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SUPP OR TING GRE ATER E VANS V ILLE The Growth Alliance connects businesses, talent, ideas, and experts to elevate the economic prosperity of the City of Evansville & Vanderburgh County, Indiana. The organization concentrates its resources and expertise in three strategic focus areas: •

Attraction, Retention & Expansion of Businesses

Entrepreneurship & Innovation

Quality of Place & Talent Development

OUR MISSION To drive and support economic development activities that provide positive economic impact and sustainable growth through attraction and expansion of investment and new jobs, retention of existing jobs, and incubation of new innovation-based businesses in the City of Evansville and Vanderburgh County, Indiana.



new jobs


Y E AR RESULT S 2 0 13 - 2 0 17

4198 JOBS







$1, 515,0 0 0







$677,0 0 0



$11,0 0 0,0 0 0



$9,0 0 0,0 0 0

2017 TOTA L



$37, 287,682




A Snapshot of the Business & Community Outlook Survey Innovation 89% of businesses have introduced new products and/or services in the past 5 years. 75% of companies plan to within the next two years. 90% are confident in their ability to innovate.

Hiring Constraints 64% of businesses are able to dedicate resources to future products and/or services; 36% are not, due to limited human capital. The top three positions companies are finding difficult to fill: – Skilled Trades – Unskilled/Entry Level – Information Technology jobs

Retaining Employees 67% of respondents are not experiencing difficulty retaining employees.

Technology Infrastructure 82% of survey respondents are satisfied with the technology in Evansville and Vanderburgh County and feel it meets their needs. The 18% who were dissatisfied expressed interest in higher speed and fiber and more highly accessible internet/fiber.

Business Expansion 60% of businesses plan to expand in the future, many within the next two years. Of those: 60% may require additional square footage. 83% plan to add new jobs in the near future, many within the next two years. New York City Area Denver, CO

Most Helpful Direct Flights

Washington, D.C.

Las Vegas, NV

Los Angeles, CA

Boston, MA

Seattle, WA

San Francisco, CA




Full summary available at


NEW BUSINESS AT T R AC T I O N S The Growth Alliance business attraction efforts are fueled by leads from many sources including: the Indiana Economic Development Corporation, local real estate professionals, the Economic Development Coalition of SW Indiana, and the Growth Alliance website.

When responding to attraction projects, the Growth Alliance acts as the liaison between site-seeking companies, local and state government officials, education providers, transportation and utility offices, as well as private sector resources.


Israeli Plastics Supplier Picks Vanderburgh County for First U.S. Production Facility. July 5, 2017: Polyram Group, a global producer of raw materials for the plastics industry, announced today it is locating its first U.S. production facility in Evansville, with plans to create more than 50 new jobs by 2022. The Israel-based manufacturer purchased, renovated, and equipped a 100,000-square-foot facility in the Vanderburgh Industrial Park. Operations at the facility are expected to begin in early 2018.

“We are excited and are looking forward to joining the Indiana community known all over the world for its manufacturing tradition and culture,” said Sharon Segev, chief operating officer at Polyram Group. “The Evansville area is internationally known for its deep plastic industry roots. Its ideal logistic location and availability of a highly-skilled workforce with all the skill sets required for plastic manufacturing were a key factor contributing to our decision.”

TAY LOR MADE TaylorMade chooses Evansville for North American Distribution operations. November 15, 2017: Warehouse Services Inc. (WSI), a global third-party logistics provider, announced plans today to expand operations in Evansville to accommodate a centralized distribution center for TaylorMade Golf Company, creating 52 new jobs by 2019. The Mt. Vernon-based business will invest $9 million to add 200,000 square-feet to its existing 110,000-square-foot facility at 4400 Garrison Ave. in Evansville, allowing TaylorMade Golf to consolidate their North American distribution operations in a more centrally located site for easier, more economical access to their customers.

“Driving a ball down the fairway requires striking it in the sweet spot. In terms of North American geography, Evansville sits in the ‘sweet spot’ of the map -- easily accessible from all directions,”

said Kevin Limbach, vice president of operations, TaylorMade Golf.

View of Innovation Pointe - managed by the Growth Alliance

ENTREPRENEURSHIP & I N N O VAT I O N I N N O VAT I O N P O I N T E Innovation Pointe is a high-tech business incubator managed by the Growth Alliance for Greater Evansville. Located in the heart of Downtown Evansville, Innovation Pointe assists in the creation and growth of new businesses in the Evansville area; offering affordable office space, coworking space, and access to numerous resources – all under one roof.

C O W O R K I N G S PA C E AT I N N O VAT I O N P O I N T E A shared space for freelancers, remote workers, and independent professionals. Innovation Pointe is home to Evansville’s only coworking space offering local innovators a contemporary, professional, open-desk workspace with opportunities to collaborate and network with like minds.

I N N O V AT I O N POINTE OFFERS: • 24 hour (secure) access

• High speed Internet connection • Conference rooms

• Essential operating services • Convenient parking • Mailing service

• Access to counseling and mentoring services • and more!

"Being new to Evansville and a remote worker, the coworking space has been a fantastic way to make some friends, get connected, and feel involved in the community." - Testimonial from member satisfaction survey


CO W O R K I N G S PAC E E X PA N S I O N The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that approximately 65 million Americans, 40% of the workforce, will be freelancers, temps, independent contractors, and solopreneurs by 2020. Knowing this, the Growth Alliance is taking a proactive approach to expand Evansville’s only coworking space located inside Innovation Pointe. We’re confident the expanded space will foster and retain a creative class, spur local economic and community development, and contribute to a successful live-work-play downtown. Recognizing the economic impact and value of the space, the Growth Alliance Board of Directors allocated a significant investment for the expansion. Additionally, in 2017 the Growth Alliance applied for and received funds from the City of Evansville Endowment Fund Grant to aid 2018 construction costs. Project completion is expected by the end of 2018.

Common Grounds is a weekly event focused on bringing innovative people together for a superb cup of (free) local coffee and a five-minute story about great innovation, entrepreneurship, or exciting things happening in our community. The event kicked-off in Q3 of 2017 with approximately 15-20 in attendance the first month, but quickly grew to 40-50 in attendance each week by the end of the year. Common Grounds is sponsored by Evansville Tech on Tap, Evansville Coffee Company and the Growth Alliance.


UBER x L AUNCHES I N E VA N S V I L L E An Uber Exciting Project! Connectivity frustrations among young professionals lead to the Growth Alliance’s launch of UberX in Evansville! The added transportation option in Evansville is a quality of place gamechanger offering a wealth of new economic opportunities. January 25, 2017: Evansville welcomes UberX; an easy transportation system with cashless transactions, reliability, and economic opportunity. It’s as simple as downloading the Uber app, signing up, and then hitting ‘request.’ The ease of Uber is simply unparalleled. It’s safe to say that we are Uber excited for all that this service has done and will continue to do for the community.

“Uber’s upcoming launch will bring ridesharing to thousands of Evansville residents, creating earning opportunities for drivers in the region and expanding transportation options for all. Thanks in part to the collaborative efforts of the Growth Alliance for Greater Evansville, we quickly realized that Uber would be a great fit for the community and look forward to serving riders and drivers in Evansville early next year,” said Marco McCottry, General Manager of Uber in Illinois and Indiana.


“TED will connect several up-andcoming Evansville neighborhoods, giving residents and visitors greater access to the shops, restaurants, and galleries along Franklin Street, Downtown, and

in Haynie’s Corner Arts District,” said Lt. Governor Suzanne Crouch. “This project will provide even more reason for residents to be proud of the progress going on in Evansville.”

TED: TROLLEY OF E VANS V ILLE DISTRICTS All Aboard! The Growth Alliance lead a $25,000 crowdfunding campaign sponsored by the Indiana the Housing & Community Development Authority (IHCDA) to bring a cultural districts trolley to Evansville. More than just a trolley, TED: Trolley of Evansville Districts is a connectivity project that will create economic opportunity, improve the quality of life, and spur business activity and job creation within the districts. On November 14th, the campaign exceeded its crowdfunding goal of $25,000 and received a matching $25,000 grant made possible by the “CreatINg Stellar Places� funding program and the IHCDA. Look for TED, managed by the Franklin Street Events Association, on the streets in Evansville by Spring 2018. Chairman, Rick Schulz, is pleased to announce 100% Board and Staff participation in contributing to the campaign.


REGIONAL BRAND ROLLOUT The ‘e is for everyone’ community-driven brand launched in May of 2017. The brand is a cultural initiative to connect all corners of the Evansville region; encourage everyone to contribute to affect positive change; and celebrate the innovation and momentum of our community. The Growth Alliance proudly serves as a brand director for the initiative alongside the: Convention and Visitors Bureau, Southwest Indiana Chamber, Evansville Regional Business Committee, Economic Development Coalition of Southwest Indiana, and local brand and marketing experts.

Photo by Alex Morgan Imaging

PLANNING FOR THE FUTURE Several studies are underway to plan for our region’s growth in a proactive manner. Infrastructure review and land use planning are advancing in the following areas:

I-69 Ohio River Crossing Five alternatives have been narrowed to three options. While Central Corridor 1 is the cheapest, quickest, and requires the fewest relocations of residents and businesses, the state is continuing to evaluate the West Corridor option 1 and 2 to consider the impact on local economies as part of the equation. Only 10 to 20% on any highway is through traffic, so the local impact cannot be undervalued. A final route will be chosen by Fall 2018 with a formal proposal to Federal Transportation by Fall 2019.

Photo by Alex Morgan Imaging

Route 41 Corridor INDOT and the MPO are studying the 14 miles of 41 from Walnut Street to Warrenton Road. The goal is to present a plan that balances mobility and access with long-term vision for economic growth in the corridor. Safety and volume data has been collected and the study now moves to developing travel demand models for future growth. Next steps will look at innovative designs such as auxiliary turn lanes, driveway consolidation, right turn only lanes, jug handles, and roundabouts, with analysis of the alternatives presented by Summer 2018.

Lloyd Expressway INDOT completed the data gathering stage including traffic counts, crash history and environmental review. The next stage includes traffic modeling with a rollout of recommendations for

improving access and mobility on the Lloyd Expressway as well as all the connectors to the Lloyd. A report is expected in Spring 2018.

University Parkway Corridor The Department of Metropolitan Development, County Commissioners, and Area Plan Commission are evaluating the transportation, infrastructure, and land use in the USI corridor. Input has been solicited and data gathered to present Preliminary Plans in January 2018. Evaluations will be made on a parcel by parcel basis with overlay districts potentially proposed. The Growth Alliance participates in stakeholder meetings on these projects, presenting insights and potential impact on businesses and industry for economic growth.


YEAR IN REVIEW July 4 Event Hosts

January 23 MultiSeal Inc. Expands MultiSeal, a registered manufacturer of sealants and adhesives, will expand their Evansville facility over the next 5 years for a total of $676,825 in new investment. This project will retain 65 jobs and add 25 by 2022.

January 25 The official launch of UberX in Evansville Ask and you shall receive! Attracting Uber to Evansville adds to our community’s quality of place and ability to attract and retain young professionals. Added Bonus: Lyft followed!

March 20 New Leadership With over twenty years of experience in the civic, business, and non-profit arenas, Ellen Horan is named president of the Growth Alliance.

May 18 Regional Brand Rollout Evansville’s business leaders, along with the Convention and Visitors Bureau, the Southwest Indiana Chamber, Evansville Regional Business Committee, Growth Alliance of Greater Evansville, and more partnered with local brand and marketing experts to launch the “e is for everyone” brand. The Alliance continues to support the brand.

June 2017 Spurring Innovation Beginner & Intermediate SketchUp Courses offered in the MakerStation at Innovation Pointe.

June 1 Regional Pitch Competition Hosted a Regional Pitch Competition in Evansville leading up to statewide event inX3. The event connected local entrepreneurs and growth potential companies with fellow entrepreneurs and investors looking to support emerging and growing technology.

June 1 Hosted Evansville’s - Launch Indiana Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Mapping Project Area entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial thought leaders joined the facilitated group discussion designed to identify what resources are available to accelerate small business growth in the Evansville region. Launch Indiana will facilitate and identify mentors, service providers, funding sources, and educational/ networking opportunities available to entrepreneurs as well as areas that are identified to be lacking in resources.

The Growth Alliance Successfully hosted the Downtown Evansville Fireworks show, sponsored by Tropicana, Tri-State Area Ford Dealerships and the Growth Alliance.

July 10

Imperial Fastener & Industrial Supply A division of Haggard & Stocking, Imperial is expanding their Evansville footprint to include a warehouse/office facility on 1.4 acres. The total investment in the City of Evansville is estimated to be $1,515,000.

July 5 Israeli Plastics Supplier, Polyram Group, Picks Vanderburgh County for first U.S. Production Facility Polyram Group, a global producer of raw materials for the plastics industry, plans to create more than 50 new jobs by 2022.

November 14

TED is funded!

September 12 Common Grounds kickoff! A weekly event focused on bringing innovative people together for a superb cup of coffee from Evansville Coffee Company and a 5-minute story about some of the great innovation, entrepreneurship and/or exciting projects happening in our community. Common Grounds is hosted every Tuesday, 7:30 a.m. at Innovation Pointe

Crowdfunding campaign for TED: Trolley of Evansville Districts exceeds $25,000 crowdfunding goal and receives $25,000 matching grant from the IHCDA.

November 15 New Business Development November 10 Grant Recipient Received City of Evansville Endowment Fund Grant for Coworking Space Expansion Project at Innovation Pointe.

October 10 Trolley of Evansville Districts Launched crowdfunding campaign for TED: Trolley of Evansville Districts giving our community 35 days to raise $25,000 to receive a matching $25,000 from the IHCDA! TED is a collaborative effort between the Franklin Street Events Association and the Growth Alliance for Greater Evansville to bring a muchneeded piece of connectivity to support the vibrant and growing districts of Evansville.

November Business Retention & Expansion

Conducted a Business & Community Outlook Survey to learn more about current and future needs of local companies.

November 14 University Partners

Worked with students from the University of Evansville on an Alternative Energy Audit for Innovation Pointe.

TaylorMade Golf chooses Evansville for North American Distribution operations, creating 52 new jobs. WSI accommodates TaylorMade by investing $9 million to add 200,000 square-feet to the existing 110,000-square-foot facility at 4400 Garrison Ave.

December 21 Pitch Night The Growth Alliance and Evansville Tech-on-Tap cohosted a local pitch competition for 9 emerging startups in the Evansville region. Participants gained valuable insights on the effectiveness of their pitch.

December 27 Holiday eConnect Holiday eConnect – A “welcome home” event to reconnect those who are “home for the holidays” to all that is new and exciting in Evansville.

2 017 L E A D E R S H I P S TA F F ELLEN HORAN President ALLIE BUSCH Administrative Assistant ABBY ELPERS Marketing Communications Manager ANDREA LENDY Business Services Coordinator CELIA SHOULDERS Facility Operations Manager

Mark Bernhard

Chair, Quality of Place & Talent Committee

Associate Provost for Outreach and Engagement University of Southern Indiana

Kelley Coures ex officio member

Executive Director, Department of Metropolitan Development

Brad Ellsworth – Vice Chair President, Vectren Energy Delivery South Vectren Corporation Thom Endress

Chair, Business Retention & Expansion Committee

Former VP of Operations – DITTO

Dr. Jill Griffin Executive Director, Institute for Global Enterprise University of Evansville Patrick Griffin Vice President, Corporate Dev. & Investor Relations Escalade Sports Inc.

Dr. Zane Mitchell, Jr. Dean, Pott College of Science, Engineering, and Education University of Southern Indiana Dr. Drew Peyronnin

Chair, Entrepreneurship & Innovation Committee

Entrepreneur in Residence, Purdue Foundry Purdue at WestGate

Richard Schulz – Chair Executive Vice President & CFO, United Companies Sabrina Stewart-Thomas Chief Operating Officer S.R. Stewart-Thomas Bruce Ungethiem *County Commissioner Susan Vaughn Director, SW Region Indiana Economic Development Corporation Alfonso Vidal Immediate Past Chair

President, Vidal Plastics, LLC

Dwight Hamilton President, Fifth Third Bank, Southern Indiana

Lynell Walton Director, Investor Relations Old National Bank

Doug Joest – Treasurer Executive Director, Evansville Vanderburgh Airport Authority

Greg Wathen President, Economic Development Coalition of Southwest Indiana

Joe Kiefer *Vanderburgh County Council

Lloyd Winnecke *Mayor, City of Evansville

Dan McGinn *City Councilman Pepper Mulherin – Secretary Director, External Affairs, AT&T

(*) Denotes elected officials

THANK YOU Our work is made possible through the generosity of community partners that believe in our mission to support new and existing businesses to enhance the overall economic vitality of the City of Evansville and Vanderburgh County. Our success is made possible by the following community partners:


City of Evansville Vanderburgh County

P R I VAT E AT&T Indiana

CHA Consulting, Inc. Dunn Hospitality Group Evansville Regional Airport Fifth Third Bank Ford Motor Company HAFER Mulzer Crushed Stone Old National Bank


Signarama Evansville The Charlotte & LEO Peyronnin Family Fund Tropicana Evansville Vectren Corporation T he Growth Alliance is a Certified 501(c)(3) charitable organization.

e is for entrepreneurs Innovation Pointe tenants and coworkers gather on the rooftop to show their support for the regional brand.

318 Main Street, Suite 500 Evansville, IN 47708 (812) 401-4243 WWW.GROWTHALLIANCEEV V.COM

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Growth Alliance Annual Report  

I am delighted at the opportunity to work with Growth Alliance for Greater Evansville to transform an annual report into a beautiful publica...

Growth Alliance Annual Report  

I am delighted at the opportunity to work with Growth Alliance for Greater Evansville to transform an annual report into a beautiful publica...