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2D My last name means in Dutch more gulls. Through studies of different types “M” did i come to this type, the monotype Rockwell Bold. You see two gulls one is the thinker, the other one is in movement, this stands for the creator in me. 3D In this assignment there was one obligation.The “Aformat” should be clear. Materials used are MDF and paint.

IImagetype 2D and 3D based on the Monotype Rockwell Bold


The assignment was to create a block text “flyer” at the bottom of the exact image. There were 80 different posters hanging arround in the city. The famous name tags/images were made by students of the St. Joost. Pictures from the results

Exibition p0sters “ST.JOOST COMES TO THE CITY”


assignment was to make a book. I was asked by photographer Susanne Klijndijk. She made the pictures and delivered the text. The lay-out and type were done by me. “De Zwarte Madonna” is now gone, it was a building in the middle of Den Haag situated in the Netherlands. The people involved were interviewed and there was made a picture.

Book about the inhabitants of the building “The Black Madonna”



picture wood , stone and iron

sketch from wood


The assignment was to make a poster for a theaterplay. The history was situated in Argentina after the dictatorship period. A woman picked up a man on the side of the road. He had car problems... then she recognized his voice. She found her executioner...or wasn’t it him. Symbolics; Wooden side strong can take some punches, emotion. Stone side hard, without emotion. The ring metal hold those two together. But it also creates a prison...

Poster theaterplay “Death and the Maiden”

Invitation for a photo exposition

Animation 5 visual poems

Small bitmap type Freebees

PoRtFoLiO Joachim Meeuwissen Š all rights reserverd


Graphic Design studies