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MEETING ROOMS CUBIK ROOM ‘U’ Shape – 30 pax School – 55 pax Theatre – 65 pax Banquet – 40 pax Half Day: 500€ (21% TAXES included) Full Day: 675€ (21% TAXES included) Daily light

MOMA ROOM ‘U’ Shape – 18 pax School – 30 pax Theatre – 40 pax Half Day: 335€ (21% TAXES included) Full Day: 450€ (21% TAXES included)

TATE ROOM ‘U’ Shape – 15 pax School – 20 pax Theatre – 35 pax Half Day: 300€ (21% TAXES included) Full Day: 400€ (21% TAXES included)

MOMA-TATE ROOM School – 50 pax Theatre – 70 pax Banquet – 50 pax Half Day: 500€ (21% TAXES included) Full Day: 675€ (21% TAXES included)

OUR MEETING ROOMS INCLUDE: - Wi-Fi or Ethernet of optical fibre

- Sweets

- Projector & screen or Flat Screen

- Climate control

- Flipchart / digital Flipchart

- Set up

- Mineral water and replacement during the whole event

- Additional AV equipment for rent

- Notepads

- Phone

- Pens

- Technical assistance before starting the event (2h)

MEETING PACK INCLUDES Fully equipped meeting room (full day) Coffee break Take your Moment Executive lunch or Finger lunch Personalised attention during the event (2h)

62€ 10% TAXES included

15 people minimum


- Coffee   - Milk




- Tea / Infusions - Natural orange juice - Mineral water - Soft drinks

- Coffee

- Soft drinks

- Milk

- Cookies & Crakers

- Tea / infusions

- Sweet pastries

- Natural orange juice

- Salty pastries selection

- Mineral water

- Coffee

- Cookies & Crakers

- Milk

- Sweet pastries

- Tea / Infusions

- Salty pastries selection

- Natural orange juice

- Selection of cold sandwiches

- Mineral water

- Seasonal fruit

- Soft drinks

- Detox juices: 3,5€ - Smoothies: 3,5€ - Virgin Mojitos: 6,5€ - Fresh seasonal fruit: 4€ - Drink refilling: 4€

*Suplement per person

EXECUTIVE MENUS Includes: Chef's appetizer Drinks: Mineral water, soft drinks, wines with D.O, coffee and tea

34€ 10% TAXES included

4€ dinner's supplement

We offer you a list of starters, main courses and desserts from which only one per category can be chosen for the whole group: STARTERS Carrot and leek cream with poached egg and toasted pine nuts Veal lasagne au gratin Caprese salad with Iberian ham Wok with vegetables and rice with soy sauce, honey and lime Grilled vegetables with romesco sauce Cod carpaccio with tomato concassé, arugula and black olives Mushroom risotto with crunchy parmigiano reggiano Salad with smoked salmon, mango and avocado vinaigrette Rigatoni with red pesto sauce and cashews "Esqueixada" with citrus vinaigrette Piquillo peppers stuffed with vegetables with almond milk bechamel sauce (V) Sautéed lentils with vegetables and tofu in sesame oil (V) Pumpkin and apple cream with vegetable brunoise (V) ·    ·    · MAIN COURSE Veal burger with goat cheese and caramelized red peppers Salmon with vegetables and curry tomatoes Sea bass on peas cream and diced apple with vanilla Stuffed chicken with mushrooms and prawns with sweet wine sauce Crispy gilt-head bream with sautéed broccoli, cherry tomatos and almonds with teriyaki sauce Iberian deboned cheek with parmentier on Iberian ham Pork fillet with mushroom sauce Hake with "escalivada" sauce and asparagus Codfish on spinach cream and black garlic allioli sauce   Duck confit with "ratafia" and stewed pears Potato burger with vegetables on guacamole (V) Vegetable timbale with "romesco" sauce of sun dried tomatoes (V) Vegetables and seitan "fideuà" with soy allioli (V) Beef tenderloin with Pedro Ximénez reduction and poached foie gras Escalope (9€) ·    ·    · DESSERTS Fruit cocktail with citrus sorbet Yogurt with berries Chocolate fondant with vanilla ice cream Tiramisu with coffee foam Apple tart tatin with crème anglaise and cookies Yuzu lemon Cheescake with red fruits Crema catalana (creme brulé) with typical catalan cookies Stewed pineapple with rum and coconut ice cream and "Pop Rocks" 

BUFFET Includes: Drinks: Mineral water, soft drinks, wines with D.O, coffee and tea

40€ 10% TAXES included

BUFET N. 1 Zucchini cream or cold tomato soup with basil (depends


on the season)

Spaghetti with pesto sauce or bacon, mushrooms and cream sauce


Skewerd chicken

Lettuce variety, vegetables, canned fish, fresh greens and

Squid with caramelized onion


Codfish (spanish style)

Cheese and cold meat assortment Fresg cheese salad, mango, walnuts and berries

SIDES: asparragus / Provence potatoes


BUFET N. 2 Leek cream or cold soup "Salmonejo” (depends on season)

HOT SELECTION Penne with cheese sauce or with tomato textures with


black olives

Lettuce variety, vegetables, canned fish, fresh greens and

Eggplant musaka


Spicy lamb skewer

Cheese and cold meat assortment

Cuttlefish with veal meatballs

Smoked fish salad with sliced parmesan cheese and

Gilt-head "a la donostiarra"

citrical vinaigrette SIDES: Trilogy of rices / Grilled vegetables

BUFET N. 3 Pumpkin cream or cold red fruits soup Gazpacho (depends on season)

HOT SELECTION Tagliatelle bolognese or with spinach and salmon with blue cheese Grated vegetable cannelonni 


Veal and vegetables skewerd

Lettuce variety, vegetables, canned fish, fresh greens

Chicken thighs with ratatouille  

and vinaigrettes

Grilled salmon with almonds sauce

Cheese and cold meat assortment Mozzarella, cherry tomato and pesto sauce salad

SIDES: Rustic potatoes / Broccoli with garlic and red pepper sauté

DESSERTS FOR ALL MENUS Homemade yogurt tasting Our Chef's cake suggestion Processed fruit Seasonal fresh fruit

FINGER LUNCH Includes: Drinks: Mineral water, soft drinks, wines with D.O, coffee and tea

32€ 10% TAXES included

FINGER N. 1 Truffled popcorn

Mini sandwiches of brie, dry tomato and aruga

Skewered mozzarella batted with pistachios and cherry

Wrap of crab and lettuce with lime and mayonnaise

tomtato with pesto Vegetable focaccia Shot of "salmorejo" with almond slices Cesar salad Cheese and cold meat assortment with toasts and flat bread

Fresh fruit skewered

Cones with avocado hummus and cream cheese with

Diced brownies with toffee


FINGER N. 2 Truffled popcorn

Chicken wrap with curri mayonnaise

Shrimp skewerd with tzatziki sauce

Zucchini and tomato focaccia

Vichyssoise shot with pistachio

Capresse salad

Cheese and cold meat assortment with toast

Mini fruit salad

Cones of Baba ganush and hummus

Mini panacotta with mango coulis and mint

Mini tuna sandwich with caramelised peppers

VEGGIE FINGER Truffled popcorn

Vietnamese avocado and coriander rolls

Tofu skewerd with soy sauce and cherry tomatoes

Sprouts, soy germinates and strawberry salad

Watermelon "Gazpacho" with tomato

"Escalivada" with Kalamata olives

Carrot, cucumber and avocado makis

Chia, red fruits and coconut

Bretroot hummus with cashews

Fruit skewerd

Vietnamese vegetable rolls

COCKTAILS Includes: Drinks: Mineral water, soft drinks, wines with D.O, coffee and tea

45-60€ 10% TAXES included



Assortment of selected canapes

Assortment of selected canapes

Truffled popcorn

Truffled popcorn

"Escalivada" and anchovy creamy mousse tarte

Marinated salmon with avocado and lime cream

Cheese assortment with toasts

"Escalivada" pastry

Zucchini with tomato pastry

Cold meat assortment with flat bread

Octopus with confit potatoes and red pepper oil

Sea bass "ceviche" and shrimps with Yuzu lemon

Mini iberian ham croquettes

MinI veal burger with brie cheese sauce and crispy onion

Crispy codfish cannoli with sweet chili melmelade

Mini stew croquettes

Iberian ham and brie chesse sandwich with truffle oil

Black "Fideuà" with allioli

Crispy shrimps with mint and "romesco" sauce

California roll in tempura

"Fideuà" with pepper allioli

Chicken skewerd with teriyaki and roasted corn Caramelised onion samosas with almonds

Mini fresh fruit skewerd Panacotta with berries and cookie land

Pastries assortment Mini fresh fruit skewerd

ARIBAU - 55€


Assortment of selected canapes

Assortment of selected canapés and blinis

Truffled popcorn

Olives from "la parada d'en Francesc de la Boqueria"

Cheese and cold meat assortment with toasts and flat

Iberian assortment and cheese with toast


Cod brandade with "romesco" sauce foam shot

Salad of goat cheese, crispy bacon and strawberries with

Zucchini and tomato with goat chesse cake

maple syrup vinaigrette

Nigiris, uramakis and makis assortment

Crispy shrimps with pineapple sauce

Marinated tune on soy and lime with salmon spawns

MinI veal burger with bacon and caramelised onion

Duck burger with foie sauce and carmelised onion

Diced cheese in tempura with sweet chilli melmelade

“Pulled pork” bao bread with barbacue sauce and purple

Marinated chicken thighs with soy and lime covered in


panko and coconut

Squid croquettes

Avocado hummus cone

Truffled trotter cannolis

Mushrooms croquettes

Creamy octopus risotto with pepper

Black rice with allioli California roll & salmon maki

Mini fresh fruit skewerd Macarons variety

Fresh fruit skewerd Macarons variety

Mini pastries assortment


Cava glass, glass of wine or soft drinks.  Viariety of cones, artisanal olives and Jorge's chips


Mojito, mini gins or soft drinks. Viariety of cones, artisanal olives and Jorge's chips

Business program hag 2018 eng  
Business program hag 2018 eng