. Now

China is surpassing many countries with its overwhelming rate

it is on the brink of controlling a large amount of resources

of development. The United States, like many countries, has

in the coming future. Some have predicted that this will occur

reached a plateau and is no longer developing, but China has

within two decades.

taken a huge step toward development. It is surpassing countries like the United States in its development and consumption of

In “Taking Sides,” Harf also includes two sections that detail

the world’s resources as well as in product manufacturing.

what must happen for China to become the next superpower. It also includes information about some things holding China

Is China becoming the next super power that will be able to

back: conditions of per capita income, social justice, income

influence culture around the world? This is not a rash question;

equality and the ability to influence regional and global order.

this is an intelligent question. According to “Taking Sides” by

China has been able to accept the open door policies of other

James E. Harf, China has achieved an average annual growth of

nations and thus has gained great influence over the whole

9.6 percent in real gross domestic product. It is no secret that


most jobs and resources around the world are either exported or imported to China, and China is outpacing many countries around the world.


written by simone scheele

Judgment, confusion and criticism seem

from these differences grew a common denominator. We

to be the attitude toward the Occupy Wall Street Movement.

share the hardships and deterioration of today’s society. I see

Protesters have been called uneducated, jobless, unfocused and

Occupy Wall Street as a challenge to disown judgments and

barbaric hippies. However, Hector R. Cordero-Guzman, Ph.D.

differences, because I’m scared to say we are already divided

of Baruch College, collected data from over 1,619 respondents

and we have already fallen.

to help clear up some of the misconceptions. I don’t believe in a magical solution. I believe in keeping an The survey concluded that 92.1 percent of the sampled

open mind and supporting those in pursuit of a positive

protesters has some college, a college degree, or a graduate

change. Believe in something good. If you don’t, you might

degree. This makes the sample exceptionally educated. The

find yourself a permanently despondent, judgmental, critical

percentage of those unemployed only reached 13.1 percent,

person for the remainder of your life. Instead, perhaps you

dispelling the rants of mostly jobless protesters.

will find yourself considering an inner revolution against your own anger, prejudices and fear.

Some citizens balk at the Occupy Wall Street Movement, deeming it unfocused. I think the focus seems a bit inconclusive, but I believe the American people are ready to vocalize the prevailing social unrest. These voices represent different

page ( 16)

struggles from various backgrounds and beliefs. Moreover,

A Halloween Opinion written by

Nathan Drake


the dead, adding to the paganism of the holiday. The Pomona

From their signs of “Idols and Icons” to their demonic, freak

NOSED KIDS run around the neighborhood in Spiderman

Festival honored the Roman goddess of fruits and trees.

masks, this store was truly a pagan temple. It also allocated a section of their store to America’s most prominent god—sex.

or witch costumes, demanding candy from doting neighbors and getting sugar highs that last until January. It’s a great time

As the Roman Empire became more Christianized, the church

Their robust lingerie section seemed like it was designed from

to spend time in the crisp October weather and enjoy the end

confronted these pagan festivals, blending it with the Christian,

a Victoria’s Secret department store.They also had a Genie-

of the harvest season.

“All Saints Day” (or All-Hallowmas) on November 1, making

in-a-Bottle costume, which had a lamp wrapped around the

the night before this day Hallow Eve (or Halloween).

wearer’s mid-section with the phrase, “Rub me,” displayed on the spout.

Originally, ancient Celts celebrated this holiday, believing that on the night before the New Year (Nov. 1), the border between

This holiday was popularized in America by Irish immigrants

the worlds of the living and dead became blurred. When this

during the mid-1800’s. During that time, the holiday made

This holiday is becoming more blatantly godless and anti-

happened, the dead would return to the earth, destroy crops and

a transition from a religious festival to a social celebration.


cause trouble. During this window of time, the Celts offered

Americans would gather together with neighbors, share stories

summer sacrifices over large bonfires to appease Samhain, the

of the dead, wear costumes, tell fortunes, dance and sing. Also,

I realize that some of you may think I’m being overly critical

lord of death and evil spirits. The Druids, Celtic priests, would

many young women believed that on Halloween they could

of this holiday. Maybe I didn’t get enough candy in my bag

also be able to make predictions about the future, ensuring they

superstitiously divine the name or appearance of their future

when I was younger. Rest assured, I realize that Halloween is a

would have a good harvest for the following year.

husband by doing tricks with yarn, apple peelings or mirrors.

social event that is all about dressing up, having fun and getting candy. If that’s what it’s all about, then that’s fine. However,

Around 43 A.D., the Romans occupied Celtic territory and

This evolved into today’s over-commercialized, consumeristic

Christians should prayerfully and cautiously approach a holiday

integrated two of their pagan festivals into the Celtic Samhain

holiday. Recently, a friend and I decided to take a trip to a local

which celebrates ghouls, horror and death.

festival. The first festival was Feralia and the second was

Halloween store. From the moment we walked in, we realized

Pomona. The Feralia Festival commemorated the passing of

just how idolatrous this holiday is.

Halloween Playlist

1. “Thriller” by Michael Jackson

19. “Zombie” by the Cranberries

2. “Monster Mash” by Bobby “Boris” Pickett and the

20. “Dead Man’s Party” by Oingo Boingo


21. “Howlin’ for You” by the Black Keys

3. “Ghostbusters” by Ray Parker, Jr.

22. “Spooky Jookie” by Man Man

4. “Werewolves of London” by Warren Zevon

23. “Bone Machine” by the Pixies

5. “Dead Man’s Bones” by Dead Man’s Bones

24. “Black Magic Woman” by Fleetwood Mac

6. “Somebody’s Watching Me” by Rockwell

25. “Black Sabbath” by Black Sabbath

7. “Don’t Fear the Reaper” by the Blue Oyster Cult

26. “Superstition” by Stevie Wonder

8. “A Nightmare on My Street” by D.J. Jazzy Jeff and the

27. “I Put a Spell on You” by Screamin’ Jay Hawkins or

Fresh Prince

Creedence Clearwater Revival

9. “Runnin’ With the Devil” by Van Halen

28. “This Is Halloween” from “The Nightmare Before

10. “Eli, the Barrow Boy” by The Decemberists


11. “Witchy Woman” by the Eagles

29. Theme from “The Addams Family”

12. “Dragula” by Rob Zombie

30. “The Devil Went Down to Georgia” by the Charlie

13. “The Time Warp” by the “Rocky Horror Picture

Daniels Band

Show” cast

31. “Devil in Disguise” by Elvis Presley

A mini playlist to make your Halloween groove worthy.

14. “Frankenstein” by the Edgar Winter Group 15. “Living Dead Girl” by Rob Zombie 16. “Running Blade” by Umberto 17. “Spooky” by Classics IV featuring Dennis Yost 18. “Freaks Come Out at Night” by Whodini

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LONDON One of our writers took the time to sit down and interview Richard Hannay, the main character in Spring Arbor University’s newest production, “The 39 Steps,” a play from Alfred Hitchcock about a Canadian traveler who is framed for murder and therefore works to absolve himself of the crime. The following questions are basic, simple, one might say. But they could potentially reveal much about Hannay. But before we get to the questions, we thought we’d add even more basic information about the man himself. Richard Hannay Age: 37 Location: London, 1935

“The 39 Steps” premieres Thursday, October 27 at 8:00 p.m. in Spring Arbor University’s White Auditorium. The play continues on Friday and Saturday at 8:00 p.m. with an additional matinee showing on Saturday at 3:00 p.m. Tickets are $5 for students and staff and $10 for general admission. Be sure to attend and see the play in all its Hitchcock madness.

Hannay lives alone and on an inheritance left to him at the time of his parents’ deaths. The Pulse: So, Mr. Hannay, we must ask: Are you a boxer or briefs man? Richard Hannay: Definitely a briefs guy not boxer briefs mind you, just briefs. Pulse: And tell us, Mr. Hannay, what is your opinion on musicals? Hannay: Eh. I think they’re a good way to waste time. I’d rather be out doing something exciting, having a big adventure and whatnot. But those are hard to come by so

TIMES I just go to the theatre. Pulse: Big adventures, huh? How is it then that you would wish to die? Not to sound morbid or anything. Hannay: Well, it is slightly morbid; however, I would only wish to be mauled by a tiger while surrounded by Amazon natives. Pulse: Now that is quite the adventure. And how would your love interest feel about this? That is, if you have one? Hannay: My, we are getting quite personal here. Let’s just say I’ve had a few... Pulse: I guess we’ll leave it at that then. But I must ask before I wrap things up here, any last words? Hannay: I didn’t do it. Pulse: Well we’re rooting for you, Mr. Hannay. And thank you so much for your time.

............................................................................. Feist: A Review 39 Steps of Metals written by

a&e photos by

Kevin Smart

Haley Taylor

I WAS ABOUT 15 YEARS OLD when I taped a magazine cut-out of Leslie Feist on my bedroom door. I proudly displayed that poster for two reasons. Reason one: girl power. I had found a legitimate female artist to listen to; Feist was a nice addition in contrast to the British men like “Keane,” “Coldplay” and the “Arctic Monkeys” who had predominantly ruled my CD player. Reason two: She’s Canadian. Enough said. Fast-forward to college: I’m 19 years old now. A friend and I are chatting about what concerts we need to see before we die. I state something along the lines of: Rufus Wainwright, Paul McCartney (if he was still in “Wings”) and Feist. This friend replied, “Well, too bad she’s retired, lost your chance.” Wait, Feist retired? I was heartbroken. Fast-forward one more year, after singing numerous Feist covers at various coffee houses, I find out Feist is set to release a new album, called “Metals,” due Oct. 4, 2011. Praise the Lord! Now don’t misunderstand, Feist did take a break from music after the success of “Let it Die,” which was released in 2007. Apparently she didn’t touch a guitar for 18 months because, according to an article by Ryan Dombal on she felt, “she didn’t have anything to offer it”. So, to find the inspiration for a new album, Feist, along with her producers Chilly Gonzales and Mocky, headed out to Big Sur, Calif., and built a studio on the side of a cliff. Sounds crazy, but it’s true. You can go on Feist’s website to see a note from her. She tries to depict the gorgeous valleys and majestic mountains that inspired her new album. “Metals” was a triumph in my book. The album seemed to stay clear of creating catchy pop tunes. There are no “1234’s” or “Mushaboom’s” on this album. While I love those songs, in listening to a new album I want to be able to both recognize the

artist and hear a new sound, a new project, a new idea. Feist achieves that with “Metals.” I still recognize Feist’s dark yet sweet voice, but her music resonates differently than with previous albums. The songs on this album seem to catch me off guard. They start fairly placid and melodic, then grow to an outburst-like conclusion. “A Commotion” features a chorus of male shouts accenting the idea of commotion. “Anti-pioneer,” one of my favorites off the album, starts with a quiet, somber, slightly folk sound, then swells dramatically with luscious orchestration and finally returns to the same mournful sound from the beginning of the song. Not to be forgotten, Feist also writes completely original lyrics. The lyrics featured on “Metals” seamlessly follow the mood the music sets. They all have a rather dark, earthy tone. Nature seems to have played an evident part in her writing. In “The Circle Married the Line” the lyrics include, “I’ll head out to horizon lines/Get some clarity oceanside”. In “Cicadas and Gulls,” the lyrics include, “The land and the sea/Are distant from me/ I’m in the sky.” According to Dombal’s article on, Feist said she is now interested in “writing songs that could be read as intimate and personal but instead they are crafted lyrics that read almost like sparse proverbs - lines of lyrics that become similar to adages and morals that you find embroidered in junk shops.” Beautiful. I have to admit, I expected such a success from such an artist. So in a way, I’m not so much surprised, but I am pleased in what “Metals” has achieved for Feist. I consider it her most mature album yet. Perhaps all artists should retire momentarily and relocate their studios to remote landscapes. It might improve their craft; it worked for Feist.

Top to Bottom; Left to Right: 1. Liz Sutton, David Blackburn, Evan Jarvi, Trevor Tracy 2. Evan Jarvi, Dacid Blackburn 3. Liz Sutton, David Blackburn 4. Trevor Tracy, Kimmee Poole

page ( 19 )

a&e.............................................................................. Frankenstein


Kimmee Poole by T rinity B ird

written by photo

OCT. 14-16 AND OCT. 21-22, Spring Arbor University (SAU) actors Paul McKinley and Jordan Cuatt branched out from the theater orbit on campus to perform “Frankenstein” at the Sauk Theatre in Jonesville, Mich. Trinity Bird directed the show in which McKinley played one of the lead characters, Victor Frankenstein, while Cuatt played a supporting role as Schmidt. “I went to auditions and fell in love with the character [Victor Frankenstein],” said McKinley. “It became my dream role the day before I got it. I was really excited.” Cuatt said his role as Schmidt was one of comic relief that he played alongside Metz, played by Isaac McKinley, a senior at Bronson High School. “We’re the better version of Igor,” Cuatt said. McKinley’s role as Victor Frankenstein was one that involved a broad range of emotions as he had to The commute McKinley and Cuatt made back deal with the repercussions of attempting to play the and forth to the theatre for their normal rehearsal role of God by creating a being. schedule, three to four times a week, was not bad, but that it sometimes interfered with them being McKinley said his favorite moment of “Frankenstein” able to participate in campus events. was “The scene when The Creature comes to the house and asks ‘What am I?’. This point is where McKinley became involved at Sauke Theatre after Victor accepts responsibility for what he’s done Bird, who was his high school drama teacher, told creating and abandoning The Creature. One of the him about the opportunities there. Both McKinley big themes is to stop running from your problems and Cuatt have been involved in several shows at and accept responsibility.” Sauk Theatre before “Frankenstein.”

and directors,” McKinley said. “Even if you aren’t serious about it, it’s a great chance to make friends. You can be a testimony. You get so close and people start to watch how you are in a stressful week.” Cuatt said working in a community theater setting helps you “start to do it best for the audience. It makes you think not what they will like best, but what will they learn the most.”

Cuatt said one of the aspects of “Frankenstein” he enjoyed was that this adaptation was “much more based on literature than film. It was very challenging and rewarding.”

Cuatt and McKinley both said one thing they enjoyed while working in community theater is the experience they gained being in a cast with different age groups. They added that they enjoyed their experience working in community theater and “Not a lot of people know the real story of wanted to encourage others to become involved as Frankenstien,” McKinley said. “Getting to know the well. show, even though it’s fictitious, you find it’s a real, moving story.” “I think if you’re serious about being a professional page ( 20 ) actor you need to start working with other actors

“Frankenstein” Cast



Volleyball Struggles at Home GAME THREE COMEBACK NOT ENOUGH FOR LADY COUGARS written by

Tyler Prough


Although the momentum of game three helped the played much stronger in the second game, due in large

VOLLEYBALL TEAM came up short in the opening

Cougars take an early lead in the fourth set, Goshen found part to sophomore CJ Anderson, who finished the match

night of a three-game homestead, losing in four sets to

their game in time to stop the miraculous comeback from with six blocks and 12 kills.

conference rival Goshen College. The loss dropped the

continuing. Head coach Carol Gates, although excited

Cougars to an overall record of 11-14 and a conference

about her team’s play in the third set, remained frustrated “I thought CJ played well,” said coach Gates, “she’s just a

record of 6-7.

about the Cougars’ overall performance.

sophomore so she’s going to make a few errors here and there, but overall I thought she is definitely emerging as a

The Goshen Maple Leafs surprised the Cougars early

“That’s the team I know is within them [in game three]; player that can be dominant.”

with wins in the first two sets. Hoping to avoid being

they just came out and they started pushing back at the

swept, SAU made a furious comeback in the third set

other team and took back control of the match. Then, in Despite a home loss, coach Gates remains optimistic

that greatly changed the momentum of the match, but

set four we let them start to get a momentum on us again about the team’s upcoming games.

Goshen was able to quiet the Cougars in the fourth set.

and we put ourselves in a position where you have to play perfect. When you put yourself in [that] position it’s very “Every time you have a loss it’s always hard, [but] our

With two set wins already under their belts, the Leafs

hard to control what’s going on inside your emotions to approach isn’t going to change,” Gates said. “We have

appeared to be well on their way to a game three blowout

be able to play aggressive,” Gates said.

over the Cougars, scoring nine unanswered points to go

to stay with the offense and defense that we know is successful. Every great team is going to take a couple

up 14-6. SAU clawed their way to find four points, but

It was the first two games that put Spring Arbor in such dents here and there—it’s how they respond to it.”

they quickly found themselves looking at a 20-10 deficit.

a position, as the Cougars were not ready for Goshen’s

The end of the night looked near for the Cougars.

offense. Although they remained even with the Leafs for The Cougars finish out the season on the road playing most of the first game, Spring Arbor had trouble finishing in the Cornerstone University Tournament as well as two

For senior captain Annie Jones, however, the night was

and came up on the losing side of a 25-20 decision.

far from over.

remaining conference games.

The MCC Conference

Tournament begins Nov. 8. The team rebounded and kept an early lead in the initial

“I just know that I have to come out and bring a spark

stages of game two. Unfortunately, errors would cost

and that when we all go out on the court we have to light

the Cougars a lead they would never get back, ultimately

the flame, light the fire. I was sitting out, and as soon as

dropping the second set 23-25.

However, the team

it was my turn to come in I knew that I had to go in and just light a fire for my teammates,” said Jones. Jones did just that, coming off the bench to set a spark in her teammates, who rallied to score nine unanswered points against Goshen, bringing Spring Arbor within one. Although the Leafs would go on to score twice more, it was not enough to stop what Jones started as the Cougars cruised past the Leafs to finish the comeback with a 2523 set victory.

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Tim Tebow Time written by

This could just be a trial run. It’s about finding out how Tebow

Lions fans tuned into the first game of the season and watched

can handle the pressure of starting a NFL game. Everyone

as Matthew Stafford threw 305 yards to lead the team to a

watched as he almost effortlessly led the Gators to two national

victory against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The next week, the

Megan Filipowski championships. Now the nation is watching to see if he can

TIM TEBOW FANS, GET UP OFF YOUR SEATS AND SCREAM FOR JOY. Your beloved quarterback has made his first start in the National Football League (NFL). Tebow is a quarterback for the Denver Broncos. He’s played for the Florida Gators. He’s won the Heisman trophy. He’s won two national championships. He’s cried in post game interviews. He’s gotten a concussion. He’s worn Bible verses on his eye black. He’s sat on the bench for most of his rookie season.

turn around a struggling Broncos team.

opponent was different, but the outcome was the same. The Lions creamed the Kansas City Chiefs. The following week, Jason Hanson kicked the winning field goal in overtime to

I’m a skeptic when it comes to the hype that Tebow has

defeat the Minnesota Vikings. The week after that, it was a

received since being drafted. I think he’s a great Christian role

come from behind victory over Tony Romo and the Dallas

model, but professional sports is a world that we learn most

Cowboys. The Lions were 4-0.

people can’t handle. I would hate to see him change. For the first time in a decade, the Lions would be featured on He’s not a bad football player either. You don’t just win the

ESPN at 8:30 p.m. for Monday Night Football (MNF). It’s the

Heisman trophy. There’s a lot to learn in the NFL and Tebow is

same Lions team that last appeared in the playoffs in 1999. It’s

now on his way. I’ll be watching, just like everyone else, hoping

the same Lions team that just three years ago went 0-16.

he learns quickly.

Now it is his time to shine. Kyle Orton, the previous starting quarterback for the Broncos, struggled in the first half against the San Diego Chargers two weeks ago. Tebow started the second half and almost won the game in the final seconds by throwing a pass to the end zone that was just barely dropped.

The players have changed over the years, but they all represent His next challenge will come when he faces the Detroit Lions,

the same team: the Detroit Lions. It’s not about the name on the

who are coming off two very tough losses to the San Fransisco

back of the jersey and how each player performs individually.

49ers and the Atlanta Falcons.

It’s about the team whose color each player wears on a daily basis.

Will he be able to beat the Matthew Stafford and Calvin Johnson combination? Can he avoid a defense led by Ndamukong Suh

And on that Monday night in October, all of the players

and Kyle Vanden Bosch? Tebow fans will have to wait and see.

proved why the Lions should make an appearance on MNF more often. The Lions defeated their division opponent, the

It was in those final seconds that the Denver Broncos had a chance to improve what was at the time a lousy 1-3 record. Tebow may have been unsuccessful in the final moments against the Chargers, but Tebow fans all across America finally got what they wanted - a chance to see Tebow not only play in a NFL game but play well.

Chicago Bears.

Lions Bring Detroit Hope written by

His start against the Miami Dolphins the next week was much

Megan Filipowski

By this point, the Lions have started the 2011 with a 5-0 record. The last time the Lions had a 5-0 record, Dwight D. Eisenhower was President of the United States. The San Francisco 49ers brought the Lions their first loss of the season, but that doesn’t change what the first five victories have given the city of Detroit.

different. He wasn’t just taking over for someone else, he was


taking control and leading the Broncos to success.

SEASON, but now there’s something else to be excited about

Things are changing in Detroit. Sports teams are being

in Detroit: the Lions.

successful. I’m glad I can be proud of the teams that I support.

It took him a while to get into the groove. In fact, only two

The Lions aren’t a laughingstock anymore.

minutes and 44 seconds remained in the game when Tebow

Last season, the Lions were okay. I cheered for the Green Bay

threw his first touchdown as a starting quarterback.

Packers to win the Super Bowl because the Lions beat them in

The sports teams I’ve cheered for all of my life have given me,

the regular season. Therefore, I could go around saying, “Well One touchdown started a Broncos’ rally that ultimately led to

as a fan, more than victories. They’ve given me hope. I believe

the Lions beat the Super Bowl Champions...” They ended the

15 unanswered points to tie the game and send it to overtime.

they’ve given the city of Detroit hope when it appeared that

season with a few wins, maybe as a foreshadowing into what

The Broncos scored and Tebow earned his first career NFL

all was lost.

the 2011 season could be like.


The roar of the crowd at Ford Field on that Monday night Then there was the lockout. Football fans were worried. I was

Do things look good for the rest of his starts? I can’t say. He

could be the perfect representation of this renewed sense of

worried. Would the sport that goes hand-to-hand with fall

finally got comfortable and maybe that’s all he needs to turn

hope. It stopped becoming about cheering for the players and

not be played this year? My worries were put to rest once the

around a 2-4 Broncos team. Does it look like he could be the

the team, but for the city as well.

preseason began.

starter for the rest of the season? It’s a possibility.

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We may not be back on top, but if the way the sports team have The Lions came out and won all four of their preseasons game.

been representing our city is any proof to what can happen, we

Could the regular season start out the same way?

are well on our way.




Megan Filipowski TOGETHER AS CAPTAINS, SENIOR ANNIE JONES AND JUNIOR ASHLEY MORRIS lead the Spring Arbor University (SAU) volleyball team on and off the court. “Being a captain challenges me,” said Morris. “You this group of seniors over their time as members have to play hurt and act as if you’re not,” said Jones. of the volleyball team have shown dedication, love for each other and the team and set good examples, They both believe that there is a pressure to be great especially when it comes to their relationships with and to know everything all the time and it sometimes God. makes being a captain difficult. “I’ve been doing this sport for so long. I love good This season has not been the easiest. There have competition and it’s going to be weird not to have been some exciting wins and some tough losses. that. God has a lot more planned for me outside of Like any other sports team, they have had to face volleyball. It’s bittersweet to be leaving,” said Jones. many challenges so far, but Jones and Morris have Being a college athlete is a privilege that both Jones maintained a positive outlook. and Morris have realized over the past few years. Together, they described this year as learning love, These are moments that they will never have again, faithfulness and using the gifts that God has blessed but there are moments that they will remember for all the players of their team with to the best of their the rest of their lives. abilities. “We have three weeks left. Nine games. Our goal is to win them all,” said Morris. “Well, at least 75 percent of them,” said Jones. Over the next three weeks, they will face Grace College, Bethel College, Indiana Wesleyan University, Trinity International University, Marygrove College, Trinity Christian College, Siena Heights University, Huntington University and University of Saint Francis. At the end of those three weeks, the MidCentral Conference (MCC) tournament begins.

One moment from this season that no player from this team could possibly forget is the victory over Madonna University in late August. Jones said everything came together and everyone was on their game. “I had no clue the game was over. It happened so fast,” said Morris. The completion of exciting games like the one against Madonna isn’t the only thing that happened quickly. For Jones, the past four years have flown.

When the season ends, the team will be saying goodbye With the end of the season quickly approaching, to seniors Cassandra Kramer, Erin Johnson, Chelsea Jones and Morris are enjoying their last few weeks Fraser-Lee, Jones and Kate Baukhnecht. Morris said together and looking ahead to the MCC Tournament.

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