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Media Contact: Megan Carthon Public Relations Specialist 678-523-0286

COME RELAX WITH STAX’S BY B. AT OUR FIRST TIME SPA DAY SAVANNAH (October 25, 2012) – In its continued effort to give back to the community and the students of Savannah State University , Stax by B. hosts first time Spa Day for all studentd and community of Savannah on October 25, 2012 from 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. The event takes place on campus in Student Union Ball room. Stax by B. Spa Day is open to community customers and student of Savannah State and surrounding areas to connect with one another on issues of import. At this event, the owner Danielle Bailey will be discussing the different types of marbles and stones she uses to make each piece of jewerlry. Also, brief history of the company will be provided and each participant will be given manicures and pedicures. All customers will have a chance to customize their very on braclet, watch, or necklace. Each marble or stone used will be a brief note of its symbolic meaning. The owner of Stax by B. is starting a scholarship for biology students Savannah State Univeristy that can not afford tuition or their books. For more information on this event, please contact Megan Carthon via phone 678-523-0286 or email


Stax By. B Savannah State University 3219 College Street Savannah, GA 31404 678-523-0286

Backgrounder FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Oct 22, 2012

FOR MORE INFORMATION, CONTACT: Megan Carthon Public Relation Speacialist 678-523-0286

Spa Day was created to give our customers a chance to get to know Stax by B on a more personal level. A brief history about the company and goals for the upcoming year will be presented. Also, the owner Danielle Bailey will be introducing the Savannah State University scholarship for all biology majors. The scholarship will fund students books and cover some tu

ition fees. Each participant will be given manicures and pedicure consist with a marble or stone that was used to create their braclet. Each marble or stone will have a brief description to let each customer understand why it was used. During the event participants will have a chance to create their very own Stax by B. bracelet, watch, or necklace as a gift of our appreciation. This event will be held on October 25, 2012 on Savannah State Campus in ballroom C. ###

Stax By. B

2012 Stax by B: Relax with Stax�s Spa Day Fact Sheet

EVENT: Stax by B present the first annual Spa Day to the community and all students. This event includes free manicure, facials, and pedicures for all Stax by B customers. There will be a brief presentation of the com pany and its upcoming events. Each participant will have a choice of a particlar warm stone for their pedicure and manicure. All stones will have a brief card to explain the history and why each braclet was used. Also, each participant will have a chance to make their very own Stax by B bracelet or necklace. Donations will be appreciation and will given to the biology schlorship for the stufdents at Savannah State University. Refreshments be provided. GOAL: $150 DATE AND LOCATION: Thursday, October 25, 2012 Student Union Ballroom C Begins at: 7:00 p.m. ( Persons there after 7:45 will not recieve Spa) PURPOSE: To aware the community of Stax by B and the raise money for the biology scholarship for students at Savannah State University. CONTACT: For more information please contact: Megan Carthon Public Relation Spealist, Stax by B. Email: Phone: 678- 523- 0286







Stax By. B


Danielle Bailey is a Biology major at Savannah State University. She started Stax

by B to inforce a better out look mankind with all natural marbles and stones for every piece ofjewlery. Founded in August 2012 Danielle has made some major improve ments in develeping Stax by B.

Officially becoming an incoropated and licsenced company by late September

2012 she recenting participated in Savannah State Homecoming festivites and sold over 50 bracelets and watches. Stax by B. mission is to strive for success while keep ing the peo-ple we serve in our hearts. Not just to hold it there but to lead by example and serve as an aid in rebuilding morale, confidence, and support for all people so that we,togeth-er, can build a bond that will strengthen our community.

Danielle is passionate about the future of Stax by B and what it can become.

Each piece of jewerly is hand crafted and made with quality charm as every natural marbles was created. She only uses the finest materials from semi-precious stones and beads, to sterling silver, gold and Swarovski crystal. We have a variety of styles and colors andstlyes to choose from that satified each person perference. ###



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