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Bridal Fashion What to look for when choosing a wedding dress and attire for your wedding party.

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MeetInterview Colum McCann of the author of “Let the Great World Spin” and Winner of 2009 National Book Award

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character in good condition at all times. Communicate with others by using eye contact and listen to what they have to say making them feel that their thoughts and input are heard. Follow through on your promises. Make yourself accountable for what you say and do. Be reliable. Be punctual and on time. Don’t be afraid to admit when you are wrong and be resolution-orientated by addressing then take the necessary steps to fix any problems or issues. Maintain self-control by speaking in a soft tone at all times.

personal environment. Even when you are not in your working environment; take your purposedriven personal image everywhere you go. Don’t leave it back at the office. You never know if the CEO of your company is standing in line next to you in the grocery store or sitting behind you in a movie theater.

Choose your words wisely and do not allow yourself to be coaxed into negative conversation to rescind your integrity; a compromise is not worth discrediting your personal/professional image. This could cost you too much. It could cost you a promising career.

Establish that necessary sense of awareness in a given atmosphere of the obvious/not so obvious and use your “class” as a tool to accentuate that “Polished Image” that will undoubtedly keep your personal and professional goals on that pathway of success! Make those things that you don’t know about around you more important to you than those things that you know of and is aware of. It is important to have experience and skills to get a job. More importantly, it takes a polished professional image to keep your job.

Not only should you wear a “polished” pair of shoes but you should also keep a positive “polished” attitude for both your professional and

Your goal should always be to stay sharp on the job to create a remarkable image that lasts on both sides of the door.




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By Pre-arranging, your family is spared from making difficult decisions at a very difficult time. You will also eliminate doubts. Wondering what a loved one would have wanted is an added burden for family members who are already dealing wtih grief from their loss.

Pre-Planning Can Save You Money! You may select products at today’s price and not worry about inflation, because you and your monies are protected against it. It also helps your family to make informed choices ahead of time, instead of hasty and emotional ones that often occur at the time of need

How Do You Know if Pre-Need is for You? Whatever your wishes, they can be acknowledged and fulfilled in a way that will create a memorable service as well as a comfort for all family and friends.

come in all shapes and sizes. This can make finding the right dress that flatters all of them somewhat difficult. Consider

If the event is formal and in the evening then wear a classic black tux with a white wing or spread-collar shirt,

different style dresses of the

black bow tie and

same color. If they are similar

matching vest or

in size then different colors of


the same style dress will give your bridesmaids some crea-

Keep in mind

tive freedom with a stylish

that classic,

twist. For the groom and grooms-

elegant and

men, the choice between tuxedos

simple is

and suits will depend on how


always sharp

formal the wedding. If the event is during the daytime and semiformal you may skip the tux and wear a suit.

Choose a white shirt with or without a tie.


In many cases,

a surprise for the taste buds comes wrapped

in a unique,

locally-owned package.


Feeling eager to sample something entirely new? Local fare consists of menus and classic dishes from ethnically diverse areas of the world, including India, Poland, Jamaica, the Czech Republic, Ethiopia and Brazil — to highlight a few. Global cuisine has a strong foothold in the Triangle area, but equally important — the region also stays true to its Southern roots with eateries creating fried chicken, biscuits and North Carolina barbecue recipes that are tough to top. The search for culturally vibrant and eclectic cuisine generally comes with an added benefit — a break from the predictable pace and service offered in a conventional chain restaurant atmosphere. In many cases, a surprise for the taste buds comes wrapped in a unique, locally-owned package. While these out-of-the-way hot spots may take a few wrong turns to locate, they are usually well-worth the trouble! Whether sitting at a posh oyster bar sipping an ice-cold vodka martini, or pulled up to the counter at a local diner or brew-pub, restaurants in the Triangle provide an ambiance and dining “experience” that leaves an impression to rival that of the food itself. 17

" Books are the heart of the matter for me. Literature sustains me.


It is safe toCarolina assume North hasthat many

among well-known the manyauthors. reasons Who authors are write books for some of your is favorites? recognition, both from the literary community a My absolute favorite -is for Michael work well - asGreensboro well as Parker whodone is in from the general public, the (where I will be visiting in April). readers, for writing the great He’s written a number of books novel. Such recognition is including “Don’t Make Me usually given through awards, Stop Now,” “Helloone Down among which of There,” the “Virginia Lovers” and “Can’t Find greatest and probably most My Way Home.” I believe coveted by aspiring authors ishe’s been given the Book North Award, Carolina the National Award forpublishing Literature. groups If he hasn’t given by in ordergiven to bring before thebepublic been it, he should given it exceptional book. four times. –antwice, three times, He’s an incredible writer who constantly captures the moment when the thorn enters the skin.


What do you want your readers to be left with as they read your books?

A feeling of grace. A feeling that the world has shifted sideways a little.


Which of your character has inspired you the most, and why?

It’s not really my place for my characters to inspire me, I suppose. I still feel a fondness for Tillie, the 38-year-old hooker/grandmother in “Let the Great World Spin.” I hope she’s doing all right wherever she happens to be. 34


Besides you also Hunter in New York. What you about teaching?

writing teach at College inspires

Quite honestly, the students. They open up the world for me.


What advice do you have for aspiring authors?

Read, read, read. Go into bookshops and get angry that others are publishing books. Go home and write a better book. And, as Beckett says, fail better.


If you were to give us an estimated guess, how long until your next book is published? In about two or three years. I’m writing it right now.

To learn more about Colum MccCann visit


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The City Insight March-April Issue  

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