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We’re changing the way you shop for a mattress.

TwoSaving Super Sleepers the World, One Mattress at a Time Sleeping is my favorite. There is simply nothing better than waking up from a comfortable, restful night of cozy awesomeness. So, naturally the mattress business was a good fit for me. But, I couldn’t manage it alone. I needed a sidekick, a partner in justice who would join forces with me to bring the good citizens of the world better days by improving their nights. Luckily, I ran into Jeff. He’s a fellow sleep-lover who has dedicated his time and talents to just such a cause. Together, we fight to provide our customers with dream filled nights and brighter days. (insert triumphant music here) Everybody sleeps, right? Right. It’s a natural and necessary human function. But, the quality of our sleep can mean the difference between dragging through each day like a zombified Clark Kent or flying through the work week like a bright-eyed, perfectly coiffed Superman (can’t you just hear the tinkling gleam as you flash those pearly whites?). A good dose of shuteye can miraculously transform our daily duties, or our indomitable archenemy, into that fuzzy kitten stuck in a tree. With our combined sleep-loving, mattress-selling experience, we realized that while anyone could sell mattresses as just another piece of furniture, very few retailers out there are taking the time to educate their customers and really meet their needs.

As a result, we decided to step into the nearest phone booth and make the change from mild-mannered retailers to superpowered “infotailers,” putting our desire to make a sale second to the customer’s decision-making process. If you don’t love your mattress, can you really love life? It’s the age-old question that has haunted mankind since the beginning of time. We believe that choosing a mattress is a lot like that time-honored ritual of falling in love. While it would be awesome to simply go out and instantly fall for the first person you see, we all know it just ain’t that simple. So, we decided to help you “date” a mattress by designing a private mattress testing room where you can get acquainted and see what kind of long-term relationship your back is really looking for. So, while we can’t leap the tallest building in a single bound or fly faster than a speeding bullet, we do have our own superpower: helping you find that perfect life-changing mattress. Well, that and Jeff can mysteriously always locate my car keys, but that’s a story for another time...

Jeff G. & Ben McClure

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Nutrition Nuggets

by Lindsay McClure

I’d like to introduce a new monthly feature for our newsletters and also two very important members of my family, my wife Lindsay and daughter Amelia. These two have the unenviable job of keeping me in line, so they deserve much credit. Lindsay is a nutritionist who is in the middle of her dietetic internship which she plans to finish by the end of this year. Yeah Lindsay! Amelia and I are very proud.

nutrition with the Gardner’s audience! Why? Your sleep is not only affected by what you sleep on; your diet and eating habits play a huge role. Some months there will be recipes, other months she may share a “proper nutrition nugget. She may even talk about how she tricks Amelia and I into eating something healthy we didn’t know we were eating – she does that all the time!

As you can imagine, Lindsay does her best to ensure that Amelia and I maintain our health and well-being through proper nutrition. Often, very little attention is paid to what we put into our bodies, and it’s the job of a dietitian to educate and effect meaningful change in a person’s life.

Because Lindsay is so busy with her internship this month, we’ve picked a simple fall themed recipe to share. Have you ever made pumpkin pie and had extra pumpkin puree that you had to throw away? Why not do something fun with it by turning it into a Pumpkin Spice Smoothie?

Every month, Lindsay will share her knowledge of proper

Family Matters

Be a Friend Refer a Friend

In 2004, the Van Scoy Diamond Mine partnered with Bash Jewelers to merge not only their stores, but their ideas. Mr. Bash was nearing retirement and, rather than close up shop, he decided to join forces with his longtime friend, Mr. Maurer. Together, they had over 80 years of experience. Maurer specialized in bridal and diamond jewelry while Bash was known to carry more fashion jewelry trends. Rather than clashing, these two styles complemented each other and created a one-stop shop for jewelry customers.

That was because you had an amazing nights sleep, because you have an incredible mattress. I bet you are wishing you could put that grouchy lady at the DMV in the same stellar mood- tell her about us! Your Mother in law’s nagging got ya down? Send her our way - we’ll get her in great mood after a great night’s sleep in no time!

Vanscoy, Maurer & Bash Jewelers continues to be a family owned and operated establishment. They are a full service jewelry store able to do repairs, appraisals, and custom jewelry. Mr. Maurer’s son, Mark, has more than 18 years of experience as a bench jeweler and a passion for creating beautiful jewelry - he is the current owner of the company. He enjoys helping customers celebrate important milestones by creating and selling one-of-a-kind jewelry. He has designed engagement rings for almost all of his friends, and all the girls said, “Yes!” They are an AGS retailer (American Gem Society), an official Rolex retailer, and the only jewelry store near Lancaster that carries such a multitude of fine jewelry designers.


Gardner’s Mattress & More not only shares a building with Vanscoy, Maurer & Bash, they share family values. Like the jewelers, they are also family owned and operated. Mark Maurer couldn’t be happier to be neighbors. He says, “The people at Gardner’s Mattress are really great; they sell quality mattresses and will without a doubt give you the most bang for your buck. You can go to a ton of mattress stores and they’re all one in the same, but Gardner’s Mattress is different.” So, whether you’re in need of an engagement ring, a bracelet, or a brand new mattress, come on down and shop at locally owned, family run businesses. They’ll treat you right.

Remember how you woke up this morning in an awesome mood?

Send your friends or family our way and when they buy a good nights sleep and a great mood tomorrow (you know, a new mattress) -we’ll send you a Gardner’s Gift Card!

“...They sell quality mattresses and will without a doubt give you the most bang for your buck.” -Mark M. Van Scoy Maurer & Bash Jewelers

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Spiced Pumpkin Smoothie Ingredients:

¾ cup orange juice 1 cup lowfat vanilla yogurt 1 cup pumpkin puree 1 tsp pumpkin pie spice 2 bananas, quartered and frozen 1 cup ice cubes

Directions: Add ingredients to blender in the order listed and blend until smooth.

Rocco’s Bed Review

The Grand Bed by Tempur-Pedic

Yup, that’s me, Rocco Aldo Cella relaxing on my master’s Grand Bed by Tempur-Pedic. After a long day of playing tug, chasing tennis balls or being smacked in the face by my step-cats Allergy and Zero, a puppy needs some quality relaxation time. Sometimes I come up here, put the wave-massage feature on and just let the stress of the day go away. No longer do I worry about things like “Will I ever catch that red light?”, “How come he throws the ball but it didn’t really go anywhere?” and the ever mind boggling, “Why can’t I chew on those shoes?”. I just sit up here and chillax. The Tempur-Pedic material contours around my elbows and hips and the silk/cashmere cover feels so smooth on my shiny coat. You might think I’m spoiled, but you don’t know a dog’s problems until you’ve walked a mile in their paws. Sure it is bad form to count Serta sheep on a Tempur-Pedic, but I make the rules here. I was whelped in Phoenixville, PA. I never knew my father but I understand he’s some big time dog show champion in Serbia or something, but that jerk was never around. Pretty soon after coming into this world the breeder lopped off my super awesome tail, cropped my ears and taped them up in the air so I always look like the Batman. I had abdominal surgery when I was about 3 months old because they thought I had some sort of blockage, turns out I just have a really sensitive stomach. I was sold to some guy in Delaware who got frustrated by my bowel issues and returned me to the breeder. I then got passed off to an animal rescue for a month or so until I got rescued into my forever home. ALL THAT in my first 6 months. Whew! So spoiled? Maybe, but I have to say sleeping on this TempurPedic, that’s livin’.


Pete’s Doberman

Honestly, I need to have a talk with Andy Wyeth. A Labrador? Amateurs..

A Satisfied Critic “I am a harsh critic of most retail stores, restaurants, services and rarely find opportunities to praise anyone who is consistent from the start of a process involving solving my needs or problems through getting my money from delivery and fulfilment to after-care. Many get part of it right, but few get it all. What I would say most to others is that there is a different experience waiting for them with you than they will have anywhere else. It is respectful. And you have a diagnostics and experiential process so that the customer winds up with the best bed for them. My recommendation is unequivocal.” ~Dan S Kennedy, author, No B.S. Marketing Series

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Fun Facts

The word typewriter can be typed using only the top row of the keyboard.

Elephants use skin folds on their back to crush mosquitos.

A group of flamingos is called a flamboyance.

Barbie’s real name is Barbara Millicent Roberts.

Kathryn Hepburn is the only person to have won four Oscars for acting.

In the poem, Humpty Dumpty was never referred to as an egg.

A strawberry is not a berry, but a banana is. Eating a polar bear liver can cause a fatal overdose of vitamin A.

Kangaroos can’t hop backwards. It’s impossible to hum while holding your breath.

What is it called when you yawn and stretch at the same time? If you have the answer to this question, please go to for the chance to win an awesome gift certificate to the wonderful Van Scoy Maurer & Bash Jewelers! 4 |

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