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Brief set by: purdey’s In collaboration with: jkr

Background Purdey’s is proud to be the original well-being drink, created in the early 1990s by a team of brewers in Hartlepool, North East England. Purchased by Britvic Soft Drinks in 2000, it’s remained a small but perfectly formed part of the company’s portfolio of much larger brands. It has remained untouched and unadulterated in the pursuit of scale, unlike many of its contemporaries.

Target Audience With the belief that wellness is a state of mind as much as a physical state, Purdey’s has developed a loyal following among those who seek balance and sustainability in the way they choose to live. Aimed at an active, on-the go audience looking for a pleasant lift. Although health conscious, these people aspire to live a happy and healthy lifestyle rather than make hardcore sacrifices.

Part of Purdey’s appeal lies in its idiosyncratic nature; from its packaging, which was developed specifically to preserve the delivery of the drink, through to the ‘taste like no other,’ slightly brewed flavour of the drink itself. Purdey’s is less marketed and more discovered by its loyal followers in urban corner shops and supermarkets.

Mandatories. Two new pack formats for Purdey’s, covering both graphics and structure. Design one pack format each for: • Purdey’s Rejuvenate (original) The botanicals and natural antioxidants in Purdey’s Rejuvenate are light sensitive, so your packaging must be opaque. The current packaging uses brown glass and a silver bottle wrap to protect the product. Consider whether to continue this approach or look at new ways to keep the drink in the dark. The shape and style are flexible dependent on your solution. • Purdey’s Natural Energy (new) The ingredients in Purdey’s Natural Energy are not light sensitive so opaque packaging is not essential.

Creative Challenge Repackage Purdey’s Rejuvenate and extend its range to include one new product – Purdey’s Natural Energy.

repackage purdey’s, share the secret

Packaging Design / Structural Design / Graphic Design / Branding

@DandADNewBlood #NewBloodAwards Deadline: 19 MArch 2014

With the world increasingly looking for products that work in harmony with our bodies, it’s time for Purdey’s, in its own way, to share its secret more broadly. Your challenge is to create packaging designs which enable this to happen, without losing the curiosity of the brand. Considerations • Ensure that your designs retain the individuality of the brand, but enable it to appeal to more people. Purdey’s visual identity came as a by-product of packaging that was developed to protect its functionality (the silver wrap shields the drink’s light-sensitive botanicals). This has resulted in packaging like no other soft drink; any proposal must bear this in mind and build on this ethos. • Don’t be limited by what health drink / soft drink packaging is “supposed” to be. Consider a packaging solution that breaks category conventions to truly stand out on the shelf. • How can the packaging develop as the consequence of adding another variety to the range? • How do the products interact? What’s their relationship? • The new product should be part of the Purdey’s family, and recognisable as so, but don’t be limited by material, size or shape.

Show the creative process that led to your final idea. This could be hand sketches, or alternative design directions you explored. Deliverables Judges will see your main deliverable(s) first, and will then view any supporting material if they wish. See ‘Preparing Your Entries,’ included in your brief pack, for full format specs and submission guidance. Work in formats other than those outlined will not be accepted. Main deliverables (mandatory) Upload up to eight images presenting your solution and process (JPEG only). Supporting material (optional) You can submit: physical material (prototypes, mockups, etc.); video (MPEG or MOV, max. 1 min); additional text (PDF, max. 1 A4 page).

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