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‘Home’ Blog Entry - Dream Home Imagine a cafe in Prospect, Brooklyn, New York, with half the walls covered in chipped paint and the other half revealing the brick behind it. You’re sipping your daily latte in your favorite café around the block from your town house with tall windows and flowing curtains before you head to work. Then imagine a small apartment in the middle of the beautiful city of Madrid, Spain with flower pots and greenery on all the window sills. You and your family and friends eat on the balcony at the typical Spanish 9-10pm time slot for dinner and enjoy the candlelight and the crisp warm air of the evening. Finally, imagine a house made of oak with a low ceiling, a round door and round windows; a hobbit house. Walking out of that round door you see other similar hobbit houses filled with joyful faces apart of the community you are a member of in Wales, United Kingdom. You take daily hikes on the rolling hills surrounding your home and breathe in the fresh air with a smile every morning. These are a few of my dream homes or dream situations I suppose. I am sure that your dream homes are drastically different from mine, but that is the beauty in it. Of course, there is a very small percent chance that I will actually live out these dreams specifically, but there is still a chance. My sister always tells me that in order to reasonably move somewhere, you must have 2 of 3 things about the place you plan to move to. One is you have connections, friends or family there. Two is you have a great job opportunity or know there will be work in that place for you. And three, is you have a great love for the place itself, which is the category that the dream home fits into. Therefore, if a job opens up or you have connections there and feel a peace about moving to that place, then by all means, go. If not however, do what I do and make that place or those places frequent visiting spots. You may not have a personal home address, but you will still get a nice dose of the feel for the place, which can preserve the joy you get from the place, keeping it more special.

'Home' Blog Entry - Dream Home  
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