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Evaluation Question 3: What media institution might distribute your product and why? As our film is an independent movie, it would not be distributed to a mainstream production company such as Warner Bros, Universal Pictures, 20 th Century Fox, Lionsgate etc. Our film is a gritty and urban so it would not fit in with the sort of films they distribute. However, Universal Pictures distributed Green Street, which is an independent film about football hooliganism. Despite this, I still think this production company is too big; I believe the sort of institutions that would distribute our film are Film 4, Hammer, Metrodome. Film 4 Film 4 is a British production company owned by Channel Four. They specialise in distributing lower funded movies, and as out film is a lower funded movie it would fit in nicely. Also our film being British makes our film more suitable. Film Four are also successful producers. They produced the independent British movie This is England, which is also gritty and urban like our movie. They distribute movies with unknown but up and coming actors which shows they do not have standards on the films they distribute. They are a company that could distribute our product. Hammer Films Hammer Films is a film production company based in the United Kingdom. They are best known for their Gothic ‘Hammer Horror’ films. They produce sci-fi, thrillers and film noir movies. These genres are similar to our film. Some of their best produced and well known films are The Curse of Frankenstein, Dracula, The Mummy, and The Phantom of the Opera. They mainly focus on horror films, unlike bigger production companies such as the ones I mentioned in the first paragraph. They only aim to please one audience and it is the same audience we have targeted for our product, which is why Hammer Films could be a suitable distributor for our product. Studio Canal Studio Canal is an independent film distribution institution. They distributed Attack the Block under their previous name Optimum Releasing. Attack the Block is a British comedy film based on teenagers in Brixton. Our film is also a British film based on teenagers in South London so it would be a suited film to this distribution company. Last year they distributed a film called In Fear, which is about a couple stranded on their way to a film festival and tormented by an unknown character. It is a horror based on a couple and our movie is also a horror film based on a couple, so our product could also be distributed by Studio Canal.

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