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tanding side by side on a paintball course with Mark Ballard is not something I’ve ever pictured myself doing. Even more so, in the weeks leading up to that moment, I certainly would have never thought I’d be making bouquets with him on his new show “Mark Being Mark”. Nonetheless, despite our pokes at the level of celebrity he’s achieved around here, and his obvious tanning addiction (We actually had a lady call concerned about Mark’s Tanning Rehab. It was a joke, ya’ll. ) we’ve become fast friends. Anyone who knows Mark knows he’s hilarious and he’s more than willing to make fun of himself. Last year, at the Reader’s Choice Awards, we watched as Ballard vs. Ben Jones was decided with a first round knockout by Mark in an arm wrestling competition. He returned that favor by asking me to come on his new reality show, and learn how to put together bunches of flowers to “make them beautiful.” Turns out, I’m pretty good at arranging flowers, and my duct tape handmade vase beat out Mark’s ribbon tying and I inevitably won the competition. For round two, I asked Mark to

come hog hunting with me, and he cited his love of animals and declined (he’s obviously never run into a wild hog). We kept prodding and finally the producers of “Mark Being Mark” talked him into playing paintball with me, and let it be part of his show. I think he hoped to beat me on a field that was more my style. He didn’t. By the end of the day, a few camera people had taken shots, Mark was completely covered in yellow paint, and though he did hit me once in the mouth, I don’t think I even had to wash my clothes. Sorry Mark, but you suck at paintball. He then wrote an article about it in The Telegraph which my entire South Georgia family read and loved. My beautifu,l 94 yearold grandmother, cooped up in a home in Cochran, still asks me about Mark every time she sees me. “How’s Mark Ballard doing Brad?” (this is before she asks about me). “He’s doing fine mawmaw.” I pretend I know how he’s doing. I’m hoping she’s still here by the time the show comes out. It was worked on by some of Macon’s finest, Tabitha Walker, Elliot Dunwody and Stephanie Shadden, and I know it’s going to be something to behold, just like Ballard.

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Columnist Kevin Bradley is a third generation Maconite who practices family and criminal law in downtown Macon. He is a graduate of Mercer University and the University of Georgia School of Law. He has always loved to write, but until now has not found anyone willing to read his work. He and his wife Heather have two teenagers, one girl and one boy. Columnist Karen Rogers: For over fifteen years Karen Jones has been a military spouse and a stay-at-home mother of two. Last year, she began writing after a suggestion from a professor at Macon State College.This has evolved into a “second career” and love outside of her domestic dalliances.

Columnist Bill Knowles is a lifelong Conservative who has lived in the Macon area for over 20 years. He got his first taste of the political process when at age 9 he proudly handed out buttons for then President Richard Nixon and has been hooked ever since. Bill has held campaign positions for various local, state and national candidates, including President Ronald Reagan, Steve Forbes, Senator Fred Thompson and most recently Senator John McCain. He is currently a member of the Bibb County Republican Party’s Executive Committee and the Georgia GOP’s State Committee. He and his wife Bridget have one son,Teddy.


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What was your favorite Grammy moment this year? “PINK owned The Grammys without question. Naked, wet and twirling around over the crowd on a freaking swing! ...get outta here..she set the bar baby!” - Terrell Sandifer “Pink...that was amazing. Also, the MJ tribute with Smokey (and the others) was touching!” < Carla “PsykPeaches” Bridges “What Grammys? I was too busy watching the new and improved Pro Bowl.” - Nihar Tejani “Definitely Lil' Wayne.” < Matthew Buffalo Morgan

There are a lot of stars, but few lights. Artist Wilfred Stroud is

“PinkPinkPinkPinkPinkPinkPinkPinkPinkPinkPinkPink PinkPink!!!” - Kristina Alvarez Pike

about to complete Panel No. 9 for the Tubman Museum It’s a continuous thing from 1986 until now and I’m still working,” said 79-year-old native Maconite Wilfred Stroud about his murals. Stroud’s works of art, proudly displayed at the Harriet Tubman Museum on Walnut Street, chronicle the history and contributions of African Americans. Panel No. 9 of the acclaimed mural “From Africa to America” will be unveiled by Stroud on Sunday, Feb. 21. This 3 month labor of love brings the pictorial history timeline up to present day. “Each panel deals with a certain period of time,” Stroud said. “This one includes people who made extraordinary contributions from 1990 to now.” President Barak Obama is the centerpiece of the 9th panel, according to Stroud, and he is accompanied by First Lady Michelle Obama, Condoleezza Rice and many others. “My work covers all areas of achievements: athletes, politicians, religious leader and entertainers,” Stroud said. “They are all outstanding folks that I felt made notice and contributions. They weren’t just people with names, but people with substance and character.” Stroud included Michael Jackson in his most recent panel after discovering that the performer was “a person concerned with the welfare and condition of the people that he knew in his audience, country and world.” He said, “A lot of things [about Jackson] that were in the papers and magazines were sensational

leading toward negative and I found out after his death that he was more than just a persona.” Stroud was commissioned to paint the mural on black history by Richard Kyle in 1986. Completing the first seven panels by 1988, he finished the majority of the mural in 1998—only adding to the mural to record special events. Since then, he has worked on murals in local grammar schools for the Head Start Program. Recalling some of his major achievements, Stroud humbly mentioned his portrait of Sydney Lanier which hangs in the Capital building in Atlanta as well as a portrait of Rodney Davis, a Marine killed in the Vietnam War. “I’ve met quite a few people during my time,” he said. “It is hard to say which one impressed me the most. It’s the individual talent, personality and substance of a person that is important. That thing that you don’t see in a picture…my main thing is to capture the spirit and character of the person as well as the resemblance. I try to go behind the face as if seeing what’s behind the pose.” The unveiling of Panel No. 9 will take place on Sunday, Feb. 21, from 4 – 6 p.m., at the Tubman Museum located at 340 Walnut Street. Admission is free for members and $6 for the general public. For more about the exhibitions at the museum, visit - JENNY MURR


2010 GA Sports Hall of Fame Inductees


n Saturday, February 20th the Georgia Sports Hall of Fame will induct the class of 2010. This stellar class includes Al Ciraldo, Ed Everett, Ernie Johnson, Sam Mitchell, Larry Rakestraw, Ron Simmons, and Suzanne Yoculan Leebern. For ticket and sponsorship, information call the Georgia Sports Hall of Fame offices752-1585. The ceremony will be held at the Macon City Auditorium with cocktails and red carpet arrivals at 6:00 PM and the induction banquet at 7:00 PM. Dress for

04 February 11 - 24, 2010

the evening is business/cocktail attire. The Georgia Sports Hall of Fame and Museum in Macon, Georgia, is the country’s largest state sports museum. The 43,000 square feet state-of-the-art museum houses over 3,000 artifacts. From the old style ticket booths to the brick columns in the rotunda and special lighting, the museum invites visitors to experience the history of sports in Georgia with more than 14,000 square feet of high-energy exhibit space and a Hall of Fame corridor that honors the over 300 inductees.

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READER COMMENTS On “Sharing the Road” I just caught the 11th Hour article, "Sharing the Road". I really appreciate you putting that in the paper. Its been really tough to get the Telegraph to ever listen to us and we're glad it was you all who listened. I hope you all can find space in the paper to keep this topic going. There are a lot of cyclist in town who are looking to get involved in this issue. Awareness is key. Thanks again and keep up the good work, Jimmy Deane Just wanted to email and say thanks for writing a great article on "Sharing The Road". We need all the help we can get to make people aware of bikers out on the road. I can't tell you how many close calls we have out on rides. I have found that most of these drivers are texting or on the phone while driving and have no clue to the consequences to their ignorance. So anyway, from me and all the other cyclists, we appreciate you bringing the topic up and writing a good article. Cheers, Shane Bridges Great article! It seems that a few more voices might up the chances of our squeaky wheel getting greased. Could 11th Hour sponsor a monthly courteous mass - maybe team it up with First Friday so we could all share a brew afterwards? When I lived in Athens, the mayor would even come out and ride with us. Just a thought - I know I'd be there! - Tripp Eldridge Send your reader comments to:

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GA Education in Crisis BY KEVIN P. BRADLEY


n the interest of full disclosure, I will note at the outset that the author’s wife is an employee of a Georgia public school system. And yes, you are right, I didn’t say which one. The last thing anyone needs to hear from a lame duck governor, particularly a republican lame duck governor, is some bright idea about making material changes to an existing institution. With no issue of reelection at stake, the governor making his curtain call has nothing restraining him or her from sticking it to the electorate good and hard. Usually the idea in question boils down to a “heads I win, tails you lose” proposition favoring some vested interest. Republicans tend to be particularly troublesome in this regards, as virtually every policy the party has forwarded since they dropped the last shovelful of dirt on Honest Abe has essentially worked out in a “rich get richer and the poor get poorer” sort of way. Case in point: Our own fearless leader, good ole Guvnah Sonny Perdue, let loose with a bold new plan to ruin, excuse me, save, public education last month in his

remarks at the annual “Eggs and Issues” breakfast with the Georgia Chamber of Commerce. Sonny has come up with a beautifully simple plan to improve the quality of public education in Georgia - tying teacher raises to student achievement rather than years of service or level of education. Yes, I know, it sounds good, so elegant, so commonsensical. Let’s give the teachers a financial incentive to stuff their charges’ little brains as full of knowledge as they can get them. Our public schools will become the wonder of the world, capitalism is vindicated, milk and honey to follow, etc., etc. First, let’s begin with something everyone can agree on - the primary and secondary educational system in this state stinks. Year after year Georgia’s ranking among the fifty states and the District of Columbia in nearly every measure of student achievement begins with the number “4.” For recent products of our school systems, this means that Georgia hangs out near the bottom (though never actually at the bottom -Thank You Mississippi!). And guess where Georgia ranks in terms of how much the average teacher salary exceeds the average salary of

all workers. Here is a hint - the answer is forty-third out of fifty-one. Anyway, Georgia currently handles teacher salaries and salary increases according to a graduated pay scale, as do most governmental institutions, including the military. Salary increases according to both years of experience and advancement in rank. For teachers, rank advancements are achieved by increasing the level of educational degree, i.e., a teacher with a master’s degree will earn more than one with a bachelor’s degree, and so forth. The beauty of the present system is the even-handedness of it - a teacher will earn the same and advance the same independently of whether he or she chooses to teach at Richkid Academy or at Cracktown High. Therefore there is no financial incentive for a teacher to seek employment at one school over another. There are, of course, a number of nonfinancial incentives that cause teachers to seek a position at some school over others. Safety concerns, the remoteness of some schools, and socio-economic factors to put a nice name on it all work under the present system to funnel a large percentage of the most qualified teachers away from schools in rural and low income areas and towards suburban and more prosperous areas. The Governor’s plan can only increase this disparity. Consider - Sonny’s plan calls for teacher


Time to Purge the Patterson Regime BY BILL KNOWLES


ver several of my past columns I have been highly critical of the Bibb County Board of Education and in particular Bibb County School Superintendent Sharon Patterson. This column will be no different. This past week, The Macon Telegraph reported on a vast number of problems that the system has had with several of the principals that have been hired during her term as Superintendent. In most all of the situations it appears to me that with just a little bit of due diligence most of these disgraces should have never been hired in the first place. Board President Gary Bechtel said it best. Quoting from the Telegraph article, Bechtel said, “I think we settle too quickly for people.” Duh... I wonder if anyone even does a basic background check on these applicants. The article says they do….But I wonder. Two of the principals that Bibb County hired would not have been hired by their former school systems, while a third was graded as “ineffective” in an earlier job review. Maybe a 20 minute conversation with the applicant’s former employer would uncover the truth. Now I know that what Sharon Patterson said in this article is true when she says, “Anytime you hire someone, you are in no position to know if they will work out.” I do a great deal of hiring in my job. Not all of the candidates work out. But I can bet you that if they have some problems in their past related to the industry that they are applying in, we find out. And they are NOT hired! Why should we expect anything less from our school system? Let’s face some facts. Bibb County has enough of a handicap bringing new people into our county without being ham-

strung by a lousy school system with incompetent leadership. Crime in Macon remains largely unchecked and even when a criminal is arrested, their bail is so low he can get out of jail for less than the cost of a Happy Meal at McDonald’s; our City Council is full of politicians who have a much greater desire to be reelected to the City Council than to look out for their constituents best interests; the City of Macon is the 7th poorest city in the nation per capita; and we’re building housing projects at a cost of $130,000 per unit. Yeah…Macon is without a doubt the place where new industry wants to start. Then go ahead and throw in the fact that when someone moves into our fair county, their child’s well being and education is being trusted to a school system who hires principals who in one case, choked a student, told teachers that if they didn’t do things his way they could go home or “feel the wrath of the big panther” and had a mural of himself painted on a wall in the school. Who the hell did this guy think he was? Fidel Castro? And what was Mrs. Patterson’s response? “He was a first-year principal, so you want to give him a chance to settle in,” she said. This guy just makes me sick. Thank God he’s already resigned. Now it’s time for Sharon Patterson to follow suit. Even the Telegraph’s head liberal Charles Richardson is calling for her head. (Make yourself right with God people! I’m agreeing with Charles E.! The end is nigh.) The school system is imploding as we speak and we must start rebuilding it today by not only getting rid of the incompetent Mrs. Patterson, but also the minions that she has hired who surround her and have been accomplices in her ineptitude. If our county is ever to have a fighting chance of getting out of this funk we are in, it has to start with the school system. (On Monday, Feb 8, the

salary increases to be tied to “student acheivement.” Well, how do we measure “student achievement?” We can’t just look at their grades for this - even republicans are smart enough to see the problem with that one. So, what is the benchmark? We use standardized test scores! Now, our love affair with test scores is bad enough - at best what we end up with is not students who have been taught to think, reason and wonder, but students who are really good at taking standardized tests - but linking teacher’s financial advancement to student tests scores just makes a bad thing worse. I already know the counter-argument - if we give teachers a financial interest in student performance, then student performance will improve. This is a lovely theory which will unfortunately only work in a theoretical world. Here in the real world, where new teachers will suddenly be presented with the necessity of betting their opportunity to maximize their earning potential of what school and school system in which they obtain employment. Remember the earlier bit about rural and low income area schools vis a vis those in suburban and affluent areas? Guess which schools have better test scores? Abso-freakin-lutely. The rich get richer and the poor get poorer. Apparently the Governor and his boys didn’t think this through. Or maybe they did.

This is big girl and boy talk people. Our school system is ready to implode...

School Board agreed to pay Patterson $198,000 to buy out her contract that was

thru 2011, Patterson will retire from the Bibb County School System March 1.)

The Macon Film Guild PRESENTS

Featuring some incredible performances from many 70s soul legends, Soul Power is an exhilarating snap-shot of a bygone era.

Though the eyes of the world were on "The Rumble in the Jungle" in 1974, their ears should have been on Zaire '74, the mammoth music festival that took place in the shadow of the battle between... Though the eyes of the world were on "The Rumble in the Jungle" in 1974, their ears should have been on Zaire '74, the mammoth music festival that took place in the shadow of the battle between Mohammad Ali and George Foreman. This documentary takes the stellar cut footage from WHEN WE WERE KINGS and chronicles the concerts from big names such as James Brown, B.B. King, Bill Withers, and Celia Cruz. Though Zaire '74 might have been overlooked in favor of the legendary fight, SOUL POWER still packs a serious punch for music fans.

SUNDAY FEBRUARY 14 HISTORIC DOULGASS THEATRE, 355 MLK Jr. Blvd All seats $5, Rated R. Free parking in Mulberry Street Deck next door.

Three Screenings: 2:00, 4:30, and 7:30 p.m. Every second Sunday:



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“I don’t have to tell you things are bad. Everybody knows things are bad. It’s a depression. Everybody’s out of work or scared of losing their job. The dollar buys a nickel’s worth;

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banks are going bust; shopkeepers keep a gun under the counter; punks are running wild in the street, and there's nobody anywhere who seems to know what to do, and there's no end to it. We know the air is unfit to breathe and our food is unfit to eat. And we sit watching our TVs while some local newscaster tells us that today we had fifteen homicides and sixty-three violent crimes, as if that's the way it's supposed to be! We all know things are bad -- worse than bad -- they're crazy … So, I want you to get up now. I want all of you to get up out of your chairs. I want you to get up right now and go to the window, open it, and stick your head out and yell, “I'm as mad as hell, and I'm not going to take this anymore!!”


hose memorable lines For now, I tip my hat to the are from the movie neighborhood activists of “Network” released in Ingleside. They’re not sitting 1976. But they sound like the rhetoric echoing through on the sidelines pointing finlocal neighborhoods now. In gers and antagonizing. fact, some residents of the They’ve developed an extenIngleside neighborhood have decided they’re not taking it sive, responsive neighborhood anymore. They’ve banded watch system... together to fund private, offduty police patrols. They got the idea from an Atlanta neighborhood where it’s successful. When this hit the news recently, a few eyebrows were raised. More protection for those who can pay?? But it’s really not news. People pay for more protection all the time, and I don’t mean through burglar alarms and gated communities. Moonlighting by Macon police officers is established. It’s also desirable to them, as it supplements their wages (another topic for another day). Some night clubs hire three or four officers a night. It keeps on duty officers patrolling rather than responding to every bar brawl. Police funeral escorts are privately funded. You’ll see privately paid officers on traffic control at Sunday church services. I usually notice a uniformed officer when I shop at Chichesters. Some banks and convenience stores hire police protection. Our local malls have officers patrolling the parking lots. The list goes on. If these folks didn’t hire MPD officers, they’d recruit off duty sheriffs or use private agencies. State law protects the right of law enforcement officers to be employed privately during off-duty hours. The law also requires written approval by their chief or designee. The MPD has strict policies regarding off-duty employment. Such employment may not interfere with their city job. They must complete a Worker’s Compensation Agreement form, and agree to accept legal responsibility for any liability that results from their off-duty employment. Rooky officers are not eligible. Officers who abuse sick leave, plus those on extended sick leave or light duty, etc., are not eligible. Moonlighting may not detract from the physical or mental ability of an officer to perform their MPD job. They may not moonlight for any entity convicted of the illegal sale of contraband or narcotics or a place of illegal operation. And the list goes on. Off-duty neighborhood policing does not supplant routine precinct patrols. Those will and must continue. What off-duty policing may do is reduce the 911 calls on-duty officers respond to, thereby actually increasing routine patrols and reducing crime overall. It’s a pity our neighborhoods have come to this. Despite the recession and our shrunken revenues, we expect the beginning stages of a long overdue pay scale to be proposed in the upcoming city budget cycle. This may help with police hiring and retention. But will more pay and more officers prevent one guy shooting another over an Xbox? We’ve got some complex problems that law enforcement alone can’t solve. For now though, I tip my hat to the neighborhood activists of Ingleside. They’re not sitting on the sidelines pointing fingers and antagonizing. They’ve developed an extensive, responsive neighborhood watch system. They’re “getting up out of their chairs” and taking proactive steps to make their streets safer. They’re rallying the troops, and I believe their actions will have a very positive ripple effect throughout the city.

One Night. The best in... All new Gold Record Awards, prize giveaways all night long!

local music! Singer/ Songstress Abby Owens Molly Stevens Heather Kemp Amy Godwin


Roly-Bots Truffleina 2 Finger Jester

Psyk Nyne

Southern Kaos f/t Sonny Spoon


Walk the red carpet 7p Awards show starts 7:30p still time to vote: Reserved tables for six just $50. Call 464.1840



$5 General admission

Happening n’s Guide to What’s Macon’

Sunday Brunch featuring


Live acoustic music friday & saturday nights small plates pastry chef full bar & coffees free wi-fi

n Make Your Ow

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ar B y r a M y d Bloo t certificat f i Ge Card, Four Locations es av ! e l n ! a H b i l a o O t Plat p es r ou Restaurant G

484 Cherry Street 478.257.6440 Tic Toc Room | Dolce Vita | Luigi’s Bistro | The Wine Cellar




Valentine’s Day TreatsS Second Sunday Brunch Noon - 2p.m. Free event! Washington Park Macon Film Guild Presents “Soul Power” Showings at 2:30, 4 and 7:30pm Historic Douglass Theatre $5 admission Big Screen Night “Dirty Dancing” 6-9p.m. Free event at the Armory Ballroom (484 First St)


ark Brooker returns to Macon and re-unites with the Soul Proprietors (featuring the legendary Robert Lee Coleman on guitar) for a special Second Sunday Brunch performance. This will be Brooker's first public concert in Macon since re-locating to the West Coast last year. Bring your blankets, lawn chairs and picnics or buy one on site from Michael's on Mulberry. In addition to their $5 box brunches and cash bar, Michael's will also sell a special "Sweethearts' Picnics" for $30. It includes a bottle of wine (red, white or sparkling), two wine glasses, fruit and cheese assortment, two prime roast beef sandwiches and chocolates. Call Michael's on Mulberry at (478) 743-3997 to reserve the picnic package for Second Sunday by Feb. 10. In addition, thanks to the Knight Neighborhood Challenge grant, Macon Arts is providing free art projects for all ages on site at Second Sunday. This Second Sunday, Katy Olmstead will lead Valentine's themed sculpting fun with polymer clay. Later that evening the College Hill Corridor will be blowing up the big screen in the beautiful Armory Ballroom for a Valentine's evening movie screening of "Dirty Dancing." Get there early to grab a table (seats eight). The first 100 attendees will receive a special Valentine's gift from the College Hill Alliance. When the movie is over, Mark Brooker and the Soul Proprietors will put on an encore live music set before he heads back to California. Bring your dinner and table decorations or take-out from one of the local downtown restaurants. Michael's on Mulberry will have a cash bar on site. Please feel free to contact our office at (478) 301-2008 for further information on both events.

coff e

The Macon Film Guild’s February 14th presentation of “Soul Power” will help excite your afternoon with a behind the scenes glimpse of “The Greatest Concert You’ve Never Seen.” James Brown, B.B. King, Bill Withers, The Spinners and more are featured in the 1974 music festival that accompanied the Muhummad Ali/George Foreman fight in Zaire aptly nicknamed the Rumble in the Jungle. Screenings are held the 2nd Sunday of each month in the historic Douglass Theatre at 2:00, 4:30, and 7:30 p.m. Questions & answers after the 4:30 screening. Go see this movie and offer up a great big thank you to the Guild, now in its eighth year for consistently bringing critically recognized works of contemporary independent American and foreign directors to the Douglass.

es sm

thies oo


490 Cherry St. (478) 742-1771 08 February 11 - 24, 2010


Comes as Strangers, Leave as Friends!

2/17: ‘80s Theme Night 2/19: Live Music with Six Strings

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FRED SCHNEIDER’S SPRING THANG BINGO DANCE PARTY Friday, March 5, 2010 | The Gold Room, Atlanta

MUSIC BY FRED WITH DJ VICKI POWELL A Benefit for the Georgia Music Hall of Fame, Macon & Pets Are Loving Support, Atlanta


BINGO STARTS PROMPTLY AT 7 – SWANKY PRIZES! $20 Dance Party Only | $40 Bingo and Dance Party (Includes 7 bingo boards) $75 VIP – INCLUDES VELVET ROPE ADMISSION, VIP AREA, MEET & GREET WITH FRED, BINGO & MORE! MACON ATTENDEES: Motorcoach leaves Georgia Music Hall of Fame at 5:00. Round-trip fare only $20. Limited seats available – RSVP & tickets at Hall of Fame or call 478.751.3334.

10 February 11 - 24, 2010



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Thursday, Feb 11 This day in history: (2006) Vice President

Electronics Recycling in Central City Park (old license building)

Sat. Feb 20 9am-2pm

Dick Cheney accidentally shoots friend in a hunting accident.

Macon State College Presents “Raptors of the Southeast”a traveling interactive pro-

gram featuring live hawks, owls, and falcons, will be presented at Macon State College at 3:30 p.m. at the lakeside patio of the Professional Sciences building on the Macon campus. The rain date is Thursday, Feb. 25, same times and locations. This event is free and open to the public.

Dollar Movie Night at the Capitol Theatre. Showing: Couple’s Retreat. $1

admission, $1 pizza and $1 domestic draft ALL NIGHT LONG! 478.257.6391. 382 Second St.

Macon Little Theatre presents Neil Simon’s “Rumors” The surprisingly mod-

ern themes will keep you laughing as attendees of a dinner party find themselves amid a scandal and cover-up. The show runs through February 14 at 8 p.m. with Sunday matinees at 2:30 p.m. Tickets are $10 - $18. For reservations or more info call 478.477.3342.

“Dearly Beloved” by the Backlot Players at The Rose Theater in Forsyth.

Tickets $10 - $15. Call 478.994.0443. Show runs Feb. 11 – 20.

Friday, Feb 12 This day in history: (1991) North and South

Korea form a joint team for table tennis competition.

“Valentine Opera Gala: The Many Splendors of Love” presented by Mercer

University Opera at the Cox Capitol Theatre. Tickets $8; $35 includes gala reception. Call 478.257.6391.

Eve Ensler’s “Vagina Monologues”

at Wesleyan College. Tickets $5 - $10. Call 478.757.5259. Also showing Feb. 13.

Saturday, Feb 13 This day in history: (1982) Dark Side of the

Moon, is on charts for 402nd week .

The 21st Annual “Live at the Cardiac Cafe” Macon City Auditorium, Show Begins

8:00pm. Featuring Bobby Collins, Aisha Tyler, and Vic Henley. Cardiac Café is a night of comedy to benefit the American Heart Association's mission to build healthier lives free of cardiovascular diseases and stroke. Balcony seating is also available. Call 478405-3200.

Sun Feb 14 This day in history: (1978) 1st "micro on a chip" patented by Texas Instruments .

Cox Capitol Theatre presents Casablanca. Special Valentine's Day dinner

for two for $30. Movie starts at 7:30pm, dinner service starts at 6p.m. Limited dinner reservations available - please call ahead (478)2576391, ext. 6. $5 movie only 382 Second St.

Macon Film Guild presents Soul Power The Greatest Concert You’ve Never

Seen: James Brown, B.B. King, Bill Withers, The Spinners and more are featured in the 1974 music festival that accompanied the Muhummad Ali/George Foreman fight in Zaire. With behind-the-scenes, stellar cut footage from the Oscar-winning documentary When We Were Kings and prime verbal riffs from The Greatest himself. Showings at 2pm, 4:30pm and 7pm. $5 admission.

Death By Chocolate benefit for the

Tubman African American Museum at the Macon City Auditorium. Tickets $25. Call 478743.8544.

Thurs Feb 18 This day in history: (1993) Haitian ferry boat

capsize in storm, 800-2,000 die.

The 5th Annual “MaGa” Macon Film

Festival. Screenings at Cox Capitol Theatre and the Douglass Theatre. Tickets $10 -

430 Cherry Street | 741-9130 MON-sat 4pm-2am

r u o H y Happ 4-8PM

Grant's Lounge 39th Anniversary "Happy Hippy Hour" Celebration Wednesday, February 24th with special guests Chris Hicks, Eddie Kirkland, Paul Hornsby, Members of Stillwater Band, Robert Coleman and Newt Collier. Live music by Big Mike & the Booty Papas. $15/day; $35 - $100 Festival. Call 257.6381. See page 20 for complete schedule of events.

Fri Feb 19 This day in history: (1987) Anti-smoking ad

airs for 1st time on TV, featuring Yul Brynner.

“Out of Order” at Theatre Macon.

Tickets $12 - $18. Call 478.746.9485. Show runs Feb. 19 – 27.

Sat Feb 20 This day in history: (1975) Margaret

Thatcher elected leader of British Conservative Party .

Arbor Day Celebration which includes

presentation of the Tree City designation to the City of Macon, tree planting, tree give away, and children’s activities. Location: Amerson Water Works Park – Atlanta Gas Light Pavilion. Free parking from 11am - 1pm.

“Drumming for Success” Workshop with Dr. Arvin Scott at the GMHF

Dr. Arvin Scott, award-winning percussionist, youth program developer and music professor at University of Georgia’s Hugh Hodgson School of Music presents Drumming for Success. An inspiring, hands-on experience for youth ages 3-16, the program provides percussion instruction while stressing academic achievement, character building and creativity. Hand drums are provided for all participants. Workshop is ongoing between noon and 2 p.m. $3.50 for children and adults. A Music in Kids’ Education) program.

Robert McDuffie in Concert

McDuffie Center for Strings presents Robert McDuffie, violin, on Feb. 20, at 7:30p.m. at the Neva Langley Fickling Hall McCorkle Music Building. This is a ticketed event -- $25 general admission, FREE with Mercer ID. Call the Mercer Box Office at (478) 301-5470.

The 2010 Georgia Sports Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony at Macon City

Auditorium. Honoring inductees Al Ciraldo, Edward Everett, Ernie Johnson, Sam Mitchell, Larry Rakestraw, Ronald Simmons and Suzanne Yoculan. Tickets $125/$1,000 for table of 8. Call 478.752.1585.

Support Our Troops at Mercer’s last home basketball game!

The Central Georgia Chapter Red Cross has partnered with Mercer University to host a "Salute to the 48th Brigade" day at the last home men's basketball game, which takes

place on February 20 at 3:30p.m. against Jacksonville University. Basketball fans will be given FREE admission to the game if you bring two donated items for soldier care packages. Accepted items include white socks, beef jerky, hard candy, bar soap, toothbrush / paste, deodorant, baby wipes, Q-tips, shaving accessories, mixed nuts, extension cords, phone cards, batteries (AA or AAA preferred).

Sun Feb 21 This day in history: (1983) Donald Davis

runs 1 mile backwards in 6 minutes 7 sec.

“The Sleeping Beauty” performed by Moscow Festival Ballet at The Grand Opera House. Tickets $28 - $32. Call 478.301.5470.

with complimentary food & 2-4-1 wells!

MON $1 Wells all Day! TUES karaoke with mitch Trivia. WED Team free wells for gals THUR. FEB 11

Christabel & the Jons FRI. FEB 12

Wed Feb 24 This day in history: (2008) Fidel Castro

Drivin’ n’ Cryin

Grant's Lounge 39th Anniversary "Happy Hippy Hour" Celebration


resigns as President of Cuba .

Doors open at 5:00 p.m. Opening comments by Alan Walden and Music with Big Mike and The Booty Papa's. Special commemorative tickets to be sold in advance for $10. Proceeds to be shared with Georgia Music Hall of Fame and The Big House Museum.

Thur Feb 25 This day in history: (1987) Michael Jordan, scores Bulls record 58 points in a game .

The 11th Hour Readers’ Choice Awards at the Cox Capitol Theatre Walk the red carpet at 7, show starts at 7:30pm. Celebrity presenters, the best of local live music including: a Songstress in the Round (Abby Owens, Amy Godwin, Molly Stevens, Heather Kemp), 2 Finger Jester, Roly Bots, Truffleina, Southern Kaos with Sonny Spoon and Psyk Nyne. Help us celebrate the Best of Macon! $5 admission or purchase a table of 6 for $100.

Fri Feb 26 This day in history: (1993) New York City World Trade Center bombed, 7 die .

The Crossroads Writers' Conference & Literary Festival takes place February 26-

27 at Mercer University and various locations in the College Hill Corridor. The event features workshops, panels, roundtables and readings by notable published writers, as well as performances, presentations and book fair. For more information and complete schedule of events visit

rehearsals FEBRUARY 20: Red Ants Marching! Pictures is holding auditions for numerous film projects

which are to be filmed in Macon. All types and ages needed (filming begins in April). Those auditioning will read from scripts provided. Meet at Killian’s Coffeehouse, 490 Cherry Street, downtown Macon from noon until 4p.m. Visit for more information.

Auditions February 21st & 22nd at 7:30 PM at Theatre Macon for “Hello Dolly”, in production April 2-17. For more information, call 746-9485.

For a complete listing of events, including ongoing exhibits, musuem hours & more visit

El Cantador! WED. FEB 17


DJ Old Flame THUR. FEB 18

Scott little acoustic show with nathan garrett


The Roly-Bots

& introducing the royal fireworks


Packway Handle Band Coming february 26:

LUCERO! NOW TAKING APPLICATIONS: General Manager, Bartenders and Sound Technicians.


You Drink. We Drive.

A fully insured Zingo driver arrives on a portable motorbike. Folds it, Bags it, Places it in your trunk, Drives you and your car home safely.

New Lower Rates! $15 + $2 a mile.

254-6555. Exclusively in

live music, venues, nightclubs, karaoke, drink specials and more...


TUES 2/16

SAT 2/20

Christabel & The Jons The Hummingbird, 430 Cherry

B Keith Williams The Shamrock

Deacon’s of Disaster CJ’s Sports Bar, Riverside Drive

Wes Heath CJ’s Sports Bar, Riverside Drive

Floco Torres Loco’s Bar & Grill

FRI 2/12

B Keith Williams 20’s Pub, Riverside Drive

oh dorian, Harrison Hudson, Molly Parden 567 Cafe, 7pm, $7

Drivin’ n Cryin’ The Hummingbird, 430 Cherry Stoopgrass Rivalry’s on Northside

Mardi Gras Bash w/K-Mo The Rookery

Mardi Gras with Caleb & Bo Wild Wing Cafe

WED 2/17

Chris Hicks & Friends Backporch Lounge

DJ Old Flame, Ladies Nite The Hummingbird, 430 Cherry Open Mic w/ Matt Rivalry’s on Northside Matt Pippen Wild Wing Cafe

The Unmentionables Wild Wing Cafe

THUR 2/18

SAT 2/13

Wes Heath CJ’s Sports Bar, Riverside Drive

DJ Trent Bottom’s Up on Cherry

CJ the Piano Man CJ’s Sports Bar, Riverside Drive El Cantador! The Hummingbird, 430 Cherry Chris Bartlett Macon Mellow Mushroom Sol Junky Rivalry’s on Northside Bongo Brothers The Shamrock NSP Wild Wing Cafe

MON 2/15

David Willis 20’s Pub, Riverside Drive

DJ Trent Bottom’s Up on Cherry

Scott Little acoustic The Hummingbird, 430 Cherry Matt Moncrief Loco’s Bar & Grill

FRI 2/19

Project 77 20’s Pub, Riverside Drive Six Strings Bottom’s Up on Cherry

Josh Carson CJ’s Sports Bar, Riverside Drive The Roly-Bots The Hummingbird, 430 Cherry Wes Heath Macon Mellow Mushroom Taste Rivalry’s on Northside Keith Williams The Shamrock Lixxy Fox Wild Wing Cafe

12 February 11 - 24, 2010

DJ Trent Bottom’s Up on Cherry

Packway Handle Band The Hummingbird, 430 Cherry Jason Hobbs Macon Mellow Mushroom

UFC Fight on big screen! Rivalry’s on Northside

Chris Hicks & Tim Brooks The Shamrock Stealing 3rd Wild Wing Cafe

SUN 2/21

Josh Carson Macon Mellow Mushroom

MON 2/22

Randy Wesson 20’s Pub, Riverside Drive

WED 2/24

Chris Hicks & Friends Backporch Lounge

DJ Old Flame, Ladies Nite The Hummingbird, 430 Cherry Open Mic w/ Matt Rivalry’s on Northside Matt Pippen Wild Wing Cafe

THUR 2/25

11th Hour Readers’ Choice Awards with Roly-Bots, Psyk Nyne, 2 Finger Jester, Abby Owens, Molly Stevens, Amy Godwin, Heather Kemp, Truffleina, Southern Kaos & Sonny Spoon The Cox Capitol Theatre, $5!

FRI 2/26

Lucero with Glossary The Hummingbird, 430 Cherry Flashback Wild Wing Cafe


Happy hour til 7pm, jam & rehearse 7-10pm, 20’s Pub Industry Apprication Night! BJ’s Billiards

$1 Domestics Loco’s Cafe

$1.25 Bud til 8p, 35¢ Wings 8-11p The Hole Thang 2-4-1 wells and $2 Domestics until 8pm CJ’s Sports Bar $1 Wells all night, The Bird Happy Hour open to close Rivalry’s Sports Bar $2 Bud Light Bottles Wild Wing Cafe

Steak Night 6-9pm,Karaoke 8pm Tara’s Tavern Beer Olympics, Bottoms Ups

Hippy Chick Night 6PM-Close: $1.50 House Wine & $4.50 Jager Mellow Mushroom


LADIES NIGHT, 3-for-1 Drinks, $2 shots & beer BJ’s Billiards 2-4-1 wells and $2 Domestics until 8pm CJ’s Sports Bar

The Rookery offers drink specials from 11-1am: $2 Bud Light bottles, $4.50 well doubles, $3 Sex on the Beach and 2 for 1 Jager. $3 Jose Margaritas all day! Free Pool! Tara’s Tavern

Service Industry Night 6PM-Close: 2 for $10 Jager Bombs; $3 House Margaritas; $3 3 Olives Vodka; $2 Miller Lite Bottles & Yuengling Pints Macon Mellow

Skirts, $2 drinks all night Rivalry’s

35¢ Wings 3p-close, Buffalos

$3 select 22oz Drafts, 2-4-1 Jagerbombs Wild Wing


$1pints, $3.75 PBR Pitchers Macon Mellow

$1 Domestics Loco’s Cafe

Beat the Clock at Bottoms Up, 50¢ drafts go up every half hour 2-4-1 Margaritas all day at El Azteca

2-4-1 wells and $2 Domestics until 8pm CJ’s Sports Bar Bud Bingo, win prizes! Friend’s Bar & Grill 8-Ball Tournament, 8pm BJ’s Billiards

Live music with B Keith Williams The Shamrock

$1.50 Dom Draft beers, $3 Bloody Marys, Tara’s Tavern 2 fer Tuesday: 5-10p, featuring $2 Domestic drafts Wild Wing


$1 Miller, Bud & Coors Lt Drafts Wild Wing Cafe $1 Domestics Loco’s Cafe

2-4-1 wells and $2 Domestics until 8pm CJ’s Sports Bar

Ladies night, free wells for the gals The Hummingbird Open Mic, 10pm, Rivalry’s

$3 Pint Night at Buffalo’s Macon

Late Night Happy Hour SundayThursday: 9PM-close - $2 Miller Lite Bottles & Yuengling Pints, $3 Wells Mellow Mushroom $5 Car Bombs! Loco’s Cafe


Happy Hour prices for poker players, BJ’s Billiards

2-4-1 wells and $2 Domestics until 8pm CJ’s Sports Bar

The Rookery offers drink specials from 11-1am: $2 Bud Light bottles, $4.50 well doubles, $3 Sex on the Beach and 2 for 1 Jager. $10 Domestic Buckets Wild Wing Cafe


2-4-1 wells and $2 Domestics until 8pm CJ’s Sports Bar

The Rookery offers drink specials from 11-1am: $2 Bud Light bottles, $4.50 well doubles, $3 Sex on the Beach and 2 for 1 Jager. $4 Firefly Sweet Tea Vodka Wild Wing Cafe


Nascar, drink specials, 20’s Pub $10 Domestic Buckets Wild Wing Cafe

2-4-1 Jagerbombs all day and $3 big drafts! El Azteca Free Darts, Tara’s Tavern





11thr Houests

Sugg se the Miss Don’t ws Sho


Drag Show & Dance Party, Synergy

Insomnia Promotions Presents... every Friday night at Club Envy DJ Don, biggest dance party in Mid GA, Saturdays Whiskey River

Thursday - Saturday at downtown’s newest college hotspot, Bottom’s Up


Wed,Thursday & Sat, 8p, Sundays, Tuesdays at 6pm, 20’s Pub


Thursday, Feb 25

READERS’ CHOICE AWARDS AT THE CAPITOL The 11th Hour presents the 5th Annual Readers’ Choice Awards. Join over 500 of your fellow fans to embrace the Best of Macon during a night of the music you voted the best around, special “Sponsor Moments” with lots of prizes and giveaways, local celebrity presenters, food and of course, lots of fun. This year’s host, local comedian, bartender extraordinaire and favorite Men of Summer calendar model, Big Jammin’ will emcee the night and keep things moving as we give away Gold Records to the restaurants, community leaders, bands and events you voted “The Best!” Walk the red carpet and get photographed like the stars before heading into the Theatre, the Awards Show will start at 7:30p.m. Live music for the night include 2 Finger Jester, Truffleina, Psyk Nyne, Southern Kaos with special guest Sonny Spoon, a Songstress in the Round featuring Abby Owens, Molly Stevens, Heather Kemp and Amy Godwin and The RolyBots, with some surprises in store for you as well. As always, general admission is $5, but reserved tables of six can be purchased in advance by our prestigious nominees for $50. (Call the 11th Hour office at 464-1840). General admission advance tickets can be purchased by calling the Capitol Theatre box office at 257-6391.

Come Hear...

Read more about it... Full Bandography online with MP3s of upcoming bands!

Thursdays with Brad “the Man in the Box” at Rivalry’s and Sundays with Stephen and T.T.

Mondays with Man in the Box, 9pm at Loco’s on Riverside

New to Tuesdays! Karaoke with Mitch The Hummingbird, 8p

NEW Wednesdays with Mitch from 9p-1a at BJ Billiards

Every Wednesday, Macon Shroom Every Friday 7:30, Mondays at 5pm, Friends Bar & Grill Wed, Fri & Saturdays at Tara’s Sundays with Brad, 9pm The Backporch Lounge


Every TUES 8:30p, CJ’s Sports Bar NOW TUESDAYS at BJs Billiards Every Wednesday with 2-4-1 Jagerbombs El Azteca

Every Tuesday, Macon Mellow

Every Monday with Big Jammin, Happy Hour all night, Rivalry’s Family Trivia every Thursday evening from 8-10pm, Buffalo’s Macon

Thursday nights 9p, The Shamrock Tuesday nights with Jason Hawk, cash prizes, Wild Wing Cafe Trivia with Jacob at Loco’s every Wednesday, Big payouts!

Every Wednesday at The Rookery, compete for $5,000 grand prize! 8pm Every Wednesday at The Bird, 7pm.


Nightly Poker 7:30p, Friends Bar

Sunday Poker League 2:30,Tuesdays at 7pm, Rivalry’s Nightly Poker 8p, BJ Billiards

Texas Hold ‘Em, The Hole Thang

2/12: Drivin ‘N Cryin at The Bird


Christabel & The Jons @ The Bird

Christabel and the Jons is currently on tour from Louisiana to Maine and everywhere in between, promoting their album Custom Made for You and singing a bunch of new bossa nova and country swing tunes which will soon be recorded on their third CD, The Same Mistake. Lead singer and songwriter Christa DeCicco is earning a reputation as one of the southeast's finest laid-back jazz singers.

FRIDAY, 2/12

Drivin’ N’ Cryin’ @ The Bird

Countless followers have rallied to the call of d'n'c' ever since the group exploded out of Atlanta and began their epic as one of the great live bands of all time. Their hits - "Fly Me Courageous," "Scarred but Smarter," "Build a Fire," "Honeysuckle Blue," & "Straight to Hell" - brought Southern rock to its peak of concise, passionate eloquence. Driven by a lethal rhythm combination, with Tim Nielsen on bass and Jeff Sullivan on drums, the unmistakable voice and lyrics of Kevn Kinney burned like a brand into the hearts of fans.

Stoopgrass @ Rivalry’s

Matt Moncrief’s newest project is a full band and all original music. Members from the popular Red Fish Blu Fish have regrouped; Preston Hawke and Billy Lyons with Travis Bryant to form a sort of Macon supergroup. Currently recording an album due out in March, Stoopgrass is a new brand of rock/jam/bluegrass that Macon can call all it’s own.

The Unmentionables @ Wild Wing

From Bill Withers, to the Beatles, the Unmentionables play it all, and they play it well. You will want to bring your dancing shoes to this show, as the Unmentionables are going to have you on the feet.

2/13: Oh Dorian at the 567 Cafe

Wednesdays: Chris Hicks at Backporch

B Keith Williams @ 20’s Pub

FRIDAY, 2/19


The Roly Bots are our favorite band. I know we say it a lot but it’s true. It’s fun to dance to, it’s rock and roll, poppy and weird. But this night is special because one of our favorite guitarists, Brent Evans of Athens fame, who’s been sitting in his room practicing for like eight years, is finally going back on stage.It’s truly something to behold. I wouldn’t miss it.

B. Keith Williams has performed with: Gregg Allman, REO Speedwagon, The Romantics - Atlanta Rhythm Section, Willie Nelson, and he can sing them all. A great performaer that plays all the hits you love to sing along to.

Oh Dorian @ The 567

Oh Dorian seemingly crept out of nowhere, moving quickly from tiny dive bars to famed listening rooms like Eddie’s Attic and opening gigs for acts like The Indigo Girls and Modern Skirts. The power of her voice is matched only by her seriousness and dedication as an artist. Tonight she’ll be performing for the first time ever live new songs to be recorded this summer. She will be sharing the stage with Harrison Hudson, Molly Parden and Kenneth Driggers.


Fat Tuesday with K-Mo @ The Rookery K-Mo was once a staple of Macon,

playing weekly at Trio, and as Trio vanished, it seemed, so did he. He plays some soulful hits from Macon's past and masters his instrument like few can. If you haven't tried some of the Rook's New Orleans style dishes, you're missing out, and their hurricane's are as authentic as they come.

THURSDAY, 2/18 Wes Heath @ CJ’s

Born and raised in Macon, Wes was exposed to a variety of musical styles very early in life. Playing 250-300 shows a year all over the U.S. for the better part of the last decade. Bringing a sense of showmanship not often found with many solo acts, he is as enetertaining as he is talented; taking performance cues from such legends as Chuck Berry, Jerry Lee Lewis, Billy Joel, and the King, Elvis Presley.

The Roly-Bots featuring The Royal Fireworks @ The Bird

Lixxy Fox @ The Wild Wing Café

From the band The Mighty McFly, Lixxy is the uber hot guitar player that can do it all, from AC/DC to ZZ Top. Playing hits from the 80’s and 90’s Lixxy is a true bad ass to listen to and to watch. It’s a fun show you’ll want to dance to.

SUNDAY, 2/21

Josh Carson @ Mellow Mushroom

Whitesnake, David Hasselhoff, John Tesh, The Beatles, James Taylor, Paul Simon, Sammy Loggins, are listed as some of this guys favorites and he plays them all. Well, maybe not Hasselhoff. Best known for his stint with Acoustic Workshop, Josh has made a name for himself among Macon singer/songwriters.

WEDNESDAY, 2/24 Grant's Lounge 39th Anniversary "Happy Hippy Hour" Celebration

With opening comments by Alan Walden The Music Begins with Big Mike and The Booty Papa’s. Sponsored by the Big House, special commemorative tickets will be sold in advance for $10. Music with Big Mike and The Booty Papa's, Chris Hicks, Eddie Kirkland, Paul Hornsby, Members of Stillwater Band, Robert Coleman, and Newt Collier will all be celebrating the famed Grant’s Lounge tonight.



LOCAL MUSIC Cheap Drink Specials

Friendly Staff!



Floco Torres is Not a Fan of Valentine’s Day

“The Anti-Valentine’s Day Color is Still Green” Mixtape release will be available for download on March 17. Look for details for the planned joint art show in future issues of the 11th Hour.



Happy Hour M-F til 6, Sat-Sun til 4pm


$1.50 Domestic Beer $3 Bloody Marys


Gotta have it Steak Night 6-9p! Karaoke 8p



Tequila Night! $3 Jose Margaritas all day, $2 Jose shots (4-8p)

fri/sat Karaoke! sundays Free darts, shot specials!

Across from Macon Feed & Seed

2455 Emory Highway • tel 741-2999 14 February 11 - 24, 2010

is real name is Kevin, but amongst the Macon community he’s known as the only local hiphop artist who can reference “How I Met Your Mother” and Times New Roman and yet remain incredibly, effortlessly cool. Meet Floco Torres. If you’ve heard some of Floco’s songs and wondered why they sound so different from other Macon musicians, it’s because he is an adopted outsider. By way of New Jersey, Floco found himself in Georgia just last year, and he has since made himself a staple of the Macon music scene. The songs on his most recent album, “Psychadelphia,” take listeners on genre-bending rides through rap, hip-hop, rock, pop, funk and God knows what else, solidifying Floco as one of Macon’s most versatile and creative musical artists. We’ve come to know Floco Torres for the addictive beats and his talent for wordplay that puts many popular songwriters to shame, and you can expect the same from Floco’s most recent musical project––a 13-song mixtape called “The Anti-Valentine’s Day Color is STILL Green.” The mixtape is a follow-up to a similar compilation Floco made last year called “The Anti-Valentine’s Day Color is Green,” which was released, not on the day hated most by all bitterly single people, but a month later on St. Patrick’s Day. Thus the green. Mixtapes, as anyone who has practiced the meticulous art of playlist-making knows, serve as outlets of emotional expression. Although the idea of an Anti-Valentine mixtape may seem childish or even immature, for Floco it’s just a way to vent about the frustrations of love and heartache. “I haven’t really had a lot of great relationships,” he said. So after more


than a few heartbreaks, Floco created the first anti-Cupid mixtape last year. When you listen to songs like “The Anti Valentine” and “60 Seconds of Your Time,” you can get an idea of the emotional state Floco was in when he created the mix. (Hint: “I hate them and I hope they stub their toes”). If Floco’s brand of Anti-Valentine bitterness is what you need, you can still find those sentiments on this year’s compilation. But you’ll also find more songs about healing, accepting and moving on. As it turns out, Floco hasn’t completely given up on love. “I’m still upset with the broken heart aspect, but after this last year, experiencing really being in love or whatever, you can’t really hate it all the way,” he said. This year’s mixtape release will be kicked up a notch. Several local artists have already agreed to create artwork around the Anti-Valentine’s Day theme for a joint art show and CD release party. With additional visual elements, Floco hopes the music will relate to people on an even greater level. “You come in, look at the pictures, take in the whole energy of experiencing the heartbreak, hearing the songs, experiencing it, dancing, raging, whatever you want to do. Sweat it out ... Listen to the mixtape and just let that feeling go,” he said. For Floco, the creation process itself has been therapeutic. Still, not even he knows whether to expect another Valentine mixtape for 2011. “I just want to say goodbye to stuff that happened last year, start over again this year and hopefully not have to write a new mixtape next year,” Floco said. But who knows? Perhaps Floco Torres has some love songs up his sleeves. - LILLIAN SHAW

Macon’s Premier Listening Room

Mac is in Macon

Sat 2/13/10:

The presents:

oh dorian, Harrison Hudson, Molly Parden, Ken Driggers 7pm, $7

Over 1300 products • Educational Pricing Available • Locally-owned Apple Service Plan* • Free Data Transfer & Service Loaners* In-House Repair • In-House Support • 4th year of AppleCare Free**

Every Tuesday: Poetic Peace with Y-O on the 1s & 2s

567 Cherry Street Downtown Macon

macs • ipods • software • service The Shoppes at River Crossing (next to Bonefish Grill) • 478-257-6310 • also in Athens & Augusta *Available only to PeachMac customers who purchase a Mac with AppleCare. **Covers labor only in year 4.




New Man-Meals at CJ’s, 2 lb. Burger Anyone? 2910 Riverside Drive, Macon (478) 757-3262


ince I moved to Macon, CJ’s has been the place that I wander to when I’m feeling in the mood for some good, serious comfort food. I live downtown, and I’m completely guilty of not doing enough that I can’t walk to, but when the mood hits for some feel good eating, its CJ’s that I usually turn to. Chuck and John are the bar owners that I would aspire to be. Come midnight, you probably won’t see them whooping and hollering on a table top about being bar owners, but come nine a.m. there they are, side by side, working on getting another day up and going in a business that is anything but easy. They are some of my oldest customers, and probably my favorite. So yes, this review is not objective, because I’m a fan. However, when you’re talking about something like a Grilled Cheese Burger, who gives a crap if your objective. And when I say Grilled Cheese Burger ($9.95) I mean GRILLED CHEESE burger, not cheeseburger. That’s right. A giant, chopped sirloin patty with a slice of bacon and two grilled cheese sandwiches for the bun. It’s decadent, over the top, and I ate and enjoyed every last drop.

16 February 11 - 24, 2010

CJ’s has always been in the burger business, for 11 years they’ve had some of the best burgers Macon has to offer. Recently, they added a few new items to the menu, like the Grilled Cheeseburger that spark your imagination as much as your taste-buds. Take the Cereal Burger for example, served with Captain Crunch and Peanut A serious meal. The double grilled cheese 2 pound burger Butter. Or the scramble burger in a at CJ’s is free if you can finish it in 30 minutes. Bragging bowl covered with chili and cheese rights and a Wall of Shame (we mean Fame) photo too. and served with crackers. Or, if got great melts, great sandwiches (Kielbasa Sausage you’re a real serious meat lover, take the CJ’s ulti$7.95 is my favorite). They also have an awesome mate food challenge and order the Mighty catering menu for any style party you can imagine. Mccallum. Four, half-pound patties live inside this They just bought a new smoker from Bubba Grills, behemoth, with cheese, lettuce, tomato and a fried and it does some good work too. I had one of their egg between EACH patty. The grilled cheese smoked turkey breasts, cold, the other day and it still replaces the bun and it’s served with a whopping melted in my mouth. I wouldn’t hesitate to rate CJ’s one pound of fries. This man-meal is $18.95 but one of the best stops in town for bar food. They’ve free if you can finish in thirty minutes. Good luck! been doing it for over a decade and they’ve gotten But burgers aren’t all CJ’s offers. I’m talking the everything right. best chicken fingers in the world hand-cut and bat- BRAD EVANS tered to order, and some of the best nachos, they’ve

• Specialty Coffees

thedish MERCER STUDENTS Free soft drinkilwith wn gr l ntoBear dow your Card! • Private Parties • Catering Available


Perfect Dinner Specials under $10! Pairings


DINNER 5:30-9:30PM LargeFRIDAY selection&ofSATURDAY 10/30: Midnig Wine and a fully stocked Humidor

VOTED BEST LUNCH 1/2 off select bottles SPO T! of wine on Wednesdays 572 Mulberry Street Lane Downtown Macon, 742-5999

18 to party, 21 to drink

$2 PBRs,

All day, Everyday!

Daily Italian Specialties Pasta ~ Sandwiches ~ Soup Salad ~ Pizza ~ Daily Specialties

Beer & Wine

Private Parties and Full Catering Available

Weekdays 5-9:30pm Sat 5-10:30pm

Backporch Lounge 2400 Riverside Dr • 745-8801

Specialty Coffees Pastries

359 THIRD STREET • DOWNTOWN MACON • 478-742-2255

Free Wi-Fi

Full Bar Come see us: Tues - Thur 7am-6pm Fri - Sat 7am-9pm

Located Inside the Best Western

Full Breakfast

Every Wednesday!

Featuring premium coffees, teas, croissants, eggs, Try the Frenc h waffles and more! Toast Napoleon


Casual Lunches

Featuring gourmet pastas, soups, sandwiches, pizza and more!

SUNDAYS! Middle GA’s favorite place for Karaoke with Man in the Box!



Try the Oriental Chicken Salad! Fa Open for Dinner Desnstaerststi!c


502 Cherry Street • Tel 257-6612

Friday & Saturday, Full Bar!



glass of wine on Valentine’s Day!

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Treat Your Valentine to a 4-course dinner! $50 a couple includes: Choice of Appetizer (Spinach & Artichoke Dip or Fried Green Tomatoes), Dinner Salad, Choice of Entrees (Pasta Louisianne with Grilled Chicken or a New York Strip) and of course, Choice of Dessert (White Chocolate Cheesecake or Bread Pudding)

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THE 11 T

Fat Tuesday, Feb 16



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Regular or Large Cooked in pure, no cholesterol, tasty peanut oil!

ALL TOPPINGS FREE: Mayo Relish Onions Lettuce Pickles Tomatoes Ketchup Mustard Fried Onions Sauteed Mushrooms Jalapeno Peppers Green Peppers A-1 Sauce BBQ Sauce Hot Sauce

Live music with K-Mo 7pm 2-4-1 Hurricanes all day long! New Orleans treats & specials!

Trivia Every Wed, 8p Happy Hour Daily 4-8pm: 241 Wells, $1 High Lifes

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Full bar open until 2am Tuesday - Saturday Dining Hours: Mon 11-3, Tues-Thur 11-9 Fri & Sat 11-10, Sun 12-9

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grill me

Thrilla from the Grilla with Pineapple Habenero Salsa

a Q&A with those in the restaurant biz


The Rookery There isn’t a place downtown that has been serving us longer.The Rookery offers some of the best comfort food in Macon. Burgers, Nachos, Sandwiches and daily lunch specials that can’t be beat. LD BAR $ 543 Cherry Street, 746-8658

Buffalos Cafe on Zebulon You know this place has great wings, but they also feature a large selection of salads and sandwiches, large screen tvs to watch all your favorite games and a popular trivia night for the whole family. LD • BAR • $ 5990 Zebulon Rd. 20’s Pub Boasting freshly prepared sandwiches, salads and dinner specials in a well-lit tavern-like setting. LD • BAR • $ 3076 Riverside Dr.

5 Guys Burgers & Fries The best burgers in Macon is what our readers say, serving dogs and peanuts too. LD • $ 120 Tom Hill Sr., 474.0445

Wild Wing Cafe Newly opened franchise at the Shoppes at River Crossing, fantastic wings in over 30 flavors, over 20 brews on tap, great salads and one of the few dining options in North Macon that offers live music on the weekends. LD • BAR $-$$, 477.WILD

CJ’s Bar & Grill You can’t really call this bar food. Is it fried, yes, but it’s fresh and so, so good! Sloppy nachos, great burgers and chicken wraps. LD • BAR • $ 2910 Riverside Drive, 757-3262

Rivalry’s – The only place in town where you can order Atomic Buffalo Turds and wash them down with a giantsized bottle of Monty Python’s Holy Ale. 3986 Northside Dr., Macon 474-0606 LD BAR $ Nu-Way Weiners Open since 1916, this original store with its neon sign is one of America's oldest hot dog stands and they serve secret recipe chili sauce, famous hot dogs, hamburgers, and other sandwiches. BLD • $ 430 Cotton Avenue, 743.1368


Fresh-Air Bar-B-Que Award winning BBQ known for its tangy tomato and vinegar style pulled pork, ribs and baked beans. Don’t skip out on the Brunswick Stew neither. LD Open 7 days a week • $ 3076 Riverside Dr., 477-7229

Satterfield’s Serving hickory smoked meats, seafood, vegetables, daily specials and salads. L • $ 120 New Street, 742.0352 AP’s Hidden Hideaway Serving home cooking all day long and specialty dinners at night, enjoy their large patio. Seriously good food. LD BAR • $ 4274 Broadway.

Good to Go There is a slightly different menu available every day, offering the best in the Souths lunchtime favorite, “the Meat & Three”. Full catering services also available. LD $ 1019 Riverside Dr. 743.4663

Sticky Fingers Ribhouse Choose your flavor; Memphis style Wet or Dry, Tennessee Whiskey, Habanero Hot or Carolina Sweet. Served with sweet corn bread muffins! Fresh salads and lunch specials. LD • BAR • $$ 5080 Riverside Drive, Open daily at 11am.

Dawson’s Kitchen You can’t beat southern cooking like this, you can see for yourselves the fresh ingredients in their market next door. LD • $ 3360 Brookdale, Payne City


Caliente’s Burrito Shop We’ve all had this style of big burrito by now, but Caliente’s does them the best. If you can handle it, get the MOAB… if not, there’s

Mexican Pizza with marinated chicken, black olives & jalepenos

Name: Summer Evans Where she works: Rivalry’s Sports Bar What she recommends? Hot Wings! Favorite restaurant other than where you work: I love the Olive Garden, specifically there Chicken Marsalla. Your guilty pleasure is: Getting tattoos! Her Specialty Drink? The Pink Panty Drop, yum... always the Thrilla From Tha Grilla, which is just right. LD • $ 6255 Zebulon Road

El Azteca One of Macon’s best patios, serving all your favorite Mexican dishes, voted Macon’s best margarita. LD BAR • $-$$ 169 Tom Hill Sr., 475.9199 Margaritas I hear that camarones a la diabla doesn’t mean ‘shrimp of the devil’ but I don’t care—it’s hot and spicy, and probably is what Satan eats when he’s feeling a hankering for Mexican. LD • BAR • $ 6012 Zebulon Road, Macon 477.2410; 4696 Presidential Parkway, Macon 757.1300; 2400 North Columbia, Milledgeville 453.9547


Jim Shaw’s Casual dining with Macon’s best seafood, tuna tidbits, scallops, wild Georgia shrimp. Seperate bar area with smoking. D • BAR $-$$ 3040 Vineville

Fish n’ Pig Spectacular views of Lake Tobesofkee. Patio or inside seating serving both barbecue and seafood. D • BAR $-$$ 6420 Mosely Dixon, 476.8837


Giuseppi’s Pizza & Pasta Casual, fun atmosphere with everything from soup and salads to hot wings, pizza and their signature sandwich creation, the Weggie. Daily lunch specials. LD • BAR • $ 120 Tom Hill Sr. Blvd, 477.7400

Luigi’s Bistro Casual Italian cuisine in a hip, swanky atmosphere. LD • BAR • $-$$ 401 Cherry Street, 743.4645

Macon Pizza in the Alley Serving NY style pizza, grinders, pasta, salads and wings; hot, fresh and affordable! LD • BAR • $ Mulberry Street Lane, 742-5555 Ingleside Village Pizza A big no-brainer. IVP has the best pizza in town and the best beer selection. Keep it classy with the white pizza and a Stella Artois or, keep it real with a slice of the ultimate and a 24-oz. High Life. LD • BAR $ 2396 Ingleside Avenue, & downtown across from Mercer Univ.


Adriana’s Quick & delicious cafeteriastyle lunch, serving the most authentic Italian in town, including sandwiches, soup, salads, pasta, pizza and daily specialties. Also, specialty coffees and beer and wine. Mon-Thur 11-5, Fri-Sat 11-6pm. L • BAR $ 359 Third Street Molly’s Café – It looks like your grandma’s dining room and the menu

eats like it too! This is the place for a quick and quaint lunch. 402 Cherry St., Macon 744-9898 LD $

Market City Café – Superb sandwiches, homemade soups, loaded salads, pizza and pastas. Unique breakfast menu including gourmet coffees and teas. Dinner now being served Fridays and Saturdays featuring seafood and steak specials. Full bar, excellent wine cellar. Full catering services on or off site. Open Tues-Thur, 7am-6pm; Friday and Saturday 7am-9pm. 502 Cherry St., Macon 257-6612 BLD • BAR • $-$$


Greek Corner Deli Serving delicious lamb gyros, monster greek salads, subs and specialty sandwiches 7 days a week. One of the few restaurants downtown open on Sundays and the only late night eatery on Saturdays 12:30am til 3am! LD • $ 587 Cherry Street, 254.3059.


ZEBULON ROAD, In front of Kohl’s

our Sign up fourpon email co at club

Live music Friday & Saturday!

The Downtown Grill Slightly upscale dining serving fresh fish, prime cut Black Angus and features it’s own humidor. D • BAR • $$-$$$ 562 Mulberry Street, 742.5999

Edgar's Bistro Open Tues - Saty. Menu includes lobster bisque, stuffed prawns, veal medallions, duck and much more. Declicious. LD • BAR • $$$$$ 5171 Eisenhower Parkway - Across from Macon State College, 471-4250

The Shamrock Dargan and his crew cook up some of the best homemade meals in Macon, including his legendary Shepard’s Pie. Plus, he’ll surprise you from time to time with some interesting seafood selections. D • BAR $-$$ 342 Rose Avenue, Payne City 750.1555 The Tic Toc Room Contemporary setting with a sophisticated menu, great wine selection. D • BAR • $$-$$$ 401Cherry Street, 743.4645

The Cox Capitol Theatre Well the revolving door in the Kitchen of the Capitol Theatre has finally stopped spinning, and the result is some darn good pizza, Hot Dogs, soft pretzels, and subs. Where else can you have a beer and watch a great movie?? D • $$$ 382 Second Street, 257-6391


Killian’s Coffeehouse Serving patries, coffees and smoothies for breakfast and lunch. Come as a stranger, leave as a friend. BL • $ 490 Cherry Street, 492-1771.


B.Keith Williams 7:30pm

Thursday Sunday

2-4-1 Drinks all day long

Trivia, 9pm



3342 34 42 R Rose ose A Ave, ve, P Payne ayne C City iity ty 7750-1555 550 0-115555 55 OPEN 4PM - TIL...




5th Annual Macon Film Festival (MaGa) Feb 18 - 21: A weekend filled with special screenings, celebrity guests and hundreds of indie films! Special Screenings

Thursday, February 18th Cox Capitol Theatre ∑ 2:00pm – 3:45pm: Special Screening “The Candidate” with Illeana Douglas naming the Melvyn Douglas Best in Show Award ∑ 4:00pm – 7:15pm: MaGa Submission Screenings ∑ 7:45pm – 10:00pm: Special Screening “Easy to Assemble” followed by Q&A with actress Illeana Douglas ∑ 10:30pm – TBA: Festival After Party: Dolce Vita Café & Bar

Douglass Theatre ∑ 4:00pm – 7:45pm: MaGa Submission Screenings

Macon Marriott City Center ∑ 9:00am – 10:00pm: MaGa Submission Screenings

Friday, February 19th Cox Capitol Theatre ∑ 11:30am – Noon: Filmmaker Luncheon ∑ Noon – 2:45pm: Special Screening “An American Opera” followed by Q&A with director Tom McPhee ∑ 3:00pm – 8:45pm: MaGa Submission Screenings ∑ 9:00pm – 11:00pm: Special Screening “Stuck!” followed by Q&A with director Steve Balderson ∑ 11:00pm – TBA: Festival After Party: Sochi Gallery

Douglass Theatre ∑ 1:15pm – 9:00pm: MaGa Submission Screenings

Macon Marriott City Center ∑ 9:15am – 10:00pm: MaGa Submission Screenings

Saturday, February 20th Cox Capitol Theatre ∑ 10:00am – 7:45pm: MaGa Submission Screenings ∑ 8:15pm – 11:00pm: Special Screening “Forgetting Sarah Marshall” followed by Q&A with actor Jack McBrayer ∑ 11:00pm – TBA: Festival After Party: Bright Blue Sky Production Offices

Douglass Theatre ∑ 10:00am – 8:00pm: MaGa Submission Screenings

Macon Marriott City Center

∑ 9:30am – 11:15pm: MaGa Submission Screenings

Sunday, February 21st Cox Capitol Theatre

Thursday, Feb 18 7:45p.m. at the Capitol ‘Easy to Assemble’ followed by Q&A with Illeanna Douglas

Friday, Feb 19 9:00p.m. at the Capitol ‘Stuck’ followed by Q&A with director Steve Balderson

Sunday, Feb 21 7:30p.m. at the Capitol ‘That Evening Sun’ a new film by Ray McKinnon

Illeana Douglas, playing herself, announces in an early episode of the show she created and wrote for the emerging Web series market: “I decided to turn down the bad TV movie and live my life as a bad TV movie instead.” So she’s taken a job at the Burbank Ikea. The show, which launched last year, finds comedy in the small and large humiliations of the acting life, especially after 40. Her attempt to leave Hollywood behind is constantly thwarted by show-biz types like her friend Justine Bateman, who shows up at the store and decides to host a talk show there, with Jeff Goldblum as the first guest. The scripted show is branded entertainment — but includes a healthy dose of satire of Ikea’s can-do, relentlessly cheerful aesthetic and its meatball- and lingonberry-saturated Swedishness. What started out as an online entertainment experiment for Douglas turned into an internet sensation overnight, with over 250,000 YouTube views during its first week. The show was then picked up by CBS for its website and is now in its second season.

Filmmaker Steve Balderson debuts his latest independent film, “Stuck!” which was filmed in Macon in the Spring of 2009 and stars many Macon mainstays on Friday, February 19, at 9 p.m. Balderson will be a special guest of the festival and he will conduct a filmmaking workshop that is free and open to the public. "I'm very thrilled to have the Georgia premiere of 'Stuck!' in Macon,” says Balderson. “There are so many local people involved - from Macon actors to local folks who donated their time and hospitality. I'm excited for them to see it on the big screen.” Balderson brought his crew to town last spring to film “Stuck!” along with a cast that includes Karen Black, Jane Wiedlin (of The GoGo’s), Pleasant Gehman, and John Waters’ staple star, Mink Stole. The bulk of the cast, though, is comprised of dozens of Central Georgia actors familiar to theatre-goers, including actress September Carter as the mother of the main character.

The Macon Film Festival will close the 2010 festival with the Macon premiere of “That Evening Sun,” the award-winning film starring Macon-native Carrie Preston with Hal Holbrook, Dixie Carter, and Ray McKinnon, at 7:30 p.m., following the Festival awards ceremony at 7 p.m. Based on a short story by William Gay, “That Evening Sun” chronicles the late-in-life conflict of Abner Meecham, an elderly farmer who leaves his retirement home to return to his family farm in Tennessee only to realize his city slicker son has rented it to a couple and their daughter. This is southern gothic at its very best. The film has already racked up 10 awards during its circuit including a Special Jury Award for Best Ensemble cast at the SXSW Film Festival; Atlanta Film Festival and Newport International Film Festival and nominations for Best Supporting Actor and Actress for Mia Wasikowska and Ray McKinnon at the Independent Spirit Awards.

Workshop Schedule

Six free workshops for visiting filmmakers, college students, and the general public on Mercer’s Campus

Friday, Feb. 19 - Branded Entertainment & New Media with Producer Dominik Rausch & Actress/Producer Illeana Douglas 10 - 11: 30 a.m. - Rm 201, Art History Lecture Rm, Mercer Friday, Feb. 19 - Documenting Disaster with Tom McPhee 1:30 - 2:45 at the Cox Capitol Theatre, following the screening of his award winning documentary, "An American Opera," about the rescuing of animals after Hurricane Katrina Saturday, Feb. 20 - Screenwriting 101 with Michael Buchanan & Jason Winn. 10 - 11:30 a.m. Choir Rm in Music Bldg, Mercer

∑ 2:00pm – 6:45pm: MaGa Submission Screenings ∑ 7:15pm – 7:30pm: Awards Ceremony ∑ 7:30pm – 9:00pm: Special Screening “That Evening Sun”

Saturday, Feb. 20 - Acting for Stage and Screen with Actress Illeana Douglas. Noon - 1:30 p.m. Choir Rm in Music Bldg, Mercer

Douglass Theatre

Saturday, Feb. 20 - TV Comedy Writing with Rob Fried 2 - 3:30 p.m. & Choir Rm in Music Bldg, Mercer

∑ 9:00am – 7:15pm: MaGa Submission Screenings

Macon Marriott City Center ∑ 9:00am – 7:15pm: MaGa Submission Screenings

20 February 11 - 24, 2010

For more info or to register email: or in person at the Capitol Box Office.

Sunday, Feb. 21 - Renegade Filmmaking with Director/Producer Steve Balderson Noon - 1:30 p.m. - Choir Rm in Music Bldg, Mercer

Melvyn Douglas Award

The Macon Film Festival’s Best In Show award will be renamed the Melvyn Douglas Award and will be dedicated at a ceremony with Melvyn Douglas’ granddaughter, Illeana Douglas. This award is given to festival jurors’ pick of the best competition film each year. The dedication will be followed by a special “Melvyn Douglas Matinee” screening of The Candidate at 2 p.m. This is a rare screening of the 1972 archival film in which Douglas plays the father of Robert Redford, made possible by a special arrangement with Warner Brothers.



Special Guest Bios

Jack McBrayer is probably best known as Kenneth, the page on NBC’s 30 Rock, but he has also turned in unforgettable performances in films including Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby, Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story, and Forgetting Sarah Marshall; and in television comedies, Arrested Development and Phineas and Ferb. For his work on 30 Rock Jack was nominated for a 2009 Emmy Award for Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy. MaGa will be showing a special screening of ‘Forgetting Sarah Marshall’ with a Q&A with McBrayer after the film. Jack was born in Macon in 1973. His parents, Jim and Betty McBrayer, were teachers, and Jack and siblings Pete and Katie attended Bibb County Public schools. The family moved to Conyers, Georgia when Jack was in high school, and it was there that he became interested and active in Theatre. He went on to graduate from the University of Evansville in Indiana, as did fellow Macon-native actress, Carrie Preston, who was a special guest at the 2009 Macon Film Festival. Filmmaker Steve Balderson presents the Georgia debut of his latest independent film, “Stuck!” at the 5th Macon Film Festival. “Stuck!” was shot primarily in Macon in the spring of 2009. Steve discovered Macon when he attended the 2009 Macon Film Festival as a guest director screening “Firecracker,” with actress Karen Black. While here, he was inspired and returned later that spring to shoot “Stuck!” bringing with him an excellent cast including Ms. Black, Starina Johnson, Jane Wiedlin, Pleasant Gehman, Susan Traylor, Stacy Cunningham, and John Waters’ staple, Mink Stole. The supporting and extra roles star dozens of Central Georgia actors familiar to theatre-goers, including actress September Carter as the mother of the main character. “Stuck!” premiered in October, 2009, at the Raindance Film Festival in London. It then screened as an official selection at Skeive Filmer in Norway, the Seattle LGBT Film Festival, the Southwest LGBT Film Festival, Reeling – Chicago’s LGBT Film Festival, and others. In a review, critic MJ Simpson writes, “Steve Balderson is the best-kept secret in American independent cinema.” Roger Ebert gave Balderson's second film, the surrealist crime drama FIRECRACKER (starring Karen Black and Mike Patton) a special jury award on his list of 2005's Best Films. Michael Buchanan’s latest co-authored novel, The Fat Boy Chronicles, was adapted into a screenplay by Buchanan in 2008/2009. The movie began filming this past July and is scheduled for release in 2010. The story is a heartwarming, funny, and sometimes heartbreaking realistic view of high school life as told through the eyes of an overweight and bullied 9th grader named Jimmy Winterpock. Michael and fellow special guest Jason Winn (director of The Fat Boy Chronicles) are partners in Tin Roof Films. R.J. Fried co-created, executive produced, and wrote for the sketch show POPZILLA (MTV), executive produced and wrote for BOB & DOUG (Fox pilot, Global TV), and was a creative consultant for ROB & BIG (MTV). Along with his lovely wife Rachael, R.J. resides in New York City where he is a contributing writer for the Huffington Post and teaches writing at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre. His parents, Jeffrey and Linda, and sister, Susie, resides in Macon. Tom McPhee Prior to founding The World Animal Awareness Society (WA2S), Tom McPhee has been an award-winning producer & director of film, TV, and multilanguage interactive media, as well as a specialty film/media distributor, all within the last twenty years. In 1998 Tom was called an Innovator by Movie Maker Magazine for his creation of flixtour, a new film distribution model – ‘the premiere indie film tour of the 90’s”. Dominik Rausch was born and raised in Stuttgart, Germany. He began to write and produce short films in 1999. Dominik met actress/writer Illeana Douglas on the set of April Showers, and they formed a friendship and work partnership on her innovative and successful web series Easy to Assemble. His work on April Showers won Best Score at the California Independent Film Festival.


Born with show business in her blood Illeana is the granddaughter of screen legend Melvyn Douglas. Melvyn Douglas was born in Macon in 1901 and became one of America’s finest actors and a multiple Oscar-winner. The 5th annual Macon Film Festival (MaGa) has created a “Best in Show” award named for the late Melvyn Douglas and Illeana was honored to be able to present the first award in Macon. Illeana was nominated for two Emmy awards in the critically-acclaimed series “Six Feet Under” and is best known for her roles in the movies “Cape Fear” and “Ghost World”.

With you having a permanent residence on the West Coast, how did you first hear about the MAGA Festival located across the country? It was when one of the festival organizers Cindy Hill contacted me and mentioned that there was a Best in Show award that they were naming the Melvyn Douglas Award as he was from Macon. I’m his granddaughter, and as this was the inaugural year for the award’s new name, would I like to come down and present it, and I actually thought that would be a fun thing to do. I like to do things that celebrate my grandfather and his fantastic career, and it gives me a chance to come to Macon. Mentioning that your grandfather was from Macon brings up a theory that I have that is based off of your “Stir of Echoes” costar Kevin Bacon. Just like the game “Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon,” I’m convinced that there is a “Six Degrees from Macon” whether it is in music or film. (Laughs) I never really heard much about Macon from my grandfather; more from my father who grew up in Gainesville. He did have very much a Southern background and gentlemanliness about him, but once you go to Hollywood they try to take all of that out. I do remember that his mother, who was kind of a southern belle, put him in a bunch of beautiful baby contests. That sounds like something that could only happen in the South. From what you know of your grandfather, how do you think he would feel about this award being named for him? Was he shy about the spotlight being placed on him? Yeah, it appeared to be that way for me. I’m totally different; I want all the glamour (laughing). I’m not shy about it at all. He won two Oscars, and a Tony, and an Emmy, and I think having come from a very long and illustrious career at MGM in the ‘30s and ‘40s he took it more in stride. I can’t imagine what he would think of the Oscars these days which are very, very commercial. When I think of my grandfather, I think of a craftsman in terms of his work and his respect of the profession.

In addition to being on hand for the award dedication, you are also going to be here for MAGA’s opening night on February 18th with a screening of “Easy to Assemble” which you not only write, produce, and direct, but also star in. My character pretty much shuns the Hollywood lifestyle to go to work at an IKEA, and to put a brave face on it, I call myself a Celebrity Outreach Director. The truth about it is that I’m tired of the Hollywood grind, and I just want to live a normal life so I go to work at this IKEA. And sure enough, the first thing that happens is my friend, played by Justine Bateman, comes to visit me, and she thinks it is a pretty good gig. Soon enough Jeff Goldblum comes down, and Kevin Pollack comes and starts an Actor’s Anonymous group in the living room set. IKEA embraces it because they think it is great that all of these actors want to work there, but I think it is horrible as I just want to live a normal life. You’ve worked extensively in both film and television, but it sounds as though the medium that you are now using with “Easy to Assemble” has been the best experience in terms of keeping your finger on the pulse of the project. One of the most amazing things about “Easy to Assemble” is that we shoot it, and we edit it, and the entire thing is on the air in a matter of months. I’ll always love making movies and guest starring on television because I just love acting, and I love working. But, the difference between this is having a little bit more control of what the storyline is and having a distribution arm that people can see it. There are many movies that are done that people have a hard time finding them. They might show up on Netflix, but is seems harder and harder to find your favorite actors that you like, and I definitely go in the vein of independent films, and independent films seem to be coming a little scarce these days. I definitely like the ability to cast who I want to cast, or mix in something that I think would be really funny to see Jeff Goldblum do. I’ve always been a longtime fan of Jane Lynch, and we had her in the show. INTERVIEW CONTINUED ON PAGE 22




Valent ine 5990 Zebulon Road, Macon


FEBRUARY 13th - 14th Four course meal



ILLEANA DOUGLAS CONT. Speaking of something completely different, Kevin Pollack appeared on “Easy to Assemble,” but you had also starred with him and Daniel Stern in a pretty off beat movie, “Otis,” a couple of years back. It is the story of an abductor and killer told with lots of effective comedy and a rockin’ ‘70s soundtrack throughout. Was it your comedic outlook that drew you to this film as that blending of styles seems rather hard to pull off? It was actually the director, Tony Krantz, who I’ve actually known from television days. I’ve always been a huge fan. When we all talked about the script, the idea was to make it comedic and make it a black comedy, and in that sense I trusted the director. Sometimes you do movies just because there fun to do them and you get to spend a few weeks working with someone like Daniel Stern; I can’t Perfect for Your turn that down because it was just so Super Bowl Party! much fun. I’ve been such a big fan of his from “Diner” and “Home Alone,” and “Hannah and Her Sisters,” and he’s just such an iconic figure to me. It was also the chance to work with Warner Brothers. The same time I was doing that, they were actually in the middle of doing a DVD release of “Being There,” which I was participating in, too. Working for Warner Brothers is always great as they are one of the last studios that have a kind of identifiable movie that they make, and I enjoyed working with them.

Your role as Angela on “Six Feet Under” garnered you an Emmy nomination. Did you find that after a recognition such as that was bestowed upon you that there was any change to the way the writers approached your character? In that particular case, well, we all know what a great show “Six Feet Under” was, there was a lot of talk after I got nominated about making my character a regular character on the show. I was really disappointed, of course, that that didn’t happen; there was a lot of fan support for that, and you can’t ever really figure out why decisions are made like that. But, they did bring me back the last year to kind of tie up some story lines. Sometimes it’s exciting if you can make an impression with something that it stays in people’s minds for years after so that they bring you back. I always try to do the best job that I can, and I’ve always been thrilled by the amount of fan support that I’ve had. Again, part of the reason that I’m doing the show “Easy to Assemble” is that it gives me that ability to let people know that I’m here (laughing); people want to see you in movies. Every year, it seems that it is the same ten people starring in the movies, and it is always so refreshing to see a movie where you don’t

Party People meet

Party Platters

know the people as well; it gets you more interested in the storyline. I think “Six Feet Under” had that kind of quality as the characters and storyline were so different and nobody was really famous on the show. The climate these days, for me anyways, it can be very jarring when you see incredibly famous people coming on and doing shows. That’s the climate; there’s not a lot of work right now. (laughing) But, they can all be on my show! That variation is just one of the great things about attending a film festival instead of going to a multiplex where they are showing the same movie on four screens. I’m always supportive of film festivals as it is a great way to see movies - the old fashioned way. I can’t wait to see the reaction to “The Candidate.” When you compare a movie like that to the political movies of today that seem very slick, “The Candidate” has almost a documentary feel to it. There is also such a variety of actors in it.


2-4-1 Wells, $3 Svedka, $2 Domestics



241 Wells & Jagerbombs, Select beer $2, Cornhole

SUNDAYS TEXAS HOLD ‘EM 7:30P Open at noon!

2910 Riverside Dr. tel: 757-3262 WE CATER PARTIES UP TO 150 PEOPLE!

22 February 11 - 24, 2010

LIVE MUSIC THURSDAYS - SATURDAYS 11: Wes Heath 12: TBA 13: CJ the Piano Man 18: Wes Heath 19: Josh Carson 20: Deacons of Disaster

New Menu Items!

Grilled Cheese Burgers, Hand-Cut Chix Fingers, and more!

CENTENARY PRESENTS: Saturday, Feb 27 The Workshop â&#x20AC;˘ 2-4pm Join Buddy Greene and David Dark as they engage in a fresh exchange, a merging of spoken word and song, a dialogue between musician and authorâ&#x20AC;Ś Where ancient thought and pop culture collide and music emerges. Join us for a conversation about faith like no other.

e n e e r G k r a D THE


The Concert â&#x20AC;˘ 7:30pm Buddy Greene & Jeff Taylor Joining Buddy Greene in concert will be Nashville multi-instrumentalist, Jeff Taylor along with opening acts, Maconâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s own Molly Stevens and The Key.

All events are free

Sunday, Feb 28 at Centenary

The Breakfast â&#x20AC;˘ 8am

Encounter the Morning! THIS is the Sunday to join your neighbors and check it out as Buddy and David continue the conversation over coffee.

The Worship â&#x20AC;˘ 11am About David Dark: Dark is the critically acclaimed author of Everyday Apocalypse: The Sacred Revealed in Radiohead, the Simpsons, and Other Pop Culture Icons and The Gospel According to America and is an educator who is currently pursuing his PhD in Religious Studies at Vanderbilt University. His newest book, The Sacredness of Questioning Everything was released in 2009. Dark has also appeared on C-SPANâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Book-TV and has written numerous articles in national publications. David lives in Nashville with his singer-songwriter wife, Sarah Masen, and their three children.

About Buddy Greene: After touring the country, recording, and numerous TV appearances with Jerry Reed, Buddy recorded an album of original gospel music, which resulted in touring opportunities with The Gaitherâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s. Continuing to write and record his unique brand of gospel music, Buddy has built a solid reputation as a singer, songwriter, instrumentalist and talented performer with a distinct southern flavor.

The Centenary circle continues to expand as Buddy and David join the Centenary Team for an hour of thought provoking, heart warming, community building worship. Encounter the Mystery!

Centenary Church

Events will be held in Centenaryâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s historic sanctuary In the heart of the College Hill Corridor at the corner of College and Ash Streets across from the Main entrance to Mercer University. For more information call 478-742-8926 or visit

On Saturday February 27th Centenary will also be one of the hosting venues for "Crossroads Writers Conference & Literary Festival"












Check the Bar & Music Schedule for Live Music Listings!


2.13 3.13 4.10 mondays karaoke, 10p HH all night

tuesdays poker 7:30p trivia 9p

wednesdays open mic with matt moncrief

thursdays $2 drinks for gals 8p-close

3986 Northside Dr, Macon 474-0606 â&#x20AC;˘


Large selection of RollYour OwnTobacco and Supplies Mon-Fri: 8-8, Sat 12-8 shop 2385 Ingleside Ave. (478) 742-8830

24 February 11 - 24, 2010



e d t iddl y M Awardepartmen b d e t & A ! o V orgia Best” 2009 Ge of the 8 and t 00 “Bes ng for 2 i Liv

North Macon’s Most Established Apartment Community

LULLWATER AT BASS, (478) 757-0057 1644 Bass Road, Macon, 31210

TWIN PINES, (478) 737-9300 In historic Shirley Hills, Macon 31211

GLENWOOD VILLAGE 1420 Gray Highway, Macon 31211 (478) 746-8808

OVERLOOK GARDENS, (888) 740-1994 1400 Gray Highway, Macon 31211

FOREST POINTE, (888) 764-6399 444 Forest Hill Road, Macon 31210

ANSLEY VILLAGE, (888) 763-9135 6435 Zebulon Road, Macon 31220

APARTMENT GUIDE We make it easy. 1,2,3



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Ansley Village



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call 1,2,3

$359 studio 100+ studio 1 bdr 1,2


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Twin Pines
















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New Season, New Style, New TeachYou! them to Make Music...

Not Noise!

drums, guitar, Amanda Jane bass, keyboard more! hair • skinand • body

482 First Street, tel 477.7800 - Mitch Kersey

tel 956-0661

Music Store for the Serious Musician! 311 Hwy. 49, Byron (in Peach Outlets) • LESSONS • REPAIRS • CONSIGNMENTS

Get your apartment in our EASY FINDER! Contact us at 464.1840

It’s Time to Get Red Carpet Ready.

new Season, new Style, new You!

Amanda Jane hair • skin • body

482 First Street, tel 477.7800

- Mitch Kersey


Tel 396-4439

Salon North hair • nails • pedicures • waxing

Valentine’s Special

Full set $50 $40 Fill-ins $30 $25

With Master Cosmetologist Cassie Stribling, Offer expires 2/25/10

159 Marshall Ave. Macon 31204

Stylist needed!

eyeliner • eyebrows • lips • beauty marks Vineyard Vines | English Landing Buffalo Jeans | Hudson Jeans William Rast and more. also available: Microderms and Facials

159 Marshall Ave. Macon 31204

Tel 471-6200

DUI? The Law Office of Holly De Rosa Hogue, LLC Criminal Defense Lawyer


J ack & C oat men’s clothiers 484 Cherry St. Downtown Macon. 257.6766


Tan Hot Valentine’s Special 3 MYSTIC SPRAY TAN VISITS for only $46!!! (Special ends Feb. 28, 2010, Special may not be combined with any ofher offers.)


1083 Washington Ave. Macon

CALL (478)254-5690 26 February 11 - 24, 2010


Call for other great specials! 4357 Forsyth Road, Macon (Located beside Stein Mart) (478) 254-4646



by Kristi Kates

Modern Rocker There's one modern rockin' concert scheduled for New York City's Carnegie Hall on March 2nd - producer Michael Dorf has assembled quite an impressive list of performers for "Music of The Who," which will pay tribute to the influential British rock band. No word yet on it Pete Townshend or Roger Daltry will show up - but... attendees will get to hear Who songs interpreted by the likes of The Gaslight Anthem, The Smithereens, Living Colour, Sondre Lerche, The Postelles, Gov't Mule, and Robyn Hitchcock, among others. Dorf - who's staged similar events to honor Bob Dylan, Joni Mitchell, and R.E.M. - says the Who tribute performance will be "one of the most memorable shows yet." For more info, check out Big news for Massive Attack fans this week - the band is releasing their fifth album, "Heligoland," on V Records on February 9th, and it's their first studio full-length since 2003. MA collaborate with a pile of guests on this set, including Blur's Damon Albarn, Mazzy Star's Hope Sandoval, Portishead's Adrian Utley, and TV on the Radio's Tunde Adebimpe, and new tracks include "Flat of the Blade," "Babel," and "Psyche," plus two tracks from the band's previously-released EP, "Splitting the Atom" ("Pray for Rain" and the EP's title track)...

disc in November, and Grohl says that a second album is already in the pre-planning stages, as they have some unfinished songs left over from their first set of recording sessions for the debut CD...

In festival news, there's one event that you won't have to wait all the way until summer to see; namely, the charityfocused fest Harvest of Hope, which is set to run from March 12th through the 14th in St. Augustine, Florida. Echoing last year's event, a large portion of ticket sales will go to the non-profit Harvest of Hope Foundation, which provides aid to migrant farmworkers. This year's festival lineup will include sets from Billy Bragg, Rogue Wave, Anti-Flag, Delta Spirit, Cymbals Eat Guitars, Sea Wolf, and Matt Pond PA, among others - around 100 bands in all - and tix are on sale now at

MODERN ROCK LINK OF THE WEEK: Music for Relief is working in partnership with the United Nations Foundation's Central Emergency Response Fund, Habitat for Humanity, and Dave Matthews Band's BAMA Works Haitian relief effort to offer "Download to Donate Haiti: A Compilation of Unreleased Music" on the website. You'll snag songs from Alanis Morissette, The All-American Rejects, Kenna, Lupe Fiasco, Peter Gabriel, the aforementioned DMB, and more, and you'll also be assisting the struggling people in Haiti who are working to recover from the catastrophic earthquake...

Foo Fighter Dave Grohl, who's been collaborating on a supergroup project called Them Crooked Vultures with Queens of the Stone Age's Josh Homme and Led Zeppelin's John Paul Jones, says that the band isn't just a one-off event, but will continue to crank out albums and live performances. The Vultures released their eponymous debut

MINI BUZZ: The 2010 AltPress Tour is set to hit the streets in Dallas, Texas on March 19th, complete with stops in Seattle (4/3), Chicago (4/10), Nashville (4/15), Pittsburgh PA (5/4), Toronto (5/5), and Detroit (5/6); bands on this year's trek will include Hey Monday, Never Shout Never, and Every Avenue...

Long-dormant singer Julian Lennon (yes, John's son), who recently reentered the recording studio after a 10 year hiatus to record the song "Lucy" in tribute to the recently passed Lucy Vodden of "Lucy in the Sky with Diamond" fame, stayed in the studio a little longer, and now has a new album on the way... Peter Gabriel will drop an orchestral covers album next week; the set, titled "Scratch My Back," includes Gabriel's takes on songs by David Bowie ("Heroes"), Elbow ("Mirrorball"), and Talking Heads ("Listening Wind"), among others... R.E.M. have released a free R.E.M. iPhone app that will include a tourist's guide to the band's hometown of Athens, Georgia, in addition to song clips, photos, vids, and recording updates... And Billboard Magazine has named Nickelback as the biggest-selling band of the past decade - feel free to scoff if you must, but they sold over 30 million albums worldwide... And hoping to sell at least a reasonable fraction of that amount are this week's new releases... ON CD: The Silent League's "...But You've Always Been the Caretaker"... Sade's "Soldier of Love"... and Hot Chip's "One Left Stand"... and that's the buzz for this week's Modern Rock.

Events at the Capitol

University Opera FRI Mercer Special Valentine Opera Gala directed by Martha Malone


Performance at 7:30pm, $35 includes pre-gala reception, $20 reserved seating, $12 balcony, $8 with student ID


Festival pass $100 includes all after-parties. Screening pass $50, includes all screenings. $15 day pass

Film Festival 18- Macon 100s of special screenings, celebrity guests & more!

Hour Award’s Show THU 11th Celebrating the Best of Macon!


Live music includes: Roly-Bots, Truffleina, 2 Finger Jester, Psyk Nyne, Red carpet 7pm! Molly Stevens, Abby Owens, Amy General admission: $5 Godwin & special guests!

On the Big Screen!

Dinner & a Classic

Dollar Nights

Special Showings

Dinner service begins 5:30 Movie begins at 6:30 $17.50 with meal, $5 without

$1 admission, $1 pizza slices & drafts all night. Movie starts at 7pm.


Wed: 2/03 Man Who Shot Liberty Valance (1947)


Special Valentine’s Day screening and dinner for two just $30. Movie only $5. Dinner service begins 6pm, movie at 7:30.

Fri: 2/19 An American Opera $10, portion of proceeds benefit Central GA Cares

The Macon Film Festival February 18 - 21 for a complete schedule of events visit 382 Second St 257-6392





by Roger Ebert

NEW RELEASES Will “Crazy Heart” ever hit Macon theatres? Not this week...

Gator Gallop 1st annual

5k Run / Walk to benefit Mossy Creek Middle School

Saturday, March 6, 8am

Mossy Creek Middle School, 200 Danny Carpenter Drive, Kathleen ENTRY FEE INCLUDES T-SHIRT $20 in advance, $25 day of race $60 family rate, $15 Phantom runner (donation includes t-shirt)

To register or for more info Call Mossy Creek 478/988-6171 Email:,

Crazy Heart (R) Starring Jeff Bridges, Maggie Gyllanhaal, Colin Farrell, Robert Duvall Some actors are blessed. Jeff Bridges is one of them. Ever since his breakthrough role in "The Last Picture Show" in 1971, he has, seemingly without effort, created a series of characters who we simply believe, even the alien "Starman." He doesn't do this with mannerisms but with their exclusion; his acting is as clear as running water. Look at him playing Bad Blake in "Crazy Heart." The notion of a broke-down, boozy country singer is an archetype in pop culture. We've seen this story before. The difference is, Bad Blake makes us believe it happened to him. That's acting. Bridges is a virtual certainty to win his first Oscar, after four nominations. Dear John (PG-13) War as a plot device so we can feel good about feeling bad Lasse Hallstrom's "Dear John" tells the heartbreaking story of two lovely young people who fail to find happiness together because they're trapped in an adaptation of a Nicholas Sparks novel. Their romance leads to bittersweet loss that's so softened by the sweet characters that it feels like triumph. If a Sparks story ended in happiness, the characters might be disappointed. They seem to have their noble, resigned dialogue already written. Hemingway wrote one line that could substitute for the third act of every Sparks story: "Isn't it pretty to think so?" From Paris With Love (R) Or, more accurately, From Travolta with CGI... Pauline Kael has already reviewed this movie in her book Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, and it only took her the title. I could go through my usual vaudeville act about chase scenes and queasy-cams and Idiot Plots, but instead I'd like you to join me in the analysis of something that increasingly annoys me.

Suite 1200 3076 Riverside Dr.

475-5860 Macon, Ga 31210

Happy Hour ‘til 7pm $1 OFF ALL DRINKS!




FRIDAYS: Dance Band 9pm-1am

2/12: B Keith Williams • 2/19: Project 77 MONDAYS: Jam & Rehearse 7-10pm

2/15: David Willis 2/22: Randy Wesson 28 February 11 - 24, 2010


The Edge of Darkness (R) Can we think of Mel Gibson simply as an action hero? A star whose personal baggage doesn't upstage his performances? I find that I can. He has made deplorable statements in recent years, which may be attributed to a kind of fanatic lunacy that can perhaps be diagnosed as a disease. The fact remains that in "Edge of Darkness" he remains a likable man with a natural screen presence. The Wolfman (R) Great characters, set, but slow to get started, then it left me altogether Let me start off with some of the positives of the film. The performances in the movie were absolutely fantastic. Benicio Del Toro, Anthony Hopkins, Hugo Weaving, and Emily Blunt all delivered and really brought their characters to life. The set pieces and cinematography are all beautifully created and the score is fantastic. But, eat your popcorn and leave your mind at home..this is brainless fun.


Strange Days (R) (1995) Kathryn Bigelow's sci-fi cult noir:An immersive movie nightmare. Set in Los Angeles two days before the end of 1999, Strange Days introduces us to Lenny Nero (Ralph Fiennes), an ex-cop turned sleazy hustler who hawks the newest underground thrill on the black market: a "squid," a headpiece that allows one to transmit digital recordings of other people's thoughts, feelings, and memories into their brain. UPDATE YOUR QUEUE WITH: Zombieland (3 stars), New York, I Love You (3 stars), Amelia (3 stars), Whip It (3 1/2 stars),The Box (3 stars), Paris, Texas (4 stars), The Informant (4 stars), Adam (4 stars)





Govt. Job: The City of Swainsboro is seeking a qualified candidate for Director of Downtown Development. Applications available in Govt. Employment section of

Free office furniture available. Come get whatever you want, but you have to pick up. Includes: desks, sectional desks, chairs and filing cabinets. Call Betsy: 478-737-5972.

The Hummingbird Stage & Taproom is now accepting applications for a general manager, bartenders and sound technicians. Apply in person at 430 Cherry Street.

PERSONALS Friendly Easygoing, Attractive white male 44 Y/O seeking Male 20-45 For tennis, friendship and roa dtrips. If interested please call 478-454-7884.

Now offering FREE “For Sale”Classifieds, (excludes real estate) and the same great low price of just $20 an issue for rentals, help wanted, yard sales and personals. Place your ad by calling 464-1840 or emailing your ad to

BLOTTER Registration has begun for the 27th Annual National Night Out Against Crime to take place on Tuesday, August 3. The Bibb County Sheriff’s office invites the community to be part of the celebration. Sheriff Modena, members of his command staff or Patrol Deputies traditionally visit venues where neighborhood groups are hosting NNO gatherings. Neighborhood groups and associations who are planning to hold an NNO event are encouraged to contact the Sheriff’s Department at 478-744-9700 to schedule a visit from them during the event.

Macon woman robbed while pumping gas A Macon woman reported being robbed while she was pumping gas at the 7-11 gas station at 10:30 p.m. on Feb. 3. According to a police report, a man approached the woman from behind pointing a handgun at her. The suspect is described as slender, 20 to 25-years-old, approximately 6’ 6” tall, weighing 220 pounds. Anyone with information should contact Macon Regional CrimStoppers at (877) 68-CRIME.

Father and daughter assaulted during alleged robbery A 93-year-old man and his daughter were taken to the Medical Center of Central Georgia for treatment on Feb. 1, after a neighbor found them lying in bed covered in blood. The female victim told police that the attacker, known only as “Tim,” robbed her and her father of their money. Anyone with information is asked to call Macon Regional CrimeStoppers at (877) 68-CRIME.


Elderly man arrested for aggravated assault On Feb. 2, Henry McCoy, 82, allegedly shot Pamela Gunnels, 48, during an argument, according to a report from the

Macon Police Department. McCoy was charged with aggravated assault/family violence after he told officers that he shot Gunnels because she hit him with a baseball bat.

Macon Place resident stabbed by roommate On Jan. 24, Bibb Sheriffs arrested Janei Patrice Philon, of Macon Place Apartments, for aggravated assault after she attacked her roommate with a butcher knife. The victim received minor cuts during the attack.

Two sought for theft of trailer On Feb. 3, Bibb County Sherriff Department obtained warrants for the arrest of Monte Dale Thompson, 59, and Monte James Robert Thompson, 34 for allegedly stealing a trailer containing sound equipment. The white trailer, Tag Number TL640R9, is 7’ tall with a full rear and extra wide side door ramp as well as a mounted Frigidaire dehumidifier inside the trailer. The trailer was last seen being towed by a black or dark blue 2004 Chevy Avalanche, possible Ga. Tag AZU5937. Anyone with information about this crime are asked to contact the Bibb County Sheriff Dept. at 478-7449700.

Don’t let the cold take away your cycling fitness!

Mon/Wed 6:30-7:30pm

Bring your bike & stationary trainer $10 per week or $8 per class

Next Standard Fit Camp


• Drop in any time! $8 per class / $100 for 6 weeks • Mon/Wed 5:30-7am, Tue/Thur 9:30-10:30am and Tues/Thur 5:30-7pm

Rick Cain

“It’s all about 478.318.0243 living good!” NEW STUDIO: 419 CHERRY ST

• A.F.A.A. Certified Personal Trainer • Licensed U.S.A. Cycling Coach
















Last issues puzzle answers


ASTROLOGY ARIES (March 21-April 19):





To solve the Sudoku puzzle, each row, column and box must contain the numbers 1 to 9.





You will say things without thinking. You can be arrogant, presumptuous, and your own interests will come first. You should wait one more week or longer before making any revisions in your plans or actions to anyone. You will find that this will give you time for a much better chance of success. After this week your efforts should go much smoother without making so many mistakes in your complex situation. You should also be finished with expending so much money. TAURUS (April 20-May 20): You are practical, peace loving, stubborn, and deliberate. Taurus has a natural interest in money, and you like the finer things in life. Now is the time to hold onto as much money as you can because starting next week you will have more than plenty of places to put it. Meanwhile, finish up all the activities on which you have been working if you can. By Monday you will find a little relief. Something good, (not any of your doing) has happened to change the situation. GEMINI (May 21-June 20): Gemini is versatile, fickle, intelligent, creative, quick, neat, and curious. Gemini learns quickly and has the ability to get a good education. Clear the decks this week because as soon as next week rolls around you are going to be extremely busy again. This condition will last through mid April so prepare yourself for that event. At that time you will have a more energy to do what needs doing. Seeing that you have â&#x20AC;&#x153;been there; done thatâ&#x20AC;?, you have the experience of knowing what to do and just how to do it. CANCER (June 21-July 22): Cancer is sentimental, sensitive, and needs to have a sense of security. Cancer is intensely romantic and has a vivid imagination. Wind up your â&#x20AC;&#x153;day workâ&#x20AC;? this week because next week for some unfathomable reason you will be working a night shift as all opposition to what you are doing goes away suddenly and completely. Surprising opportunities increase and you have to be ready to grab what you can as they show. It will be of help to â&#x20AC;&#x153;think out of the boxâ&#x20AC;? as you examine these opportunities. LEO (July 23-August 22): Leo is colorful, self assured, outgoing, impulsive and expansive. This week will be interesting as you learn some things that up to now have been kept secret from you. (â&#x20AC;&#x153;theyâ&#x20AC;? say it is for your own good.) It may irritate you at first but you must wait before you say or do something that you will later regret. Being left in the dark at times is not always a bad thing. It could delay your reaction and give you time for some serious examination. VIRGO (August 23-Sept 22): Virgo is intellectual, critical, fussy, and shy. Do not hesitate any longer to finish up any project you have been doing. If you can complete your plans or changes now, you have an excellent chance to succeed. Surprises do not sit well with you right now so you need to listen to your mate or your friend the first part of this week.

30 February 11 - 24, 2010

LIBRA (Sept 23-Oct 22): Libra is artistic, musical, level headed, sympathetic, and generous. You can be gossipy, critical, and bitter. Whatever favors you have done in the past will now be paid back many fold. You may have to pass on a hint and ask for help while you gently remind those people of what you have done for them. Karma works, but sometimes a little â&#x20AC;&#x153;pushâ&#x20AC;? to help it along. Do not make any changes until next week when you have a much better chance of success. SCORPIO (October 23-Nov 21): You are very intense, strong willed, determined and secretive. You can be willful and sarcastic, but a deep thinker with a fine mind. A very nice surprise should be coming your way this week. On Valentines Day perhaps? By next week you will find your irritation seems to disappear and you will feel much better. You should also be able to get a more meaningful rest. A lot of your weird ideas may now disappear and everyone should feel much more comfortable in your presence. SAGITARIUS (Nov 22-Dec 21): Sagittarius is warm and friendly. You like to talk a great deal making it difficult for others to get a word in edgewise. An unwelcome event may come your way on or about Monday but you will get a chance to turn it around to work in your favor by next week. At the same time some good Karma you have earned in the past is repaid just as it should be. You can count on those past favors to help you out in whatever you need at this point; favors, funds or just simple approval and/or support. CAPRICORN (Dec 22-Jan 19): Capricorn is very often politically minded. Capricorn is also patient, reserved, cautious, faithful and shrewd. You could find yourself taking an unplanned and unexpected trip this week. (It might be exciting.) You may want to surprise somebody with a quick visit but you may get a surprise of some kind yourself. Some adjustments (of some type) may have to be made in your business this week, but that seems to take care of any problem that may have troubled you in the past. AQUARIUS (Jan 20-Feb 18): Aquarius has a strong will, and is inventive, and will always enjoy doing the unexpected. Hiding some of your income is not working. Wait at least a week to make changes or taking action. By then you have a chance to go over your figures again and find that you can submit an honest report. Your attempt to hide funds was not necessary. It is great to feel charitable toward those poor people in Haiti, but donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t go overboard. PISCES (Feb 19-March 20): You are emotional, ultra-sensitive, easy going, and sociable, Worry plagues you. Pisces will see only the good in others. The first part of the week could be very inventive or creative for you. All you have to do is apply yourself and put on your thinking bonnet. You may be pleasantly surprised by what you can produce. Toward the end of this week you could hear about a really nice opportunity with which you can create more income. Listen carefully to everyone and their input.

Protect Your Rights if you get a DUI Ticket.


Felony Cases Misdemeanor Cases

PERSONAL INJURY Motorcycle & Auto Accidents

call 746-0704

Trained in Field Sobriety Testing & Drivers License Suspension Hearings

FREE INITIAL CONSULTATION 913 Washington Ave / Downtown Macon Visit us on the web: J Michael Cranford & Teresa Cranford - Registered Mediators

FLEA Farmers market

Evearty & Su5n p! S 7a-


Love is in the air!

Valentineâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Day Giveaways every hour! Grand prize $100! Register in the office, must be present to win. Lunch specials at concession stands all day!

Anyone can Sell! $10/day 3 for $20

Largest & Best Market In ALL OF GEORGIA SINCE 1985 Hundreds of Sellers (478) 788-3700 Thousands of Buyers 4 Miles South of Macon on Hwy. 247 Millions of Items Half-way between Macon & Warner Robins





• 3 lbs. of Crablegs • Prime Rib & Snow Crab Legs $13.99! for just $22.95!

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• Delmonico Steak & Shrimp just $13.95!


A special lunch menu now available in our Billiard Room just $4-$5!

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Billiards and Bar: Mon-Sat 3pm - until...




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Lunch Served Daily 11-2 Meat & two sides with a drink $6.25

Tel: 225-1165 1229 Russell Pkwy. Warner Robins


FRIDAYS Blind Draw Dart Tourney In-House 8 Ball, 7p Karaoke w/Kenny, 9p


Ladies Night!

Poker is back! 7:30pm Includes a FREE dinner!!!

Wednesdays: 50¢ Wells for the gals, guys get free pool with a bucket of beer!

BEER PONG IS HERE! Nightly Poker, 7:30pm

Tuesday thru Sunday! FREE BUFFET!

Karaoke with Scott

Mon & Wed 5pm Fri & Sat 7pm

Thursday Night Special

Quarterly Tournament

16 oz. Bud, Bud Light or Miller Light just $3

To Be Announced! Prize Pot Estimated to be $5000 +!!!!

Wings & beer $6.50! Music with Mama T & Mark 8p


7405 Industrial Hwy. • MACON • 784-9191

Your Nascar Headquarters! FREE FOOD!

Macon's Entertainment Newsweekly  

Macon's Entertainment Newsweekly

Macon's Entertainment Newsweekly  

Macon's Entertainment Newsweekly