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Megan Janeski

Direct Mailer

Artists’ Garage Sale

Sketching Process Before I even began actually constructing anything, I had to decide on an event I wanted to base my direct mailer around, which ended up being the ‘Artists’ Garage Sale’ event. Prior to actually building anything or experimenting with materials, I want-

ed to try out a couple ideas just in sketches to help decide which direction I wanted to take this project with it’s physical look and form. Since the event had food trucks corraling around the area where the event will be held, I really wanted to include the form

or shape of a truck somewhere or somehow, mainly because I think it would be fun. I also had decided that I wanted to use cardboard in someway in my final form, which ended up just being the box which the direct mailer comes in, but when comes to garage

sales I think of beat-up cardboard and I really wanted to incorporate that in some way with my direct mailer. However, it came to my final design I really wanted to re-create an easel, but at much smaller proportions, which can be seen on the lower next page.

First Mockups

Once past the sketching stage, I proceeded on with my various mockups, trying to decide what form or direction I ultimately wanted to take my final mailer. With pretty much every mockup I experimented with I decided to incorporate cardboard in someway, whether it was the box that would come in the mail or part of the actual main

mailer piece itself. With the mockup below I experimented with creating a odd folder type thing I guess. When you open it up there would be small pieces of paper that the receiver of the mailer would take out and read about the event. However, it was ruled out since it seemed a little too simple and plain compared to other ideas I had.

This is easily my least favorite mockup that I created. I thought overall it seems pretty mundane. It’s very flat and boring and essentially not very eye-catching. The information was going to be

on the blobs of paint and on the side there was going to be a small pull-out truck. I’m actually really glad I didn’t go with this one out of the rest of my ideas just because it is, or seems, so simple.

This is just actually a small portion of a mockup that I completed. I was basically going to put this in a box that would have a small pamphlet that contained all

the information below it. I thought that creating a small truck would not only be fun, but really make the viewer possibly care a little more and pay attention.

This was just a trial box I had made that could be used for multiple ideas and mailers.

Final Mockup The mockup I finally decidd on is the one on the next few pages. I basically made a small easel out of matboard that I had left over, along with using some scrap paper. Not only did I think this was

not only fun, but also something the view or receiver of the mailer could keep around. It stands on its own so it can be placed anywhere, allowing the viewer to be reminded of the upcoming event.

This is actually the slimmed down version of what the easel would come in through the mail.

Refined Mockup When it comes to my refined mockup, I’m actually really pleased with it. For creating the actual easel portion of the mailer I wanted to use a wood, but a soft wood that I could use a utility knife on still. So of course I used balsa wood. I kept with using the left over cardstock paper that I had from previous

projects to create the cover that’s placed on the easel. With the design inside, I felt almost halfway lost. I really like the top portion of the design, but the bottom two flaps throw me off completely, which I ended up getting rid of and changing. I also added a magnent to the back of the easel.

Finished Design & Final Thoughts I’m actually really happy with my finished design, much happier with it then I was with the mockup verion of it. I really enjoy the simplified look of it and how all the information is organized. However, possibly the bottom might be a little too squished feeling, but I could be wrong. I completely eliminated the “paint dripping” thing I had going on, mainly since

it didn’t really look what I was trying to achieve. Overall, I basically re-did a majority of what I had previously in the mockup. However, it comes to the direct mailer as a whole I ended up keeping basically everything else I had done. I used balsa, scrap coverstock, and a magnetic strip on the back again, all which I’m really happ with, especially with the balsa wood that I used. When

it comes to the project overall, I really enjoyed it. However when we were first introduced I was much more excited for the project, but then halfway through it I had lost basically all inspiration for it, I had no desire to do anything with it. But that changed towards the end when I got a little more inspired again.

The final form of my direct mailer with the elimination of a few hyphenations and placed on a magnetic cabinet just as it normally would be.

Artists' Garage Sale - Direct Mailer  
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