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When it comes to my reference images, they’re pretty straight-forward and self explanitory; however, there are a view letter forms that posed some trouble and required some more trial and error when trying to get the letter I was going for. The ‘e’ and ‘a’ understandably required a little more thought than the other letter forms. With the ‘e’ and the ‘a’ there was a lot more curving required in the poses since I had decided to use lower case instead of going with all capitals like the majority of the class had. Although I did have more trouble achieving the ‘e’ and the ‘a’, ultimately, I think they’re my more successful poses and the hidden type is fairly clear.

IN ORDER PROCESS: The top image is of my first attempt at the hidden typography assignment, followed by my second attempt with a more struckered and clear size, height, width, etc. of my letterforms. The third is of my third attempt with I had intended to be my final; however, the medium I experimented with (bottled ink) rippled the paper since it didn’t have enough absorbency, although it did create a nice rich black.

Hidden Typography  
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