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ደስታ ማርኬት

Paralegal Services

One Stop Shopping

ንመርዓ ወይ ዝኾነ ዓይነት ግብጃ ዝኸውን ምቁር መግቢ፡ ንዝበለጸ ስጋ፡ ኩሉ ግዜ ደስታ ማርኬት! Open Seven Days a Week 843 Danforth Ave. Toronto, ON.

Tel: 416-850-4854 ቃለ-መጠይቕ ምስ ክልተ ደረስቲ . Page 5

Free Consultation For All Your Traffic Court Matters M.Abdi Hussein - Court Agent

Meftih The Life Line of Eritrean Community Award Winning Independent Monthly Newspaper email: Volum 7 Issue 4 January 2012 መጀመርታ ዓርቢ ናይ ነፍስ-ወከፍ ወርሒ ትሕተም ወርሓዊት ጋዜጣ Printed the first Friday of every month Tel: 416-824-8124 Fax: 416-783-7850

“ፍትሓውነት ካብ ነብስኻ’ዩ ዝብገስ”

2095 Weston Rd. Ste. 206 Toronto, ON. M9N 1X7 Office: 416-247-1616 Cell: 416-939-5883


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Eskinder Agonafer Comm. B.A. (Hons) Econ. , B.A. (Hons) PolSc., LP. Licensed by The Law Society of upper Canada in association with the law office of Joseph Osuji, Barrister - Solicitor & Notary Public

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Melbourne Rally 2012: Preparation is in Full Swing to Face PFDJ-Festival

2179 Danforth Ave., Ste. 303 (2 blocks east of Woodbine Ave.) Toronto, ON. M4C1K4 Tel: 416-690-3910 or 647-886-2173 Fax: 416-690-0038 Email:

As it is customary, the Melbourne Rally Organising Committee is once again ready to peacefully rally against the annual Eritrean regime ‘so called’ cultural festival. We reassure Eritrean democrats who are fighting to achieve peace and justice in Eritrea that we will do whatever we can to make our voices heard on behalf of the voiceless and oppressed people of Eritrea. We remind PFDJ’s sympathisers and supporters to stop rewarding the dictatorial regime which is oppressing the Eritrean people day in day out. We renew our call

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Chinese Acupuncture and Herbs Clinic Dr. Xiyan Cao CMD,AC Professor

Dr. Yangji Cao TCMD, AC

Liping Zhang

R.M.T. Over 35 years clinical experience. Director of China’s pain hospital. Holds several medical awards in China

“Balance And Tune Your Energy Naturally” ንህቦ ኣገልግሎት Fully Licensed:

ሕማም ርእሲ * Acupuncture * ምቁጽጻር ቃንዛ * ናይ ደቂ-ኣንስትዮ ጸገም * ናይ ጽግያት ሽግር * Chinese Herbs * ናይ ደቂ-ተባዕትዮ ጸገም * ኣለርጂ * ጸቕጢ ደም፡ ሕማም ሽኮር * Swedish Massage * ድቃስ ምስኣን * ድኻም * Chinese Massage * ክብደት ምጉዳል * ምምካን (ውላድ ምስኣን * ናይ ቆርበት ሽታ Accept: ወዘተ ኣገልግሎት ንምሃብ * ቅርጥማት፡ ምድንዛዝ፡ ሕጋዊ ፍቓድ ኣለና *Group Insurance *W.S.I.B. 4430 Bathurst St. Ste. 310 (Shepard) 416-225-8099 *MVA Case 147 Finch Ave. W. (west of Yonge St) 416-733-7660 Please read his article on page 23

Tickets for sale with different Airlines to Africa, Europe, Middle East and USA. Please hurry up & book before this amazing offer ended!

Call Zenab Warah Tel 416-485-6387 ext 6326 Toll Free 1-877-727-6387 1220 Ellesmere Rd. Suite #1 Toronto, ON. M1P 2X5 TICO #4631685, 4631677

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Canada New Life

Adela Crossley

Immigration Consultancy


Citizenship, Immigration & Refugee Protection Act Member of Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC) R407247

Immigration Law

ንኹሉ ናይ ኢሚግረሽን ኣገልግሎት ናባና ምጽኡ

* Family Sponsorships * Refugee Claims * Humanitarian & Compassionate Applications * Judicial Review of negative decisions * Skilled Workers & PNP’s * And other immigration services

We specialize in all types of immigration cases, including applications for:

Adela Crossley, B.A., LL.B, LL.M. Barrister & Solicitor

Muazaz A. Aziz

Family Law

* Divorce, Custody * Opinion Letters * Separation Agreement * Child/spousal Support * Child Protection

* Entrepreneurs, Investors, Athletes & Artists * Federal skilled Workers & professionals * Canadian Experience Class (CEC) * Family class sponsorships * Study, Work and Visitor visas & renewal * Refugees & Group of 5 sponsorship. * Appeal cases * In Canada Permanent residency applications & renewals * Canadian Citizenship applications

Commissioner for taking Affidavits We speak Arabic, English and French

1280 Finch Ave. W. Suite 501 North York, ON. M3J 3K6 Tel: 416-850-1073 Fax: 416-916-2395

555 Burnhamthorpe Rd. Unit 216, Etobicoke, ON. M9C2Y3

Office: 416-792-1000 Cell: 416-450-7540 or

Ethiopiques Restaurant Flavours To Share, Senses To Explore

The Best Cuisine Of Its Kind

For Special Events, Traditional Ceremonies, hang out with friends or for what it matters, always choose Ethiopiques Restaurant!

three minutes walk from Dundas square

Dining, Take-out, Catering

የበለጠ ክትፎ ለመብላት ሁሉ ግዜ ወደ ኢትዮፒክ ሬስቶራንት ብቅ በሉ 227 Church St. (at Dundas st.) Toronto, ON. M5B 1Y7

Tel: 416-363-0884

“Best Ethiopian food in the City! “The food, service and atmosphere combined make this restaurant the perfect place for dinner with friends or a quick lunch. Their meat platter is one of the best I’ve ever had and the prices are great. The service is always excellent as well.” Karina Halminen

Meftih January 2012 Volume 7 Issue 4: page 3

IPS Traffic Tickets

Paralegal Professional Corp. Don’t Worry ! Give us a call. We Can Help! We specialize in: * Red Light * Careless Driving * Stop Sign * Driving under suspension ብዙሕ ኣይትጨነቑ፡ * Driving Without Insurance ናባና ጥራሕ * Trucking Charges Such as: ግደፍዎ! * Logbook, Unsafe Vehicle ደውሉ * Fail to do inspection ክንጣበቐልኩም ኢና! * Impaired driving Inderpal Singh * Small Claims Court Cases Licensed Paralegal Springdale Brampton Mississauga 2260 Bovaird dr. E. # 103

Springdale Village Ctr.

Brampton, ON. 905-453-9119

1553 Shawson Dr. Ste. 202 Mississauga, On. 905-821-0007

7916 Hurontario Ste. #26 Brampton, ON. 905-461-1319

* Without Medical Insurance up to age 85

(Even if you have Diabetes, Blood Pressure, Heart Attack, Cancer, Stroke or Insurance declined by other company)

* Guaranteed Money back

(Life Insurance & Critical illness Insurance)

* Registered Education Savings Plan (Get Government grant up to $9200)

* Disability, Travel & Visitor, Dental & Drug Insurance * RRSP (5% Rate of return Guaranteed)

Call for honest advise 416-320-4614 Toll: 1866-623-0865

Cerificate Courses Bank Teller A+ (Computer Assembly & Troubleshooting), VB, Java, C++, Visual C#, .Net, QA , AccPac, Quick books, Simply Accounting, MS Office, MCP, MCSE, CCNA, Photoshop & Dreamweaver

Financial assistance may be available to those who qualify



Davinder Singh









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“ፍትሓውነት ካብ ነብስኻ’ዩ ዝብገስ” “እኩባት ፍትሓውያን ድማ ፍትሒ የንግሱ” መልሲ ንዶክተር ጊደዎን ኣባይ መንእሰያት ኣብ ባሕሪ ክጥሕሉ ን፡ ኣብ ሲናይ ናውቲ ኣካላቶም ክሽየጥ ዘይተቓወሙን፣ ሕጊ ቅ ዋም ይተግበር ክብሉ ድምጾም ዘየስምዑስ፣ ምልካዊ ስርዓት ን ምድሓን ተኣኪቦም ንናይ ሓሶ ት መደረ ከጣቕዑ እንከለዉ ዘ ርኢ ስእሊ። ታሕሳስ 11/2011 ዶክተር ጊደ ዎን ኣባይ ኣብ ቶሮንቶ፡ ወ/ሮ ሶፍያ ተስፋማርያም ኣብ ሳንሆ ዜ ናይ ህዝቢ ኣኼባ ከካይዱ እ ንከለዉ፡ ግሪኻዊ ላምብሮ ዝመ ርሖ ድማ ኣብ ዊኒፔግ ብውሑ ዳት ሰባት ዝተሰነየ ሰላማዊ ሰል ፊ ኣካይዱ። ዶክተር ጊደዎን ኣባይ፡ ማዕቀብ ኣንጻር ኤርትራ ኣብ 1998 ተ ጠኒሱ ከምኡ ኢሉ ተጻብኦታት ብዝተፈላለየ መልክዓቱ ክቕጽ ል ድሕሪ ምጽናሕ ኣብ 2009 ቀዳማይ መልክዑ ተጋሂዱ ቀጺ ሉ ድማ ኣብ 2011 ጓህማም ሳ ንክሽን የሕሊፎም ኢሉ። ቀጺሉ ታሪኽና ታሪኽ ናይ መኸተ’ዩ፣ ኣባሓጎታትና መኪቶም፣ ኣቦታ ትና መኪቶም፣ ንሕና መኪት ና፣ ደቅናን ደቂ ደቅናን’ውን ክ ምክቱ’ዮም፣ እዞም መንእሰያት ና ብፍላይ ናይ ቶሮንቶ ዓቢ ኣ በርክቶ ይገብሩ ከምዘለዉ፣ ኣብ ዚ ኣኼባ’ዚ ዘለኹም ወለዲ ብፍ ላይ ወ/ሮ ገነት ገብረእየሱስ መ

ንእሰያት ንሳዋ መሪሓቶም ምኻ ዳ ዝናኣድ’ዩ ኢሉ። መንግስቲ ኣመሪካ ኣብ ቀርኒ ኣ ፍሪቃ ሕቡእ ኣጀንዳ ከምዘለዋ ን፡ ንሱ ድማ ንሶማል ኣብ ሰለ ስተ ክመቕሉዋ፣ ንኢራቕ ምቁ ጽጻር፣ ንሱዳን ድሮ ኣብ ክልተ መቒሎማ፣ ንኤርትራ ድማ ል ዕሊ ሳንክሽን ዝኸይድ ብኢትዮ ጵያ ናይ ምጉባጥ ኣጀንዳ ከም ዘለዎም ብካርታ ዝተሰነየ መግ ለጺ ሂቡ። መንግስቲ ኤርትራ ምስሕሓብ ዶብ ምስ ጁቡቲን፣ ንተቓወም ቲ ሶማል የሰልጥን፣ ብረት የዐ ጥቕ፣ ናይ ፋይናንስን ሞራል ን ሓገዝ ይገብር፣ ኣብ ኣዲሳኣ በባ ንዝካየድ ዝነበረ ናይ ሕብረ ት ኣፍሪቃ ዋዕላ ንምዝራግ ግብ ረሽበራዊ ተግባራት ኣብ ምሕ ንጻጽ፣ ምስልጣን፣ ምምዋልን ከምዝተዋፈረ እቲ ናይ ሕቡራ ት ሃገራት ሞኒተርን ግሩፕ ጠ ቂሱዎ ኢሉ። ዊኪሊኪስ ብዛዕባ ኢትዮጵያ ዘቃልዖ ኣብ ውሽጢ ኢትዮጵያ ዝተፈጸመ ናይ ቦም ብ ምፍንጃር ባዕላ ኢትዮጵያ ከ ምዘጻወደቶ ዊኪሊክስ ዝጸሓፎ ሓቂ ምዃኑ ጠቒሱ። ሞኒተርን ግሩፕ ኣብ ግብረ ሽበራ ዝተዋ ፈረ ኤርትራዊ ኮረነል ገመቹ ኣ ያና ከምዝጠቐሰ ገሊጹ፣ ዶክተ ር ግደዎን ኣባይ፡ “ገመቹ ኣያና ዝበሃል ኤርትራዊ የብልናን ሓ

ሶት’ዩ” ኢሉ። እዚ ኹሉ ክዕንቅ ፉና ዝፍትኑ ዘለዉ እቲ ናይ መ ንግስቲ ኤርትራ ነብስኻ ምኽኣ ልን፣ናጻ ፖሊስን ዝብል መትከ ላት ስለዘይዋሓጠሎምን፣ ንረብ ሕኦም ከቐድሙ ስለዘይፍቀደሎ ምን’ዩ ኢሉ። ቐጺሉ ታሪኽ ህ ዝባዊ ግንባርን ተወፋይነቱን ኣ ብ ኣፍሪቃ ዝነበሮ ህቡቡነትን ጠቒሱ፣ እዚ ድማ ምዕራባውያ ን ኣይተዋሕጠሎምን። ከም ኣ ብነት ከኣ ንኣውስትራልያዊ ቶ ማስ ክኒሊ ኣብ (To Asmara) ዝብል መጽሓፉ ዘስፈሮ ጽሑፋ ት ጠቒሱ። ወ/ሮ ሶፍያ ተስፋማርያም ኣብ ሳንሆዜ ካሊፎርንያ ዝገበረቶ መ ደረ፡ ባይቶ ጸጥታ ሕቡራት ሃገ ራት ኣብ ርእሲ ኤርትራ ዝበየ ኖ ዘይሕጋዊ ማዕቀብ ግብረ መ ልሲ ናቱ ነቲ ስጉምቲ ንምፍሻ ል ኣወንዚፍናዮ ዝጸናሕና 2% መሕወዪ ግብሪ ብሓንሳብ ጠቕ ሊልና ክንከፍሎ፣ ኣብ ናይ ኢ ንቨስትመንት ወፍሪ ከም ናይ ቢራ፡ ኢንሹራንስ፡ ማዕድናት፡ ኣብ ናይ ኣባይቲ፡ ወፍሪ ክንገ ብርን ነፍሲ ወከፍና ድማ ሰሰለ ስተ ገዛ ክንሰርሕ ተላብያ። ግሪኻዊ ኣቶ ላምብሮ ድማ ኣ ብ ዊኒፔግ ወሑዳት ኤርትራው ያን ሒዙ ነቲ ኣብ 1992 ብመ ንግስቲ ኤርትራ ዝተኣወጀ 2%

Melbourne Rally 2012 . . . From page 1 to those who are silent to be vocal; to those who are planning to participate in the Festival, we urge you to think again and reverse your decision. We call upon all decent Eritreans to support our peaceful rally, demanding respect for human rights and the establishment of the rule of law in Eritrea. To those who are undecided, we encourage you to take a bold step and join our peaceful rally, because demanding justice for ALL Eritreans is a noble thing to do. As usual, we ask some legitimate questions that occupy the minds of caring and decent Eritreans: Does the Eritrean regime really care about its people? Does the Eritrean regime really take concrete measures to alleviate or, at least, to reduce the suffering of its people? Does the Eritrean regime really believe in justice, which we outside the festival venue are calling for? The ruling party in Eritrea is named People’s Front for Democracy and Justice. Does this

party really understand the great ideals this name hold? Definitely NOT! In fact, the appropriate name for the ruling party is Popular Front for Dictatorship & Jailing. Is war/conflict the right approach to resolve the everlasting tension between Eritrea and our neighbouring countries? Does the Eritrean regime really know why the youth are escaping to neighbouring countries in droves? What actions has the Eritrean regime taken to address the youth’s concerns? Why Eritrea has no a representative legitimate parliament elected by the people? why the Eritrean constitution is shelved indefinitely? We remind our Eritrean compatriots who preferred to remain silent and those who are planning to be part of the festival to contemplate about those important issues and search truth answers to those questions. We remind you the progress and development programs that you watch on ERI-TV are mere propagandas utterly in contradictions to the bitter reality and dire situation inside Eritrea. Eritrea

would have been a better country had it been ruled by the rule of law. Enough is enough, fight for the people’s rights. Yes to democracy, No to dictatorship Yes for the rule of law Justice for prisoners of Conscience, Political prisoners and Journalists No to interference in religion affairs, and justice for our religion teachers and leaders Respect for the elderly and cultural norms people’s Power will remove the dictatorial regime in Eritrea.

መሕወዪ ግብሪ ኣብ ዊኒፔግ ብ ጋዜጣ ፍሪ ፕረስ ዝተጻሕፈ ብ ኣስገዳድ ዝኸፈሉ ኤርትራውያ ን ጥርዓን ጸለመ’ዩ ኢሉ ሰላማ ዊ ሰልፊ ኣካይዱ። እስከ ሓደ ብሓደ ብዛዕባ መደ ረ ዶ/ር ጊዶዎን ክንትንትን ክ ንፍትን፡ዶክተር ጊደዎን ኣባይ ትሕዝ ቶ ሰሚናሩ ካብ ዝተፈላለዩ መ ርበብ ሓበሬታታት ዝኣከቦን ን ገሊኡ ነቲ ተሳታፋይ ናይ ቋን ቋ እንግሊዝ ጸገም ዘለዎን ናይ ኢንተርነት ኣክሰስ ዘይብሉ ና ብ ትግርኛ ተርጒሙ ንዕኡ ብ ዝጥዕሞ ኣገባብ ኣቕሪቡዎ። ኣ ብ 1997 ቅዋም ሃገረ ኤርት ራ ጸዲቑ ክትግበር ክብል ፕ ረዚደንት ኢሰያስ ኣፈወርቂ ኮ ነ ኢሉ ስልጣኑ ንህዝቢ ከየረክ ብ ናይ ዶብ ውግእ ወሊዑ፣ ን ህዝብን ሃገርን ክወጾ ኣብ ዘይ ክእል ዓዘቕቲ ሸሚሙዎ ይርከ ብ። 1998 ኩናት ምስ ተጀመ ረ ኣመሪካን ሩዋንዳን ሞንጎኛ ታት ኮይኖም ክዓርቁ ኣብ ዝፈ ተኑሉ እዋን ነቲ ዘውጽእዎ እማ መ፣ ኤርትራ ናብቲ ቅድሚ ው ግእ ዝነበረቶ ቦታ እንተድኣ ተ መሊሳ፣ ኢትዮጵያ ብሽምግል ና ነቲ ጉዳይ ክትፈትሖ ቅርብ ቲ ምዃና ገሊጾም፣ ፕረዚደንት ኢሰያስ ግን “ዋላ ጸሓይ ዳግማ

ይ ኣይትብረቕ፡ ካብ ባድመ ወ ጻእና ማለት ዘበት’ዩ” ኢሉ፣ ነ ቲ እማመ ነጺጉ ድሕሪ ናይ ዓ ሰርተታት ኣሽሓት መንእሰያት መስዋእትን፣ መውጋእትን ክሳ ራን፣ ናብቲ ኢትዮጵያ ዘይሓ ተትዎ 25 ክሎሜትር ንድሕሪ ት ክስሕብ ተቐሲቡ። ንህዝብና ን ሃገርናን ውርደት ኣሰኪምና። እምበኣር ኣገላልጻ ዶክተር ጊደ ዎን ዝበሎ ሓቅነት የብሉን። ኣ ብ 1998፡ ኣመሪካ ዓረቕቲ እም በር ምስ ወያነ ዝወገኑ ተጻባእ ቲ ኣይነበሩን። ስለዚ እቲ ብዛዕ ባ ዶክተር ሱዛን ራይስ ይኹን ኣንቶንዮ ሌክ ዝበልካዮ ዝንቡ ዕ ሓበሬታ ምዃኑ’ዩ ዘእምን። ብኣንጻሩ ካብተን ነጻነት ኤርት ራ ዝኣመና ሃገራት ኢትዮጵያ ቀዳመይቲ ክትከውን እንከላ ኣ መሪካ ድማ ሓሙሸይቲ ሃገር ነ በረት። ብተወሳኺ ኣብ መፋር ቕ ቴስዓታት ፕረዚደንት ክሊተ ን ንመራሕቲ ኤርትራን ኢትዮ ጵያን ዝርከበኦም (New breed of African Leaders) ኢሉ የ ሞግሶም ከምዝነበረ ናይ ቀረባ ታሪኽ’ዩ። እንተኾነ ግን ኢሰያ ስ ኣፈወርቂ ጎብለል ናይ ቀርኒ ኣፍሪቃ ንክኸውን ህ.ግ.ደ.ፍ. ንታሚል ታይገር ኣብ ሜዳ ኤ ርትራ ኣምጺኡ እናሰልጠነ፡ የዕ

ናብ ገጽ 12 ይቕጽል

Meftih January 2012 Volume 7 Issue 4: page 5

ቃለ-መጠይቕ ምስ ደረስቲ መጽሓፍ ‘በረኸት ቀዳሞት’ ዶ/ር ሙሴ ተስፋጌርጊስን ኢንጅነር ክብርኣብ ተወልደብርሃንን ብኣሮን ብርሃነ በረኸት ቀዳሞት ዘርእስታ መጽሓፍ ንታሪኽ፡ ልምዲ፡ ባ ህሊ፡ ወግዕን ድግን ህዝቢ ከበሳ ኢርትራ ብመንጽር ሕ ጊ እንዳ’ባ እትድድስስ ብዶ/ር ሙሴ ተስፋጌርግስን ኢ ንጅነር ክብርኣብ ተወልደብርሃንን ኣብ ጥቅምቲ 2011 ተሓቲማ ወጺኣ። እዛ መጽሓፍ ብዙሕ መጽናዕቲ ከምዝሓለፋ ካብቲ ሰፊሕ ን ዝርዝራውን ትሕዝቶ ምምልካት ይከኣል። ካብ መበቆ ልን ዝምድናታትን መነባብሮ ህዝቢ ከበሳ ኤርትራ ጀሚ ራ ንኩሉ ኣብቲ ሕብረተሰብ ዝዝውተር ልምዳውን ያታ ውን ሕግታት ሓደ ብሓደ ከተቕርቦ ፈቲና’ላ። ነዛ መጽሓፍ ንምድላው ዝሓለፍዎ ሰፊሕን ኣህላኽን መ ስርሓት ንምድህሳስ፡ ንክልቲኦም ደረስቲ ቃለ-መጠይቕ ኣካይድናሎም ኣለና። ንዝሃቡና ዕድል ብስም ኣንበብቲ እናመስገና ናብ ቀንዲ ትሕዝቶ ናይቲ ዝርርብ ነሕልፈ ኩም።

እውን ኣይተረፈንን። ኣብ ዓዲ ኣብ ከባቢ እንዳ ዳኛ ወይ ጭቃ ምዕባይ እውን ጽልዋ ሕጊ እን ዳባ ከምዘሕድር ጥራይ ከይኣክ ል ናብ ወግዕን ባህልን ከድህብ እውን ሓጊዙኒ እዩ። ንገለ ብቓ ል ዝሰማዕኩዎን ብዓይነይ ዝረ ኣኽዎን ምድጋምን ኣብ ጽሑፍ ምስፋርን ልምዲ እውን ነይሩ ኒ። ዝበዝሐ ካብቲ ጽሑፍ ጥራ ዛውተይ እኳ ብ1990 ዓ.ም. ም ስ ገዛይ ሓቢሩ ብደብዳብ ነፈር ቲ ኵናት ኢትዮጵያ ይቃጸል እ ምበር፡ ገለ ቁሩብስ ክተርፈለይ ኪእሉ’ዩ። ኣብ ግዜ ምምሕዳር ፈደረሽን ከም መምህር ተቘጺረ ኣብ ዝተ ፈላለየ ቤት ትምህርትታት ን7 ዓመታት ድሕሪ ምግልጋል፡ ት ምህርቲ ንምቕጻል ናብ ዩኒቨ ርሲቲ ኣትየ፡ ብናይ ህንጻ መ ሃንድስነት ማለት (ኢንጅነሪን ግ) ብናይ ቀዳማይ ዲግሪ መ ዓርግ ተመሪቐ። ብድሕሪ’ዚ ኣ ብ ሚኒስትሪ ትምህርትን ኣብ ተሌኮሙኒኬሽንን ብሞያይ ሰሪ ሐ። ጥሮታ ድሕሪ ምውጽአይ፡ ናይ ገዛእ ርእሰይ ናይ ህንጻዊ ስራሕ ትካል ብምውናን ኣብ ዝ ተፈላለየ ቦታታት ኤርትራ ህን ጻዊ ስራሓት እንዳሰራሕኩ ከለ ኹ፡ ብዘጋጠመኒ ከቢድ ናይ መ ኪና ሓደጋ ምኽንያት፡ ናብ ካና ዳ ክሕከም መጺአ። ቅድም ክ ብል ንዝነበረኒ ተዘክሮታት ጽ ሑፋትን መጻሕፍትን እንዳገላበ ጥኩ፡ ኣብ ከተማ ኦታዋ ይቕመ ጥ ኣለኹ።

መፍትሕ፡- ነዛ ‘በረኸት ቀዳሞ ት’ ትብል መጽሓፍ ክትጽሕፉ እንታይ ደሪኽኩም? ክንደይ ዝ ኣክል ግዜ’ኸ ወሲዳትልኩም?

ኢንጅነር ክብርኣብ ተወልደብርሃን መፍትሕ፡- ብመጀመርታ ምስ ነብስኹም ዶ መላለኹምኒ? ዶ/ር ሙሴ፡- ብመጀመርያ፡ ብ ኽብሪ ዓዲምካ ብዛዕባ ትሕዝቶ እዛ ሓዳስ መጽሓፍና ንምፍላጥ ተገዲስካ ስለ ዝተወከስካና፡ ብል ቢ ከመስግነካ እፈቱ። ክብረት ይሃበልና! ኣነ ሙሴ ተስፋጊዮ ርጊስ ይበሃል፡ ኣብ ኤርትራ ተ ወሊደ ዓብየ። ኣብ ኣስመራ ዪ ኒቨርሲቲ ናይ ቀዳማይ ዲግሪ ትምህርተይ ተኸታቲለ ብዓወት ድሕሪ ምውዳእ፡ ኣብ ግዜ ዶባ ዊ ኵናት ኤርትራን ኢትዮጵያ ን፡ ከም ኵሎም መንእሰያት ኤ ርትራ ግቡአይ ንምብርካት ኣ ብ ሓይልታት ሰራዊት ከቲተ፣ ብድሕሪኡ ኣስመራ ዩኒቨርሲቲ ብዝጠለቦ መሰረት፡ ሃገራዊ ኣገ ልግሎተይ ኣብ ዩኒቨርሲቲ ኣስ መራ ከም ተሓጋጋዚ መምህር (graduate assistant) ኰይነ

ንሓደ ዓመት ድሕሪ ምግልጋል ን፡ ብውልቀይ ብመንገዲ ዓለም ለኻዊ ዩኒቨርስቲ ብዝረኸብክዎ ናይ ቀጻሊ ናይ ትምህርቲ ዕድ ል፡ ንሃገረ ጀርመን መጺኤ። ኣ ብኡ ድማ ናይ ማስተርስን ዶክ ትረይትን መጽናዕተይ ብታሪኽ ን ኣከባብያዊ ሳይንስን ትምህር ተይ ዛዚመ። ኣብዚ እዋን’ዚ ድ ማ ኣብ ዩኒቨርሲቲ ዊኒፔግ መ ምህር ኮይነ ይሰርሕ ኣለኹ። ኢንጅነር ክብርኣብ፡- ኣነ’ውን ብልቢ የመስግን! ክብርኣብ ተ ወልደብርሃን ይበሃል ኣብ ኤር ትራ ኣብ ገጠር ተወሊደ ዓብየ። ትምህርቲ ኣብ ግዜ ምምሕዳር እንግሊዝ ጀሚረ፡፡ ከም ኩሉ ኣ ብ ገጠር ዝዓበየ ሰብ፡ ኩሉ እ ቲ ስራሕ ማሕረስን መጓሰን ጐ ድኒ ንጐድኒ ትምህርተይ ይዓ ሞ ኔረ። ካብ ዓዲ ርሒቕካ መ ጓሰ ከብቲ፡ ናብራ ሰበኽ ሳግም

ዶ/ር ሙሴ፡- ኣነ ብወገነይ ነዚ ትሕዝቶታት እዛ መጽሓፍ፡ ክ ጽናዕን ክስነድን ኣለዎ፡ ብማለ ት ክሕልነሉ ዝጀመርኩሉ እዋና ት ዳርጋ ካብ 1997 እዩ ክብል እደፍር። ኣብቲ እዋን’ቲ፡ ንኻ ልእ መጽናዕትታት ብቐጻሊ ካ ብ ኣስመራ ናብ ገጠራት ኤርት ራ ዝተመላለስኩሉ እዋን እዩ ነ ይሩ። ኣብ ዝኸድክዎ ቦታታት ድማ ሕብረተሰብና ክሳብ ክንደ ይ መሰረት ፍትሕን ሞራላዊ ኣ ካይዳን ከምዝውንን ክግምት ክ ኢለ። ኣብ ገለ ገለ ኣጋጣሚታ ት ኣብ መርዓን ቀብርን ብኣካ ል ተሳቲፈ፡ በቲ ሕብረተሰብና ዘጽንሓልና ባህላዊ ነገራት ክም ሰጥ ጀሚረ። ካብ ሽዑ ኣትሒዘ ድማ ገለ ገለ ዝረኸብክዎም ና ይ ጽሑፍን ቃልን ሓበሬታታት ክእክብ ጀመርኩ። ብዝበለጸ ደ ረጃ ግና፡ ምስ ኢንጅነር ክብር ኣብ ኣብ ኦታዋ ኣብ 2008 ም ስተራኸብና’ዩ። ንሱ፡ ክሳብ ክን ደይ በዚ ተጠቒሱ ዘሎ ኣርእስ

ዶ/ር ሙሴ ተስፋጌርግስ ትታት ግዱስ ምንባሩ ተረዳእ ኩ እሞ፡ ምስኡ ሓቢርና ነዛ መ ጽሓፍ ከነዳሉ ተመነኹ። ከም ዚ ትርእዮ ድማ ከምኡ ኮይኑል ና። ስለዚ እዛ መጽሓፍ ናይ ሓ ያለ ዓመታት ስራሕ እያ።

ኢንጅነር ክብርኣብ፡- ከምቲ ኣ ቀዲመ ዝገለጽኩዎ፡ ብዛዕባ ኩነ ታት ባህልን ልምድን ሕግን ሕ ብረተሰብና ዝምልከቱ ጉዳያት ዳርጋ ካብ ንእስነተይ ጀሚረ ተ ገዳስነት ነይሩኒ እዩ። ከም መ ምህርን ናይ ህንድስና በዓል ሞ ያ ኰይነ ዝሰርሓሉ ዝነበርኩ እ ዋናት እውን ወላኳ ብዛዕባኡ ጥ ራይ ሰፊሕ መጽናዕቲ ኣይግበ ር፡ ዘጋጠመንን ዝሰማዕኩዎን ነ ገራት ካብ ምስናድን ምድጋም ን ዓዲ ኣይወዓልኩን። ዕድል ኣ ይገበርኩን ግና መብዛሕትኡ እ ቲ ዝሰነድኩዎ ጽሑፋት ኣብ ግ ዜ ኵናት ገዛይ ብነፈርቲ ስለ ዝተሃርመ ምስ ኩሉ ንብረተይ ተቓጺሉ። ምስ ዶ/ር ሙሴ ኣ ብ 2008 ምስተራኸብና ኣነ’ው ን ተሓጉሰ፡ በብወገና ዝገበርና ዮ መጽናዕትን ዝኣከብናዮ ሓበ ሬታታትን ኣወሃሂድና ነዚ መጽ ሓፍ እዚ ንምጽሓፍ ብዘይዕረፍ ቲ ክንሰርሓሉ ጀሚርና፡ እንሆ ድማ ከም ዓቕምና እዛ መጽሓ ፍ ከነሕትም በቒዕና ኣሎና። መፍትሕ፡- ቀንዲ ትሕዝቶ ናይ ዛ መጽሓፍ እንታይ’ዩ? ዶ/ር ሙሴ፡- እዛ መጽሓፍ እዚ ኣ ቀንዲ ትሕዝቶኣ፡ ኩሉ ባህል ን ልምድን ሕብረተሰብና ክሳ ብ ክንደይ ምስ ፍትሓዊ ኣገባባ ት ዝተኣሳሰረ ምዃኑን፡ እቲ ፍ ትሒ እንብሎ ዘለና ኣገባባት ወ

ላኳ ዝተጻሕፈን ዝተሰነደን ኣይ ንበር እምበር፡ ክሳብ ክንደይ ኣ ብ ሕግታት እንዳባ ዝተመርኰ ሰ ምዃኑን ተረድእ። ብሓፈሻ፡ ከምቲ ኣብ መእተዊ ናይዛ መ ጽሓፍ እውን ተገሊጹ ዘሎ፡ ዕ ላማ ናይዛ መጽሓፍ፡ ንቕሓት ን ሓልዮትን ቀዳሞት ኣቦታት ና ንምዝኽኻርን፡ ዘመሓላለፉል ና ጸጋን ጽቡቕ ባህልን ልምድ ን ንምድህሳስ ኰይኑ፡ ንዝፈልጥ ዎን ዘርከቡሉን ሰባት ከም መዘ ኻኸሪ፡ ንዘየርከብሉን ዘይፈልጥ ዎን ሰባት ከኣ መሃሪን መምሃ ርን፤ ንመጻኢ ግዜ ድማ ማዕከ ን መሐበሪ ንክኸውን ብምትስ ፋው ዝተዳለወ እዩ። ብተወሳኺ ዕላማ ናይዚ ጽሑፍ’ዚ፡ ብውርሻ ዝተረከብናዮም ኣዝዮም ሃነጽቲ ባህላውን ልምዳውን ወግዕታት ና ንኸይሃሱን ንኸይጠፍኡን ን ምስናድን ንምዕቃብን ኰይኑ፡ ነ ፍሲ ወከፍ ግለሰብን ስድራቤት ን ህዝባዊ ትካላትን (ኣብ ስደት ይኹን ኣብ ዓዲ) ድማ ከም መ ወከሲን ከም መዘኻኸርን ንኣገ ልግሎት ህዝብና ክጥቀሙሉ ብ ምትስፋው ዝተዳለወ እዩ። ኢንጅነር ክብርኣብ፡- ከምዚ ዶ/ር ሙሴ ዝበሎ፡ ትሕዝቶ ና ይዚ መጽሓፍ፡ ኣብ ዝተፈላለ የ ዓውድታት ዝማዕበሉን ከም መሰረት ፍትሓዊ መነባብሮ ሕ ብረተሰብና ከገልግሉ ዝጸንሑ ን ሕግታትን ምስኦም ዝማዕበ ሉ ልምድታትን ባህልን ንምት ራኽ እዩ። ይጠቅም እዩ፡ ተሰኒ ዱ ክቕመጥ ኣለዎ መምሃርን መዘኻኸርን ይኸውን’ዩ ዝበልና

ናብ ገጽ 17 ይቕጽል

Meftih January 2012 Volume 7 Issue 4: page 6 ቃል “

2012 ብዳሓን ትእቶ

ይግበረልና ዓመት ምጥርናፍ ዓመት እቶ እቶ

ኢሳያስ ቢቲቢቶ፡ ሰላምን ቅሳኔትን ዘይፈቱ ዘራጊቶ፡ ሕብሩ ዝቃያየር ነፋሒቶ፡ ዓለም ፈሊጣቶ ከመይ ድሓን ትእቶ፡ ብዙሕ እዃድአ ደንጉያቶ። ኣዚና ኣኽቢርናዮ ኣዚዩ ኣሕሲሩና፡ ጠዋሪ መራሒ ሲኢና፡ ናብ ስደት ብብዝሒ ዉሒዚ ህዝብና፡ ተደፈፊረና ተዋሪድና፡ ተሸይጡ ኩሊትና ልብና፡ ካብ’ዚ ዝኸፍእ እንታይ’ዩ ክመጻና።

ኣካለ ስንኩላት ዝርሽና፡ ቖልዑ ኣብጋህሲ ዝደፍን፡ ብጾቱ ኣሲሩ ዘማስን፡ ህዝቢ ዘጽንት መንእሰይ ዘምክን፡ ከምኡ’ዉን ዝዓጥን ዝዝምር ዝእዝን። ብዘይ ስርዓት ዝመርሕ፡ እዝጊ ዘይፈርሕ፡ ዝዕንድር፣ ዝረግጽ፣ ዝረግሕ፡ ተጣናኒጋቶ ናይ እገዳ መስርሕ። ስርዓት ሕጊ ረጊጹ መሰለይ እንተበለ፡ ገባቲ ክንሱ ገበቲ እንተበለ፡ ዓብላሊ ክንሱ ዓብለልቲ እንተበለ፡ ጉዕ ኢዩ ዝምሰል ዘይበሰለ፡ ሰማዒ የብሉን ዝበለ እንተበለ። ስሱዕ !! ዕድመ ምላሽ ክነግስ፡ ብንግሆ ዝግስግስ፡ ጨካን !! ዘብኪ እንበር ንብዓት ዘይሕብስ፡ ምሁር ጂግና ዘጥፍእ መንበር ከይወርሰ፡ ይኣክል! ሕጂስ 2012 ኣልግስ ዳኣ ኣልግስ። ዓመት ለዉጢ ዓመት ራህዋ ቀሳኔት ይግበረልና ኢሰጢፋኖሰ መንግስትአብ


* ሰበይቲ ሰብኣያ ክትፈቱ፡ ብርሃን ኢዩ። ሰብኣይ ሰበይቱ ከ ኽብር ፡ ጸጋ ኢዩ። ህዝቢ ነንሕድሕዱ ክፋቐር ከሎ ግን ዘይ ነጽፍ ሃብቲ ሃገር ኢዩ ። * ንፉዕ ወላዲ ፡ ውላዱ ይፈቱ ፤ ንፉዕ መራሒ ከኣ ህዝቡ እፈቱ * ፍቕሪ ተሰልክም ኢያ ። ቅንኢ ‘ውን ውጸኣት ተትሕዝ ኢ ያ ። ክሕደት ግን ፡ ዘይትፍወስ ሕድርቲ ሕማም ኢያ። ክሕ ደት’ሲ መዳርግቲ የብላን ። ምናዳ ከምዚ ከማይ እንተደኣ ኴ ይንካ ፡ ድሮ ፈቲንካያ ኣለኻ ። ኣነ’ስ ብሰንካ ፡ ሰጣሕ ኢለ ኢየ ዝወድቕ ። ጻዕዳ እንዳረኣኹ ጸሊም እመስለኒ ። ጸሊም እንዳረኤኹ ድማ ጻዕዳ እመስለኒ ። ዘይሰድድ ሕማም ሒዙ ኒ ። ኣይትተዓደሎ !

የርህዎ ኣምላኽ


Meftih January 2012 Volume 7 Issue 4: page 7

Quality Cars Wholesale Q C Sales * Lease * Trades * Appraisals * Financing * Rentals W

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Meftih January 2012 Volume 7 Issue 4: page 8

A Letter to European Union High Representative – From the President of ICER European Union High Representative

DROWNING IN DEBT If you have financial difficulties, I can help. Together We Can Find The Solution

Ms. Catherine Ashton Brussels

17 years experience

Honorable Catherine Ashton We are pleased to learn that the European Union has taken a decisive action against the Government of Eritrea which has continued abusing human rights through various mechanisms under its disposal. The regime far from mellowing down due its isolation from the community of nations has continued to detain people without due process of law, muzzle the free expression of citizens and intensified its shot to kill policy for any person attempting to cross the border for freedom. The abuse are too many to list here but goes beyond the arbitrary detention of people for expressing dissenting views perceived inimical to its oppressive policy. The abuse extends to the point of depriving the peasants and the agro-pastorals from pursuing their time tested long developed adverse coping mechanism by expropriating their produce and most tragically alienating the only means of production under their disposal, the land. It has been common practice of the regime to uproot people from their ancestral lands deemed important for its self aggrandized projects with little or no benefit to the victims. These, therefore are the primary cause for the sudden and massive influx of refugees unprecedented in the history of the region.

Licensed Under Bankruptcy & Insolvency Act

Rey Perez

Qualified Insolvency Counselor


ብውህሉል ተመክሮ ጽንኩር ሽግራት ንፈትሕ! 1013 Wilson Ave./Keele, Ste 202, Toronto, ON. M2J 4V8

The case in point is the story of 12 villages in the ones fertile region of Hazemo at areas known as Itaro and Akran were peasants forcibly removed and relocated to the western lowlands of Gerest. Unaccustomed, to living in agro-ecologic zone unfamiliar to their natural settings many of the displaced succumbed to malaria epidemics where tens of them died. The sad part in this episode is that they were made to settle in areas that were formerly inhabited by people who still exist as refugees in the Sudan. Moreover, many of the strategically important grazing grounds where pastoral population employed during the lean years are now converted into large scale farms some supplemented with irrigation water. Most are owned by individual army generals who are not accountable to the ‘state of Eritrea’. It is also important to mention here that the mining operation currently underway are affecting the pastoral population through the cordoning of large tracts of land normally reserved for grazing and by competing for water resource already deficient in the area. In conclusion, the International Commission on Eritrean Refugees would like to reiterate its satisfaction with the measures taken by the EU regarding the region in general and its resolve to addressing the refugee problem in particular. The appointment of Mr. Alexander Rondos as EU special representative for the Horn of Africa clearly shows that the organization is in the right direction to help us address some of our pressing problem, the refugee question. The ICER along its sister organizations has been in the forefront advocating for the welfare of the refugees and in educating them from undertaking perilous journeys across the desert or taking the treacherous sea route where they may fall victims of human traffickers and organ harvester. ICER also strives to improve their living condition while sheltered at refugee camps through input intervention such as building schools, digging water holes, and granting scholarship for the college bound young at universities in Ethiopia and Sudan. It is however, important to remind EU that if the measures that intend to take is worthwhile the efforts and sincere at best, it needs to partner with organizations like the ICER who are at the forefront of the struggle. Respectifully, Yebio Woldemariam, Ph.D President, International Commission on Eritrean Refugees


Aaron Berhane

260 Adelaide St. E. Toronto, ON. M5A 1N1 # 192 Tel: 416-824-8124 Fax: 416-783-7850 Editors: Grace Cherian Photographer: Mulugeta Zergaber

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Seeking to hire persons, to refer clients to me, who may need Immigration or Refugee Services. High commission paid. Fluent in English. Joel E. Tencer BA, LLB, RCIC, Licensed & Certified By Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC) 416-850-9851

Meftih January 2012 Volume 7 Issue 4: page 9

Eastern Canada High School

416-567-4404 Eastern Canada High School is an accredited private high school offering credit courses for grades 9 to 12 who are aiming to complete their Ontario Secondary School Diploma.

* Students can enroll as full time day school, or online courses * Evening classes to earn extra credits to catch up on, or * Earn credits your high school does not offer when you need it most * You can earn these credits alongside your regular semester courses * We are a big school with small classes offering wide range of subjects * We provide safe, healthy supervised environment * We challenged our students to a higher academic standard and rigorous work ethic to meet more criteria to keep up their grade point averages * Teachers with advanced degrees in their subjects *Student teacher ratio of less than 10 students per teacher gives them greater access to teachers * We instill our students with the expectation of attending university and being goal oriented. As a result our students have higher rate of acceptance to universities and colleges

36 Colville Rd. (Keele and Lawrence) Call 416-567-4404 to register

Meftih January 2012 Volume 7 Issue 4: page 10

ኩርናዕ ግጥሚ እንተ’ስገነ ኣየ’ዚ ዓሻ ዘይወጽእ ካብ ጣሻ ኩሉ ግዜ ሽፋን ከም ሰዊት ዕፉን እንትርፎ ጽምኢ ርውየት ዘየርኢ ዕባራ እንከሎ ዝሞንገደ ዝመስሎ ብዘይካ መንገዱ ዘይፍለጥ ሓመዱ ኣሰጊንካ እንተበልዎ ዝሸወተ መሲልዎ ካብ ሓው ይርሕቕ ሰብ ከምኡ ይንዕቕ።

የርህዎ ኣምላኽ

ዝመጽእ ወለዶ እቲ ዝመጽእ ወለዶ መጺኡ’ሎ ተንስኡ ብዓጀብ ንቀበሎ ሃየ በቲ ዝርድኦ ዝፈልጦ መርሓባ ብደሓን ምጻእ ዌልካም! ቪልኮመን ብየንቬኑ! በንቨኑቶ ንበሎ። ሓቦ ንግበር ሓቦ ማይ ኣውዒና እግሩ ንሕጸቦ ነብልዓዮ፡ ነስትዮ፡ ነጽግቦ ነማሙቆ፡ ጋቢ ንደርቦ ነሰንዮ፡ ነኽብቦ በቲ ሩባ በቲ ጎቦ ምስ ዓበየ ክዓጅቦ። ይመሃር! የጽንዓዮ! የንብቦ እቲ ባህሊ እቲ ታሪኽ ዓደቦ ንሓደራኻ ንበሎ ንላቦ ሓደራኻ ኣሕሊፍካ ከይትህቦ ንሓላፍ መንገዲ ንወዶቦ። ዶ/ር ርእሶም ሃይለ ለኣኺ፡ ኣድሓኖም

ወዶ ገባ

ሎምስ ከኣ ሕሉፍ ሓሊፉ እተዉ ዓድኹም ኢሉኩም ኮይንኩም ‘ወዶ ገባ’ ኣታ ዓድኹም ርስቲ ጉልትኹም ንመን’ያ ርሒቓ ንመን’ያ ቀረባ? እንተዘይትደፍኣኒ መን ምስ ኣውደቐኒ ዝብል ምስላ ኣበው ከሎ ኣብ ልዓቱ ጭንቀት ዘይገብሮ የብሉን ሎምስ ነጺሉ’ዩ ኣእምሩኡ ስሒቱ።

ጸወታ ኮከደ እቲ ቀደምሲ ቆልዑ ከሎና ጸወታ ጠለይጠለይ ነመቕሮ ነይርና ‘ኮከደ’ እንዳበልና . . . ኣዕንትና ቋሕ ኢሉ ሰማይ ሰማይ ከቋም ት ኣጻብዕና ኣብ መንከስና ነቢሩ ቀባሕ መባሕ ከይንብል ጠመተና ይዓግ ት . .

ትማሊ ትማሊ ኣብ ዙረት’ዮም ዘለዉ ከምዘይበለ ኣእጋርና ስጕሚ ይወስድ ድሮ ድዩ ተረሲዑ መንእሰይ ገና ማዕልብኡ ከይፈለጠ ኣብ ማእከላይ ባሕሪ ዝጠሓለ ጸወታ ጠለይጠለይ ከይፈለጠ ወይስ ኤርትራዊ በሃም’ዩ ተቖጺሩ ብኸምኡ ዝጥበር ኣብ ጸሊም ሕንጻጽ እንተረግጸ . . . ኣቤት ብድዐ ጥሪቱ እምበር ገይርዋ እዛ ሃገር። እዋይ ክምቅር ህይወት ዝሓለፈ ልብና ሕጉስጉስ ኢሉ ይውዕል መንእሰይሲ ተላዒሉ’ዩ ፍቕሪ ቁልዕነት እንዳሓንፈፈ ይኣክል ምልኪ በቃ ኢሉ ኣብኣ ሮሞቕ ኢልካ ጽንሓዮ እንተ ሎሚ . . . ምሕዩ ክድርብየካ ካብ ዙፋንካ ነቒሉ። መሬትና ደልዲልና ከይንረግጽ ዘይትማሃር ግዳ ብገለ መጺኦምና ‘ኮከደ’ በሉ ዝብሉና ካብቶም ቅድሜኻ ዝሓለፉ ሕንጻጽ እንተረገጽና ቐዛፊ ዓርክኻ’ኳ ዘይሰረረ ቁጽሪ ሸሞንተ ዝኣሰሩና . . . ኣይ ብኽፉኡ እንድዩ ተቐዚፉ። ርሑና ወጺኣ ንዓኻ መሕብኢ ዝኸውን ካብ ካንሸሎ ናብ ካንሸሎ ክንናጠር ጉድጓድ ኣብይ ከይርከብ ጸወታ ኮከደ ምርዳእ ኣብዩና ግዜ ይኸይድ ኣሎ ህይወት ኢላትና ስብጥርጥር ብኣግኡ መውጽኢኻ ሕሰብ ኪሮስ ዮውሃንስ አረ ብዙሓት ኣለዉ . . ጸወታ ኮከደ ዘየርከቡ መራሕቲ ኮከደ ክፈጥሩ ንእስነቶም ኣብልዮም ዝተሸርቡ ኪሮስ ዮውሃንስ ሓዳስ ዓመት ተኸዲንና ማይ ዘይጥዓመት ሳሙና ንስገድ ንሰላም ንዝኸደነና ዝብኢ እዚ ኣራዊት ክባርኸልና ክምርቐልና ሓሚሙ እንተዝመውት ኣብ ዝባንኩም ትዕረቕ ክብለና መን ምሓዘነ እታ ዝኣረገት ዓመት ዝዓረቐት ካብ ልቢ መልቀሰ ሕዝ ነብላ ከይሞለቖት ከይጸሎቐት ወኻርያ ዶኾን ገለ ነቐምጣ ጠቕሊልና ኣብ ወረቐት ዘይነጥብ ንብዓት ክንዝክራ ኢና ምስ መቐረት ምስ ርሓቐት መበለት ጥሪቕ ኩል ዓም ወኣንቱም ብኬር ርሑስ ዓውደ ዓመት! እቲ ዓጽሚ ምግሃጽ ደድሕሪኡ ዞኽዞኽ ዶ/ር ርእሶም ሃይለ ናይ ሕሉፍ ዘኪራ ለኣኺ፡ ኣድሓኖም ምበላ ከብዳ ቅሩብ ሓቦጭቦጭ ወይስ ም’ሰገደት ንኻልእ ጎይታ ክትሕሉ ረብሓኣ። ስብሓት ገ.


መን ምሓዘነ


Full time, $10.25/hr Room and board provided for 80/week High school complete Minimum of one year relevant experience Care for 11 yrs old kid while a parent at work Location- Guelph, Ontario ( near West-mall ) Some house keeping job and must speak Tigrigna ( Eritrean Language ) email- or Call 519-760-2778

ርሑስ ሓድሽ ዓመት

ዓመተ 2012 ንህዝብና ዲሞክራሲ ወሰላም ኣስፊኑ፡ ካ ብዚ ናትካ’የ እናበለ ንህዝብና ብዓሌት፡ ኣውራጃ፡ ሃይ ማኖት እናከፋፈለ ክሳዱ ረጊጹ ደም ዘንትዖ ዘሎ ስርዓ ት ነጻ ኣውጺኡ፡ ሃገርና ስኒትን ቅሳነትን ዝሰፈና ዓዲ ክትከውን ሰናይ ምንዮትና ንገልጽ! ርሑስ ሓድሽ ዓመት! ምድላው ጋዜጣ መፍትሕ!

Meftih January 2012 Volume 7 Issue 4:

page 11

DM Auto Service We Repair Imported & Domestic Cars ዲ.ኤም. ኣውቶሰርቪስ ንኩሉኹም ዓማዊል ርሑስ ልደትን ሓድሽ ዓመትን ክኾነልኩም እናተመነና፡ ብውሕሉልን ርትዓዊን ዋጋ መካኒካውን ኤለክትሪካውን ኣገልግሎት ንምሃብ ማዕጾና ከፊትና ከምዘለና ብሓጎስ ነበስር!

Winter tires starting from $89.99, installation and balancing free Rust protection treatment & winter check up $79.99 Daniel 416-890-3887 We offer a full & excellent services to ensure the highest quality workmanship and guarantee one of the lowest price in town. * General Repairs * Suspension Service * Complete Tune Ups * Engine Transmission * Complete Brake Service * Complete Muffler & Exhaust Service * Heating / Air Condition / Electrical * Various Rust and Paint Protection Packages

Mehari 416-897-8101

ንነጻ ምኽሪ፡ ስሉጥ ኣገልግሎት፡ ርትዓዊ ዋጋ ኩሉ ግዜ ናባና ምጽኡ!

1526 Keele St. (south of Rogers Rd.) /

Meftih January 2012 Volume 7 Issue 4: page 12

ጉባኤ ኣዋሳ ብዓይኒ ተጋባእቲ ህዝብን ሃገርን ንምድሓን ራእይናን ዓቕምታትናን ነስምር!!! እዚ መር ሓ ጭረሖ ፈላሚ ጉባኤ ኤርትራው ያን ንዲሞክራስያዊ ለውጢ ኢዩ፡፡ እቲ ካብ 21 ክሳብ 30 ሕዳር 2011 አብ ከተማ ኣዋሳ ኢትዮጵያ ዝተኻ የደ ፈላሚ ታሪኻዊ ጉባኤ ኤርትራ ውያን ኣብ ስምዒት ተጋባእቲ ዘን ተ እለት ዝሕደስ ዝኽርን ጦብላሕ ታን ገዲፉ’ዩ፡፡ ብዙሐት ብዓይኒ ከ ቢድ ስግኣት ንመንግስቲ ኢትዮጲ ያ ዝርእዩ ዝነበሩ ወገናት ጋሪድዎ ም ዝነበረ ስታሪ መንፈስ ውን ከ ም ዝትርባዕ ኮይኑ’ዩ፡፡ ህዝብን መ ንግስትን ኢትዮጲያ ምእንቲ ሰላም ን ሰናይ ጉርብትናን ክልተኣዊ ሓባ ራዊ ረብሓን ነቲ ከም ደቂ ዛግራ ፋ ሕ ብትን ዝብል ዘሎ ኤርትራዊ ን ኽተኣኻኸብ ባይታ ምፍጣሮም ብ ኹሉ ተጋባኢ ልባዊ ምስጋና ተዋ ሂቡ ኢዩ፡፡ ከምቲ ኣቦዎት ዝብልዎ መን ይንገ ር ዝዋዓለ ኢዩ፡፡ ዘይነበሩን ዘይዋዓ ሉን ገና እቲ ገመል ስግሙኡ ከይ ጀመረ ክነብሑሉን ክግዕሩሉን ሪኢ ናዮምን ኣስተባሂልናሎምን ኢና፡፡ ምግዓሮምን ምንበሖምን ግን ላህሊ ህካ ዘፍ ካብ ምባል ዝፈየዶ ነገር ኣ ይነበረን፡፡ መዓልታዊ ዕማማት ጉባ ኤን ጉባኤኛታትን ብግሉጽ እተቕ ርብ ዝነበረት ልሳን ህዝቢ ዝኾነት ኣሰና ንምዕጻው ዝተገበረ ከንቱ ህ ቀና ውን ሓደ መርኣያ ናይቲ ዋዜ ማ ዘመነ ቅብጸቶም’ዩ፡፡ ሎሚ እ ቲ ኣብ ኣዋሳ ዝተቓነዐ ታሪኻውን

ካብ ገጽ 4 ዝቐጸለ ጥቖም ኔሩ፣ ናይ ኣመሪካን እ ንግሊዝን ልኡኽ ኮይኑ ኣብ ሱ ዳን ኢድ ብምትእትታው ንና ይ ደቡብ ሱዳን ተቓለስት ስጋ ብ ግዜ ነጻነቶም ሓጊዙዎም ኣ ብ በዓል ነጻነቶም’ውን ከይተረ ፈ ኤርትራውያን መስዋእቲ ከ ምዝኸፈልና ከይሓፈረ ተኣሚኑ ሉ፣ንናይ ዳርፉር ተቃወምቲ ከ ምዘሰልጥንን ዘዕጥቕን ናይ ኣ ደባባይ ምስጢር’ዩ። ከምኡ ድ ማ ንሶማልያውያን ኣብ ግዜ ሰ ውራ ዝገበሩልና ሓገዝ እንዳበለ ከመሳምስ እንተፈተነ፣ እቲ ቀ ንዲ ጉዳይ ካብ ኢራንን ካልኦ ት ሃገራት ኣዕራብ ዝርከብ ሓገ ዝ ንምግሓጥ ክኸውን ከሎ ብ ተወሳኺ ውን ንኢትዮጵያ ንም ጥቃዕ እዩ። ኣብ ኤርትራ ገ መቹ ኣያና ዝበሃል የብልናን ኢ ልካ፣ንኣስማት’ውን ቦርደር ክት ሕንጽጸሉ እንተዘይደሊኻ’ምበር ኣብ ቅድመኻ ወዘኽዘኽ ዝብሉ ዘለዉ በዓል እንግዳ፣ትርፈ፣ቀለ ሙ፣ኣባይከ እንታይ ክትብሎም ኢኻ? ንምዃኑኸ ኮሬነል ገመ ቹ ኣያና ኣብ ኤርትራ እንታይ ይገብር ኣሎ? ድሕሪ’ቲ ተጌሩ ዘሎ ማዕቀብ’ውን እንተኾነ ንሶ ማላውያን ኣብ ኤርትራ ናይ ተ ለቪዥንን ሬድዮን መደባት ፈ ቒዱሎም ኣሎ። ኣብ 2007 ኣ ልኣሚን መሓመድ ስዒድ ኣብ ቶሮንቶ ናይ ህዝቢ ኣኼባ ኣብ ዝገበረሉ እዋን ዓው ኢልና ክ ንዛረበሉ ኣይደለናን እምበር ሰ ራዊትና ኣብ ጫድ’ውን ከይተ

ባብ ለውጢ ምሉእ ብምሉእ ንኽ ረሓው መገዲ ዘጣጠሐ ጉባኤ፡ ጉባ ኤኛታት ብዘሰከምዎ ረዚን ሕድርን ሓላፍነትን ኣብ ጉባኤ ንዝተፈጸሙ ጌጋታት ኣለልዩ ኣቃውሙኡ ኣመ ዓራርዩ ንጹር ናይ ቃልሲ ስትራተ ጂ ሓንጺጹ ንስራሕ ክብገስ ኣዒንቲ ኩልና የማዕድዎኦ ኣለዋ፡፡ ንቓልሲ ክትብገስ መሪሕ ተራኻ ክትጸወት ፍቕሪ ሃገርን ህዝብን ኣብ ውሽጥ ኻ ክሓድረካ ኣለዎ፡፡ ምእንቲ ፍት ሕን ዲሞክራስን ዝግበር ቃልሲ ቅ ርሕንትኻ ሕነ ትፈድየሉ ውልቃ ዊ ድሌታትካ ተተግብረሉ ሜዳ ስ ለ ዘይኮነ፡፡ ስለዝኾነ ብወከልቲ ህዝ ቢ ዝተመረጹ ኣባላት ባይቶን ፈጻ ሚት ሽማግለን ኣብ ቅድሚኦም ከ በዲቲ ብድሆታት ምህላዎም ተገን ዚቦም ካብ ቅርሕንትን ካልእ ሓለ ኽቲ ነገራትን ተቖጢቦም ብዝለዓለ እጃሞም ከበርክቱ ክሕተቱ ኢዮም፡ ፡ ”carrot and stick principle” ካ ብ ዝኾነ እዋን ንላዕሊ ኣብ ልዕሊኦ ም ኣነጻጺሩ ከም ዘሎ ውን ከስተባ ህሉ ይግባእ፡፡ ጌጋታት ዝሓለፉ ዓሰርተው ዓመታ ት ተኣሪሞም ህዝቢ ንኽድበስ ትር ግታ ልቡ ብዝግባእ ምስማዕ ከድ ሊ ኢዩ፡፡ ምእንቲ መጎጎ ትሕለፍ ኣንጭዋ ዝበሃል ኣካይዳ ኣብ ቅርዓ ት ወጺእካ የለን፡፡ ጉባኤ ኣዋሳ ከ መይ ነበረ…?ብልጫታትን ድኽመ ታትን ጉባኤ ኣዋሳ እንታይ ይመስ ል? ትጽቢትን ባህግን ተሳተፍቲ ጉ ባኤ ተመሊሱ’ዶ? ቅድሚ ናብቲ ሰ

ፊሕ ዝርዝር ምእታወይ ጉባኤ ኣዋ ሳ ብዓይኒ ታጋባእቲ እንታይ ይመ ስል ነይሩ ብሕጽር ዝበለ ክድህስስ ክፍትን እየ፡፡ ጉባኤ ኣዋሳ ንኣከንውና ሕ/ሰብ ኤ ርትራ ዘንጸባረቐ ኣቃውማ ዝሓዘ ኢዩ ነይሩ፡፡ ገዳይም ሙኩራት ተ ቓለስቲ፡ ምሁራት ፖለቲከኛታት፡ ተረከብቲ ሃገር መናእሰያት፡ ደቂ ኣንስትዮ፡ ስንኩላን፡ ዳርጋ ንኹለን ብሄራትን እምነታትን ዝወከሉ ተሳ ተፍቲ ካብ ፖለቲካውያን ውድባት ን ሲቭል ህዝብን ዝሓቖፈ ውን ኢ ዩ ነይሩ፡፡ ኣብ ነፍሲ ወከፍ ተሳታ ፊ ጉባኤ ኣዋሳ ቃልሲ ንደሞክራስ ያዊ ለውጢ ስርዓት ህ.ግ.ደ.ፍ. ብ ዝቐልጠፈ ንምእላዩን ሃገርን ሃገራ ውነትን ካብ ምብዳም ንምድሓንን ናይ ቀዳምነት ቀዳማይ ዕዮ ምዃኑ ብጋህዲ ተንጸባሪቑ ኢዩ፡፡ ፍትሕን ዲሞክራስን ክሳብ ክንደይ ህዝቢ ጸ ሚእዎ ኣሎ ኣስታት 600 ተሳትፍ ቲ ጉባኤ ኣዋሳ ህያው ምስክራት እ ዮም፡፡ በቲ ኣዝዩ ንኡስ ኣበርክቶይ ኣብ ጉባኤ ኣዋሳ ካብ ዝተዓደሙ ጀ ማሪ ጸሓፋይ ሓደ እየ፡፡ ኣብ ከምዚ ዓይነት ሰፊሕን በዳህን ጉባኤ ክሳተ ፍ ብምኽኣለይ ከኣ መስርሕ ደሞክ ራስያዊ ለውጢ ክሳብ ከንደይ ከቢ ድን ሓርፋፍን ምዃኑ ዓሚቕ ኣፍ ልጦ ንኽድልብ ሓጊዙኒ ኣሎ፡፡ ኣብ ጉባኤ ኣዋሳ ንልዕሊ 50 ዝኾ ኑ ተሳተፍቲ ብድመጺ ዝተስነየ ቃ ለ-መሕትት ኣካይደ፡፡ ምስ ካልኦት ብዙሓት ድማ፡ ተመክሮታቶም ከ

መይ ምዃኑን ንጹር መደባቶም እ ንታይ ከም ዝመስልን ሓሳብ ንሓ ሳብ ንኽለዋወጥ ዕድል ረኺበ እየ፡፡ ብፍላይ ምስቶም ኣብ ክሊ ዕድመ ይ ዝርከቡ መናእሰያት ደቡብ ኣፍ ሪቃ፡ ሰሜን ኣሜሪካን ካናዳን፡ ኤው ሮጳ፡ ኣወስትራልያ፡ ሱዳን፡ ኢትዮጲ ያ ዝተገብረ ሓባራዊ ርድድእ ቃል ሲ ንዲሞክራስያዊ ለውጢ ኣብ ጥ ርዚ ናይቲ ሃረም ከም ዝርከብ ተነ ጺሩ ኢዩ፡፡ ድሕሪ ኣቦኻ ሞት ግደ ኻ’ዩ፡፡ ሎሚ መዋእሎም ኣብ ቃል ሲ ዝኸርተቱ ሓርበኛታት ማዕረ ማ ዕረና ኣብ ናይ ውድድር መድረኽ ተሰሊፎም ቀዲሞም ነቲ ናይ መጠ ረሽታ ሕንጻጽ ክረግጹ ምጽባይ ሓ ላፍነትና ምዝነጋዕ ኢዩ፡፡ እዞም ሓ ርበኛታት ኣቦታት ኣብ ግዝኦም ቃ ልሲ ንናጽነት መሪሖም ተኣምር ዝ ሰርሑ ኢዮም፡፡ ኣብዚ ዝሓለፈ ዓ ሰርተው ዓመታት ግደ መናእሰያ ት ኣብ ዲሞክራስያዊ ለውጢ ኣዝ ዩ ዝሕቱል ኣይነበረን ውን ክትብ ል ዘድፍር ምዃኑ ብግሉጽ ዝተረ ዳዳእናሉ ኢዩ፡፡ ካብ ሱሳታት ኣብ ቃልሲ ንናጽነት ዲሒሩ ድማ ምል ኪ ህ.ግ.ደ.ፍ. ይፍረስ ብምባል መ ሬት ዓዱ ንኣስታት 30 ዓመታት ዘ ይረገጸ ሓደ ካብ ገዳይም ተቓለሰ ቲ ተስፋታቱ ብኸምዚ ዝስዕብዩ ገ ሊጹለይ፡፡ “ቅድሚ ሕጂ ኣብ ብዙሕ ኣጋጣ ሚታት ዓበይቲ ዝሸምገልና ጥራይ ኢና ንሳተፍ ነይርና፡፡ህ.ግ.ደ.ፍ. ነቲ ቀንዲ ናይ ለውጢ ሓይሊ መንእሰ ይ ክሳብ ክንደይ ናይ ቃልሲ መን

ፈሱ ቀቲልዎ ምስ ከቢድ ስክፍት ኡ የተሓሳስበኒ ነይሩ፡ ሎሚ ግን ኩ ሉ ሻቕሎተይ ተቐንጢጡ፡፡ ሓያላ ት መስተውዓልቲ ኪኢላታት ተካእ ትን ተረከብቲ ሃገርን መናእሰያት ከም ዘለዉ ርእየን ኣሚነን፡፡ ሓንቲ ዘተሓሳስባ ግን ጭራ ነብርን ቃልሲ ንዲሞክራስያዊ ለውጥን ሒዝካ ም ገዳፍ ኣይካኣልን ኡዩ፡፡ መናእሰያ ትና ህንጡይነት ኣወጊዶም ርጉኣ ትን ናይ ጽባሕ ሰኣልትን ኣማዕደ ውትን ክኾኑ ኣለዎም፡፡” እዚ ቃላት’ዚ መንእሰያት ክሳብ ክን ደይ ካብቲ ቃልሲ ኣግሊልና ጸኒሕ ናን ሕጂ ድማ ምሉእ ሓላፍነት ን ኽንርከብ ንጽዋዕ ኣለናን መርጋገጺ ኢዩ፡፡ እዞም ሓርበኛታት ተቓለስቲ ነዊሕ ዓመታት ተስፋ ከይቆረጹ ነ ዚ ሕጂ ተበጺሑ ዘሎ መድረኽ ዘ ጣጥሑ ኢዮም፡፡ ጉባኤ ንኽካየድ ኣ ስታት 600 ኤርትራውያን ኣብ ኣ ዋሳ ተኣኪቦም ጉዳያቶም ብዲሞክ ራስያዊ ኣገባብ ንኽረዳድኡን ናይ ቃልሲ ስትራተጂ ክሕንጽጹን ዝገበ ሩ ኢዮም፡፡ ስለዚ ዋላኳ ኣብ ሕድሕ ድ ፖለቲካውያን ውድባት ዘሎ መ ሰረታዊ ዘይኮነ ግርጭታት እንተሃ ለዎም ብዝገበርዎ ኣበርክቶ ክምስገ ኑ ዝግበኦም ገዳይም ተቓለስቲ ም ዃኖም ክዝንጋዕ ኣይግበኦን፡፡ እዚ ክብል ከለኹ ግን ንቓልሲ ዝዕንቅ ፍ ጌጋታት፡ ህ.ግ.ደ..ፍ. ኣራጢጡ ብዘይ ስክፍታ ዕድመ ስልጣኑ ዘና ውሓሉ ኣከያይዳታት ፈቓቕ ንዝፈ

ናብ ገጽ 18 ይቕጽል

“ፍትሓውነት ካብ ነብስኻ’ዩ ዝብገስ” . . . ረፈ ከምዘሎ ተነይትሉ።ኣብ ኮ ንጎ’ውን ንከቢላ ናብ ስልጣን ን ምምጻእን ንፖሊሲ ናይ ኣሜሪ ካ ከተግብር ኢሰያስ ዝለኣኾም 32 ተጋደልትና ተሰዊ ኦም ሬ ስኦም ስጋብ ሕጂ ኣብ ኮንጎ ይ ርከብ። ስለዚ ኢሰያስ ንኣሜሪካ ልዕሊ ኹሉ ኣገልጊለዮም’የ ም ሳይ ጥራሕ ክማኸሩ ኔሩዎም ካ ብዝብል ቅንእን ስሰዔን ኣብ ከ ቢድ ህልኽ ኣትዩ፡ ንህዝብናን ሃ ገርና ኣብ ክትወጽኦ ዘይትኽእ ል ታኼላ ይሸማ’ዩ ዘሎ። በየና ይ መዔቀኒ ኢኻ ዶክተር ጊደ ዎን ኣብ 1998 ዝተጠነሰ ሳንክ ሽን ኣብ 2009 ተወሊዱን ኣ ብ 2011 ድማ ጓህማም ሳንክሽ ብ ሓሊፉ ዝበልካዮ? ናይ ኣመ ሪካ ኣጀንዳ ኤርትራ ምስ ኢት ዮጵያ ክጽምብርዋ እዮም ዝበል ካዮ፣ እዚ ብጭብጢ ሕልሚ ኢ ሰያስዶ ኣይኮነን? ኢሳያስ ዶ ኣ ይኮነን ኮንፈደረሽን ምስ ኢትዮ ጵያ ምግባር ከም ኣማራጺ ክኣ ቱ ኣለዎ ኢሉ ኣብ ግዜ ረፈረን ደም ዝከራኸር ዝነበረ? ታሪኽ ህዝባዊ ግንባር ተንቲን ካ፣ እዚ ታሪኽ’ዚ ግን ተሰኒዱ’ዩ ዘሎ፣ ታሪኽ ንድኽመትካ መኸ ወልታ ክኾነካ እንዳ ኣኳማሳዕካ ዮ ትነብር ኣይኮነን። እቶም ሰ ራሕቲ ቅያ ግን ኣብ ዒራዒሮን ናኹራን ኣብ ፈቐዶ ቤትማእሰ ርቲ ኤርትራ ብጀካ ምግዳሎም ካልእ ገበን ዘይብሎም ታሪኾም ተንቲንካ ነቶም ሰራሕቲ ታሪ ኽ ግን ኮነ ኢልካ ከይጠቐስካዮ

ም ምሕላፍካ ማዕረ ክንደይ ዘይ ፍትሓዊ ምዃንካ’ዩ ዘርእይ’ዩ። ኣቦሓጎታትና፣ ኣቦታትና፣ ንሕ ና’ውን መኪትና ኢልካ፣ መንእ ሰያት ኤርትራ ካብ ሙዉቕ ሓ ዳሮምን ትምህርቶምን ጠንጢኖ ም ንሜዳ ክውሕዙ እንከለዉ ን ስኻ ድኣ ኣብ ከንያን ሰሜን ኣ መሪካን ብዝወሓደ ሓፋሽ ውድ ባት’ኳ ኮይንካ ከይተወፊ ዓቢ ጎ ደና ሓዲግካ ኣብ መሽጎራጉር (Alleyway) ተሓቢእካ ትነብር ኔርካ። ብጉጅለ ዓስርተሰለስተ G13 ዝፍለጡ ምሁራት ኤርት ራውያን ዴሞክራስያዊ ሕቶ ሓ ቲቶም ፕረዚደንት ኢሰያስ ኣፈ ወርቂ ብዝሃቦም ተስፋ ዘይብሉ መልሲ ኣብ ዕጹው ማዕጾ ምስበ ጽሑ፣ ኣጋጣሚ ተጠቒምካ ሓ ላይ ንምምሳል ናይ ተበላጺ መ ርገጽ ወሲድካ ዘይብሁልን ኣገ ልጋሊን ዕሱብን ምልካዊ ስርዓ ት ህግደፍ ክትከውን መሪጽካ። ከም ምሁር መጠን ንህዝብና ካ ብዚ ዘለዎ ሽግር ንምድሓን ክ ትጓየ’ዩ ዝግባኣካ ኔሩ፣ ካልእሲ ይትረፍ “ውሕልነት ካብ ጎረቤ ት’ዩ” ካብ’ቶም ምሁራት ኤርት ራውያን ደኺሙና ከይበሉ ምእ ንቲ ህዝቦም ዝሕለቁ ዘለዉ ከም ዶክተር ኣሰፋው ተኸስተ፣ዶክ ተር በረኸት ሃብተስላሰን ካልኦ ትን ምሁራት ኤርትራውያን ኣ ርኣያ ክትክተል ይግባኣካ ኔሩ። ወግሔ ጸብሔ “መኸተና” መኸ ተና ክትብል እንከሎኻሲ “ብዘ ይ ስንኻስ ጸጸር እንተትቑርጥ

መሉ’ዩ” ዘስምዕ። ወ/ሮ ሶፍያ ተስፋማርያም ንባይ ቶ ጽጥታ ከነሕርቕ ዘሎና 2% ዕዳ ብሙሉኡ ንኸፈሎ፣ ኣብ ኤርትራ ገንዘብና ነዋፍር፣ ሰሰ ለስተ ገዛ ንሰርሕ ዝበልክዮስ በ የናይ ሕጊ መሰረት ኢኻ ኣብ ኤርትራ ገንዘብካ ከተዋፍር? ቅ ድሚ ሕጂ ቦንድ ዝዓደጉ፣ኣብ ኤርትራ ገዛ ዝሰርሑ ጎይታኺ ኢሰያስ ቁማር ኢሉዎም ማይ ዓሚኾም ተሪፎም፡ ኢሰያስ ድ ማ እንተመጹ’ውን እንዳ መቓ ብር በኣለእግዚሔር’ዩ ገዝኦም ኢሉ ፈሪዱዎምሲ፣ ትግርኛ ስ ለዘይርደኣኪ ዶኾን ይኸውን ዋ ላስ ምስከፈሉ ኣብ ኤርትራ ኬ ድኪ ክትቅበልዮ ደሊኺ? ሓደ ኣፊቱ ድኣ ሓገዝ ጋንታ እንዳበ ልኪ ምስ ኢሰያስ ማልያ ሒዝኪ እንተቲዞሪዶ ኣይምሓሸክን። ግሪኻዊ ላምብሮ ንስኻ’ውን ተ ማሳሳሊ ሽግር’ዩ ዘሎካ፣ ትግር ኛ ዘይርዳካ ስለዝኾነ’ዩ እምበር (Free Press) ናይ ዊኒፔግ ብ ሓይሊ ተገዲዶም 2% ዝኸፍሉ ኤርትራውያን ከምዘለዉ ጠቒሶ ም፣ ኣነስ ብፍቶቶይ’የ ዝከፍል እንተ ኢልካ 100%’ውን ክትከ ፍል ትኽእል ኢኻ፣ ነቶም ተ ገዲድና ዝኸፈልና ግን ቅብሊ ትና ኣብ ኢድና ስለዘሎ፣ ኣብ ዝደለናዮ ግዜ ክንሓትት መሰ ል ከምዘሎና ክትፈልጥ ይግባእ ካ። ንሕጂ ግን ናይ ቋንቋ ጸገ ም’ዩ ኢልና ዕሽሽ ኢልናካ ኣሎ ና። እንተዘይኮነ ግን ብናይ ቆ

ልዑት ኣመኽኒኻ ኣብ ዑሉል ነ ጋዳይ ተቐይርካ ከምዘሎኻን ከ ምትሕመን ክንሕብረካ ንፈቱ። ንምዃኑኸ ስለምንታይ ኢኻ ኤ ርትራ ከም ግሪኽ፡ ኣስመራ ከ ም ኣቴንስ ሕግን ፍትሕን ዝሰ ፈና፣ ማዕርነት ዜጋታታ ዝተሓ ለወ ኮይኑ፣ከምቶም ግሪኻውያ ን ባኒ ከቢሩና ኢሎም ሰላማዊ ሰልፊ ዝገብሩ፣ፓርትታት ኣቒ ሞም ዝወዳደሩ፣ምስቶም ቅዋም ይተግበር ስልጣን ንህዝቢ ይረ ከብ ዝብሉ ዘለዉ ኤርትራውያ ን ኣብ ጎኖም ዘይምስላፍካን፣ኣ ንጻሮም ደው ምባልካንሲ ዘተዓ ዛዝብ’ዩ። ህዝቢ ኤርትራ ብሰንኪ ስርዓት ህግደፍ ኣብ ሓሳረ መከራ ወዲ ቑሉ ኣብ ዘለዎ እዋን ምእንቲ ህዝብኻ ደው ምባልን ምጥባቕ ን ሓላል’ዩ፣ ምስ ዓመጽቱ ደው ምባል ግን ገበን’ዩ፣ ናይ ግዜ ሕ ቶ’ዩ እምበር ክወግሕ ምዃኑ ክ ንዝንግዕ የብልናን። ስለዚ ኢና እምበኣር “ፍትሓውነት ካብ ነብ ስኻ’ዩ ዝብገስ” እኩባት ፍትሓ ውያን ድማ ፍትሒ የንግሱ” ዝ በልናዮ’ሞ ሃየ ፍትሒ ንምንጋስ ኩልና ዝከኣለና ነበርክት።

ዘልኣለማዊ ዝኽሪ ንስውኣትና!!! ግዱሳት ኤርትራውያን ካብ ቶሮንቶ

Meftih January 2012 Volume 7 Issue 4: page 13

KISSOON & ASSOCIATES Barristers & Solicitors in Association


“Our Mission is to stand for truth and seek justice” DHAMAN P. KISSOON Barrister & Solicitor / Law Lecturer

Criminal Law

* Impaired Driving * Shoplifting * Robbery * Fraud * Theft * Assault * Bail Hearings * Mischief * Weapons Offences * Drug Offences * Young Offenders * Homicide

Immigration Law Miscellaneous * Spousal Sponsorship * Family Class Sponsorship * Refugee Claims * Humanitarian & Compassionate Applications * Self Sponsorship (Skilled Workers, Entrepreneurs) * Detention Reviews * Admissibility Hearings * Work Permits * Invitation Letters * Visitor Visas

* Wills & Power of Attorney * Affidavits

Associates * Real Estate * Mortgages * Corporate Commercial * Traffic Offences

ንነጻ ናይ እዝኒ መርመራ 8 Beamish Dr. Toronto, ON. M9B 3P3ቀልጢፍኩም (near Kipling subway station) ተወከሱና Tel: 416-234-1446 Fax: 416-234-0154

Discount Income Tax Service

20 Years in business * Instant Tax Refund * Personal, Business & Corporate Tax Returns *Financial, Taxation Advice * Canadian & US Tax Returns * Mortgage Financing * Year Round Tax Services 870 Bloor St. W. (at Ossington) Toronto, ON. M6G 1M5 Tel-Fax: 416-531-0073

Mario Glykis Member of the Law Society Of Upper Canada ManagerPersonal Injury and Accident Benefits Direct line: 416-734-0438




Scarborough office

305 Milner Ave. Suite 910 Scarborough, On. M1B 3V4

Toronto office

295 The West Mall, Sixth Floor, Etobicoke, On. M9C 4Z4

Hamilton Office

987 King Street East, Suite 200 Hamilton, On. L8M 1C6

Active Green + Ross Complete Tire & Auto Centre Tel: 416-789-1446 ንኩሉ ብሉጽ ናይ መኪና ኣገልግሎት መጺኹም ተወከሱ

* Licensed Mechanic * Emission Inspector * Full Mechanical Repair + Tires * Oil + Filter + 30 Inspection

ብተዋሳኺ ብሉጻት መካይን ምሻጥ ጀሚርና ከምዘለና ብሓጎስ ከነበስረኩም ንፈቱ! For more information call kale Dade at 416-789-1446 73 Bridgeland ave.(at Dufferin & 401) Toronto On. M6A 1Y7

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Yellow Tire Centre Inc. Satisfaction Guaranteed

Oil Change * Brake & Seales *King parts Not only those, we carry all kinds of Chinese Tires too.

Elegant Decoration Weddings, Engagements & Birthdays 416-884-2508 ናይ መርዓ ዳስ፡ ናይ ሕጸ፡ ጥምቀትን ዕለተ-ልደትን ኣዳራሽኩም ብውሕሉል ኣገባብ ንስልም! ከምኡ’ውን ንዝተፈላለየ ፍርያትና ብርትዓዊ ዋጋ ንሸይጥን ነካርን! ብድሓን ምጽኡ!

We rent what you have been looking for:* Chair Cover * Table Cover * Bridal Chair * Groom’s Chair * Confet (guest’s gift) * Bridal Maid’s Flower * Flower girls * Christening Clothes * Gift Box

Ace Place Event Venue & Dance Studio

Get the right and Affordable services here! * Wheel Balance *Fleet maintenance * Front Wheel alignment etc

821 Runnymade Rd. (at St. Claire Ave.) 416-604-7079/

24 Hrs Road Service

Call Raj Sekhon at 416-457-1300 Tel: 905-793-2121 Fax: 905-793-2177

email: 180 Advance Blvd. Unit #2 Brampton, ON. L6T 4J4

Wazema Restaurant ዋዜማ ሬስቶራንት 416-466-5713

መዕረፊኹም ኩሉ ግዜ ኣብዚ ይኹን! ቤት መግቢ ዋዜማ ንኩሎም ዓማዊላ ሰናይ ዘበን ክኾነልኩም እናተመነየት፡ ምኡዝ መግብታታ ኣብቲ ብሉጽ ኣዳራሻ መጺእኩም ክትምገቡ ብሓጎስ ትዕድም! ሸውሃትኩም ዘዕግብ መምቁሩ ክትምገቡ ፍሽኽታ ዝዓሰሎ ቅልጡፍ እንግዶት ክትረኽቡ ናብ ብሉጽ ቤት መግቢ ዋዜማ ኩሉ ግዜ ገስግሱ!

1360 Danforth Ave.(at Greenwood), Toronto

Rental Rate: Mon. to Thursday: $1,500 Friday: $2,250 Saturday: $3,000 Sunday: $2,000 Sunday Long weekend: $2,500

(Inclusive of: Hall, Linen, Cutlery, China, Glassware, Wedding Arch, Tables, Chairs, Refrigerator, Commercial kitchen, Cookware, Bar, Pro Sound System, Lighting & Stage) + HST call RAVI at 416-604-7079 or 647-274-5500

To advertise in Meftih newspaper or online ( or please call 416-824-8124

please call Jamila at


ARIF HEATING & AIR CONDITIONING * Installation & Repair of Furnaces * Air Conditioning, Fireplaces & Boilers * 24 Hours Emergency Service Call Haile Mammo 416-995-1244

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Meftih January 2012 Volume 7 Issue 4: page 16

Taj Banquet Hall One of the best & most affordable halls

Package available to suite your style & budget. Ample Parking

Two Halls Available: * Hall #1: Takes 50 to 100 people * Hall #2 Takes 100 to 600 people ክልተ ዝካረ ኣዳራሽ ኣለና

* ኣዳራሽ #1 ካብ 50-100 ሰብ ይሕዝ * ኣዳራሽ #2 ካብ 100-600 ሰብ ይሕዝ

Especially For: * Concert * Weddings * Celebrations * Engagements * Conferences 4611-4619 Steeles Ave. W. Toronto, ON. M9L 1X2 (steeles & Hwy 400)

Tel: 416-742-9787 Fax: 416-742-8805

Maanta Computers

The Most Affordable computers in town Wholesale & Retail


Fast Money & Expertise service

16 Years Experience

Mortgages, Residential & Commercial Dell Tower 3.0, Hard drive 80GB, Ram 1G, for only $175 incl. Tax Get Your Wind Mobile Here Unlimited Choice

Smart phones for smart people

964 Scarlet Rd. Toronto Tel: 416-243-3313 or 416-243-3383

* We refinance 1st mortgages at lower interest rate * Arrange a 2nd mortgages to: * Consolidate all credit card debt, * Bring mortgage payments up to date * Pay accounts in collections, * Stop Power of sale * Pay property taxes & income tax in arreas

For fast service and quick turnaround time, call Rebecca for an appointment at 416-221-2345

Rebecca Neves

Mortgage Specialist Lic.# M10001544 Bkg Lic.#10687


4548 Dufferin St. Suite 206 (Allen Rd. & Finch Ave.)

Meftih January 2012 Volume 7 Issue 4: page 17

ቃለ-መጠይቕ ምስ ደረስቲ መጽሓፍ ‘በረኸት ቀዳሞት’ . . . ካብ ገጽ 5 ዝቐጸለ ዮም ጉዳያት ባህልን ታሪ ኽን እውን ተዘንቱ ማለ ት እዩ።

መፍትሕ፡- እዛ መጽሓፍ ካብቲ ቅድሚ ሕጂ ንባ ህልን ልምድን ህዝቢ ኤ ርትራ ዝገልጽ ዝተጻሕፈ መጽሓፍቲ እንታይ ይፈ ልያ? ዶ/ር ሙሴ፡- ልክዕዩ፡ ክሳ ብ ሕጂ ሓያሎ ንባህልን ልምድን ዝምልከቱ ጽሑ ፋት ወጺኦም እዮም። ካ ብ 40ታት ጀሚርካ ሓያ ሎ ትሕዝቶ ባህሊ ዘለዎ ም መጻሕፍቲ ትግርኛ ና ብ ኢድ ኣንበብቲ በጺሑ ኢዩ። ከም ኣብነት “ዝናን ተረትን ምስላን ቀዳሞት” ብኣባ ያዕቆብ ገብረየሱስ፣ “ወጋሕታ ናጽነት” ብተኽ ላይ ዘወልዲ (1954) ወዘ ተ ምጥቃስ ይከኣል። ድ ሒሩ ኣብ ግዜ ሓርነታዊ ቃልስን ድሕሪ ናጽነትን እውን ብርክት ዝበሉ ጽ ሑፋት ወጺኦም እዮም። እኩብ ድሙር ናይዞም ኩ ሎም ጽሑፋት፡ ባህላውን ልምዳውን ስርዓተ መነባ ብሮ ሕብረተሰብና ንምዕ ቃብ ኣገዳሲ ተራ ኣለዎ ም። ብዙሕ ግዜ ግና ባህ ሊ፡ ልምዲ፡ ወግዕን ድጊ ን ሕብረተሰብና ብመንጽ ር እቲ ንመዋእል ክመሓ ላለፍ ዝጸንሐ ሕግታት እ ንዳባ ኣተኣሳሲርካ ክትር እዮ ዘኽእል ጽሑፋት ዳ ርጋ ኣዝዩ ውሑድ እዩ። እዛ መጽሓፍ እዚኣ ድማ መሰረት ባህልን ኩሉ ፍ ትሓዊ ዝዀነ ኣካይዳን ኣ ነባባርን ሕብረተሰብና ኣ ብ ሕግታት እንዳባ ዝተ መርኰሰ ምዃኑ ተገንዝ ብን ተዘኻኽርን ብምዃና ፍልይቲ እያ ከብላ ይኽእ ል። ብተወሳኺ፡ ኣብ ክን ዲ ኣብ ሓደ ኣርእስቲ ጥ ራይ እተተኩር፡ ስፍሕ ዝ በለ ዓውድታት እውን ት ድህስስ ብምዃና ፍሉይ ነት ኣለዋ ክበሃል ይከኣ ል። ብተወሳኺ፡ እዛ መ ጽሓፍ እዚኣ፡ ኩሉ እቲ ኣብ ግብሪ ዝካየድ ኣገባ ባት መነባብሮ ሕብረተሰ ብ ከበሳ እውን ስለትድህ ስስ ፍልይቲ እያ ከብላ ይ ከኣል እዩ። ኢንጅነር ክብርኣብ፡- ነዚ ዶ/ር ሙሴ ዝበሎ ዝው ስኸሉ የብለይን። ግና እ ዛ መጽሓፍ ብዙሓት ዓው ድታት ሕብረተሰብና፡ ከ ም ቁጠባዊ መነባብሮ ኣ ብ ሕርሻን መጓሰን ከም ኡ’ውን ምስኡ ዝማዕበሉ

ልምድታትን ስለእትትር ኽ ፍልይቲ እያ ክብል እ ኽእል።

መፍትሕ፡- ስለምንታይ ኣ ብ ታሪኽን ልምድን ህዝ ቢ ከበሰ ጥራሕ ኣተኵርኩ ም ጽሒፍኩም? ዶ/ር ሙሴን ኢንጅነር ክ ብርኣብን፡- ሓቂ እዩ፡ እ ዛ መጽሓፍ እዚኣ ንታሪ ኽን ባህልን ከበሳ ኤርትራ እያ ተንጸባርቕ። እዚ ግ ና ካልእ ፍሉይ ምኽንያ ት ሃልይዎ ዘይኰነስ፡ ብ ኣጋጣሚ፡ ክልቴና ደረስ ቲ ናይዛ መጽሓፍ፡ ኣብ ዛ መጽሓፍ እዚኣ ተጠቒ ሶም ኣብ ዘለዉ ኩሎም ዓ ውድታት ተመኩሮታትና ን መጽናዕትታትናን ምስ ከበሳ ዝተኣሳሰረ ብምንባ ሩ ጥራይ እዩ። እንተዀ ነ፡ ኣምላኽ ዕድመን ጥዕና ን ይሃበና እምበር፡ ብዛዕ ባ ዝተፈላለዩ ልምድታት ን ባህልታትን ህዝብታት መታሕት እውን ድሮ ኣ ብ መጽናዕቲ ኣለና እሞ ኣብ ዝመጽእ ግዜ ብመል ክዕ መጽሓፍ ናብ ኣንበብ ቲ ከነቕርብ ምሉእ ተስፋ ኣሎና። መፍትሕ፡- ካብ ምንዳፍ ሕግታት ኣትሒዝካ ክሳብ ምምሕዳር ዓድታት፡ ቀዳ ሞት ኣቦታት ክሳብ ክን ደይ ስልጡንን ዲሞክራ ስያውን ኣገባብ ይኽተሉ ከምዝነበሩ መጽሓፍኩም ጽቡቕ ጌሩ ተሪኽዎ’ዩ። እዚ ባህሊ’ዚ ኣብ ቦትኡ ኣሎ ዶ ትብሉ? ዶ/ር ሙሴ፡- እወ፡ ዝገር መካ ነገር እንተሎ፡ ኣብ ታሪኽ ሕብረተሰብና ካ ብ 300 ዓመታት ምል ስ ኢልና እንተተመልከት ና መነባብሮኡ ኩሉ ኣብ ሕግታቱ ዝተመርኰሰ እ ዩ ነይሩ። እቲ ዘገርም ነ ገር ድማ ሕግታት ከምዚ ሎሚ ብቅዋምን ካልእ ዓ ይነታት ምስናድን ዝተዳ ለወ ዘይኰነስ፡ ብቃል ካብ ወለዶ ናብ ወለዶ ይመሓ ላለፍ ነይሩ። ተደራራቢ መግዛእትን ቀጻሊ ጽልዋ ታትን፡ ከምኡ ድማ ኣብ ዚ ዘመንና ዘሎ ውሑድ ተገዳስነትን፡ ነዚ ንመዋእ ል ኣብ ባይቶ ተመርኵሱ ከገልግል ዝጸንሐ ሕግታ ት ዳርጋ ኣብ ምጽናት ገ ጹ ይኸይድ ኣሎ። ትሕዝ ቶ ናይዚ በረኸት ኣበው፡ ዝኾነ ባህልን ሕግን ልም ድን ምሉእ ብሙሉእ ኣ ብ ቦትኡ ኣሎ ኢልካ ደ ፊርካ ክትዛረበሉ እትኽእ

ል ኣይመስለንን። እዚ ማ ለት ግና መሰረት ሕግታ ት እንዳባ ጠፊኡ ማለት ኣይኰነን። እንታይ ደኣ፡ ፍትሓውነት ዝዓሰሎ ናብ ራ እንዳተተንከፈ ክኸይ ድ ድሕሪ ምጽናሕ፡ ኣብ ክንዲ ኣብ ባይቶ ዓድኻ ሽግርካ ምፍታሕ፡ ናብ ቤ ት ፍርዲ ምምልላስ ልሙ ድ ኰይኑ ኣሎ። እዚ ስ ለዝዀነ ድማ ቤት ፍር ድታት ካብ ዓቕመን ንላ ዕሊ ብጉዳያት ከጥለቕል ቓ ካብ ዝጅምራ ነዊሕ ግ ዜ ኣቝጺሩ ኣሎ። ከምቲ ደራፊት ኣበባ ሃይለ ኣብ ደርፋ ዝበለቶ እዚ ግዜና “ግዜ...ፍቕሪ ዝደሊ ሰንቢ ዱ፣ ምጾታት ኣኺሉ ድ ዩ ዝብልዎ ዓበይቲ፣ ሰዓ ታት ኣኺሉ ድዩ ዝብል ዎ ተረኽቲ፣ ኩሉ መጺ ኡ እምበር በብሓንቲ፡ ው ሉድ ምስ ወላዲ ይውዕል ቤት ፍርዲ...” ከምዚ ኣበ ሃህላ እዛ ደራፊት፡ ብዙሕ ለውጢ ኣብቲ ፍትሓውነ ት ሕብረተሰብ ጥራይ ዘ ይኰነስ ምስኡ ተኣሳሲሩ ዝኸይድ ባህሊ እውን ም ብልሻዋት የጋጥም ከምዘ ሎ የረድእ። ውሉድን ወ ላድን ተኻሲስካ ኣብ ቤት ፍርዲ ምውዓል ኣካል ል ምዲ ሕብረተሰብና ኣይነ በረን፡ “ዘመን ኣምጽኦ” እ ዩ። ከምቲ ኣበው ዝምስ ልዎ፡ “ፍረ ኣይ ካብ ባይ ታን ካብ ባይቶ እዩ” እሞ እታ ናይ ቀደም ባይቶ ኣ ብ ንቡር ቦታኣ እንተትህ ሉ እዚ ኣይምዀነን። እን ታይ ማለተይ እየ፡ ኣገደ ስቲ ባእታታት ሕግታት እንዳባ ክተባብዑ ይግባእ፡ ከምኡ ምስዝኸውን ድማ እቲ ንቡር ባህሊ ክቕጽ ል ምኸኣለ። እዚ ግና ሓ ላፍነት ናይ መንግስቲ ወ ይ ትካላት ጥራይ ዘይኰ ነ፡ ናይ ኩሉ ዜጋ ሓላፍነ ት ኢዩ በሃላይ እየ።

ኢንጅነር ክብርኣብ፡- እ ወ፡ ብዝዀነ፡ እዛ መጽሓ ፍ ንዝነበረ እያ ትትርኽ። ኣብዚ እዋን’ዚ ለውጢታ ት ክንዕዘብ ንኽእል ኢ ና። እንተዀነ ግን፡ ንብ ዙሕ ዓውድታት ዘካተተ መጽናዕቲ መድለየ፡፡ በቲ ሕጋውን ባህላውን መዳያ ት፡ ኣብ ህሉው ኩነታት ባህልን ሕብረተሰብን ዘ ተኰረ ሰፊሕ ምርምር የ ድሊ ምበልኩ። እዚ ምስ ዝኸውን እንታይ ተቐይ ሩ እንታይ ጠፊኡ ኢል ካ ብንጹር ምፍላጥ ምተ ኻእለ። መፍትሕ፡- ብገምጋም ካ ብዞም ኣብ 8 ምዕራፋት ኣቕሪብኩሞም ዘለኹም

ንታሪኽ፡ ልምዲ፡ ወግዒን ድግን ህዝቢ ከበሳ ዝገል ጹ ልምድታት ክንደይ ካ ብ ሚእቲ ተዓቂቦም ኣለ ዉ ክንብል ንኽእል? ነቶ ም ኣብ ሓደጋ ዘለዉ ንም ዕቃቦም ከ እንታይ ክግበ ር ኣለዎ ትብሉ? ዶ/ር ሙሴን ኢንጅነር ክ ብረኣብን፡- ብሚእታዊት ደረጃ ክትልክዖ ዝከኣል ኣይመስለንን። እንተኾነ፡ ከምቲ ኣቐዲምና ዝጠቐ ስናዮ ኣብቲ መሰረታዊ ባ እታታት ባህልና ገለ ገለ ኣሰካፊ ለውጥታት ከምዘ ሎ ትግንዘብ፡ ምክብባር ምጽውዋር፡ ሓሳባትካ ም ክፋልን እሂን ምሂን ም ባልን፡ ዝኣመሰሉ ኣገደስ ቲ ምስ ባህልን ድጊን ህ ዝብና ዝኸዱ ዝነበሩ ባእ ታታት እንዳተተንከፉ ይ ኸዱ ኣለዉ ዝብሉ ሰባት ብዙሓት እዮም። እዚ ድ ማ ዘሰክፍ እዩ። ስለዚ፡ ባ ህልና ናብ ንቡር ንምምላ ስ ብዙሕ ጻዕሪ የድሊ፡ ብ መሰረቱ ግና፡ ኩሉ ኤርት ራዊ፡ ባህሉ ናቱን ከኹርዖ ዝግብኦን ምዃኑ ኣብ ግ ምት ብምእታው ንኽዕቅ

ቦ ጻዕርታት ከካይድ ኣለ ዎ። ቤት ትምህርትታት ንሕብረተሰብን ባህልን ኣ ከባብን ዝምልከት ትምህ ርታዊ ዓውድታት እንተዘ ተኣታትዋ እውን ክንደይ ጽቡቕ ምዀነ። ኣብ ስደ ት እንተዀነ እውን፡ ናይ ኤርትራ ኮሙኒቲታት፡ ን ደቀን ባህሎምን ልምዶም ን ብግቡእ ከምህራ ክኽእ ላ ኣለወን ንብል።

መፍትሕ፡- ነዛ መጽሓፍ ክገዝኣ ዝደለየ ሰብ ኣበይ ክረኽባ ይኽእል? ዶ/ር ሙሴን ኢንጅነር ክ ብርኣብን፡- እዛ መጽሓፍ ዳርጋ ኣብ ምሉእ ሰሜን ኣመሪካ ተዘርጊሓ ስለዘላ ክገዝኣ ንዝደሊ ሰብ ብቐ ሊሉ ኣብ ዓበይቲ ከተማ ታት ዝርከቡ ኣከፋፈልቲ ምውካስ ይከኣል። ካልእ፡ ንደረስቲ ብቐሊሉ ብተሌ ፎን ወይ ኢመይል ብም ውካስ እውን ንዓዳጊ ኣብ ዝሓጸረ ግዜ ክትለኣኸሉ ይከኣል እዩ። ተሌፎንና፡ 001 204 952 1631 ወ ይ 001 613 800 2624 እዩ። ብኢመይል መጽሓ

ፍ ክጠልብ ንዝደሊ ሰብ ድማ ኢመይልና፡ እ ዩ።

መፍትሕ፡- ዝኾነ ክትምል እዎ ትደልዩ ሓሳባት? ዶ/ር ሙሴ፡- ብወገነይ ክ ውስኾ ዝደሊ ነገር እንተ ሎ፡ ኣንበብቲ፡ ነዛ መጽሓ ፍ ብምንባብ ሓሳባቶም ን ርእይቶኦምን ብመንገ ዲ ኢመይል ይኹን ብተ ሌፎን ክልግሱልና ብልቢ ይምሕጸን። ነቶም ድሮ ምትብባዕን ሃናጺ ሪእይ ቶታቶምን ነቐፌታቶምን ዝለገሱልና ግዱሳት ሰባት ድማ በዚ ኣጋጣሚ እዚ ብልቢ የመስግኖም። ርእ ይቶታት ግዱሳት ኣንበብ ቲ ኣብ ግምት ዘእተወት ን፡ ቀለልቲ ናይ ፊደላት ጌጋታት እርማት ዘካተተ ትን ካልኣይቲ ሕታም እ ዛ መጽሓፍ እዚኣ ኣብ ሓ ጺር እዋን ከምእትወጽእ ድማ ክሕብር እፈቱ። የቐንየለይ

Meftih January 2012 Volume 7 Issue 4: page 18

áŒ‰á‰ŁáŠ¤ áŠŁá‹‹áˆł ቼዓይኒ . . .

DUFFERIN CUSTOM UPHOLSTREY & DECORATION We do new custom made:- Sofa, Chair, Headboard, Slip Cover & Window Seats. For your old furniture we do:- Re upholstery, Restyle, Restoration & Replace foam cushion

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OSSINGTON MINI MART áŠŚáˆ˛áŠ•áŒ?ተን ቅመማ ቅመáˆ? All sorsts of Variety Items Including Spices, Tapes & Videos áŠ•áŠĽáŠ•áŒ€áˆŤ á‹?ኸá‹?ን ሓርጭá?Ą ናይ áˆľá‹‹ áŠĽáŠ˝áˆŠá?Ą በርበረá?Ą áˆ˝áˆŽá?Ą á‹?ተከለሰን ዘይተከለሰን áŒ áˆľáˆšáŠ• ኍáˆ?ኼ á‰€áˆ˜áˆ›á‰ľáŠ•á?˘ ንá‹?á‹Ťá‹ł áˆ“á‰ áˆŹá‰ł ወርበመ኎ንን á‰°á‹ˆáŠ¨áˆą Tel/fax: 416-537-4134 884 Bloor St. W.(at Ossington) Toronto, ON

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ኍቼ áŒˆáŒ˝ 12 á‹?á‰?ጸለ áŒĽáˆŠ á‹•á?‰áŠ• á‰Ľáˆ˝á??ኑ ከáˆ? á‹˜á‹­áˆ¨áŠŁáŠ“ á‹Ž ንሕለá?Ž ንáˆ?ባáˆ? ከáˆ?ዘይ኎áŠ? áˆ?á‹? áŠŤáˆ­ á‹¨á‹ľáˆŠá?Ąá?Ą ኣቼ ሓáˆ?áˆťá‹­ መዓáˆ?ቲ ቅንውቾ áŒ‰á‰Ł ኤ áŠŁá‹‹áˆł “መáˆ?áˆ“áˆľ ኼቲ á‹?ሕጀá‹?â€? ቼá‹?ቼáˆ? áŠŁáˆ­áŠĽáˆľá‰˛ ሓደ áˆ“áŒşáˆ­ áŒ˝áˆ‘ á?? áŒ‰á‰ŁáŠ¤ áŠŁá‹‹áˆł ኼንታይ ከáˆ? á‹?áˆ˜áˆľ áˆ? ኍቼ á‹?áˆ˝áŒ˘ áŠŁá‹°áˆŤáˆ˝ áŒ‰á‰ŁáŠ¤ ኣቕ áˆŞá‰ áŠ?ይረá?Ąá?Ą á‰Ľáˆ­áŒ?áŒ˝ ሕጂ á‹?ን ከáˆ? ቲ áˆ˝á‹‘ á‹˜á‰°áŠ•á‰Łáˆ…áŠŠá‹Ž á‰°áˆłá‰°á??ቲ áŒ‰á‰Ł ኤ áŠŁá‹‹áˆł መáˆ?áˆ“áˆľ ናይቲ á‹ľáˆ’áˆŠ á‹? áˆ˜áŒ˝áŠĽ ከቢዾ ማዕበላዊ á‹?ሕጅ ኼ áˆ?በር ኼቲ ቀንዲ á‹?ሕጅ ኣይáŠ?በሊ ንá?Ąá?Ą ኼቲ ቀንዲ á??ሉይáŠ?ቾ áŒ‰á‰ŁáŠ¤ ኣ á‹‹áˆł ቼá‹?ሕን áŒ˝áŠ‘á‹• ናይ áˆ?á‰…áˆ‹áˆľ መ ንá?ˆáˆľ á‹?á‹?ንኑ áˆ˜áŠ“áŠĽáˆ°á‹Ťá‰ľáŠ• ደቂ ኣ áŠ•áˆľá‰ľá‹ŽáŠ• áŠ­áˆłá‰°á?‰á‹Ž áˆ?áŠ˝áŠŁáˆŽáˆ? ኢ á‹Šá?Ąá?Ą ከáˆ?እ áˆľáˆˆá‹?áŠ?በረ á‹ľáˆ› ቾዕá‹?በ ቾታተይ ቼኌኌáˆ? áŠĽáŠ•á‰ľáŒ€áˆ˜áˆ­áŠŠ á‹? በለጸ ኎ይኑ áŠĽáˆľáˆ›á‹“áŠ’á?Ąá?Ą ኍቼ ዓለáˆ? áˆˆáŠťá‹Š áˆ?áŠ•á‰…áˆľá‰“áˆľ áˆ˜áŠ“áŠĽáˆ°á‹Ťá‰ľ ኤር á‰ľáˆŤá‹?ውን ሰሜን áŠŁáˆ˜áˆŞáŠŤ á‰°á‹ˆáŠŞáˆ‰ á‹?መጸ áˆ˜áŠ•áŠĽáˆ°á‹­ ኢዊá?Ąá?Ą ሓá?ˆáˆťá‹Š ቾ á‹•á‹?ቼቾታቾ áŒ‰á‰ŁáŠ¤áŠ• á‹?áŠ?በሎ á‰ľáŒ˝á‰˘ ቾን ከá‹?ንáŠ?ቾን ኼንታይ ከáˆ? á‹?መ áˆľáˆ? á‹ľáˆ•áˆŞ áˆ?áˆ•á‰łá‰ľá‹­ á‰°áˆŤ መና áŠĽáˆ°á‹Ťá‰ľ ኣቼ ቃáˆ?áˆ˛ áŠ•á‹˛áˆžáŠ­áˆŤáˆľá‹Ťá‹Š ለá‹?áŒ˘ á‰ĽáŠ¸áˆ˜á‹­ ቾáŒ?áˆ?áŒ?ሞ ክቼáˆ? á‹?ን á‰°á‹ˆáŠŞáˆ°á‹Ž á?Ąá?Ą â€?ጸሓá?Š áŠŁáˆ›áŠ‘áŠ¤áˆ? áˆłáˆ…áˆˆ áˆ˜áŒˆá‹˛ መን áŠĽáˆ°á‹­ ቾቼáˆ? áˆ“áŠ•á‰˛ áŒ˝áˆ•á??ቲ áŠŁá‰•áˆŞ ብ áŠ?ይሊá?Ąá?Ą áˆ?áˆľá‰˛ á‹˜á‰•áˆ¨á‰Ś áˆ“áˆłá‰Ľ ኼ ሰማማዕ ኼየá?Ąá?Ą áŠ•áŠĽáˆľáŠ?ቾ á‰Ľá‰Ľá‹™áˆ• መ áŒˆá‹˛ á‹•á‹ł ኢዊá?Ąá?Ą áŠ•áˆƒáŒˆáˆ­áŠŤáŠ• ህá‹?ቼኝን á‰Ľá‹˜áˆľáŠŤáˆ•áŠ­áˆ• áˆ?áˆ?ኪ á‹?áˆ‘á‹łáŠ• ንá‹? áˆłá‰? ዘሎ á‹ˆáŒˆáŠ•áŠŤá?Ą áŠ­á‰ľá‰ƒáˆˆáˆ°áˆ‰ ኣ ቼ á‰ľáŠ˝áŠĽáˆˆáˆ‰ ቌታ áŠĽáŠ“áˆƒáˆˆáŠť ገለ ከ


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á‹¨á‰ áˆ­áŠ¨á‰ľáŠŤ áŠ­á‰ľáˆ“áˆ? á?? áŒ?ን ኼቲ á‹?ኸበ á‹° á‹•á‹ł ኢዊá?Ąá?Ą ከáˆ? ቲ ንኼáŒ?á‹šáŠŁá‰Ľáˆ„áˆ­ ኣáˆ?áˆ‹áŠ˝áŠŤ ቼáŒ?á‹œ ን áŠĽáˆľáŠ?ቾኍ ዘክሎ á‹?በ ሃáˆ? ኣቼ áŒ?á‹œ á‹?á‹‘ á‹­ ሓይáˆ?ኝን ንቑ ሕ ኣኼáˆ?áˆŽáŠťáŠ• ን áˆ¨áŒ‹áŒş á??á‰ľáˆ•áŠ• á‹“ áˆ›áŒ˝áŠ• áˆ?á‰…áˆ‹áˆľ ቅ á‹ąáˆľ ተáŒ?á‰Łáˆ­ ኢዊá?Ąá?Ą ንሕና áˆ˜áŠ•áŠĽáˆ°á‹Ťá‰ľ áŠ?ታ á‰Ľáˆ˜á‹łáˆ­áŒ?ቲ ኣáˆ?ቌ áˆ˜áˆľá‹‹áŠĽá‰˛ ጀጋኑ á‹?ተገዘáˆ?ና á‹Ť ሃገር áŠ•á‹“áˆ˜áŒ˝á‰ľ ን áŒˆá‰ á‰ľáŠ• áŠŁáˆ¨áŠŞá‰Ľ ና ኢዾና áŠŁáŒŁáˆšáˆ­ ና áŠŁáˆ›á‹•á‹°á‹?ቲ ክ ንከá‹?ን ኣየáˆ?ሕረ áˆ?ናን ኢዊá?Ąá?Ą á‰Ľá‹°áˆ† áŠŁáŠ•áŒťáˆ­ ኼቲ ንáˆ?áŒ˝ ናቾናን áˆ?ቼቾታና ን ናይ áˆ“á‹­áˆˆá‰ĄáŠĄ á‹?ሰርሕ ዘሎ áˆľáˆ­á‹“ ቾ ህ.áŒ?.á‹°.á??. ኍቼ áŒťá‰ľ-áŠ•áŒťá‰ľ ከáŠ?ቃáˆ? ሕ á‹­áŒ?በኣናá?Ąá?Ą áŠ?á‹Š ሕ á‹“áˆ˜á‰łá‰ľ ናይ ቃáˆ?áˆ˛ መንá?ˆáˆľáŠ“ ንáˆ?ዾኝáˆ? áˆ?áŠĄáˆ› ቾ ክንከá‹?ን á‹?ተ ሃንደሰ áˆ˝áˆ­áˆ’ áŠŁáˆˆ ሊና áˆ˜áˆŞáˆ• á‰°áˆŤáŠ“ áŠ­áŠ•áŒťá‹ˆá‰ľ ናይ ኣኼ áˆ?ሎ ቾቼዓቾ ከáŠ?áŒĽ áˆŞ á‹­áŒ?ባኼá?Ąá?Ąâ€? ክቼáˆ? á‹Š ንጚር áˆ“áˆłá‰Ą ገ ሊጚለይá?Ąá?Ą

á‰Ľá‰°áˆ˜áˆłáˆłáˆŠ ንሓደ ኍáˆ?ኼ ኍቼ ደብ ቼ ኣá??áˆŞá‰ƒ á‹?መጸ ኣቼ áˆ˜áŒ€áˆ˜áˆ­á‹Ť áˆ°áˆ‹áˆłá‰łá‰ľ á‹?áˆ­áŠ¨á‰Ľ áˆ˜áŠ•áŠĽáˆ°á‹­ á‹?ን áŠŁá‹˜áˆŤáˆŞá‰ á‹Ž áŠ?ይረá?Ąá?Ąâ€?ህ.áŒ?.á‹°.á??. áŒ?ዚእ á‹?ሓለá?Ž በማር á‰łáˆ‹á‰ľ ወረጋ ኢዊ á‹˜áŒťá‹?ተና ዘሎá?Ąá?Ą ኣቌታቾና ክáˆ?áˆľáˆ‰ ኢዾ á‹“áˆťáˆľ ተመን á‰ á‰ľáˆŞ á‹­áˆ˜áˆľáˆŽ ኢዎáˆ? á‹?á‰Ľáˆ‰á?Ąá?Ą áˆľáˆ­á‹“á‰ľ ህ.áŒ?.á‹°.á??. áŠ?ቲ ኣቼ áŒ?á‹œ áŠ“áŒ˝áŠ?ቾ á‹?áŠ?በረና ሕሉ á?? ኼáˆ?áŠ?ቾና መá‹?ሚዙ መርዛáˆ? ተ መን ቼኢዾና ከáˆ? áŠ•áŒ­á‰ĽáŒĽáŠ• በቲ ዘይ-áˆ?ሕር ሕንዙ ባዕáˆ?ና ከáˆ? ንን á‹°á??ን ኢዊ á‹?áŒˆá‰Ľáˆ¨áŠ“ ዘሎá?Ąá?Ą áŠ•áŠ“áŒ˝áŠ? ቾ áŠ¤áˆ­á‰ľáˆŤ ይኚን á‹ľáˆ’áˆŠ á‹?ሰዓ በ ኣዕናዊ ኾናቾ áˆ˜áˆ‹áŠĽ áˆ•á‰Ľáˆ¨á‰°áˆ° ቼ áŠ¤áˆ­á‰ľáˆŤ á‰Ľáˆ“á‰Łáˆ­ ደሙ ከáˆ?ዘየá?? ሰሰ ሎሚ ሓደ ዋና ኼቲ ኍáˆ?ኼ ጓና áŒŒáˆ­áŠŤ ከተታá?‹áŠ•áŠ– áˆ?á??ታን ቼá??ላ á‹­ áˆ˜áŠ•áŠĽáˆ°á‹Ťá‰ľ ክንáŠ?ቕሓሉ á‹?áŒ?ባኣ ና áŒ‰á‹łá‹­ ኢዊá?Ąá?Ąáˆ….áŒ?.á‹°.á??. ቼኣá?‰ ሓ á‹° ህá‹?ቢ ሓደ áˆ?ቢ áŠĽáŠ“á‹˜áˆ˜áˆ¨ ቼታ áˆ•á‰˛ ከቢዾ á?ˆáˆ‹áˆ‹á‹­ መርá‹?ታቾ áŠ?áˆľ áŠ’áˆąáˆ?ና ኢዊá?Ąá?Ą ገለ áˆ˜áŠ•áŠĽáˆ°á‹Ťá‰ľ በ á‹š ሓደገኛ á‹•á‹ľáˆ˜ ህ.áŒ?.á‹°.á??. ዘናá‹? ሕ መርዚ á‰°áˆˆáŠşá?Žáˆ? áŠ­á‰ľáˆ¨áŠ˘ ቼ áŒŁá‹•áˆš ዘሕá‹?ን ኢዊá?Ąá?Ą ህá‹?ቢ ከቼዹ ሓቒá?‰ ቼኸቢዾ á??ረሂ á‰°á‹‹áˆ’áŒĄ ኼ ናሃለወá?Ą á‰ľáˆ­áŒ‰áˆ? áŠ“áŒ˝áŠ?ቾ ኼንታይ áˆ?ዃኑ áŠ¨áˆłá‰Ľ á‹?ጠá??ኌ ከáˆ? áˆ•áˆąáˆ? áŠĽáŠ“á‰°áŒ¨á??ጨá?ˆá?Ą á‰°áˆŤáŠĽá‹Š á‰Ľá‹˜á‹­á?ˆáˆ? áŒĽ ጅáˆ?ላዊ áˆľá‹°á‰ľ áˆ˜áŠ“áŠĽáˆ°á‹Ťá‰ľ ኼና ሃለቑ á?Ą ዘይ ክá‹?ንáŠ?ታá‹?ውን ኼንተ ታቾ á‹°áˆ¨á‹˛áˆ­áŠŤ áˆąáˆ­ áˆ˜áˆ°áˆ¨á‰ľáŠŤ ተáŠ? ቂሉ áŠĽáŠ“á‰°á‰Łáˆ•áŒŽáŒˆ ኢዾኍ áŠŁáŒŁáˆšáˆ¨ ኍ áŠ¨á‰ľáˆ­áŠ˘ ሓላá??áŠ?ቾኍ áˆ?á‹?ንጋዕ ኢ á‹Šá?Ąá?Ą ሎሚ á‹­áŒ˝áŠ“áˆ“áˆˆá‹­ ከይበáˆ?ና áŠ? á‹š ሓደገኛ áˆ˝áˆ­áˆ’ ንáˆ?ኚላá?? በቢ ወገና ንቓáˆ?áˆ˛ á‰°á‰ áŒŠáˆľáŠ“ ዘለና መና áŠĽáˆ°á‹Ťá‰ľ ንኚáˆ?ና á‹?ጠáˆ?ር ሓደ áŒ˝ ላáˆ? ክንáˆ?áˆľáˆ­á‰ľ á‹­áŒ?ባኼá?Ąá?Ą áˆ?ዕሊ á‹? ኞáŠ? á‹ľáˆ› áŠ?á‹š ቼደáˆ? ንጚሃን áŠ¤áˆ­á‰ľ áˆŤá‹?ውን á‹?á‹“á??ተወ ጨá??ላቒ áˆľáˆ­á‹“ ቾ ቼá‹?á‰?áˆ?ጠá?ˆ ንáˆ?áŠĽáˆ‹á‹­ áŒ?áˆ‰áŒ˝áŠ• ንጚርን áˆŤáŠĽá‹­áŠ• áˆľá‰ľáˆŤá‰°áŒ‚áŠ• ክህáˆ? ወና áŠŁáˆˆá‹Žá?Ąá?Ą ኍáˆ?ኼ ንማንáˆ? ዘይá‹? ክáˆ? áˆľáˆ­á‹“á‰ľ ህ.áŒ?.á‹°.á?? . á‹•á‹ľáˆ˜ áˆ? ከዑ ኣቼ áŠŽáˆ¨áˆť áˆľáˆ?áŒŁáŠ• áŠ•áŠ˝áŒ¸áŠ•áˆ• ኣ áˆ˝áˆ“á‰ľ áŒˆáŠ•á‹˜á‰Ľ á‹?ባኸáŠ?ሉ ናይ á?•áˆŽá?– áŒ‹áŠ•á‹ł ወá??áˆŞ ኣኍይዹ ኢዊá?Ąá?Ą ሓደ ኍ ቼቲ መርዛáˆ? áˆ˝áˆ­áˆ•á‰łá‰ą ኣቼ ኢቾ á‹ŽáŒ˛á‹Ť ኣቲኝ áˆ?á‰…áˆ‹áˆľ ከáˆ? ከቢዾ ሃ áŒˆáˆŤá‹Š ክዾዓቾ ኣቼ ኣኼáˆ?ሎ á‹œáŒ‹á‰ł ቾ ከáˆ? á‹?áˆ°áˆ­áŒ˝ áˆ?áŒ?á‰Łáˆ­ ኢዊá?Ąá?Ą ሎ ሚ ኼዚ ኼከይ ናይ áˆ˝áˆ­áˆ’ ሜላ á‰°áˆł ዒሊ ኢዊá?Ąá?Ą áŠŁáˆľá‰łá‰ľ 70 áˆ˝áˆ• áŠ¤áˆ­á‰ľ áˆŤá‹?ውን áˆľá‹°á‰°áŠ›á‰łá‰ľ ኣቼ á‹?áˆ˝áŒ˘ áˆ’á‹°á‰ľ á‹“áˆ˜á‰łá‰ľ ኣቼ áŠ˘á‰ľá‹ŽáŒ˛á‹Ť á‹‘ ቑባ áˆ“á‰˛á‰śáˆ? áŠŁáˆˆá‹‰á?Ąá?Ą ኍቼዚኌáˆ? áˆ? ዕሊ 80% áˆ˜áŠ“áŠĽáˆ°á‹Ťá‰ľ áŠŁá‰Łáˆ‹á‰ľ áˆ°áˆŤ ዊቾ á‹?áŠ?በሊ ኢዎáˆ?á?Ąá?Ą ኼዚ á‹ľáˆ™á‰• áˆľáŠĽáˆŠâ€™á‹š áŒ˝áˆ‹áŠŁá‰ľ áˆľáˆ­á‹“á‰ľ ህ.áŒ?.á‹°.á??. áŠ­áˆłá‰Ľ ክንደይ ኣቼ áˆ…á‹˜á‰˘ áˆľáŠ?á‰ĽáˆŤá‰ľ áŒˆá‹˛á?‰ áŠŁáŒ‰áˆŠáˆ‘ á‹˜áˆ­áŠĽá‹­ ኢዊá?Ąá?Ą ኣቼ áˆ˜áŒ áˆ¨áˆ˝á‰ł áŠ¨á‰°áˆ“áˆłáˆľá‰Ł á‹?ደሊ ቼዙ áˆ“á‰ľ á‹?ተበደሉ á‹?ተገá??á‹‘ á‹ˆáŒˆáŠ“á‰ľ በ á‹š ኼከይ áˆ˝áˆ­áˆ’ ኍቼ ቃáˆ?áˆ˛ ርሒቖ áˆ? á‹ľáˆ?áŒş á‹˜á‹­á‰ĽáˆŽáˆ? ኎ይኖáˆ? ከáˆ? á‹˜áŒ˝á‰…áŒĄ ኎ይኖáˆ? ኢዎáˆ?á?Ąá?Ą áŒ‰á‰ŁáŠ¤ áŠŁá‹‹áˆł áŠ?á‹š ከቢዾ áˆľá‰•á‰ł ከáˆ? á‹?áˆ°á‰Ľ ሎ á‹ľáˆ› á‹˜áŒ áˆŤáŒĽáˆ­ á‹¨á‰Ľáˆˆá‹­áŠ•á?Ąá?Ąâ€? á‰Ľá‹œá‹­áŠŤ áˆ˜áŠ•áŠĽáˆ°á‹Ťá‰ľ ኍáˆ?ኌቾ ኍቼ á‰°áˆłá‰°á??ቲ áŒ‰á‰ŁáŠ¤ áŠŁá‹‹áˆł á‹?ን ንቼዙ áˆ“á‰ľ áŠŁá‹˜áˆŤáˆŞá‰  ኼየá?Ąá?Ą áˆ“áŠ•á‰˛ ኣቼ ሃገ ረ ጀርመን ንáŠ?ዊሕ á‹“áˆ˜á‰łá‰ľ á‹?ተሰ ደደቾ ኣደ á‹?áˆƒá‰ á‰ľáŠ’ መáˆ?áˆ˛ áŒ?ን ን ሕáˆ?ና áŠ?á??áˆ˛ ወከá?? áŠ¤áˆ­á‰ľáˆŤá‹Š ዜጋ á‹?ኚሕኊሕ ኢዊá?Ąá?Ą á‰Ľáˆ˜áŒ€áˆ˜áˆ­á‹Ť ኣ ቼ ኣከውይዳ áŒ‰á‰ŁáŠ¤ áŠŁá‹‹áˆł ዘለዋ ቾዕ á‹?ቼቾ á‹•áŒ‹á‰ á‰ľáŠ• ኼየ á‰°á‹ˆáŠŞáˆ°á‹Ťá?Ą á‰€áŒş

ለ áŒ‰á‰ŁáŠ¤ áŠŁá‹‹áˆł ኣቼ ዓበይቲ መርበ ባቾ ዜና ዓለáˆ? áŠŁáˆľáŠŤáˆ•áŠŤáˆ’ ቅá‹?á?ˆ ቾ áˆ˜áŠ“áŠĽáˆ°á‹Ťá‰ľ áŠ¤áˆ­á‰ľáˆŤ ኣቼ áˆ˛áŠ“á‹­ ኣቼ á‹?ቃላሓሉ ዘሎ áŒ?á‹œ ኢዊ á‹˜áŠŤá‹¨ á‹ľ ዘሎá?Ąá?Ą ኼáŒ?ሎáˆ? ናቼ á‹?መረሖáˆ? á‰ĽáŒ…áˆ?ላ á‹?áˆľá‹°á‹ą ዘለዉ áŠ¤áˆ­á‰ľáˆŤá‹? ውን áˆ˜áŠ“áŠĽáˆ°á‹Ťá‰ľ â€œáŠĽá‹š á‹?ን ክሓáˆ? á??’ዊ!!â€?á‹?ቼáˆ? áŒ˝áˆ‘á?? ኣቼ ኣኝá‹?ሕ áˆ˛áŠ“á‹­ ከáˆ? መዘከር ወቒሎáˆ? á‰Ľá‹˜á‹­ áŠ•á‰Ąáˆ­ áŠŁáŒˆá‰Łá‰Ľ ናá‹?ቲ ከበዜáˆ? á‰°á‹˜áˆŞ á?Žáˆ? ኍቼ áŒ‹áˆ…áˆľá‰ľá‰łá‰ľ ክወጚ ዓለáˆ? በዓለሙ áˆ­áŠĽá‹­á‹Ž áŠŁáˆŽá?Ąá?Ą ኣቼ ከáˆ? á‹š á‹?áŠŁáˆ˜áˆ°áˆˆ ዘሕá‹?ን áˆ…áˆžá‰ľ ገለ ገ ለ áŠ¤áˆ­á‰ľáˆŤá‹?ውን ኣዴታቾ áˆľáŠĽáˆŠ ገ ባቲ áŠ˘áˆłá‹­á‹Ťáˆľ ሒዘን ከዘላን áŠ­áˆľá‹•áˆľ ዓን áŠ­á‰ľáˆ­áŠ˘ ኼáˆ?á‰ áˆ­á‹ś áŠ¤áˆ­á‰ľáˆŤá‹Šá‰ľ ኣደ ኢው á‹˜á‰Ľáˆ?á‹Šá?Ąá?Ą áŠ•áˆľáŠş áˆ“áŠ•á‰˛ ኍ ቼ áŠ¤áˆ­á‰ľáˆŤá‹?ውን ኣዴታቾ ኢኺá?Ą á?Ą áŠ?ተን ኣቼ áˆ?ዕሊ áˆŹáˆł áˆ˜áŠ“áŠĽáˆ°á‹Ťá‰ľ áŠ¤áˆ­á‰ľáˆŤ á‹?ዘላ ዘለዋ áŠ¨áˆ›áŠş ኣዴታ ቾ ኼንታይ áˆ?áŠ˝áˆ­áŠ• ለበዋን ተመሓ ላáˆ?á??ለን? ገና á‰…á‹ľáˆš መáˆ?áˆ˛ áˆ?ሃ ባ ንቼዓቾ’ዊ ሰዒርዋá?Ąá?Ą á‹?áˆ˝áŒŁá‹Š ሓ ዘናን በጠá‹?ኣን ቼá‰?ሊáˆ? á‹?ዓርá?? áˆľ ለ ዘይáŠ?በረ á‹?ን ኼናተáŠ?ኽáŠ?ኸቾ á‹?ተ á‰–áˆŤáˆ¨áŒ¸ መáˆ?áˆ˛â€™á‹Ť áˆ‚á‰Łá‰ľáŠ’á?Ąá?Ą â€œáŠŁáŠ? መሰáˆ? áŒťáŒ¸ á‹?ን ይከበር ኣቼ ዘ በሃሎ ዓዲâ€?የ á‹?áŠ?á‰Ľáˆ­á?Ąá?Ą áŠŁáˆ˝áŠ•áŠłá‹­ ቼ áŠŁáˆ­áŠŁá‹Ť áˆľáˆ‹áˆ´ á‹?ተá?ˆáŒĽáˆ¨ áŠŠá‰Ąáˆ­ ሰ ቼá?Ą áˆ…á‹­á‹ˆá‰ľ áŠĽáŠ•áˆľáˆłá‰łá‰ľ á‹?ን ኣቼ á‹?áŠ˝á‰ áˆ¨áˆ‰ ሃገርá?Ąá?Ą á‹?áˆ‰á‹ł ኣቼ ቅዾ ሚ ዓይና áŠĽáŠ“á‰°áŒ¨á??ጨá?ˆá?Ą ኍቼ ሕ ቑá?‹ á‰°áˆ˜áŠ•áŒ˘áˆ‰ áŠĽáŠ“á‰°áŠŁáˆľáˆ¨á?Ą ቼዓ ቢእ á‹ľáˆ› áˆŹáˆłá‰łá‰ľ ደቃ á‰Ľá‹˜á‹­ ን á‰Ąáˆ­ á‰€á‰ĽáˆŞ ኣቼ á‰Łáˆ•áˆŞ áŠ­áŒĽáˆ•áˆ? ኣ ቼ áˆ˛áŠ“á‹­ á‰€áˆˆá‰Ľ áŠŁáˆžáˆŤ ኎ይኑ ኼ áŠ“áˆ¨áŠŁá‹¨á‰ľ áŠĽáŠ“áˆ°áˆ˜á‹“á‰ľ ኣቼ áŒ“á‹­áˆ‹á‰ł ቾ ህ.áŒ?.á‹°.á??. áˆ°áŠşáˆŤ áŠĽá‰ľá‹˜áˆ?áˆ? á?? áŒĽáˆ­á‰˛ áŠŁáˆŤá‹Šá‰ľ ኼáˆ?በር ኣደ ክቼ ላ የሰክá?ˆáŠ’ ኢዊá?Ąá?Ąâ€? ክቾቼáˆ?á‹Ť መ áˆŠáˆłá‰ľáˆˆá‹­á?Ąá?Ą ኍáˆ?ኼ ንሓደ ኍቼ áŠŁáˆ˜áˆŞáŠŤ á‹?መጸ á‹ś ክተር ናይ ሕጊ áˆ?ሠር á‹?ን áŠŁá‹˜ áˆŤáˆŞá‰ á‹Ž áŠ?ይረá?Ąá?Ą â€?ህá‹?ቼና ቼናይ 20 á‹“áˆ˜á‰łá‰ľ áŠŁá‹°áŠ•á‰‹áˆŞ ናይ áˆ“áˆśá‰ľ á?• ሎá?–áŒ‹áŠ•á‹ł áˆ°á‰łáˆŞ መንá?ˆáˆľ ክጉáˆ?በቼ á‰°áŒˆá‹˛á‹ą ኢዊá?Ąá?Ą á‹ˆá‹ŤáŠ? ዲáˆ? ከይረክ ቼá?Ą መá??ቜ áŠŁáˆ˜áˆŞáŠŤ ከይንኸá‹?ንá?Ą ኣ ቼ ናይ ከበባ ኲናቾ ኢና ዘለናá?Ąá?Ą ቼ áˆ?ባáˆ? á‰Ľáˆ….áŒ?.á‹°.á??. ኣቼ á‹?ባኑ ዘተ ኝዕዎ ጓሓá?? ከáˆ? áŠ•á‰Ąáˆ­ á‹ˆáˆ˛á‹ą ከ áˆ? á‹•á?‰áŠ• áŒ‹áˆƒáŒ˝áˆƒáŒ˝ ኣቼ á‹?በለ ጓህ áˆŞ áŠĽáŠ“á‰°áŒ á‰Ľáˆ° ዜኽ áŠ˘áˆ‰ áŠĽáŠ“áˆ“áˆ¨áˆ¨ áŠ­áˆľáˆ•á‰• ጸኒሑ áŠŁáˆŽá?Ąá?Ą ኍቼ ሕጂ ን ንየá‹? áŒ?ን ሓዊ áŠĽáŠ“áˆ“áˆ¨áˆ­áŠŤ ሰሓቕ á‹?ህሉ áŠŁá‹­áˆ˜áˆľáˆˆáŠ•áŠ•á?Ąá?Ą ኼቲ áˆ?ንታይ ማዕጞ áŠ?á??áˆ˛-ወከá?? áŠ¤áˆ­á‰ľáˆŤá‹Š ቤቾ ህ.áŒ?.á‹°.á??. ቼá‹?á?ˆáŒ¸áˆž á‹˜á‹­áŒ˝á‹ˆáˆ­ áŒ? á??ዕታቾ á‰°á‹ƒáˆ•áŠ˛áˆ‘ ኢዊá?Ąá?Ąâ€? áŒ‰á‰ŁáŠ¤ áŠŁá‹‹áˆł ከáˆ?á‹š á‹˜áŠŁáˆ˜áˆ°áˆˆ áŠŁáˆ¨áŠŁ ኼውን áŒ˝áŠ‘á‹• ናይ áˆ?á‰…áˆ‹áˆľ መንá?ˆáˆľ á‹?á‹?ንኑን á‹?ከáˆ?ቲ ህá‹?ቼን áŠŁá‰Łáˆ‹á‰ľ á?–áˆˆá‰˛áŠŤá‹Š á‹?ዾባቾን á‹?á‰°áŒ‹á‰ĽáŠĽáˆ‰áŠ• ኢዊ áŠ?ይሊá?Ąá?Ą ኼቲ ቼá‰?áŒĽá‰ł ቼዾáˆ? áŒş á‹˜áŠŤá‹­á‹ľáŠ¨á‹Ž á‹?áˆ­áˆ­á‰Ľ ኣቼ á‹?á‰•áŒ˝ áˆ? ከáˆ? ዘለዎ ናቼ áˆ°áˆ›á‹•á‰˛ ከቃáˆ? ሖ ክá??ቾን ኼየá?Ąá?Ą ከáˆ?ቲ á‰€á‹˛áˆ˜ ኣ ቼ áˆ˜áŠĽá‰°á‹Š ናይ’ዚ áŒ˝áˆ‘á?? á‹˜á‰°áŠ•á‰Ł ህኊዎ áŒ‰á‰ŁáŠ¤ áŠŁá‹‹áˆł ከመይ áŠ?በረ?ኣ ቼ ከመይ á‹?áŠŁáˆ˜áˆ°áˆˆ ዛዕባታቾ ተሰ ማሚዑ? ኼንታይ ቼáˆ?áŒŤáŠ• á‹ľáŠ˝áˆ˜ ቾን áŠ?ይርዎ? ኣቼ á‹?á‰•áŒ˝áˆ? ቼá‹?ሰ á?ˆáˆ“ን ቼá‹?á‰°áˆ›áˆˆáŠŁáŠ• ናቼ ኣንበቼቲ áŠ¨á‰•áˆ­á‰Ś ኼየá?Ąá?Ą

ዘáˆ?áŠŁáˆˆáˆ›á‹Š á‹?áŠ˝áˆŞ áŠ•áˆ°áˆ›áŠĽá‰łá‰ľáŠ“ áˆšáŠŞáŠ¤áˆ? ኼáˆ?ባየ (áŠŁáˆŤáŠ•á‰ş)

Meftih January 2012 Volume 7 Issue 4: page 19

ትራስት ሓዋላ ናብ ዝደለኹሞ ሃገር ገንዘብ ይልእኽ ዝደለኹሞ ገንዘብ ካብ ናይ ባንክ ብዝሓሰረ ይሸይጥ ዝደለኹሞ ገንዘብ ካብ ናይ ባንክ ብዝኸበረ ይገዝእ! ነዚ ስሉጥን ኣኽሳብን ኣገልግሎትና ክትረኽቡ፡ መሓመድ ሓጅ ኢልኩም 416-732-5309 ብምድዋል ተወከሱ! ምርጫኹም ኩሉ ግዜ ትራስት ሓዋላ ይኹን!

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Meftih January 2012 Volume 7 Issue 4: page 20

Harper Warns Of ‘Very Challenging’ Economy In 2012

Joel E. Tencer BA, LLB, RCIC

Licensed & Certified By Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC)

Immigration & Refugee Cases

* Business Class Immigration (Investor, Entrepreneur) * Skilled Worker Application * Live-in Caregiver (Nanny) * Refugee Claim * Family Sponsorship * Visitor Visa * Invitation Letter * Immigration Appeals * Work Permit & Study Permit * Humanitarian & Compassionate Applications * And any other Immigration Services.

Prime Minister Canada Mr. Haprper did an interview with CTV and here is his outlook of the 2012 economy. Canada is not out of the woods after several years of depressed economic activity, Prime Minister Stephen Harper warned in a year-end interview with CTV. “We have some major challenges in front of us,” Harper said in a wide-ranging interview with CTV News Chief Anchor and Senior Editor Lisa LaFlamme, which airs Monday at 7 p.m. With an eye on 2012, Harper repeatedly mentioned how tough economic times globally could affect Canada and the budget. “There’s going to be a whole range of areas where this government’s going to be taking issues over the next year to secure the sustainability of our key programs,” Harper said. “The next year will be a very challenging year for the global economy and therefore the economy of this country.” Despite extensive international and domestic criticism over Canada’s decision to pull out of the Kyoto Accord, Harper remains adamant that it was the right move. “It doesn’t matter what Canada does. It doesn’t matter what, frankly, Europe does. Unless we get all of the major emitters to be part of an accord that has mandatory targets, we’re not going to get anywhere,” he said.

“We have to have those who produce the most emissions actually doing the biggest reductions,” he said, mentioning China, the United States and India are not covered under the emission-lowering accord. At the same time, Harper also made strong statements about selling Canadian oil to China after the Keystone XL pipeline project to the United States was delayed by the White House. “I am very serious about selling our oil off this continent, selling our energy products off to China,” he said. However, speaking about a recent trip to the United States, Harper did say that he’s been told privately the Keystone project will go ahead. “I ran into several senior Americans, who all said, ‘Don’t worry, we’ll get Keystone done. You can sell all of your oil to us.’ I said, ‘Yeah we’d love to but the problem is now we’re on a different track.’” The prime minister was also joined by his wife, Laureen, for part of the interview, who spoke of the challenges of raising kids at 24 Sussex Avenue in the Facebook age. A lot has changed for Harper over the past year, who says for the first time in a decade he has some job security and is not “living out of a suitcase.”

please see page 22

Joel E. Tencer BA, LLB, RCIC


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416-558-8383 * 1st Time Buyers * Self-Employed It doesn’t matter. I assist buyers in securing finance via my network.

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Meftih January 2012 Volume 7 Issue 4: page 21

Laugh & Learn By Susan W.

An Exemplary Event During A Festive Season By Aaron Berhane The Advocates for Etobicoke Youth held their annual Children Christmas party on December 17th, 2011 at Woodbine Banquet and Convention Centre.

Jokes Dear Lord


So far this year I’ve done well.

New Year’s Eve Party Phantom Guest?

I haven’t gossiped, I haven’t lost my temper, I haven’t been greedy, grumpy, nasty, selfish, or overindulgent. I’m very thankful for that. But in a few minutes, Lord, I’m going to get out of bed, and from then on I’m probably going to need a lot more help.

Trevor’s New Year’s Eve party was an annual occurrence with numerous guests arriving. During the evening, a man knocked on the door, was greeted heartily although no one knew who he was, and was led to where the drinks were, in the kitchen. He sat there happily, chatting away, for a couple of hours before a strange light dawned on his face. ‘You know,’ he confided to Trevor, ‘I wasn’t even invited to this party. I just came over to tell you that some of your guests’ cars are blocking my drive.’ He continued, ‘My wife’s been sitting out in the car waiting for me to get them moved, so that we can go out.’ - - -- - - - - - - - - -

Amen -------------A New Year’s Wish On New Year’s Eve, Marilyn stood up in the local pub and said that it was time to get ready. At the stroke of midnight, she wanted every husband to be standing next to the one person who made his life worth living. Well, it was kind of embarrassing. As the clock struck - the bartender was almost crushed to death. --------------How to Quit Smoking Peter, at a New Year’s party, turns to his friend, Ken, and asks for a cigarette. ‘I thought you made a New Year’s resolution to quit smoking,’ Ken responds. ‘I’m in the process of quitting,’ replies Peter with a grin. ‘Right now, I am in the middle of phase one.’ ‘Phase one?’ wonders Ken. ‘Yeah,’ laughs Peter, ‘I’ve quit buying.’

A Bad Dream? Jemima was taking an afternoon nap on New Year’s Eve before the festivities. After she woke up, she confided to Max, her husband, ‘I just dreamed that you gave me a diamond ring for a New Year’s present. What do you think it all means?’ ‘Aha, you’ll know tonight,’ answered Max smiling broadly. At midnight, as the New Year was chiming, Max approached Jemima and handed her small package. Delighted and excited she opened it quickly. There in her hand rested a book entitled: ‘The meaning of dreams’.


Dhaman Kissoon The founder and key organizer of the event, criminal lawyer Mr. Dhaman Kissoon, stated that this activity was a joint community effort, and its main mission is to help the children in need. “About 9 years ago we started this organization called Advocate For Etobicoke Youth,” said Mr. Kissoon. “We try to look after the underprivileged youth in the north Etobicoke area; police, community leaders, community organizers, businesses, we all came together by pulling our resources”. He also stated that one of the main reason for him to move from his downtown law firm office to Etobicoke was to get in touch with the common people and offer his help. “When I came out here, I saw the need, when I saw the poverty, the difficulties

children are having. Because I deal with them in the court, you try to find out why those children are in problem.” This motivated him to mobilize his community so as to help out the needy children. Mr. Kissoon praised Superintendent Ron Taverner and his team from 23 Division of the Toronto Police Service for their tremendous contribution. Superintendent Ron Taverner is happy to involve with his staff in helping his community. “What I see all the time is,” said Superintendent Ron, “how much people are in need, particularly young people in this community a lot of them don’t have some of the things we take for granted, like proper food, proper meal, the ability to have a good Christmas, a sense of coming together.” He added that with this event they try to do all those things bring them together and show needy children at least one good day that people really care about them. The event took place at the prestigious Woodbine Banquet and Convention Center. Mr. Kissoon expressed his appreciation to the management of the Convention Cen-

tre for donating the hall at no cost and to friends and relatives who attended as volunteers. The event also attracted corporate and individual sponsorships like Sobey’s, GH Wood, Woodbine Entertainment, Benevito Foods, Saputo, Armstrong Partnership among others. About 300 children of Etobicoke area and their parents were treated to a lavish breakfast and entertained by North Albion Collegiate students who played Christmas tunes on the steeel pan. The day’s excitement reached its pinnacle when Santa Claus arrived and distributed a wrapped gift to each and every child. The event was full of joy and

Superintendent Ron Taverner shows clearly that the underprivileged youths in Etobicoke area are not left alone during the festive season.


Aaron Berhane

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10-Year Terms: More Taste, Less Filling


By Melanie & Rob McLister With the recent dip in longterm funding costs, lenders are finally sharpening their pencils on 10-year mortgage pricing. Decade-long rates haven’t been this cheap in virtually forever. Some brokers are quoting as low as 4.34% today, whereas most lenders were over 5% last quarter. (Not that long ago, 4.34% was considered good for even a 5-year rate, let alone a 10-year.) With 10-year mortgages going “on sale”, we did some calculations to see how they stack up against the most popular term, the 5-year fixed. Looking back through history, 10-year terms have rarely come out on top. If you opted

instead for two consecutive five-year fixed mortgages, you would have saved money roughly 9 out of 10 times. (See: Fixed Mortgages: 10 Year vs. 5 Year) Today, however, 10-year rates have nosedived and lenders are stubbornly refusing to pass along lower costs on 5-year terms. So it’s worth a look to see if the tables have turned. To do this, we ran a little simulation with these parameters: A starting 5-year fixed rate of 3.19% A 4.39% 10-year fixed rate Equal payments in the first five years (i.e. the monthly payment is topped up on the 5-year fixed to match the 10year fixed payments)

A 25-year amortization The result is that 5-year rates would have to jump roughly 3% in 56 months for a 10year fixed to cost less. (We say “56” months instead of five years because borrowers can hold renewal rates at least four months prior to maturity.) To put a 3% rate increase in perspective: The last time rates leaped that high was 17 years ago in 1994 It would imply 5-year bond yield of roughly 4.25%, assuming mortgage spreads stay the same (which they won’t, but it’s a fair guess anyway). A 4.25% 5-year yield is well above the long-term (20012011) average of 3.43%. With the BoC’s modest 2% inflation target and lackluster

economic growth forecasts, many would argue that an up-move over 3% is fairly unlikely in 56 months (but not certainly not impossible). Now, this is not to say 10year terms are pointless. They have their applications. Two examples might be the homeowner with extreme risk aversion or the landlord who wants to lock in a cash flow spread for the long-term. Either way, you’ll pay a hefty cost up front to know your rate for years 6-10 in advance. Other things being equal, taking a 10-year term will guarantee that you pay roughly $6,000 more interest than the 5-year fixed. That’s in the first five years alone, and it’s $6,000 more for every $100,000 you borrow.

can always break your 10year term after 60 months. In that case, you’d generally pay a 3-month interest penalty, assuming there were a cheaper mortgage to switch into. When feasible, doing this does reduce the downside of a 10-year term, but you’ll still be out $6,000/$100k of mortgage, plus the penalty. All told, recent rate cuts have made 10-year terms less bad, but they’re not tantalizing yet. They’d probably have to crack the psychologically important 4.00% barrier before homeowners start biting in significant numbers.

Of course, if rates stay low for the next five years, you

Harper Warns Of ‘Very Challenging’ . . . From page 20 The Conservatives’ majority victory in May ended half a decade of minority politics and changed the political landscape. With the NDP and the Liberals both under interim leaders, Harper faces an opposition in flux. He says he intends to fully use the opportunity with his firm grasp on power

and allies are not,” he said. Harper says Canada has “fiscal flexibility” but is pursuing modest reductions in government spending in order to reduce the deficit. He adds that immigration reform, particularly with credentials recognition, could be a real boost to the Canadian economy.

“I’ve seen too many majority governments (in which the) bureaucracy talks them into going to sleep for three years and then they all of a sudden realize they’re close to an election,” he said. “We’re going to try and keep busy through the whole four years.”

“But we’ve got to do more in the economy of the future than just passively accept applications. We have to recruit people to come to this country, particularly when there are specific skill shortages that are developing, and that’s what we’re going to do as a government,” he said.

Harper maintains that the economy continues to be the top item on his agenda, particularly as the economic recovery remains precarious because of the uncertain situation in Europe.

A week before Christmas, Ottawa announced a new 10-year health-care plan that took the provinces by surprise. While it was received well in the Western provinces, eastward it was greeted with outrage.

“We still need to find some ways that this country can continue to grow, even if our major partners

“But I think we all understand that the rate of growth of the

health-care system can’t be sustained and that somehow that’s going to have to be tackled, so that we, we keep a system that Canadians value,” Harper said of the new plan. “This government will ensure that there continue to be increases in healthcare transfers.” On a more personal note from the past year, Harper spoke about the passing of Jack Layton and his decision to grant the NDP leader a state funeral. “I think in the end, the funeral and the outpouring, everybody made it as good as a situation as it could be under the circumstances. I mean truth is, obviously it was a terrible personal tragedy but I think we all made the best (of it,)” he said. “Everybody knew Jack, knew that he was liked. He was liked by those who disagreed with, even those who disagreed with everything he believed in.” Foreign Affairs The Arab Spring, particularly

the uprising in Libya, threw the Harper government -- like most Western governments – a curveball in the international arena. Canadian troops left for Libya in March to participate in the NATO-led mission there, with Canadian Forces aircraft taking on an active bombing role. “In the case of Libya, the, part of the reason we got so aggressively involved as it was actually hard to imagine that even Libya could possibly get worse,” Harper said of the mission, which officially ended in November. “This has been a pretty remarkable revolution in Libya to this point.” But Harper says he is conflicted about whether the Arab Spring revolutions will led to peace in the region. He says the situation in Egypt -- which has had peaceful relations with Israel for decades – is mixed and he’s expressed his concern to Israeli Prime Minis-

ter Benjamin Netanyahu. With Canadian combat operations ending this year in Afghanistan, Harper said the initial goal of the mission -- to stop terrorism -- has been largely successful. “Afghanistan now, with all its internal security problems, is today no longer a threat to the rest of the world, and that is a big step forward,” Harper said. “And there’s been other steps forward in terms of women’s rights and some of the particular services . . . but there is an awfully long way to go in terms of seeing the kind of country I think everybody would like to see.” The full year-end interview with Prime Minister Stephen Harper airs tonight. You can watch it on CTV at 7 p.m. local time in most of the country, except in Manitoba and Saskatchewan where it will air at 10 p.m. (Check your local listings.)

Meftih January 2012 Volume 7 Issue 4: page 23

Herbal Medicine

What is Chinese Herbal Medicine? Health is more than just the absence of disease, and Chinese Medicine recognises this with its unique capacity to harmonise and enhance our capacity for enjoyment fulfillment and happiness. Chinese Herbal Medicine (CHM) is an ancient system of health care that has undergone continual development over the centuries as the causes of illness that afflict mankind have evolved. In its country of origin it is not an alternative form of therapy, but is used in the state hospitals alongside modern medicine.

Chinese Medicine consists of: herbal therapy acupuncture dietary therapy exercise lifestyle management. Some or several of these may be employed in the course of your treatment.

Are Chinese Safe?


Chinese Medicine has been used as front line medicine by the majority of the worlds population since before recorded history, and is still the most widely utilised medical

system in the world today. Adverse reactions to Chinese herbs are extremely rare and are negligible when compared to those commonly produced by pharmaceutical drugs.

What are the Herbs like and How Much Will They Cost? Herbs are now available in a number of formats, both traditional and modern. The herbs will taste unusual at first to anyone who has not tried them before, hut most people will get used to the taste very quickly There are no standard prices for treatment or herbs. This will depend on the individual practitioner and the part of the country you are in. You should enquire about charges when making your appointment. Many private health insurance companies are now covering acupuncture and a few will also pay for herbal treatment. Contact your insurance company to

check. Endangered Species The RCHM is greatly concerned about the threat to wild animals and plants that have come about as a result of the growth in demand for traditional medicines. RCHM has a strict policy forbidding the use of any type of endangered species.

Respiratory conditions Allergies Disorders of the immune system Pain Psychological problems Children ‘s diseases Addiction.

What Can They Treat?

Who Can Have Treatment?

Chinese Medicine can understand and treat all forms of ill health. The results that can be expected and the length of treatment required will depend on the severity of the disease, it’s duration and the general health of the patient. Chinese Herbal Medicine is probably most renowned in the west for it’s effects on:

Chinese Herbal Medicine can be employed by people of any age or constitution. Your practitioner will take any previous or current illness or medication into account before providing treatment. Children and pregnant women can be, and commonly are, cared for by Chinese Herbal Medicine.

For further info, please contact Dr. Cao at 416733-7660

Ski a disease Gynaecology Digestive complaints

Flea Market

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By Xiyan Cao

Chinese Medicine is a complete medical system that is capable of treating disease in all its forms. Although your practitioner will treat whatever complaint you have come for, the traditional view places great importance on preventing disease before it occurs.

296 B Rexdale Blvd (at Martin Grove Rd) Etobicoke, ON. Tel: 416-509-0981

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Top Canada’s CEOs got about 200 times the average worker’s pay in 2010 By Eiven Tes According to the study of Hugh Mackenzie, top Canada’s CEOs earned 189 times of the average worker’s pay in 2010. The economy may have weathered the recent economic storm, but a scant few Canadians are enjoying the benefits. In fact, the average worker is falling further behind, according to a study that found the average “Elite 100” CEO will have earned more than the average Canadian’s annual income by noon on January 3. According to the study’s author, Hugh Mackenzie of the left-leaning think tank Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives, Canada is “just behind the United States in terms of the degree of inequality, but inequality is growing faster in Canada than it is anywhere else in the developed world.” Data compiled for a newlyreleased study reveals that onethird of all income gains in Canada between 1987 and 2007 went to the richest 1 per cent of Canadians. And while the richest among us keep getting richer, Mackenzie says the average Canadian hasn’t seen a meaningful pay hike in 40 years. In an interview with CTV News Channel on Tuesday, Mackenzie said the numbers tell the tale. While the 100 highest paid CEOs of companies listed in the S&P/TSX composite index earned an average of $8.38 million in 2010, the average fulltime Canadian worker was paid just $44,366. Even more telling, Mackenzie said, is that compensation for the top 100 CEOs was up 27 per cent from the year before, while the inflation-adjusted wages of the average Canadian actually fell in 2009. “Over 30, 40 years there really hasn’t been a whole lot of change in the after-tax adjusted income of the average wage earner in Canada. In inflationadjusted terms people are being roughly what they were in the late 1970s,” Mackenzie said.

The growing divide between the average worker’s pay and the compensation afforded the country’s most highly-paid executives, he added, is a surefire recipe for discontent. “It makes people angry because I think people understand instinctively, from their own lives, that they haven’t been getting a share of the economic growth that’s been taking place in Canada.” Although the current government does not appear keen to tackle the issue, Mackenzie believes it will inevitably have to one day. “If you look south of the border there’s quite an active debate going on about how the government should respond to these gross expansions of income inequality,” he said. “My longer term view is that the kind of growing inequality that these kind of salary figures represent is not very stable.” Highlights from the study, which was based on 2010 income data, include: Despite their broad range of expertise and backgrounds, all but one of the most highly-paid

CEOs share one characteristic -they’re male. The top two earners of 2010 were both from the same company -Magna International Inc. -- with top-earner Frank Stronach’s $62 million take-home coming on the heels of his deal for the autoparts manufacturer. Excluding Stronach’s sum from the salaries of the top 100 CEOs would drop their average income by $62,000 The average “Elite 100” CEO will have earned more than the average Canadian’s annual income by noon on January 3, while the lowest paid among them will have to wait until almost 5 p.m. the next day to surpass the average worker. The 189-fold difference between the top CEO’s pay and salaried workers pales in comparison to the gap between the most highly-paid and the average full-time minimum wage worker who earned just $19,798 in 2010. Reversing the trend, Mackenzie says, defies simple solutions. Not least because CEOs’ pay is typically set by corporate boards on the advice of consultants who only bargain on the basis of what others “in the club” are being paid. The result is effectively a closedloop in which pay packets continually grow in a bid to better the competition.

64 per cent of Canadians are financially optimistic: poll TORONTO — A new CIBC poll shows 64 per cent of Canadians feel positive about their current financial situation, a finding the bank describes as strong, but still five per cent lower than a year ago. The poll, conducted for the bank in mid-November by Harris/Decima, also found that an even higher number of Canadians -- 72 per cent -- were confident they would reach their future financial goals, unchanged from last year. Across age groups, confidence in achieving financial goals was generally strong, although there was a declining trend with age. For example, among Canadians aged 18 to 34, 78 per cent said they were confident of reaching their financial goals. However, among Canadians closer to retirement -- those 55 to 64 -- only 68 per cent felt their goals were achievable. Responses also varied by province, with those feeling

good about meeting future goals running from a high of 85 per cent in Alberta to a low of 60 per cent in Quebec. And among those happy with their current financial situation, positive responses ran from a high of 72 per cent, also in Alberta, to a low of 54 per cent in British Columbia. “Canadians are entering 2012 with a generally positive outlook on their finances, although they are somewhat less positive about their current financial situation than they were a year ago,” said Christina Kramer, executive vice-president, retail distribution and channel strategy at CIBC. “(Still) it’s encouraging to see more Canadians recognizing the importance of setting financial goals for themselves and a strong level of confidence in achieving those goals,” Kramer said. The poll, conducted by Harris/Decima, surveyed 2,015 people and is considered accurate with a margin of plus or minus 2.2 percentage points 19 times out of 20.

ONTARIO PCs TO DUNCAN: IT CAN BE A HAPPY NEW YEAR QUEEN’S PARK – 2012 can be a better year than the one now behind us if only the government shows a grasp of economic issues, PC Finance Critic Peter Shurman signalled today to Finance Minister Dwight Duncan. “Ontarians are looking to all of us now to take action on a fraying economy,” Shurman said. “The rating agencies are watching too. Another – and truly disastrous – credit downgrade can be avoided if we demonstrate that we can act together to tackle our jobs, spending and debt crisis.” Shurman offered, as an example of recent discord about Ontario’s direction on jobs and our econo-

my, the debate over business tax rates during an economic downturn. Duncan had previously said that such business tax increases ‘will kill Ontario’s competitive edge.’

It’s called ‘a business input’ – just like labour or energy costs. So of course a tax hike on the services sector will hit the bottom line of our hard-pressed manufacturers.

“The new Liberal spin is that scrapping the next round of legislated business tax reductions would not harm our struggling manufacturing sector, which constitutes 15 per cent of our economy,” Shurman said. “But this tax increase would be foisted on the other 85 per cent.”

“To deny this is like saying a jump in the price of steel would have no impact on the cost of a new car.”

Shurman stressed that our economy doesn’t work in silos this way: “Ontario manufacturers depend on the services sector.

Shurman noted that any aboutface on employer tax reductions would come on top of the January 1 WSIB payroll tax hike, forecast Hydro increases of eight per cent, a rising Canadian dollar for our exporters, the expected further deterioration of the US economy and the continuing crisis in the Eurozone.

“So I urge the Minister to begin 2012 by recognizing economic reality on the impact of higher business taxes,” Shurman said. “This would mark a New Year of cooperation on milestones yet to come – including the Drummond report later this month and the spring Budget – where the rubber really hits the road.” Shurman recalled an old saying that, ‘There is no limit to what someone can do if he doesn’t mind who gets the credit.’

“My New Year’s message to Minister Duncan is to heed this advice,” Shurman said.

Meftih January 2012 Volume 7 Issue 4: page 25

“Time to cap hospital CEO salaries”: Horwath In British Columbia, the CEO of Fraser Health is paid $460,000 a year. In Manitoba, the CEO of Winnipeg Regional Health Authority is paid $450,000 a year.

QUEEN’S PARK - New Democrat Leader Andrea Horwath reiterated her call for a cap on public sector CEO salaries in light of the release of contracts of hundreds of hospital CEOs and executives across Ontario. “When patients are coping with closed ERs and growing wait times, there’s no way to justify spending scarce health dollars on private clubs and $700,000 salaries,” said Horwath. “We need to get our priorities in check and CEO salaries down to levels we see in other provinces.” As of January 1, Ontario’s hospitals are subject to Freedom of Information Act provisions and contracts for hospital CEOs and executive became public for the first time. In addition to salaries ranging as high $758,000 a year, the contracts show lucrative benefits to senior executives such as membership in the York Club, health club memberships worth $6000 a year, generous car allowances, and severance packages worth over a million dollars. Compensation levels for executives in other provinces are not nearly as high.

“The only person who should be waiting in a hospital is the CEO waiting for another raise,” said Horwath. “In tough times, we just can’t afford these irresponsible pay packages on the public dime. Everyday Ontarians are being told to tighten their belts, while hospital CEOs will make more in bonuses than a hardworking family will make in salary in an entire year.” Horwath has proposed capping public sector CEO salaries at $418,000 a year - twice the salary paid the Premier.

Food Guide A Good Start For New Year's Resolutions Canadians making New Year’s resolutions are being reminded to consult Canada’s Food Guide for healthy dietary choices. The guide lists the types of food you should consume each day and how to keep portion sizes in check. Health Canada recommends eating from the four food groups: vegetables and fruit; grains; milk and alternatives; and meat and alternatives:

Eat meat alternatives such as beans, lentils and tofu frequently. Consume at least two servings of fish a week — selecting salmon, mackerel, sardines, trout, char and herring. Choose lean meats, and roast, bake or poach them versus frying. Health Canada stresses that Canadians should opt for a diet low in saturated fat and trans fat, while including small quanti-

ties of unsaturated fats each day, such as canola, olive or soya oils, margarine or mayonnaise. Water should be the beverage of choice, as it cuts calories. The health agency also wants people to be more active in the new year, including more exercise in their daily lives.

Eat at least one dark green and one orange vegetable each day. Suggestions include carrots, sweet potatoes and squash, as well as broccoli, romaine lettuce or spinach. Choose steamed, baked and stir-fried over deep fried. Make sure at least half of your daily grain intake is whole grain. Whole grains include barley, brown rice, oats, quinoa and wild rice. Whole grain bread and oatmeal are good choices, as are those low in fat, sugar and salt. Drink two cups of skim, one per cent or two per cent milk. Soy drinks are another good option, as are low-fat yogurts or cheeses.

Ipad Passport Scan Gets Man Across U.S. Border A Montreal man who crossed the U.S. border using a scan of his passport saved on his iPad says he hopes the practice will become commonplace in the near future. But federal critics say border officers failed their duty by allowing Martin Reisch into the United States with only digital proof of identity. Reisch drove to Vermont to visit friends for the holidays and realized as he ap-

proached the border that he forgot his passport. He had a scan of it saved on his iPad and showed it to the border officer. “There was a slight hesitation, he didn’t really seem like he was impressed,” Reisch said, but after a few minutes’ wait, he was allowed through the border checkpoint. The anecdote is troubling because a scanned copy of a passport “is not a secure document,” said MP Brian

Masse. “That could be altered, and could also lead to some precedents that would jeopardize [border] security,” said Masse, NDP critic for US-Canada border relations. However, Masse added, electronic passports could be implemented in future with safety features. In the meantime, Reisch said, he hopes his iPad scan or a similar facsimile

becomes as common as using a smartphone for airplane tickets. “I’m a huge believer in technology,” he said. In a statement sent to CBC, the U.S. Customs and Border Protection said it does allow several pieces of identification at the Canadian border. The list does not include a passport scan.

Meftih January 2012 Volume 7 Issue 4: page 26

Canada And Russia To Meet In World Juniors Semifinal CALGARY — Canada started its furious comeback too late, and for the first time in over a decade the junior hockey power will not play for the gold medal. The host country fell 6-5 to Russia in Tuesday’s semifinal at the world junior hockey championship, despite a four-goal burst in the third period that added drama to a game that had looked like a blowout. “We had to be better early and we weren’t,” Canadian head coach Don Hay said. Canada will not play for gold in this tournament for the first time since 2001, when the Czech Republic beat Finland in the final in Moscow while Canada settled for bronze. Instead Russia will meet Sweden for the gold medal, while Canada faces Finland for bronze Thursday. Sweden beat Finland 3-2 in a shootout in Tuesday’s other semifinal. The defending-champion Russians scored five times in the third period to beat Canada 5-3 in last year’s final in Buffalo, N.Y. Russia now has a chance at winning back-to-back titles for the first time since 2002 and 2003. Russian captain Evgeni Kuznetsov, a Washington Capitals prospect and the lone returning player from last year’s squad, was a one-man wrecking crew with three goals and an assist. Defencemen Nikita Nesterov and Alexander

Khokhlachev and forward Nikita Kucherov also scored for the Russians. Yakupov, an NHL draft prospect who plays for the Ontario Hockey League’s Sarnia Sting, had three assists. “We didn’t finish strong, but we scored six goals and we beat Canada,” said Russian forward Nail Yakupov. “Russia’s better than Canada.” Connolly replied for Canada early in the second period. Trailing 6-1 in the third, Dougie Hamilton, Jaden Schwartz, Brendan Gallagher and Brandon Gormley all scored for Canada in just under a five-minute span starting at 9:27. The Canadians pressed for the equalizer in the final minutes, but couldn’t get it. Ryan Strome hit the post and Connolly had a chance at his rebound with less than a minute remaining. “I don’t know how to explain it. It sucks,” Connolly said. “We had chances to score goals. We were that close to tying it up, even though we didn’t play that well early.” Russia needed overtime to get by the Czech Republic 2-1 in Monday’s quarterfinal, but it was the faster team out of the gates. Canada had gone undefeated in four games in the preliminary round. They’d outscored their opposi-

tion 9-0 in the first period and 26-5 overall, but they were not prepared to start the game for the speed and skill of the Russians. “We didn’t get off to the start that we have been getting off to,” Hay said. “We didn’t do the things we normally do, and that’s drive pucks down the wall and get pucks to the net. “We didn’t do a good job getting pucks to the net off the rush, we didn’t do a good job of traffic. Once we started getting more pucks, traffic and people to the net, we had more success.” Canada played in the final every year from 2002 to 2011 with a 5-5 record. With the bar set so high for Canada’s junior teams, the loss was crushing for this year’s squad. They faced reporters with long faces and red eyes. Canada outshot Russia 5624 and didn’t bury enough chances early in the game.

Andrei Vasilevski stopped 44 of 49 shots in Russia’s net. He was replaced by Andrei Makarov after Gormley’s goal at 4:17. Makarov, who plays for the Western Hockey League’s Saskatoon Blades, stopped all seven shots he faced. Wedgewood allowed four goals on 13 shots. He left the game at 8:48 of the second period when Khokhlachev crashed into the net on Kuznetsov’s third goal. “He blindsided me after that goal,” Wedgewood said. “Lower back and neck just kind of gave out. Just recover here and try to get better tomorrow.” Visentin stopped eight of 10 shots in relief. The Canadians lost their cool after Wedgewood left the game in the second period. Russia scored their fifth goal and second on the power play when Gallagher took a high-sticking penalty on Mikael Naumenkov.

Boone Jenner was given a game misconduct for spearing later in the period and Jonathan Huberdeau took a misconduct for slashing with just under two minutes two go. The Canadians stayed out of the penalty box in the third period and scored two of their four goals with a man advantage. They had the Russians scrambling to hold them off in the third, but the visitors had done enough work early to get the win. Canada now plays for bronze, a colour it traditionally doesn’t get too excited about. “Every game you play is worth playing for,” Hay said. “It’s an honour to win a medal at this competition, no matter what medal it is. Our guys respect the fans, respect each other and I expect them to play hard for each other.”

source: CTV

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Get Out of Debt XStop Collection Calls XStop Interest Charges XOne Low Monthly Payment XWithout Bankruptcy XWithout Loans Lilia Kossovan, X

Estate Administrator, Fluent in 8 languages: Polish, Russian, Slovak, Czech, Bulgarian, Turkish, Ukrainian, Yugoslavian

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Business, Health & Technology Call 310-9200 X 213 Courses We Offer (NO AREA CODE NEEDED)

* Personal Support Worker (PSW)

* Hairstyling

* Developmental Services Worker (DSW)

Licensed Proposal Administrator & Trustee in Bankruptcy HEAD OFFICE: SUITE 720 - 245 FAIRVIEW MALL DRIVE, TORONTO ONTARIO M2J 4T1 NORTH YORK




* Micro-Computer

ዋጋና ብጣዕሚ ርትዓዊ’ዩ!

Aderonke Laraiyetan, MBA Your dedicated real estate agent


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Thinking of buying or selling a house? Let me help! Call me at 647-235-3203

1100 Burnhamthorpe Road West. Unit 27 Mississauga, ON L5C 4G4 Tel: 905.897.9555 Fax: 905.897.9610

2300 Sheppard Ave. W. Ste. 208 Toronto, ON. M9M 4A3

Your Property Solution HARRY TECH Our Services * Basement renovation * Washroom renovation * Kitchen renovation * Plumbing * Electrical * Doors * Windows

Sutton Group - Summit Realty Inc. Brokerage Independently Owned & Operated

* Locks * Baseboards * Crown Moulding * Painting * Flooring (Tiles) hardwood * Roofing / Soffits

ንስሉጥን ውሕሉልን ጽገና ቤትኩም ንዓና ተወከሱ

Call Hiruy at 416-735-8363 or Vishnu at 416-277-3049

“The greatest glory in living lies, not in never falling, but in rising every time Aderonke Laraiyetan, MBA we fall.” Sales Representative

Meftih Newspaper January 2012  

This is the newspaper that serves the Eritrean Canadian, and Ethiopian Canadian. It has latest information about the harassment Eritrean Can...

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