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Get an Overview of wide Variety of Lexicon Products! There are many people who have interest in buying musical players. You can find a wide variety of lexicon distributors who are supply you the lexicon products for those who want to seek information and want to minimize a musical device. Lexicon products are the perfect tool for musicians because they can record the professional sounding demos without having the rent of a studio. With the help of multi tracking support system musicians can record different inputs. The lexicon distributors can help you by provide a wide range of products like the lexicon alpha 24-Bit recording interface features like four inputs record up to two tracks at once. This model has high impedance front panel input for each electric guitar .It has high powered headphones which offers you you an ultra clear fidelity while delivering ample power for any type of headphones. It can be connected to your computer with the help of USB cable.

The lexicon I-O desktop recording series is compatible with any DAW including pro tools 9.This hardware is design to meets the needs of the software capability .This series features ultra low noise and is well equipped to provide professional recording that keeps your music sounding the best. The I-O 22 series can record two tracks at once and has high power headphones output. The lexicon IO82 8 input series features ultra low noise mic preamps on all 8 channels. It provides a professional recording that keeps the sound recording its best. This series gives you a superior recording across a wide dynamic range. It can record eight tracks at once and also include 2 TRS balance line outputs and 2 high power headphones outputs. Dedicated knobs and meters offers easy access to input as well as output levels and the locking combination which makes sure that the connection is not lost in the middle of the performance. The lexicon lambda 24 Bit Recording Interface series have five inputs and can record up to five tracts at once. It has a stereo line inputs for keyboards drum machines, CDMP3 player and RF-

filtered TRS active balance inputs that can accept balance as well as unbalanced signals. The LXP Native Reverb Plug in Bundle offers you an outstanding sound at a very attractive price .This series is design to the highest level of sonic quality .The most noticeable feature is that it has center screened in multidimensional real-time display. Get more information from

Get an overview of wide variety of lexicon products!  
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