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JANEAN PEGASUS LSD, ELETROSHOCK, THE ‘60S AND BEYOND Originally published June 1, 2015

You’re So Macon if...

If a night out is dinner at dovetail, cocktails at the hummingbird and shots at the Bull... -lindsey holland

04 APRIL 14-28, 2017

The reason I have come to love Macon as much as I have is because of all the characters I’ve come to know here. I’ve met and been friends with all kinds of people. There are a lot of stories I’ve promised not to write about until some of them are long gone. I’ve known motorcycle stuntmen, moonshiners, judges, gangsters, bank robbers, and one guy who won a snooker tournament with a broomstick just months before he died. I’ve become friendly with a murderer who chopped her husband up into pieces, and I possess the journals of one of America’s Most Wanted criminals who got caught in Macon while he was descending into madness. I thrive on knowing these people, and getting them to talk to me is something I’m exceptionally good at. So when, photographer Ashah Smith and I decided to work together on highlighting some of these people, I was pumped. Our first stop, since Ashah is best known for her work with Beards of Macon, was at Janean Pegasus’ big old house. The first time I saw Pegasus, not unlike the first time most anyone sees Pegasus, the first thing I noticed were the long whispy hairs, braided, on her chin. I had known a bearded lady before, so my first thought wasn’t that she was too lazy to get rid of it. I knew that she was too defiant to shave. And I knew I liked her. I heard she was a Wiccan. I heard she lived in an old house her family had lived in since the ‘20s and that it was much like they left it. Most of this turned out to be true. But she did put a hot tub in that old house right in the breezeway. Life isn’t worth living without a hot tub, she told me. I happen to agree with that. I don’t have room in the paper to tell her entire story, I wish I did. But the highlights are more interesting than most will ever experience. - Brad Evans


Front man of The Bearcats, “Best New Band” 2017 in Readers’ Choice Awards

Five Helpful Tips for Local Musicians 1.) Be punctual! This is always #1 and will always be #1 on every band-tip list since the beginning of time. Why? Because it’s that important. Sound check is going to determine the quality of your band for the rest of the night, and if you don’t get one, you’ll probably sound bad. 2.) Don’t “not talk about it”. Internal band issues are a very real thing. Musicians are ego-fueled, self-deprecating maniacs, and problems arise from this. Just talk about it. Your band should be your brothers and sisters, so let the words fly. Better out than in! Talk it out and make it happen, and never let band-drama be the reason your band doesn’t succeed. 3.) Know your audience! I’m not asking you to cater your music for each specific venue or “sell out”, but knowing how to work your audience and setting is crazy important. For example, if you’re playing a dive bar, everyone’s had a few drinks, having a good time, it’s probably ok to tell a few raunchy jokes and drop some bombs. But if you’re playing ANY event where a bouncy house is available, probably should keep it as PG as possible. 4) HAVE FUN. Dudes. Ladies. Dont. Forget. To. Have. Fun. Here’s the thing: the audience probably can’t tell how many times you mess up during a gig, but they can absolutely tell when the band isn’t having a good time. Isn’t that why we all started in the first place? 5.) Practice and gig as much as possible. It’s the only way you’ll ever get any better, and that all comes with experience. Every sentence above has a specific experience I can call back on where I messed up, wasn’t on time, didn’t read my audience, forgot that I was playing music for fun, etc.

The 11th Hour: April 14-28, 2017  

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