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PORTFOLIO Megan   F ontana   302.598.9962  

About me   •  I  am  currently  a  graphic  communications  student  at  Millersville   University,  graduating  in  May  2013.    During  my  junior  and  senior   year  I  was  the  secretary  of  the  Marauder  Graphics  Club.    Our  club   was  responsible  for  designing  artwork  for  t-­‐shirts  using  InDesign   and  then  print  them  through  the  medium  of  screen  printing.    We   made  shirts  not  only  for  fellow  student  organizations  but  also  for   other  groups  in  the  community.    As  a  member  of  the  club  I  gained  a   lot  of  knowledge  about  the  screen  printing  process,  from  pre-­‐press   to  handing  the  customer  the  finished  t-­‐shirts.  

Independent Study   •  During  my  senior  year,  I  completed  an  independent  study  in  which  I   had  a  real  life  client  that  I  did  design  work  for.    My  client  was  a  floral   designer  starting  up  her  own  business,  Expressions  by  Design.    I   created,  printed,  and  trimmed  business  cards  for  her  as  well  as   designed  and  uploaded  a  website.    I  met  with  her  several  times   during  the  process  to  get  her  approval  on  the  designs  and  make  any   adjustments  she  requested.    Along  with  the  business  cards  and   website,  I  designed  and  printed  promotional  notepads  and  pens  for   her  to  give  out  to  clients  during  consultations.  I  used  InDesign  to   generate  the  designs,  Photoshop  to  edit  images,  and  Dreamweaver   to  develop  the  website.  The  following  slide  will  show  all  my   designs.  

Business card  

Website link  


•  Through my  education  at  Millersville  I  have  gained  extensive   knowledge  in  using  the  Adobe  CS6  programs.    The  following  slides   will  demonstrate  some  of  the  artwork  I  have  generated  using  the   various  CS6  programs;  specifically  InDesign,  Photoshop  and   Illustrator.  


Business Card  

Small Box   Design  

Post Card  Design  

T-­‐shirt Designs  

PHOTOSHOP Photos  taken  by  Megan  Fontana  

Giclee Print  

High Dynamic  Range  Print  

Infrared Print  

Panorama Print  

ILLUSTRATOR The  following  designs  were  created  through   tutorials  that  helped  further  my  knowledge  on  how   to  use  the  tools  in  the  software.  

•  I am  motivated  and  a  quick  learner  looking  forward  to  furthering   my  knowledge  of  the  software  and  gaining  experience  in  industry.    

Megan Fontana's Graphic Design Portfolio  

This portfolio demonstrates some of the graphic design work created by Megan Fontana.

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