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ending modern day slavery

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march 2012

issue 25 march 2012

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Enjoy your Spring Breaks, my fellow fellars and simone amalio lasses. Try not to cause too much of a ruckus jordan kennedy wherever you end up. kelly skarritt

staff advisor

The Pulse is a professional team of journalists providing the uninformed community of Spring Arbor with immediate, accurate and relevant information that concerns the University and surrounding township community. * Come see what we’re about Mondays, 5 p.m. in the Communications Suite in the Music building.

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PICK UP LINE OF THE WEEK: Do you have a sunburn, or are you always this hot? ( hey, try this one on your lady. success rate = guaranteed )

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Elusive graffiti artist writes to “The Pulse” INTRODUCTION BY ALEXANDRA HARPER




From the Stormtrooper




RESPONDED to the article in the February issue of “The Pulse.” The response was written on aged paper, sealed

I see that you have noticed me. First off, i would just like to point

with wax and received anonymously via mailbox. The letter

out that you got it wrong in the article. I would like a retraction

is presented here in its original, exact entirety.

printed. My image is not that of a clone trooper. It is a Storm Trooper. It is a very recognizable pop culture symbol. How hard


is it to get you research right? I am calling you out. Do your fact checking. My respect goes out to the writer of the article featured in this month’s pulse. You seem to have nailed my message right on the head. Yes it is true, big brother is watching, but that is not the main thrust of my message. I simply set out to get people thinking. Open their eyes. Bring attention to a small little symbol looking back at them. This is more about the expression of the whole matter. We claim here to worship the creator of the world, yet seem to live on one of the least creative campuses I have ever experienced. Is student expression really frowned upon that much? Are the higher ups really that vain? I am not an activist, an idealist, or a terrorist. I am simply a student who has noticed a problem and is tired of being silent about it. It would seem we are all under an organization who is obsessed with appearance. My “graffiti” has been taken down very quickly as of late, and it seems to coincide with senior visits. Are we really so concerned with presenting a perfect campus that we will make it appear as if there are absolutely no forms of student expression anywhere? I thank you for the coverage. Continue writing these articles. You may have noticed a decrease in my presence on campus. I am not


gone. You have not seen the last of me. Keep watching. “The Church is a whore, but she is also my mother.” P.S. I’m serious about that retraction. I expect to see a reprint in

next months issue.

-St. Augustine -

“The Pulse” formally apologizes for any inconveniences Sincerely,

resulting from the misnaming of the Stormtrooper graffiti. In keeping with the theme of content integrity, “The Pulse” would

“The Stormtrooper”

like to notify readers that Stromtrooper is correctly written as one word.

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11 a.m. - 1:30 p.m. Cross Cultural 8 p.m. Lip Sync, Western High Studies (CCS) Market Day, School Auditorium Ralph Carey Forum (RCF)


11:15 a.m. - 1:15 p.m. Resumania: Five Minute Resume Review, outside of Dining Commons (DC) 9 p.m. - 10 p.m. Kickboxing 9:30 p.m. - 10:30 p.m. Puerto Rico Date Auction, DC



2 p.m.- 4 p.m. Opening Reception 10:05 a.m.- 11 a.m. Chapel, of Senrior Art Show, Ganton Art Gallery

Huntley Brown, SAFMC 5 p.m.- 8 p.m. CCS Immunziation



7:30 p.m. Chamber Singers and Concert Choir Concert,

10:05 a.m. - 11 a.m. Chapel, Babbie 7 p.m. Psychology Club Movie Night Mason, SAFMC

White Auditorium

12:25 p.m. - 1:20 p.m. Summer


Jobs and Internships,

9 p.m.- 10 p.m. Pumped Up

Poling Center 304

Fitness, RCF

7:30 p.m. Babbie Mason concert, SAFMC 9 - 10 p.m. Kickboxing

9:30 p.m. W.A.V.E., SAFMC 9:30 p.m. Deeper, Dr. Jack Baker, RCF




7 p.m. Campus Housing Closes -

2 p.m. Campus Housing Reopens Classes Resume


1 p.m. - 3 p.m. Baseball vs. Indiana 11:15 a.m. - 1:15 p.m. Resumania: Five Minute Resume Wesleyan University 10:05 a.m. - 11 a.m. Chapel, Riley Review, Outside of DC 5 p.m. - 8 p.m. CCS Immunization Armstrong, SAFMC

Spring Break Begins!

9 p.m. - 10 p.m. Pumped Up




8 p.m. Coffee house, DC

9 a.m. - 3 p.m. Michigan Collegiate 8 p.m. - 10 p.m. Gainey Clue (All Vote for the 2012-2013 Student

9:30 p.m. - 11:30 p.m. Lowell Movie Night (Lowell Residents Only)

Job Fair

SATURDAY, MAR 24 Campus Event)

10:05 a.m. - 11 a.m. Chapel, Rick Morgan, SAFMC 7 p.m. - 10 p.m. Kerry Patrick Clark in concert at the


Government Association

President and Vice

President and Vice

President outside of the

President outside of the



Burge, SAFMC Fitness, RCF



10:05 a.m. - 11 a.m. Chapel, Anna 2 p.m. - 4 p.m. Baseball vs. Mount Last day to withdraw from classes 9 a.m. - 4 p.m. Senior Solace 4 p.m. - 6 p.m. Men’s Tennis vs. Trine University

Vernon College 9 p.m. - 10 p.m. Kickboxing

6 p.m. - 10 p.m. Blue Gnoo 7 p.m. Psychology Club Mental Health Awareness Night, RCF 8 p.m. - 10 p.m. Mystery Date

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Vote for the 2012-2013 Student

Government Association

9 p.m. - 10 p.m. Pumped Up

Wilkinson, SAFMC


10:05 a.m. - 11 a.m. Chapel, Justin 2 p.m. - 6 p.m. Baseball vs. Bethel

Jackson Coffee Company


9:30 p.m. Deeper, Steven Kolb, RCF

Fitness, RCF

9 - 10 p.m. Kickboxing



College 6 p.m. - 10 p.m. Irish Celebration

“Downton Abbey”: The Aristrocracy of American Television written by


THIS TAKES SOME HUMILITY TO ADMIT, BUT I’M A BIT OF AN ANGLOPHILE. As much as I would love to think of myself as a sort of British-loving hipster, I must admit that I am far from alone in wondering if America being requisitioned by its historic motherland would be a bad thing. Personally, I blame my grandmother who by allowing me to watch “Sense and Sensibility” when I was six introduced me to what I fondly call the BBC Circuit—you know, those same 15 actors who appear in “Sherlock Holmes” and all the Austen movies and Harry Potter movies and “Doctor Who.” In fact, British culture has been such a big part of my life that I can’t remember a time when I didn’t naturally call my mother “mum.” So, when I heard that PBS Masterpiece Theater was playing a series called “Downton Abbey,” written by Julian Fellowes, the famed playwright of “Gosford Park,” “The Young Victoria” and “Vanity Fair,” I was more than intrigued. I was ecstatic at the idea of watching a period drama about an aristocratic British family that lasts more than two hours and continues week after week. It was like finding out that chocolate has a new cousin that not only tastes better but is essential for a

“Downton Abbey” cast members, writers and producers pose for a photograph backstage at the 63rd Primetime Emmy Awards on Sunday, Sept. 18, 2011 in Los Angeles. “Downton Abbey” won for outstanding writing and outstanding miniseries or movie. (AP Photo/Jae Hong)

healthy diet—it seemed too good to be true. The plot revolves around the Crawley family and their

All in all, the acting is brilliant. Because it is a series, the actors

At first I was very hesitant of “Downton Abbey.” The female

household staff. Beginning with the intended heir dying on

have enough time to develop some of the most multidimensional

characters seemed excessively snotty, even for aristocrats, and

the “Titanic,” a distant doctor cousin named Matthew (Dan

characters I’ve ever seen and they do so perfectly. Aside from a

none of the male characters appeared exceptionally attractive

Stevens) is found as the next to inherit.

few verbal anachronisms, “Downton Abbey” is truly the most flawless series I’ve ever watched.

(essential to a good movie, right?). The plot revolved around an entail (who inherits the property), and when a common doctor

Mr. and Mrs. Crawley (Hugh Bonneville and Elizabeth

was suddenly going to inherit the aristocratic estate, nothing

McGovern) are forced to decide whether to accept this

If you are the kind of person who understands when I say,

felt quite kosher.

new addition to their family or attempt to break the entail.

“Thank goodness they got Keira to play Lizzy Bennet” or “Paul

Simultaneously, their three daughters: Mary (Michelle Dockery),

Bettany would make a fantastic Mercutio,” then I suggest you

But I kept watching, even if only for the snarky humor and

Edith (Laura Carmichael) and Sybil (Jessica Brown Finlay), are

watch this series. However, if you don’t believe me, know that

early 20th century costumes. A few episodes into the first

in the midst of finding themselves, deciding whether to marry

in 2011 Guinness World Records officially named “Downton

season I unexpectedly thought, “I love these characters!”

for love or position and contemplating the repercussions of

Abbey” the most critically acclaimed television show in the

That’s the secret weapon of “Downton Abbey”: it grows on

women getting the vote.

world, beating out both “Mad Men” and “Modern Family.”

audience cannot help but agonize and rejoice along with the

There is also much turmoil as the family’s servants find

Feb. 19 marked the end of the second suspenseful season of

characters. So whether the viewer is rooting for the downstairs

themselves in unexpected marriages, losing their eyesight or

“Downton Abbey” and season three is set to air in the United

servants or the upstairs aristocrats, it is impossible not to feel

limbs and end up betraying those they love and loving those

States this November.


they’ve just met.

the viewer. Every character has a personal storyline, and the

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Book smart


Alexandra Harper

Ganesan said. This means that the people of Equatorial

was in Spain writing about what it is being an African guy in

Guinea should have a small brick house with a bottle of

Europe but at a certain point I was completely contaminated

chardonnay at dinner but instead they live in thatch-roofed

by this European environment.”

huts in overcrowded, soiled slums with dirty water. Mba teaches economics of natural resources at Equatorial

Photo from BBC Africa

Because very little of the oil money has been put toward

Guinea’s national university. He said he was very impressed at

projects that would enhance the standard of living, the infant

the response from his students when they found out he was a

morality rate has increased from 103 deaths per thousand in


1990 to 124 per thousand in 2007, according to the Human AS I’M SURE YOU ARE ALL RAVENOUSLY

Rights Watch. In comparison, the Central Intelligence Agency’s

“They came to me, they were talking about different authors of


World Factbook reported the United States as having less than

Equatorial Guinea and about my books too, and they wanted

THIS READING MONTH, I’m flattered that you would

six infant deaths per thousand in 2011.

to read them,” Mba said in the interview.

Bella and Edward) in order to read about one visionary poet

The current, poor state of Equatorial Guinea stems from the

Mba realized how difficult it would be for his students

from the small, suffering country of Equatorial Guinea.

recent dictatorship of Francisco Macías Nguema.

or anyone else to buy books, as there are no bookstores in

tear your eyes away from Lizzy and Mr. Darcy (or more likely,

Malaboa or in the largest mainland city of Bata. He, with a Coming from a long history of deep poverty and ruthless

Nguema took over after Equatorial Guinea gained independence

couple of his friends, decided to contribute to the renewal of

leaders, Equatorial Guinea caught international attention when

from Spain in 1968 and soon became as terrifying as Orwell’s

Equatorial Guinea by building a bookstore.

oil was discovered there in the mid 1990s. It is now the fourth

Big Brother character. As Dictator of Equatorial Guinea,

largest oil producer in sub-Sahara Africa.

Nguema insisted on being addressed as the “Unique Miracle.”

“We are trying to bring about changes and to make a real

He also insisted on burning any ships that might help people

contribution to the country,” he said.

With potential fuel buyers came some physical improvements

escape the country, placing mines along the only road out and

for the country’s roads, technology and building standards,

banning the use of the word “intellectual.”

It is through young visionaries like Mba that Equatorial Guinea will gain peace and learn to prosper. By supporting those who,

and the historic cities are updating at electric speeds. But these improvements would prove to be like the mask on the Phantom

Under Nguema’s reign, Equatorial Guinea received the

with a loving cultural identity, wish to rebuild their homeland

of the Opera’s face: merely surface coverage.

nickname of “the Dachau of Africa,” a reference to the first

by starting with its people, the world can know they are making

concentration camp opened in Nazi Germany. Nearly a third

an investment with the highest return rate.

Although Equatorial Guinea superficially appears to be

of Equatorial Guinea’s population was exiled or killed by the

improving, its people still live in a poverty disproportionate to

time Nguema left power.

In his text “(The Construction) of the Memory of Oil,” Mba wrote, “We are in Africa, we speak Spanish in a continent

the amount of revenue that oil brings in. “Here is a country where people should have the per capita wealth of Spain or

Thankfully, the people of Equatorial Guinea are attempting

where no other country speaks Spanish, we have a very

Italy, but instead they live in conditions comparable to Chad or

to rebuild their country. Cesar Mba Abogo, an economist and

complex history with Spain, we have been through different

the Democratic Republic of the Congo,” said Arvind Ganesan,

poet from the city of Malaboa, recently returned from an exile

very dramatic experiences in our history, and people don’t

director of the Business and Human Rights Program at Human

instilled during the rule of Nguema.

know about Equatorial Guinea. Now with the oil, with the money, everybody speaks about Equatorial Guinea but people

Rights Watch. During a recent interview with “BBC News Africa,” Mba

don’t really know Equatorial Guinea, and I think that the role

“This is a testament to the government’s corruption,

said, “I came back [from Spain] because as a writer, as a poet,

of the artists, the writers, the poets, is to be able to write about

mismanagement and callousness toward its own people,”

I found that I wasn’t able to explain my identity very well. I

ourselves, who we are.”

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Upcoming Senior Art Show written by

Kerry Wade

Greece is the Word

insight into the 2012 greece semester

written by photos by

Simone Amalio Simone Amalio


Just the other day, we visited Mars Hill. The sun was just

These people each have a face, a story, a family. Now, before

beginning to set, and a golden light hung over the entire city. We

you write me off for sounding too cheesy, hear me out.

were surrounded by 360 degrees of cityscape and mountains.


Just above us were the Parthenon and the Acropolis.


Being in Greece at this vital time has allowed me to see past my

be displaying the works of Katrina Lopez, Brooke Cooper,

narrow perspective of what this country was going through.

Jonathan Olver and Andrew Outcalt. The opening reception is

Then if that wasn’t surreal enough, our guide led us over to

No longer am I skewed by the media’s interpretation of what

from 2 to 4 p.m. The reception is free and open to the public.

a flattened area of the hill. As we sat down, he explained to

was going on. I have spoken with a husband who lost his

us that we were sitting on what was possibly the altar of the

family’s business they had owned for six generations.

unknown god mentioned in Paul’s sermon in Acts 17. We then

“The purpose of the exhibit is to display the pinnacle of a

read the sermon as a group in English, and our guide read it to

student’s work in Spring Arbor University’s art department

I have talked to a wife and mother whose pay had been cut in

upon graduation and to demonstrate mastery of subject and

half and who was working 40 plus hours a week simply trying

medium,“ said artist Brooke Cooper in a press release.

to help keep a roof over her kids’ heads.

us in the original ancient Greek. Our group attracted the attention of other visitors who were there, and some even stopped to listen. The minute and a half

Each student began compiling works during freshman year

It didn’t take long for me to discover this was no longer

and continued to improve and develop their technique for

sermon of Paul seemed to hang in the air around us. Often

“Greece’s” problem but was becoming personal. It was no

their senior show. Each piece emphasizes craftsmanship and

times, we use the phrase “Scripture comes alive,” but that day

longer a nation in crisis, but a majority of people who had

presentation as well as exceptional skill.

on Mars Hill, it did.

been slighted by a few. I have learned more in the three weeks we have been here than I

“A Senior Art Exhibition is obviously a display of art, but it also

Our group has found the Greek people to be passionate people

showcases the skills, attitudes and values needed for success in

have in a very long time. And the journey is just starting. As the

who have a full depth and understanding of what it means to

graduate study or a professional career,” said Brian Shaw, the

next two months head our way, we have to prepare ourselves.

live life. They have a joy and fervor for life I have never seen in

Art Department Chair.

my 20 years of living.

Lopez’s display concentrates on graphic design and illustration

Even more apparent than their inner joy however, is their

in multiple media. Her subjects consist of portraits, still life

history here. As we follow Paul’s journey the next month and a

genuine nature. At first we thought the genuine hospitality

works, typography pieces and graphic design advertisement

half we will head north to the mountainous region, across the

and kindness of our hosts here at Cosmo Vision Center in


Aegean Sea to the islands, and even to Turkey. I cannot wait

Koropi was specific just to them. However, as we spread out

to see what the rest of our trip holds, and cannot even fathom

and explored the vibrant city of Athens and met families and

how much personal growth is still to come.

We haven’t even begun to see everything this unbelievable country has to offer or scrape the tip of the iceberg of the

The theme of Cooper’s display is landscape. She uses three

individuals in the area, we have seen a glimpse of how earnest

different mediums: pastel drawings, textured monoprints and

these people are. What they say and do comes from the depths

works of melted crayons.

of their hearts.

Outcalt has a show of ceramic pieces. Each ceramic piece

I am continuously humbled and amazed by the patience and

is meant to be both functional and decorative. Outcalt was

integrity we see here in the Greek culture. Our group all agrees

inspired by the outdoors, and the designs and textures he uses

that if even an ounce of their hospitality and joy rubs off on

reveal his love for nature.

us we will be forever blessed.

Olver’s show concentrates on works of photography and

Our group is comprised of nine students who represent


almost every department offered at Spring Arbor. We would never have picked each other out of a crowd to be friends, but

The show will remain on display in the gallery through March

boarding a plane to Greece together changed things. A trip will

26. The Ganton Art Gallery is located near the entrance to

always be fantastic, but having people to share it with makes

campus by the circle drive. It is open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on

the experience. This group of strangers around campus has

Monday through Friday and 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. on Saturday and

become my new family, and together we get to travel around


this amazing country.

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Focus Series 2012: Ending Modern day Slavery

“Not My Life” movie The screen faded to black AND the words,

manifestation of what people can do to other people. As a

“now you know.” appeared, followed shortly by, “Let

$32 million a year business it is obvious that people all over the

the world know, too.” The statement was simple, but it spoke

world are invested in it in some way or another.

volumes after the hour and a half of footage that appeared before it.

Kevin Smart Katheryn Caldwell

photos by

written by

Megan Filipowski

that were being told before it. I know hearing the words “having her vagina sewn shut and sold as a virgin” almost made me puke. I couldn’t even comprehend

The movie told the stories of trafficking survivors including a

that feeling. Seeing the faces of little girls who were no more

14-year-old girl from Wichita, Kan., but the most prominent

than three or four made me want to cry. Listening to men tell

India, Cambodia, Guatemala, Africa, Europe and even the

was of Grace, a child soldier, who escaped the captivity. She

about how they kidnapped girls and sold them made me want

United States are just some examples of places that have been

was part of a group who was forced by the rebels to kill a girl

to punch something.

infiltrated by some form of human trafficking. It’s scary to think

who had tried to escape. She also witnessed the rebels beat a

one of my young cousins or my friends could be kidnapped

man and his pregnant wife to death.

and sold into some form of forced labor.

This is something that I believe we have the power to change. We should be using that power. One man said, “I’m impatient

Following the murders, they marched to Sudan. The walk was

because we should be out there fighting.” I agree. We should

By the time the movie ended, I wasn’t sure whether I should

long, hot and tiring. Other children around Grace were taking

join our voices together and fight for change when it comes to

cry, puke or punch something. There were moments when my

their guns and killing themselves. In the video she described

human trafficking.

reactions were visible to the people around me in the darkened

it as a march of death. She ended the story by saying, “We

theater. There were moments when I whispered, “Oh my

reached Sudan - not safe, but not dead.”

goodness,” and, “Oh no.”

Nothing will change if we don’t step up and do something. It could be as simple as downloading the the Free2Work app or

When Grace escaped, she left a close friend named Miram

you could go as far as look into ways to become involved with

Spring Arbor University senior Andrew VanValin introduced

behind. Miram and Grace were both taken on the same day

organizations like Not For Sale.

the movie by saying that we are likely to respond in extreme

and were in the same group. As Grace looked directly into the

ways as the movie explores the intimate and horrific moments

camera she said, “It is my faith that she is still alive because she

Actress Glenn Close narrated the film, and her final words left

,that unfold over the course of the movie, and we should be

deserves life.”

me awestruck. “We are all part of the human family and it is

aware of these feelings. He also warned to not dehumanize or demonize anyone that was featured. In the movie, human trafficking was called the worst

page ( 10 )

now time to come home.” The movie was emotional. Nothing about it was soft. There were no moments to relax. Each individual interviewed had

Starting now, let’s join together and bring everyone who has

something to say and most of the time it reinforced the stories

been trafficked in some way or another home


During the first afternoon session, Mark

Tyler Prough

expect and what can they do?

However, we should expect companies to monitor more

Wexler elaborated on some useful information for

carefully their production practices, something that Free2Work

consumers wishing to make better purchasing decisions. Not

Wexler answered each of these questions in the hope of

wants to make more transparent to the public. With this

For Sale has implemented a program called Free2Work, which

creating a more informed and powerful consumer generation.

information, it is our responsibility as the consuming public

seeks to inform consumers about the products they buy in

As reiterated throughout the Focus Series, we know that almost

to make wise decisions regarding our purchases, ensuring that

relation to forced labor practices.

all products we come into contact with are in some way tainted

we do not support the cruel labor methods many companies

with slave labor.


consumer is because it is nearly impossible to get dressed,

Not For Sale has discovered at least 128 goods produced in 70

It is crucial to realize we as consumers have the leverage to

drive to work, talk on the phone or eat a meal without touching

countries manufactured using slave labor. It has become clear

influence companies with our buying decisions—our purchase

products tainted by forced labor. In order for the consumer to

in recent years that modern day slavery has truly engulfed our

is our advocacy to end modern day slavery.

make well-informed purchasing decisions, it is imperative they

world in the sin of injustice.

The reason so much emphasis is placed on the power of the

address these questions: what do they know, what should they


written by

Bekka Bossenberger

A testimony of domestic violence, abuse and darkness. As an eight year old, an older cousin

She was beaten daily, even stabbed and attempted suicide to

molested Leslie King-Borrego. She ran away from home and

escape the shame she felt. After surviving an attempt to take

was emancipated at age 15.

her own life she was inspired to change her life. She entered a drug treatment center and found Christ.

A man, who eventually date raped and forced her into prostitution, deceived her by offering the love she desperately

She now runs a recovery program, Sacred Beginnings, in

craved. Under threat of violence toward her mother and child,

Grand Rapids, Mich. for women with similar stories to help

she lived in constant fear but endured exploitation for over 20

them regain normalcy through education, community service,


employment and counseling.

King-Borrego said Sacred

Beginnings has helped over 400 women regain control lost “I was trapped mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually,”

from exploitation. King-Borrego will be celebrating 12 years

King-Borrego said.

of freedom this July.

She said she was diagnosed as a paranoid schizophrenic and

“I am a voice for those who can’t be heard; I am a mentor,

manic depressive, labeled as a statistic.

mother, grandmother and a very powerful advocate,” KingBorrego said.

“I wanted to die because I was so alone,” King-Borrego said.

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The body as a commodity

written by

Brittany Bellamy

EVERY YEAR, SPRING ARBOR UNIVERSITY SETS ASIDE ONE DAY FOR FOCUS SERIES. FOCUS is a day when students take time away from their classes in order to become communally educated on one global issue. FOCUS 2012 is entitled Focus on Freedom: Ending Modern Day Slavery, and, as the name suggests, it emphasizes social justice throughout the realm of human slave trade from sex-trafficking to forced manual labor. On Feb. 29, students enjoyed various lectures, movies, plays and other presentations that enlightened them on the process of the human slave trade and challenged them to take action. In a culture of consumerism, everything can be bought and sold. Food, water, shelter, even air, have all been turned into commodities. In many parts of the world, the human body has been turned into a commodity. People are products to buy and sell. On Feb. 29, Professor Jeremy Norwood hosted a workshop as part of the Focus Series to raise awareness about the sex trade in Cambodia and Thailand. In his workshop, Norwood spoke about how his experiences in Cambodia and Thailand led him to working against the slave trade. Norwood said he had originally wanted to work in Uganda but felt called to Cambodia. After leading a 2011 cross cultural trip, Norwood said he had a dream of a small child pleading for him to help. “There’s times when you see something, hear something or witness something you can’t forget, and you have to speak up,” Norwood said. Norwood went through the different areas of sex trafficking in Cambodia and Thailand, including pedophilia, brothels, the “bar girl phenomena, in which girls are pimped out of bars and massage parlors. Norwood said he hoped to educate students on what is happening in the world. “If you aren’t aware of social issues, they will happen in front of you without you ever noticing,” Norwood said. To close his presentation, Norwood went through ways students can get involved. He said that the most significant way to get involved is prayer, but students should also educate themselves, invest themselves in valuable places and know their consumption patterns.

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“Holy Motion” Written


Kerry Wade


After the performance, Patton addressed the audience on the


importance of being aware of this issue and considering not

The play was performed in the Prop Shop on Wednesday, Feb.

only the supply but also the demand.

29, at 8 p.m. “The proverbs and the disciples were adamant about sexual Patton wrote, directed and starred in the play along with Spring

purity for a reason,” said Patton.

Arbor University students Paul McKinley, Caris Cooper and Rachel DePoy.

Patton said he wanted the audience to take away a “need to be stirred by the commands of Christ ‘to love one another as I

“I remember reading a feature article about the Russian mob

have loved you’ and to be willing to love sacrificially.”

dominating the first wave of free enterprise after the breakup of the Soviet Union,” said Patton. After reading this article, Patton was astonished at the atrocities taking place in Russia and was moved to write this one-act play. The play features two Russian men from a small village auditioning women for prostitution. It contrasts the reactions of the two men, Ivan and Nikki, trapped by “the boss” in this wicked trade. Ivan battles his “horrible” existence while Nikki is more concerned with the money than the fate of the women. The play ends as Ivan falls to his knees before the feet of his own daughter who has come to audition. “You could see [Patton’s] passion for justice in every line; he even teared up reading through it. His passion was infectious,” said McKinley.

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The Pulse staff favorite book list The Pulse staff favorite book list The Pulse staff favorite book list TYLER PROUGH SPORTS WRITER



1. “THE CATCHER IN THE RYE” - J.D. Salinger This book may seem phony at first, but trust me when I say it’s the real deal.

1. “ATONEMENT” - Ian McEwan Way better than the movie. I feel that linguistically, McEwan is one of the great writers of the 21st Century.

2. “THE ADVENTURES OF HUCKLEBERRY FINN” - Mark Twain This book tugs at the adventurer within me, and growing up next to the Mississippi River doesn’t hurt either.

2. “WAIT FOR ME!: MEMOIRS” - Deborah Mitford This emotion-ridden memoir about wealthy, British sisters is like if you take Little Women, throw them across the pond, make them wealthy and add in Nazioccupied Europe.

1. “1984” - George Orwell I read “1984” for the first time when I was a senior in high school. Mostly what I loved about this book was the way Orwell crafted the narrative.

3. “THE SCARLET LETTER” - Nathaniel Hawthorne We all love a good adulterous story, and the language of Hawthorne leaves me wishing for a purification of the English language.

3. “A MOVEABLE FEAST” - Ernest Hemingway Hemingway is famous for saying, “Write drunk; edit sober.” Here his descriptions of 1920’s Paris are so good that I’d wager he either was sober for both or is a really articulate drunk.

4. “HORATIO HORNBLOWER” SERIES - C.S. Forester This Napoleonic nautical adventure series has been the wind behind my sails of enjoyment for years!

2. “COMPLETE STORIES AND POEMS OF EDGAR ALLAN POE” - Edgar Allan Poe He’s a “dark” poet, but I still find his work beautiful. 3. “THE COMPLETE POEMS OF EMILY DICKINSON” - Emily Dickinson Roses are red/Violets are blue/I love Emily Dickinson/ And so should you. 4. “THE ASSOCIATED PRESS STYLEBOOK 2011” - Edited by Darrel Christian, Sally Jacobsen and David Minthorn What can I say? I’m an editor and writer at heart.




1. “GREAT DIVORCE” - C.S. Lewis. I’ve read a lot of C.S. Lewis. His writings always make complete sense to me, relationally and spiritually.

1. “REBECCA” - Daphne DuMaurier DuMaurier is a master at making language romantic and whimsical. The way this book is written could be read as poetry. The plot is classic and intriguing. I’ve read this book nine times and it never ceases to get old.

1. “ARISE: LIVE OUT YOUR FAITH ON WHATEVER FIELD YOU FIND YOURSELF” Clayton Kershaw Baseball and Zambia. It’s a must read for anyone. Check out the February issue of the Pulse and for more of my thoughts on the book.

2. “JANE EYRE” - Charlotte Bronte One word. Rochester. Enough said. 3. “SHADOW OF THE WINDS” - Carlos Zafon The cliche is true with this book. It’s a book you cannot put down once you start reading it. 4. “THE HOBBIT” - J.R.R. Tolkien I read this book as a kid. It has always been my favorite of Tolkien works.

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2. “STORIES IN AN ALMOST CLASSICAL MODE” - Harold Brodkey Brodkey’s short stories are full of complexity, complication and a bit of a dark sense of truth. 3. “THE ESSENTIAL RUMI” - Rumi A book of poetry from the 12th century, many of which are written in the likes of a psalm or a parable. Rumi holds the power to create poems that hit you with a force of pure love, sorrow and mysticism of the spiritual realm. One of my top poetry books of all time.

2. “PRIDE AND PREJUDICE” - Jane Austen It may not end the same way as the movie version, but the tension between Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth Bennett makes the book enjoyable. A little drama, a little romance and England - everything a girl could want in a book, right? 3. “100 THINGS TIGER FANS SHOULD KNOW & DO BEFORE THEY DIE” - Terry Foster If you’re a Tiger fan, go out and read it. If you’re a fan of another team, go out and find the book about your team. You won’t regret it; it’s filled with facts and stories.

Theater to Present Pulitzer Prize Winning Drama March 29-31 PROP SHOP-- Spring Arbor University Theater will present Beth Henley’s Pulitzer Prize winning play, “Crimes of the Heart” the last weekend in March. The cast includes SAU veterans Kaleigh Casey, Maggie Tibus, and Kristen Larsen as the three Magrath sisters, with Paul McKinley, Joshua Cloyd and Callie Cothern rounding out the roster. The productiontakes place in the Prop Shop at 8 p.m. on March 29, 30, and 31. Tickets can be reserved by calling (517)

750- 6500. Regular admission is $10, student and senior tickets are $5. When asked about the play, director Jen Letherer said, “It’s a play about dealing with life and about choosing hope. It’s about not taking yourself too seriously.” Letherer said the cast and crew will give some not-tobe- missedperformances.

Gospel, Dickenson, and new directors on tap this Spring

Issue Number 1

March 2012

State Senator Shot in Domestic Disturbance

HAZLEHURST- Well there you have it. Rebecca (Babe) Botrelle has shot her husband, Senator Zackery Botrelle, slap in the gut. Nobody knows why, and all Babe will say is that she “didn’t like his looks.” So her cousin Chick has gone to pick her up from the jailhouse, and her sisters Lenny and Meg Magrath are waiting back at Grandaddy’s place to see her. I suppose some folks will wonder about how this relates to that awful incident with their mother, who hung herself in the basement along with an old yellow cat 20 years ago. Folks are libel to talk about anything in a town like Hazlehurst, and that’s just the honest truth. Lucille Botrelle, the senator’s sister, keeps calling the Magrath’s and tieing up their phone line, telling Lenny all sorts of sordid details about Zackery’s condition, and no one except Chick has remembered that it’s Lenny’s 30th birthday. In other news, Meg has stopped singing, and Babe has taken to playing the saxaphone. But when Doc, Meg’s old flame, learns she’s back in town, he’s going to want to talk to her. And what will that mean? Doc is married now and between that, this thing with Babe, and old Grandaddy getting worse and worse, it’s all poor Lenny can do to make a wish on a birthday candle she stuck into a cookie. Maybe that nice looking young lawyer, Barnette Lloyd, will be able to help the Magrath sisters out. Let’s hope so, because goodness knows it looks like each one of them is just having a bad day, just a real bad day.

COMMUNICATIONS SUITE- Spring Arbor University Theater will round out its 2011-2012 season with two nights of scenes from the directing class, a one woman show, and the musical “Cotton Patch Gospel.” Paul Patton will direct the bluegrass rendition of the life of Christ, as well as guide the young directors who will complete production of a short scene as a fulfillment of his stage directing class. “Cotton Patch Gospel” was singer/songwriter Harry Chapin’s last offering, and invites the audience to “a good ol’ time telling and singin’ the good ol’ gospel!” The show is scheduled for April 13, and 14 at 7:30 p.m., and Sunday, April 15 at 2 p.m. The young directors will produce their scenes in the Prop Shop on April 23 and 24 at 6 p.m. There are 12 students in the class, and each will direct one 10 to 15 minute scene. Which means, Dr. Patton urges, ”if you don’t like a scene, hold your’s over and on to the next!” The final show of the year will be “The Belle of Amherst,” a one-woman play Caris Cooper will perform as her senior project. Amherst is the story of the reclusive Emily Dickenson. Caris will play the title character, who explains her life, her persona, and reads (or sings) some of her poetry. The Belle of Amherst will be performed May 4 and 5 at 8p.m. in the Prop Shop.

Hurricane Aftermath an Inevitably Long Process LOS ANGELES, CA-“Whatever That Means”: On Being a Southern Playwright. Reprinted with permission from “HowlRound” at Mrs. Botrelle as pictured upon her arrest

Dan: It’s the middle of August, the middle of the afternoon, and Beth Henley and I are sitting in a coffee shop in Westwood in Los Angeles. We’re a week or so back from teaching together at the Sewanee Writers’ Conference in Sewanee, Tennessee, so maybe I’m feeling some withdrawal, from the conference, the cocktails, talking with Beth. But this question of Southern writing and Southern writers, socalled, has been on my mind . . . Are you cool talking about what it means to be a Southern playwright? Beth: Yeah, with the caveat of “whatever that means.” Dan: Did you see a lot of theater growing up? Beth: I probably saw more than the average Mississippian circa 1960. My mom was an actor, she worked in the community theater at New Stage in Jackson, so I read a lot of plays, Samuel French and Dramatists Play Service, because they were short and I liked dialogue. That was something of an anomaly, I think. Most people from Jackson don’t

become playwrights because it’s such a peculiar sort of job. You have to go to New Orleans or somewhere. Dan: Or New York. I think it’s interesting that you’re from the South, but as a playwright so much of your career has had to happen in New York City, and yet you live in LA, which is sometimes an odd place to be a playwright. When I tell people here that I write plays— not TV or screenplays—it doesn’t seem to compute. Beth: It computes like, “Loser!” Beth: (cont.) from Jackson don’t become playwrights because it’s such a peculiar sort of job. You have to go to New Orleans or somewhere. Dan: Or New York. I think it’s interesting that you’re from the South, but as a playwright so much of your career has had to happen in New York City, and yet

you live in LA, which is sometimes an odd place to be a playwright. When I tell people here that I write plays— not TV or screenplays—it doesn’t seem to compute. Beth: It computes like, “Loser!” Dan: Yeah… Beth: Is that cake any good? Dan: I’m just pacing myself. You want some? Beth: Yeah, I’m starving! Dan: So have you ever felt like, I don’t know, pigeonholed as a Southern writer? Beth: I feel like if they’re giving you a job or a prize, they can categorize you any way they want. Like all these prizes are for Southern writers?—okay, throw me one! All these prizes are for women?—okay, throw me one! Continued on

I used hand puppets in a final presentation and received an ‘ A ’ Things you might not know about White Library

written by

Valerie Sartor

While many of us visit to grab a book for

- Tape recorders to record your innermost thoughts or a

- Come in Sunday nights and Wednesdays for double punches!

a report, a drink from Sacred Grounds or to hop online,

mixtape for a friend! Cassettes not supplied. (B.Y.O.T.)

- On their website,, you can see their full menu,

there are many more services White Library at Spring Arbor

specials and a hilarious commercial starring David Blackburn.

University provides for students. After learning there were

The Teacher-Education Work Room

- Their Facebook page announces birthdays and drinks of the

hand puppets available for checkout and using one to ace a

(is not just for Education majors!)


final presentation, my mission was to find out about more services White Library offers. This is what I found. -

- If you go to @Sacred_Grounds on Twitter, learn the Possibly the coolest place on campus to go when feeling crafty,

password and say it to the barista, you’ll get a discount on the

the Teacher-Ed room has just about anything you could need

drink of the week!

to make any craft or project your heart desires. In this room Items available for check out:

you can (some for free and some for extremely low fees): Other Fun Facts

- Electronic Nooks

- Print in color

- Each month White gives away tons of free journals,

- Over 80,000 e-books

- Laminate

magazines, books and VHS’s. Check out the free shelves on

- Camcorders

- Use a die-cutter

the main floor!

- AV-Laptops

- Create and print out posters up to 22 inches

- The library director, Roy Meador III, is a second degree black-

- Projectors (For a hot date or fun movie night)

- Create magnets and stickers

belt (Think twice before not paying your late fees!).

- CD’s, DVD’s, and VHS’s (Don’t have a VCR? No fear! The

- Make copies from idea books to create a coloring book

- When the swivel chairs in the quiet lab were purchased in

library has plenty)

- Bind a book you made yourself

2001, they were guaranteed one million rubs before the material

- Any book/CD/DVD from any library in Michigan - order it

- Making brochures for class? Try out the tri-fold paper

wears out.

on MELcat, and it ships right to White!


- When the library was built, students were hired to carry books

- Check out hand puppets and have access to numerous hand

across campus in the snow from the old library location (the

puppet plays

School of Education office) to its current location.

- Buy any colored piece of paper or poster ROYGBV could

- The library is older than Gainey, the Poling Center, the

ever come up with

Villages and the clock tower! All modeled their brick design

- Ever wanted to learn another language? Rosetta Stone is

- Use glitter glue, crayons, markers and multiple other craft

after White.

available free at White! (As well as textbooks on the bottom


- Because the Dewey Decimal System gets tedious at times, the


- Check-out teaching manipulatives (visual aids to use when

library staff frequently plays practical jokes on each other to

- Laptops

teaching something)

keep sane. Their most recent pranks include a beeping “annoy-

Items available for use in the library:

- Microfiche machine

a-tron” hidden in one employee’s office for a week, convincing

- Headphones

a student worker she heard voices in the walls, the taking

- Scanner

Sacred Grounds

- Giant atlases

may not have ended up on the roof.

- Giant children’s story books

While you can’t use cougar cash to feed your caffeine addiction,

- Comfy bean bag chairs

there are a lot of awesome things the coffee shop on the first

- Textbooks for classes like MUS152 (They also have the book’s

floor offers! For instance:

CD you need!) - Old SAU yearbooks filled with awkward and embarrassing

- Did you know they sell HUGE brownies and muffins as well

photos of your beloved staff, professors and many of your

as tea and pop?

parents (Did you know SAU has a fight song? Check out the

- Sacred Grounds has frequent buyer cards. Each purchase gets

first page!)

one hole punch. Fill your card up for a free tall drink!

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hostage of office chairs and a stuffed animal bison that may or









CONDITIONING? (Think Pavlov’s slobbering dogs and punishments and rewards). They might have seemed trivial, but these concepts can actually help you kick the habit this Lenten season. If you aren’t sure you can make it forty days without chocolate or Facebook (or fill in the blank) without losing your mind, consider these strategies.

3. MAKE THE BEHAVIOR MORE Wear a rubber band around your wrist and snap it DIFFICULT TO DO.


each time you engage in the behavior you are trying to

Get rid of all sweets from your room and block

found and overpowering desire for the behavior you never

extinguish. This “positive punishment” has shown to be

Facebook from your computer. Ask your roommate not

knew about. An extinction burst would be relapsing and

effective but won’t make for the most encouraging forty

to participate in the behavior around you. Do whatever

stuffing your face with all of your roommate’s chocolate

days of your life. If you don’t want to beat yourself up

you have to do to get it out of your mind and out of your

while they’re in class or sneaking on Facebook. If you

over this, try the following alternatives.

reach. Altering your environment will make it easier to

can make it through the first week, extinction bursts

prevent thinking about or getting ahold of what you’re

should quickly become extinct and you’ll regain your self-



given it up!) each day about how you’re doing. Have a


friend check-in periodically to monitor your progress.

When you go a certain amount of time without engaging


Knowing you’ll have to tell someone if you engage in the

in the behavior, celebrate the small victory! A reward

By finding another way to fill this forty day void you can

undesired behavior can motivate you to refrain from it.

could be anything, like money, candy or a sticker on your

successfully kick the habit and start a new and hopefully

Having friends tell you they’re proud of you for making

calendar. This will encourage you to continue refraining

healthier one!

it so long can also reinforce you to keep on keepin’ on.

because you know a reward is waiting for you.



The first days are the hardest. You may discover a new-

Tell others. Blog or post on Facebook (if you haven’t


If you find yourself going crazy trying to kick the habit,

If you can’t stop cold-turkey, reward yourself with

be sure to visit one of the Psychology Club’s Mental

the behavior you’re trying to stop after you’ve gone a

Health Awareness events this month for some relief!

significant time without it. This can help slowly extinguish

Check them out on the calendar on page 6. Good luck!

the behavior if you can’t give it up immediately.

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How not to buy textbooks and still succeed in class written by

David Shinabarger


by without reading. Start by checking out the books from

been received a paycheck in more than seven months.

the library, and if you have to, buy the absolutely essential

After a summer-long bicycle trip and a semester in

ones after the first few weeks of class. By that point, you’ll

Guatemala, I was more broke than the library printer

know exactly which books you need.

during finals week. The clashing of the realities of both 6. THE LAST RESORT: BUYING BOOKS

needing textbooks for spring semester and not having any money whatsoever forced me to get creative.

If you do have to buy books, avoid using the SAU It is one month into the semester, and I still have not

bookstore. My books for this semester would have cost me

bought a single textbook.

$320.94 through the on-campus bookstore. While I still couldn’t afford, the SAU bookstore prices

Here’s how you, too, can go without buying those

made the Amazon prices seem a lot more appealing, with

expensive textbooks.

my books ringing up on Amazon at $229.07.


If the local library doesn’t have it, MelCat it. Yes, MelCat is a verb. You can get just about any book from any library in Michigan. It typically takes anywhere from one to three weeks for your book to arrive, so you should order your books well before you need them. Unfortunately, these can only be renewed once for a total of five weeks, but you can always order the book again from a different Michigan library before returning your book. If MelCat doesn’t have it, WorldCat probably does. connects you with any library anywhere through interlibrary loan. Worldcat is a last resort, but still an option. 3. E-BOOKS The White Library has thousands of e-Books online. If you have little regard for trees, you can print these off

Your local on-campus library has a surprising number of books you need for your classes. If you get to them first, you can check out these books for three weeks initially, plus another two weeks if you renew them. If you renew them a second time, that is seven weeks and well over a month of having the books in your possession. Considering the semester is just 3.5 months long, you can return the books, them re-check them out three times throughout the semester. For free. 2. MELCAT, MELCAT, MELCAT.

in the library. You can print four pages of the book per one page of paper, hole punch it, and throw it in a threering binder. You can also read these on your computer, Kindle, Nook or iPad. 4. SHARING Make friends with people in your class or take a class with a friend who you are geographically close nearby (the same apartment, dorm floor, K-house or building), and see if you can share books and split the cost. 5. WAIT IT OUT.

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Many professors will assign extra books that you can get

Being stuck with no money has been forcing me to be creative when it comes to buying textbooks. I’m hoping to get my hands on a Kindle by next semester so I can check out most of future textbooks as an e-book, but for now, checking out books from the local library has been working out quite well. I realize not everyone could do this or it might become a tight competition at the library to obtain books. But for the poor in wallet and rich in spirit, these are some simple ways to get around the system of buying expensive textbooks.

A studious affair with style written by

Crystal Wood

If you know anything about me, then you know I have a passion for fashion. It’s

You may ask, “Well, what’s the point of your muse? You’re in

no secret, and I’d yell it off rooftops or the clock tower if given

Spring Arbor, not in New York.” This is my dilemma exactly!

the opportunity. Often I’ve been referred to as the African-

How can one poor college student all the way in Michigan

American girl with “fashion” on campus, and that’s fine with

keep up with her raging passion for fashion with all these

me. I literally wear my love for it on my sleeve, my feet and

assignments and papers to be written?

adorned on the fur around my neck. I should declare to my teachers, “Do you not know what today With this in mind, there are two occurrences every year I look

is? It’s the beginning of Paris fashion week. Today nothing else

forward to with eager anticipation and glee, and no, one of

matters!” They’d have to understand, wouldn’t they? I try to

them is not my birthday. They are the spring and fall Fashion

keep up with my shows, but with at least 15 a day to be seen,

Weeks held every year in New York, London, Milan, Paris and

all thanks to the mysterious realms of the Internet, I always

in other places around the globe.

fall behind.

Wait, what is Fashion Week you ask? Why Fashion Week is style!

Thank you, Apple, for creating the ipod Touch and thank you

Fashion Week is the creation of all that is Vogue. Each year for your helpful app. It’s a perfect solution for quick

starting February through March, then following in September

updates in the back of class, stealing glances quickly under the

through November, the major cities of fashion hold events,

table, my eyes hidden behind my black sun hat. Teachers, please

each a week long. In these shows they showcase new, talented

understand. It’s Fashion Week.

and aspiring designers along with old, beloved masters. Fashion week is a blur of editors, models and buyers dashing about the likes of New York and Paris in a constant rush to catch the shows. It’s a dizzying scene of the latest fashions of Givenchy, Alexander Wang and Marc Jacobs worn by the latest “it” faces in the business. You would almost get drunk off the amounts of radiating color, towering heels and clashing personalities of style all coming with price tags too glamorous to believe. This is Fashion Week.

all photos from news . daylife . com

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The 84th annual academy awards

The Vow A movie REVIEW

written by J ordan


written by

Brittany Bellamy

“Life’s all about moments of impact and how they change our lives forever. But

“The Vow” was inspired by the true story of Christian couple

what if one day you couldn’t remember any of them?” was the

Kim and Krickitt Carpenter, whose marriage was turned upside

main focus of the movie “The Vow”.

down 10 weeks after their wedding when a car crash erased 18 months of Krickitt’s memories.

“The Vow” (PG-13) is a romantic drama surrounding the lives of married couple Paige (Rachel McAdams) and Leo

Even though the couple encountered many of the same

(Channing Tatum). Their love and commitment is put to the

challenges that Paige and Leo faced, they remained faithful

test when Paige loses portions of her memory after a tragic

to their vows and remained married throughout the long and

car accident. With Paige’s memories of their relationship gone,

painful recovery process. Although “The Vow” applauds this

Leo must find a way to make his wife fall back in love with him

commitment, there is still much confusion and dissent between

Photo from

and repair their relationship. However, Paige’s eager ex-fiancé

Paige and Leo that garners a much different result than that of

The red carpet was rolled out Sunday, Feb.

and her snooty parents make Leo’s quest to re-win his wife’s

the real-life couple.

26, for the 84th Academy Awards, also known as the Oscars,

affection become harder than he could have imagined.

to present 24 awards in the film industry. “The Vow” is a compelling story that challenges viewers to

After the accident and discovering the news of her memory

examine and appreciate their relationships. Unconditional love,

So, what’s the difference between the two names? The Academy

loss, Leo tirelessly works to help Paige regain the lost memories

loyalty, devotion and sacrifice are the themes that make this

Award is the actual award given out by the Academy of Motion

of her life and their relationship.

film captivating and inspiring. If you are looking to have a

Picture Arts and Sciences (AMPAS), while the Oscar is the

night out with your significant other, “The Vow” will not only

statuette representing the award.

Leo displays unconditional love for Paige, even though she

provide you with endearing characters, an intriguing plot and

does not remember him and often meets his attempts to

a beautiful romance, but it will also leave you with the notion

The French silent film “The Artist” was a big winner, with

show affection with hostility and confusion. It is under these

that true love is not easily lost or forgotten.

10 nominations and five awards including Best Picture, Best

circumstances that Leo’s commitment to his wife is put to the

Leading Actor, Best Costume Design, Best Directing and

ultimate test.

Best Music. This marked the first time a French film won Best Picture and a French actor won Best Leading Actor. “The Artist” was the first silent motion picture and French film to win Best Picture in 83 years, according to the official Oscars website. Alongside it was Martin Scorcese’s “Hugo,” which had 11 nominations and five awards including Best Sound, Best Sound Editing, Best Art Direction, Best Visual Effects and Best Cinematography. The only other film to win multiple awards was “The Iron Lady,” which took Best Leading Actress and Best Makeup. Jean Dujardin was awarded the title of Best Actor for his role in “The Artist.” Meryl Streep upset favored Viola Davis (“The Help”) and won her third Best Actress award for her role in “The Iron Lady.” Octavia Spencer took Best Supporting Actress for “The Help.” Christopher Plummer won Best Supporting Actor for “Beginners,” and he became the oldest man, at 82 years old, to ever win Best Supporting Actor. The Oscars were hosted by

page ( 20 )

photo from

Billy Crystal and produced by Brian Grazer.

Anansi Boys by Neil Gaiman A BOOK REVIEW

written by

Kerry Wade

There are many of us who want nothing

as he weaves together this brilliant novel. “Anansi Boys” is

more than a life of adventure and

written as modern day folklore, carrying with it all the oddities

surprises and who wouldn’t mind terribly if we found out

of ancient myth and fireside stories. The reader is left turning

one day that our father was a god and a spider. Fat Charlie

each page not quite knowing what to expect but fascinated by

Nancy was not such a man.

Gaiman’s ability to tie together all the eccentricities of the plot in a coherent manner; not to mention a brilliant and heart-

Fat Charlie Nancy is the main character of Neil Gaiman’s

warming ending.

novel “Anansi Boys.” You may have heard of Neil Gaiman as the author of the book, and movie, “Stardust”, the writer of various “Doctor Who” episodes and co-author of many of the “Diskworld” novels. Gaiman is one of the top fantasy writers of our time and “Anansi Boys” is no exception. In case you were wondering, Fat Charlie Nancy is not fat; rather, the name was given to him by his father who found pleasure in Charlie’s embarrassment. Charlie was never informed by his father that he is the son of a god and that not only is his father a spider, but Charlie also has a brother named Spider. When Fat Charlie invites his infamous brother Spider into his London flat, his life spirals out of control including corrupt business men, murders, Caribbean cruises, bird women, female policemen, limes and, of course,spiders. “If you have to classify [“Anansi Boys”], it’s probably magicalhorror-thriller-ghost-romantic-comedy-family-epic,”said Gaiman. The thing I love most about this story is that it is about telling stories. I bet you were wondering what Fat Charlie’s father was the god of, right? Fat Charlie’s father is Anansi and he is the god of stories. “Every story is Anansi’s. Once, before the stories were Anansi’s, they all belonged to Tiger (which is the name the people of the islands call all the big cats), and back then the tales were dark, evil and filled with pain, and none of them ended happily. But that was a long time ago. These days, the stories are Anansi’s.” (excerpt from “Anansi Boys”). The novel itself is laced with stories. Fat Charlie and Spider seek to find their own story as they battle for the ownership of all stories. Gaiman creates a web of plot and imagination

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Winter sports recap written by

Ryan Braun is guilty to me

Tyler Prough and Megan Filipowski

MEN’S BASKETBALL The regular season has wrapped up for the Cougars as they written by

Megan Filipowski begin to make an exciting push into the playoffs. Finishing with


The MVP should be a player who exemplifies what baseball

an even record in the conference, the team looks to raise their


is about. Matt Kemp from the LA Dodgers had a season to

level of competition at National Christian College Athletic

remember as did his teammate Clayton Kershaw, who received

Association (NCCAA) Midwest Regional Tournament. The

the NL Cy Young Award and a Triple Crown. But they didn’t

team gets back into action March 7 at Cedarville University

National League (NL) Most Valuable Player (MVP) Ryan

get the award because the Dodgers didn’t make the playoffs

in Ohio.

Braun almost had the same fate. Almost being the keyword in

like the Brewers did.






the previous sentence.

MEN’S TRACK AND FIELD Apparently Braun won the appeal because the person testing

The men’s track and field team recently competed at the

To say I was upset by this decision would be an understatement.

his urine sample took it to his or her home and left it in the

NCCAA National Indoor Championships, placing sixth out of

I could think of some pretty colorful words to use to describe

basement for two days. Now the collector of the sample is

19 teams. Dewayne Gray led the impressive effort, finishing

the outcome, but I shall refrain.

coming out and saying that protocol was not broken.

second in the 200-meter dash and third in the 55-meter sprint. Gray earned All-American honors for both races. The 4x800-

An article on the website of the Milwaukee Brewers, Braun’s

As a baseball fan, I’m not happy with this situation. I look at

meter relay team also earned All-American honors; the team

team, said, “If I had done this intentionally, or unintentionally,

Braun, and I’m suspicious. I think he really did, knows he did

includes runners Chris Conrad, Banjor Musa, Jake Boone and

I would be the first one to step up and say, ‘I did it.’ By no

and is probably going to do it again. If they aren’t going to give

Dan Deller. In the field events, Brandon White finished fourth

means am I perfect, but if I’ve ever made any mistakes in my

him the suspension, then make him take a urine test before

in the triple jump and Tim Canfield grabbed fourth place in

life, I’ve taken responsibility for my actions. I truly believe in

every game for 50 games.

the pole vault.

I hate to say it, but I will never look at Ryan Braun the same


way. I’ll just see him as the player who made a fool of himself

The Lady Cougars struggled to finish the season strong,

I can’t say I agree with him about admitting he did something

as he tripped around third on his way home for an inside-

winning only once in their final 10 games and missing a bid for

wrong. With Prince Fielder signing with the Detroit Tigers,

the-park home run. And he’s an even bigger fool for testing

the conference tournament. Despite a disappointing record,

Braun has become the face of the Brewers, and he wouldn’t

positive just weeks after being named MVP.

the team has made some significant strides in their game,

my heart, and I would bet my life, that this substance never entered my body at any point.”

admit to something that would tarnish his career.

especially at home where they won their final game against Goshen College. The Lady Cougars will continue to rebuild

It’s difficult to be okay with having an MVP who has tested

during the off-season, making promising steps in the right

positive for some kind of performance-enhancing drugs or an


elevated level of testosterone as was the case for Braun. I can’t in healthy conscience say he deserved the award.

WOMEN’S TRACK AND FIELD The women’s track and field team recently competed at the NCCAA National Indoor Championships in record-breaking fashion. The 4x800-meter relay team of Faith Gunderson, Carissa Hudson, Libby Allen and Michaela Crew set the national record with a time of nine minutes and 25 seconds. The 4x200-meter relay team of Kayla Finkbeiner, Jessica Lee, Jessica Czinder and Tammera Bean won their race in the slow heat. Hudson and Emily Gibler had All-American

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written by

Tyler Prough

NORMALLY RUN ON A SUNDAY AFTERNOON, Due to rain, the event was canceled on Sunday and for the first

Once the white flag finally signaled the final lap, Kenseth

RAIN AND A RED FLAG FORCED THE DAYTONA time in history the start was postponed until Monday evening.

found himself being hotly pursued by teammate Biffle and

500 to finish in the midnight hours on Tuesday with Matt

fan-favorite Dale Earnhardt Jr. As the field rounded the freshly

Kenseth cruising to his second 500 victory.

Only one lap into the race the restlessness of waiting resulted in

repaired third turn, Earnhardt Jr. leapt into the outside lane to

a multi-car crash that took out five-time Sprint Cup Champion

pass Biffle, but his momentum was not enough to catch the

After parking on the backstretch for over two hours due to Jimmy Johnson, the popular debuting Danica Patrick and

strong Kenseth who won the season opener for the second

an explosion during the race, Greg Biffle pushed teammate defending Daytona 500 champion Trevor Bayne.

time in four years.

Kenseth to victory for a stretch of 40 laps. The delay came under caution when Columbian driver Juan Pablo Montoya’s With only 40 laps remaining in the race, a field of over 20 drivers suspension broke barreling into turn three, sending him sat parked on the backstretch while track officials attempted to crashing into the back of a jet dryer at the top of the track. repair burnt asphalt. The race was delayed for nearly two hours. The dryer, which holds nearly 200 gallons of kerosene fuel, exploded from the impact, sending a fury of fire into the air Several drivers took advantage of the break in action, especially and across the track. Both Montoya and the driver of the jet Brad Keselowski who used the opportunity to interact with dryer walked away from the incident without injury.

The Need for NASCAR

written by

his fans via Twitter while walking around on the track. During the red flag delay alone, Keselowski gained roughly 140,000 followers.

try to stop them from scoring points. After an attempt to score, One of the best rivalries in all of sports arguably exists between

Tyler Prough the two teams switch roles and the same process is repeated for the New York Yankees and the Boston Red Sox, yet they see a matter of hours.

each other only 18 times during the baseball season. The Detroit


Red Wings and Chicago Blackhawks is an intense rivalry as well,

I am never able to fully satisfy that need, largely due to the

Sounds boring, right? Yet we all know that basketball is far yet they only play one another six times throughout the year. Is

watchful eye of the law, and my domesticated four cylinder

from boring because there is so much more involved in the it possible that there is tension among some of the NASCAR

engine. Fortunately, I have another avenue to fulfill my guilty

game than simply these monotonous actions. The very same drivers that see each other on the track every single week? You

pleasure: NASCAR.

is true in NASCAR, yet so many people cannot look past the bet there is. surface of repetition; if they did, they would find NASCAR to

What has always perplexed me, however, is how little

be one of the most exciting sports in America and suddenly This tension is the reason NASCAR has become one of the

appreciation or recognition the sport receives, especially from

realize they need to watch it.

most exciting sports to demand your attention as a sports lover.

college students. When we talk about our favorite sports,

Sure, the cars are fun to watch and the speeds they reach are

NASCAR is rarely mentioned in the same breath as football,

I could try to convince you to watch NASCAR by describing amazing, but the personalities behind the steering wheel make

baseball and basketball. Why is one of the most exciting and

the beautiful American-made 5.6 liter engines that produce up it easy for fans to either love or hate a driver. NASCAR has

adrenaline-pumping sports often left unnoticed by so many?

750 horsepower. I could explain that the drivers race within its bad boys, wily veterans, young guns, smooth talkers, cleaninches of each other traveling speeds up to 200 mph. I could nosed drivers, good old boys and even a swimsuit model; what

There are many answers to this question, one which is that

explain that with the slightest touch of metal a cluster of cars more could you ask for as a fan?

NASCAR is boring. We all know the drivers are going to turn

could be sent spinning, flipping and crashing into a wall. I

left, followed by another left turn, followed by yet another left

could explain all of these things, but that will not convince you The variety and passion that these drivers offer can have you

turn. Finally, the excitement peaks as the drivers make their

to watch NASCAR even if it does sound enticing.

final left turn, only to repeat this process for a matter of hours.

sitting on the edge of your seat from the drop of the green flag to the checkered flag as the personalities of each driver spill

What I will explain is something that I feel many professional out onto the track throughout the whole race. Sometimes they Sounds boring, right? Let’s look at how a basketball game is

sports lack today: passion. While NASCAR is about the perfect push each other to victory and sometimes they push each other

played. The game begins with a tip off and one team receiving

unity of man and machine, it is truly the drivers that make the into a cement wall, but their actions on the track will leave you

the ball. This team dribbles down the court and creates an

sport almost impossible to not watch. No other sport puts the begging for more.

offense to put the ball in the basket, thus scoring points. While

same athletes together in the same venue week in and week out

this is going on, the other team creates a system of defense to

like NASCAR does.

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March 1 2012  
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