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Megan Bratton T206 November 12, 2010 Famous Blue Raincoat Design Process Starting this project was by far the hardest part. I thought too hard about what song to choose, trying to seek out the most descriptive one. I wanted a song that described the setting, the characters and anything else that I could easily photograph. Well I found a song that painted the whole picture for me and I soon found how boring and safe that was. So I dropped that approach to the project and came upon “Famous Blue Raincoat” by Leonard Cohen. At first I couldn’t really distinguish the meaning of the song, which enticed me. Seeing that the song was mysterious and dark, I decided to create a mesh of photos that would achieve the visual aesthetics of David Lynch in “Blue Velvet”. In order to express a dark and mysterious aesthetic I kept the lighting dim and took the photos inside at night. In shooting the photo of the woman between the two men I specially placed the woman so that she was on a platform between the two men. The goal was to express how she had power over the both of them as well as highlight her as their main problem. I also paid special attention to setting up the desk of the writer. I made sure each prop on the desk would reveal the life of the writer. For example I placed a typewriter, books, and a bottle of booze on his desk. Along with particularly choosing props I also paid close attention to the costumes. I gathered costumes that fit each person’s character. The most difficult part in the design process was the lighting and flash of the camera. Sometimes the inside lighting was too bright so I would turn off the flash

but then the images would get blurry. I soon found a way to place lamps outside of the photo and not use the flash. 

Famous Blue Raincoat  

Design and Production Process

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