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Instagram Story

The concept for this project was creating an Instagram story reflecting our first week at UEL being a Fashion Marketing Student. We brainstormed some ideas of what we should include in the story for example, the type of things we experienced in our first week at UEL. We wrote down some bullet points such as:      

‘Welcome to UEL’ sign Take a video of receiving the Samsung tablet and student ID card Take video walking through the AVA building and scanning student card Take a picture in the Mac room using the computers Take a picture holding the creative marketing module guide These were things that related to all 3 of us so we thought it was very appropriate to include in our story.

In our group, we walked around the Campus taking pictures and videoing the things we considered were relevant to our concept. Such as the AVA building, the ‘Welcome to UEL sign’ at the DLR station and the inside of the East Building. All the images are our own. In my group were Tinica. Aidora and myself. Aidora’s role was taking the videos/pictures for the story on her phone and myself and Tinica were the ones being photographed and filmed. Unfortunately, we came across some technical difficulties so we were unable to show the class and gather feedback from our peers. Here are some pictures from the Instagram story. on one photograph Tinica is holding up the Creative Marketing module guide next to the AVA building sign which represents where our lectures are held. The other image is myself walking through the UEL gates next to the sign ‘Welcome to UEL’. Representing the walk through the gates onto Campus.

Megan Comer 1505453 FT4101

Trend PowerPoint Presentation

The aim of this project was to focus on one recent trend. The concept we decided to choose was based on empowering woman through body and fashion, not letting clothes and what you wear define who you are, woman shouldn’t be judged based on the clothes they wear. We decided on this trend because we realised it was a very relevant topic to discuss and there has been many campaigns and articles relating to feminism in fashion, which we thought was interesting to research and learn about. It also inspired us, because there are so many powerful, strong women out there that can wear what they want and still be respected in society. Many strong influential female celebrities have done feminism campaigns in the recent years so we thought they were a good muse to focus on and look into. My group consisted of Florence, Tinica , Issie and myself. We each had our own roles. Florence designed the mood board, Issie and Tinica created most of the PowerPoint and I sourced the campaigns and articles. I feel we worked really well as a group and each had a good input within this process of the project. One thing I would change is giving a more structured presentation and following the script we made so it flows better and was well presented. These images are of our trend mood board and a picture of our presentation script.

Megan Comer 1505453 FT4101

Trend Video

For this project, we were asked to create a short video representing our trend. As our trend was to do with feminism and empowering woman through fashion our concept of the video was going to mainly focus on controversial woman’s clothing. We decided on this idea as it was the main aspect of our presentation. Woman should not be judged based on the clothes they wear; therefore, we want to share this message by wearing different outfits that may be seen as ‘provocative’ or ‘racy’. We put a mood board together with all of our ideas on for the video such as music by Asap Rocky ‘Fashion Killa’. Which type of clothes we would use such as sheer material, crop tops, fish net material, thigh high boots, and fur coat. We picked Chelsea as our location to film in because of the sophisticated big white houses and the beautiful long clean streets. We sourced the imagery ourselves and included two quotes into our video. One from Karlie Kloss which said ‘YouBeYou’ and another from Cara Delevingne which is shown in the link below. My group again consisted of Issie, Florence ,Tinica and myself. Florence was the model in the video, Issie was in charge of filming the video. While my role was styling Florence. Tinica was helping out in general, organising which shots we need to include in the video. We all worked great together and it was fun trying to find different locations and gather clothes for the shoot. We found many beautiful areas in Chelsea and we filmed in several of them managing to capture all the different camera angles we needed. If I was to do it again I would make sure we had more outfits and accessories. After presenting our video to the class we gave ourselves a mark out of 5 and decided on a 4 as the main feedback we got was that we should have included a recent case study or campaign.

Story B oared

Megan Comer 1505453 FT4101

Styling Project

For the group styling project, our concept is based on my group trend which is empowering woman through fashion, and not being judged by the clothes you wear. Much like the trend video we are focussing on different types of clothing and girls wearing boys clothing as a fashion statement. We decided on this concept as it was very broad and there is a lot of different types of things to focus on. Are main items of clothing will be crop tops, ripped mom jeans, long baggy sweatshirts, fish net tights, heels, boy sports shirts, lace, baggy tshirts etc. We decided on our location to just be against a brick wall/or a neutral background as we wanted the clothes to speak for themselves. We decided on our muse to be Pia Mia because she has the style we are focussing on and a lot of the type of clothes she wears we used in our shoot. We are also going for the grunge style concept therefore we want grunge makeup, dark bold eyeshadow, bold lip and messy styled hair. The imagery is sourced from

Pia Mia Instagram account My group consisted of IIvelina and Clarissa and myself. Ivelina’s role was being the photographer, while myself and Clarissa were modelling the outfits. I enjoyed this project as I found it fun putting outfits together and styling each other. If I was to do it again I would try and include more clothes and use some accessories to go with the outfits.

Styling Pictures

By Megan Comer

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