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8GA8 Slide Show

Saturday th June 5 2009


You wake up and it hits you


Don’t lie. You know you’re going to miss it

No more opening circle

No more corny skits

No more pancakes

No more new friends from other schools

No more apprenticeships

No more college trips

No more aggy Team Leaders

In the Beginning

You only talked to kids from your middle school

Now even the Rogers and Mildred girls are friends

At 8GA this year you‌

visited lots of colleges….

• W

applied and got accepted to great high schools‌

But what makes 8GA so special are the people: the apprentices, the CTs and Writing Coaches‌

And the Team Leaders usually forced it, but it is always because we care.

Team Leaders make sure you do your homework

We dress up in costumes

We genuinely like hanging out with you

We’re happy to go to work, because our job is working with you!

We keep in touch with you after your go to high school and connect you to summer jobs and good programs

We check you in. And call your mom if you’re late (it’s just to make sure your safe, really)

We plan special events to showcase and celebrate your hard work.

We celebrate your accomplishments and your growth into high school ready young men and women!

We paint funny pictures on your face, because why not?

We hold you to high expectations, and we know in a few years, you’ll look back and you’ll understand why.

But Team Leaders don’t do the work of 8GA alone, an army of CTs and Writing Coaches volunteer their time‌

because we believe in you

and want you to have the opportunity to succeed.

It all started at GO WEEK

One thing is clear ‌

in 2013 8GA8 will graduate from high school and enroll in college!

Alumni For Life

So many memories‌

8th Grade Academy Graduation Slideshow  

Slideshow celebrating 8GA8. Pictures taken by Mike Ritter.