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Assistive Technology

What is Assistive Technology? In college there is a wide range of Assistive Technology and ergonomic equipment designed to help learners with dyslexia, visual or hearing impairments or physical support needs. This catalogue shows you all the Assistive Technology available for you to use in college. It is there to help you, if you are interested please get in touch and we will be happy to discuss the best assistive technology to support you with your studies.

Telephone: 0141 951 7440 Email:


Room 109 - Assistive Technology Base At the back of the Library in Room 109 is the Assistive Technology Base where you can use our assistive software in peace and quiet. We also run workshops to teach you how to use this software. Check the noticeboards and TV screens for dates.

There are also laptops for learners to borrow for use in class or at study periods 3

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What is Assistive Technology


Supporting Reading and Writing


Ergonomic Equipment


Supporting Sensory Difficulties


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Supporting Reading and Writing 5


On all college computers

Read and Write is designed to assist students with reading or writing and allows greater independence. • Text to speech reads out loud what is written • You can save any reading materials as an audio file to play back on your mp3 player • Spellchecking and word prediction reduce likelihood of grammatical errors • Highlights words in a colour to help you read comfortably • Has a Dictionary with description and sample sentence. Mind mapping helps students plan ideas using a spider diagram or visual mindmap of ideas, pictures and information.

There are regular workshops in using this software – check the TV screens or email for more information 6

Audio Note taking Control recording and playback with intuitive controls printed on each page of the dot paper pad.

Pulse Smart Pen Audio Jack for Headphones Microphone

The Pulse Smart Pen is an advanced voice recorder. • Convert handwriting into text • Save audio recording • Navigate audio recording by tapping relevant part of your written notes. • No complicated controls to learn

Built in Speaker

Infrared camera captures everything you write or draw.


Audio Note taking

Voice Recorders

Voice recorders enable you to record your lesson and play it back later Particularly useful for students who struggle with written notes. The Olympus DM-450 digital voice recorder is easy to use and is particularly suitable for people who learn best by listening, who may be Dyslexic, have a print or visual impairment.


Speech to Text Software - Dragon Naturally Speaking Typing using your voice

May be particularly useful for students who: •Find it difficult to use a keyboard •Prefer saying their ideas out loud than writing •Find it hard to spell •Have a lot of essays to write How to learn to use Dragon If you would like to know more about Dragon contact the Guidance and Support Team for a demonstration and to show you how to get started using Dragon. Dragon is on all the computers in Room 109 - The Assistive Technology Base for you to practice using Dragon in quiet. 9

Ergonomic equipment Chairs, Desks, Computer Mice and Keyboards are some of the most commonly used pieces of equipment. If you have back pain, arthritis, repetitive strain injury (rsi) or carpal tunnel syndrome you could really benefit from trying out some of our ergonomic equipment to enable you to work more comfortably. 10

Ergonomic Equipment


We have a wide range of ergonomic mouse. Particularly suitable for people who suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome and repetitive strain injury. 11

Ergonomic Equipment

Keyboard rests

Wrist Rests are often beneficial for people who use the computer regularly as they cushion the wrist so it doesn’t drop onto the desk.

The Fujitsu Butterfly Split Keyboard has palm rests which can be adjusted to suit the natural position of an individual’s hands and wrists.


Ergonomic Furniture

RH Logic Chairs

RH Logic Chairs help to support the spine, improve circulation and maintain a good posture. They are particularly beneficial for people who have back pain.

Using a footrest takes the strain off your thighs and further supports your posture.

Fully adjustable, the chairs provide support to the back, legs and arms.

Click here to see an animation of how to adjust this type of chair 13

Ergonomic Furniture

Chairs and tables

Hag Capisco chairs are height adjustable enabling support on a low table or a high table such as a science lab for instance. This seat can be used by sitting normally, or with the back supporting your front.

Every classroom in college has an adjustable height desk which enables you to work comfortably and adjust to your individual height.


Ergonomic Furniture Writing slopes stop you having to lean over to the desk, avoiding strain on your back neck and shoulders.

Document Holders allow you to look at your notes whilst using a computer - so you don’t have to keep looking up and down.


Supporting Sensory Difficulties 16


Comfort Digisystem The Digital hearing system provides wireless crystal clear sound to any hearing aid equipped with a T-coil. • • • • • •

Eliminates background noise Large range, works several rooms away Discreet Easy to adjust volume Microphone can be connected to computer. Can also use with headphones




Visual Impairment

Zoom Ex and Zoom Extra Zoom Ex • Instantly scans and reads text out loud • Magnification • Adjustable contrast • Save audio or text file for use anywhere • Motion detector recognises when pages are turned Zoom Extra In addition to the above functions, the Zoom Extra also has a 360º camera which can zoom from 1x to 50x to show what is on the whiteboard.

Click here to see Video tutorials about using the Zoom Ex 18

Visual Impairment

SmartView Pocket The SmartView Pocket is a lightweight and compact handheld video magnifier that helps you when things are too small to see and read. • Easy to use • Colour, black and white or high contrast. • Save image onto your computer • 3x to 9x magnification • 3.6 inch display


Visual Impairment

Magnifying Glasses

In addition to our digital magnification equipment, we also have regular magnifying glasses.



on selected Laptops and PCs

Zoom Text Magnifier enlarges and enhances everything on your computer screen, making all of your applications easy to see and use. The Reader reads out documents and web pages.

JAWS reads aloud what is on the computer screen. Compatible with most windows applications enabling people with no vision to navigate the computer.


Visual Impairment


The Victor Reader Stream is a handheld device which makes it easy to listen to audio books and voice recordings. It also has a human sounding text to speech facility for reading text files. The speed of the voice and tone can also be changed. It can also be used as a voice recorder. Bookmarking options involve highlighting a passage of text or creating a voice note, similar way to writing in the margin of a notebook. You can read more about the Victor Reader on this website


Visual Impairment

Large Display Calculators

Talking large display calculators

Large display calculators 23

Visual Impairment

High Contrast keyboards

These high contrast keyboards have been designed for people who have difficulty seeing the keys on a standard keyboard.


Visual Impairment

Tactile Maths Set • Measure by touch using the raised markings. • Yellow and Black markings. High contrast helps with low vision. • Notched edge – used with a biro helps people with manual dexterity problems • Non slip backing

Tactile rulers and protractors are designed to help visually impaired people measure accurately. 25

Visual Impairment

Tactile Diagrams

Tactile diagrams enable blind and partially sighted people to access visual information. We can produce raised diagrams from existing materials or by adapting the image. 26

Visual Impairment

Braille The BrailleNote mPower provides a choice of output options by combining a braille display with clear, responsive speech. • Media player, word processor and email. • 32 cell braille display and keyboard. • Bluetooth and wireless connectivity

We also have a braille printer and can convert any text file into embossed braille


Customising your computer settings The way that your computer login is setup might not be quite right for you. This can be adjusted so every time you log in you have your own settings. What can be customised? •Text size •Colour of the background •Size of mouse pointer •Speed of mouse

You can adjust the settings by following the instructions on this website: or by asking the Guidance and Support Team for help. 28

Links Moodle at Clydebank College. Online Core Skills support handouts BBC Skillswise enables adults to improve reading, writing and number skills. Dyslexia Shop Products to support people with Dyslexia such as coloured lined paper pads and reading rulers Dyslexia Scotwest is the main dyslexia organisation in the West of Scotland. Action on Hearing Loss Largest charity for people who are deaf or have hearing loss. Was previously called RNID RNIB Supporting blind and partially sighted people The Brite Initiative Encourage inclusive practice in teaching and learning



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In Clydebank College there is a wide range of Assistive Technology and ergonomic equipment designed to help learners with dyslexia, visual o...

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