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L I V E & L O C A L by A N D R E A M A R LOW E Daniel “Gravey” Graves may be most familiar as the bassist for former Macon hip hop artist Floco Torres. But Graves is one of those musicians always searching for new musical endeavors to tackle and musical styles to embrace. Aside from his solo work, he is currently bassist for the grunge-esque garage rock denizens, Maryex. Graves will be performing some of his solo works this Friday at Loco’s for St. Patrick’s Day. He will also be playing alongside some great Macon musical talents and other musical legends for a special performance at The 11th Hour Readers’ Choice Awards. I spoke with Graves about his musical ventures, jazz, and even got a bit of a scoop on who we can expect to see perform at the Readers’ Choice Awards.

and Leroy Wilson who has played drums for The Marshall Tucker Band. Also, a good friend of mine and someone I’ve made some music with and played music with before, Denny Hanson. Some people that I know, but I’ve never made music with, Rob Evans and Phil Palma. The horn section I’m not really familiar with, but they are super talented. Apparently, I don’t know if all them, but I know at least one, has played with Outkast, which is pretty impressive. We’re going to be covering an Otis Redding song, of course, with him being a great Macon music legend. We’ll be doing one of his great songs that everybody will be able to sing along with.

How did you get in the songwriting? Just playing around really. Other than friends showing me stuff here and there I was pretty much self-taught. I appreciate songwriting more than I do technical ability for sure, because it’s a much more difficult task to write a great song.

What are you working on right now? [Maryex] has been working on [an EP] for a couple of years now off and on. We have finished all the tracking so we should get the CD mastered hopefully some time in the spring and have a release show for it. I’m really excited about getting back on stage with those guys. Whenever you can get in there, start playing and writing lyrics and melodies and everything, it’s a really special thing to me. GRANT’S I’ve been working on some other stuff with a couple other musicians. I’m not sure if I should be talking about that yet or not. Of course, I’ve been writing stuff myself. I’m always talking about starting new projects and everything. Time is always a big factor and finding the right people whose schedules line up. Anybody who’s played music knows what a test that can be. I’m really excited for the Maryex CD to finally be released. 2017 it’s going to happen. .

Was music a heavy influence in your life as a child? Definitely more so once I got a little bit older, but my childhood for sure. My mom plays music. I would run around the house while she was playing piano. I took piano lessons from my aunt when I was five for a year, but didn’t do much with it as far as playing music. At 13 I got back into playing music again. That’s when I got my first guitar. Tell me what you’re performing for St. Patrick’s Day. More of the same and maybe a little bit of new stuff. It’s going to be covers and originals. . . I’ll be doing some live looping, which is always a fun time. Tell me about the performance for the Readers’ Choice Awards. Charles Davis approached me and said we’re putting together a band for The 11th Hour Readers’ Choice Awards. It’s a big honor to be asked to play an event like that. Charles is one of those people that not only is super talented, but he’s very personable and he’s going to surround himself with amazing people. I got the email with the final roster for the band and I was like, wow, this is amazing. The rhythm section is me on bass

30 MARCH 17 - 31, 2017


GRAVEY Daniel “Gravey” Graves, a versatile musician exploring garage rock to jazz and everything in between.

Is there a genre you haven’t tackled that you’d like to? Jazz for sure. It’s crazy to me how jazz musicians don’t get lost. Seeing somebody play jazz piano or even bass, it’s like it doesn’t stop moving. In my brain it doesn’t make sense, but it sounds phenomenal. Catch Gravey March 17, Loco’s Grill & Pub at 8pm and The 11th Hour Readers’ Choice Awards March 30 at 8pm.

The 11th Hour: March 17-31, 2017  

The Soul of Central Georgia

The 11th Hour: March 17-31, 2017  

The Soul of Central Georgia