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Wallonia more than 50 ideas for meetings and incentives Afgiftekantoor-Bureau de dépôt: p 2800 Mechelen 1 Edition October 2009 – P4A9032



An experience wo Wallonia, one of Europe’s best preserved natural areas, is a convivial region that is extremely well suited for a meeting or activity ‘amidst the greenery’ or for a wide variety of outdoor activities. WALLONIA SPECIAL IS A PRODUCTION OF MIMMAGAZINE.EU

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Better good neighbours than distant friends? Definitely! Wallonia is a logical choice if you are looking for luxury and professionalism. The neighbours open their doors for meetings and incentives, dinners and relaxation. The impressive nature has a rich choice of venues for outdoor incentives. MIM magazine sets great store by sustainable development and therefore chose environment-friendly FSC certified paper which comes from a controlled source. More info: and ® FSC, A.C. FSC-SECR-0045

Wallonia may be small, but as a meetings industry destination the south of Belgium definitely measures up to the rest of the country. Hainaut has art cities, renowned festivals and transformed industrial venues. Liège has exclusive Belle Époque trappings and former

Walloon Brabant Liège

Hainaut Namur



ce worth the – short – detour ! monasteries. Namur has plenty of activities in and around rocky river valleys. Walloon Brabant benefits from its rustic tranquillity and its closeness to Brussels. Finally, Luxembourg has got castles, small villages and wild, green nature. All have the stateof-the-art high tech facilities that will ensure the success of your event. For an exceptional event you need an outstanding venue. Well, you are in luck, the castles, cloisters and other historical buildings offer a wide choice of unique venues of all sizes for your events. Too much history? Then why not try out the professional meeting facilities around a genuine F1 race course? And how about relaxation in a wellness centre in the peace of stunning landscapes?

Money is tight… but Wallonia still likes to give your guests a feeling of ‘different’.

Contents Introduction Hainaut Liège Namur Walloon Brabant Luxembourg Hospitality Professional Organisers

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The region has many surprises and all with their own hospitable flavour, which makes events in Wallonia quite unique and definitely unforgettable! In this special MIM destination report it all adds up to a diverse, dynamic and comprehensive illustration of Wallonia. We trust you’ll discover more than fifty new ideas and locations for future meetings and incentives, ranging from the most exclusive setting to the most simple, but elegant solution. The Brussels-Wallonia Convention Bureau is a department of the OPT (Office de Promotion du Tourisme Wallonie-Bruxelles) and its mission is, not just to promote the destination in the meetings industry, but first and foremost to FACILITATE the advent and organization of trade events in Wallonia and Brussels. The Brussels-Wallonia Convention Bureau


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Tournai La Louvière Mons Charleroi

Hainaut A thousand things to offer ff

The province of Hainaut has something for everyone everyone, whether they be gourmets, lovers. Hainaut has, compared with the lovers of art and culture, sportsmen or nature lovers other Belgian provinces, the longest list of UNESCO World Heritage sites and events. The calendar is filled with yearly festivals, processions processio and other events – the best of Binche. The province lies close known of which are of course the folkloristic Gilles o road, high-speed trains and most to Brussels and Lille and can easily be reached by ro Airport. important by air with the Brussels South Charleroi A

Castle of Ecaussinnes-Lalaing

© FTPH - C. Carpentier

Boat lift on the old Canal du Centre

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Aerial view Val-Fayt

01. MICE and Hainaut The good meeting! ‘Green’ Hainaut abounds in prestigious and cosy places to stay: from the small-sized charming venues to the wide variety of high-tech congresscentres, elegant castles or former industrial


sites. Hospitality, quality services and refined gastronomy will top off your stay, so that you can concentrate on your core business. Furthermore, Hainaut is a remarkable combination. Discover the culture and history strolling through its art towns: Mons, Tournai and Charleroi. Be impressed by the province that holds the record for the most listed UNESCO sites and events in Belgium. Take part in the folklore of the “Doudou” Ducasse in Mons. Explore the waterways with a trip on their banks. Taste the local flavours in old breweries. Hainaut is also the good choice for teambuilding and incentive, sport and night activities. Indeed, Hainaut will entice even the most demanding MICE organizer. The newly created provincial Convention Bureau will help you in your search for suitable venues and activities to organize your event in Hainaut.

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Hainaut themed auditoria: one for 300 and the other for 90 people. To boot, receptions and alike can be organized in the jazzy ‘Blue Bar’ (200m2). Your event will be supported by engineers and architects, who also function as amateur actors. Meet ‘n greets and behind the scenes visits will further enhance your event.

02. Incentive theatre in Charleroi Charleroi is well on its way to establish itself as a theatrical city. Two modern theatres have recently opened their doors for lovers of theatre, music and culture, but also for the meetings industry.

to plan – in the same location – a conference, a banquet and an evening spectacle. All with quality service.

‘Espace Marignan-Vaudeville’ already serves as the place to be for Vaudeville productions, but their 4 rooms and theatre halls can also be used for conferences for up to 300 attendees. It is possible

‘La Ruche Théâtre’ is a new, charming and authentic theatre within walking distance of the railway station. In the past it has been used for Rock ‘n Roll concerts, but now one can make use of the two

Your event can be personalized by a professional piece of improvisation theatre. Lastly, a new restaurant will open in the same location. It’s led by the colourful Charlie Etenaille, who will combine his passion for quality food and good wine with his acting talents to ensure an unforgettable catering, ready to compete with the best tables in the region.

03. Le Bois du Cazier : in the footsteps of the miners Many people still associate Hainaut with the coal mining industry. This is a largely undeserved association – as can be seen in these pages – but if you really want to immerse yourself in the history of the other black gold, you should visit ‘Le Bois du Cazier’. ‘Le Bois du Cazier’ is housed in the old colliery of Marcinelle and functions as a museum of the industrial history of Wallonia. Here a new meaning is given to interactive museum visits. Guided tours, workshops and seminars take you on an educative and playful tour through the many facets of Wallonia’s industry. This also includes fauna and flora, because even Wallonia’s industrial heart is green.

cocktails, … There’s an auditorium for up to 150, a former machine room for up to 800, forge rooms for up to 400 and a meeting room for 50 people. The Industrial Museum can be used for events of 300. Authentic catering can be found on site (‘La Vray Cantine’), as well as full technical support. At ‘Le Bois du Cazier’ you can be sure of an authentic, yet novel and original setting for your events.

The most important discovery you’ll make in ‘Le Bois du Cazier’ will be the large rooms available for seminars, conferences, product launches, banquets,

"A green industrial setting for your event" MIM 5

Hainaut In hotel Mercure you’re assured of an agreeable night. The hotel’s 53 comfortable rooms have been renovated beautifully and an assortment of tea and coffee is always present in the room. The six airconditioned meeting rooms have space for around 200 persons and are all illuminated by natural daylight. There is a big free parking. The hotel’s event department takes care of your personalized event. By doing so, you will be able to concentrate on your meeting or event and have a good time!

04. Hotel Mercure Mons Just the perfect framework for your event or seminar In the middle of the woods of the Hainaut province, hotel Mercure Mons is pleased to welcome you in their four-star establishment. The green surroundings guarantee a quiet and relaxed atmosphere. Only 6 kilometres away, you can find the picturesque city of Mons with its small pleasant alleys. Its large cultural and sportive offer can surely bring some variety in your stay.

05. Pass Revive the past in a particularly diverse museum site Discover Pass, a place that is at the same time particular and wonderfully diverse in all its aspects! In Pass, the old and new, the past, present and the future are flawlessly mixed together. We owe this to architect Jean Nouvel, who renovated this ancient colliery brilliantly. The buildings on this enormous site are part of the industrial patrimony and are now used for exhibitions dedicated to science, technology and society. On top of that, corporate travelers can also benefit from this enriching environment. Pass certainly is the ideal setting to give your event that extra special touch, whether it is a seminar, cocktail party, conference or trade show. Today, some of the structures of this industrial wasteland are rehabilitated


into the most extraordinary and spacious meeting rooms, which can be used for diverse events. Hold your event in the Hopper Room for example with its allures of an industrial cathedral. Or do you believe the ancient locomotive engines hangar could be a more interesting decor? The Palace of Images is the finishing touch to the whole amazing structure, allowing wing the projection of a film onto five internal rnal surfaces of a cube.

For an enjoyable evening, don’t forget to visit bar “Le Car d’Or’ or restaurant ‘Le Lumeçon’, where the Chef takes care of a refined French cuisine. The open fire are the basic assets for a cosy ambiance in the lounge. And if the weather allows it, why not have a drink amidst the green on the outside terrace? Or do you prefer a dive in the adjacent swimming pool to refresh your senses?

and t s Pa uture w! f t no mee


Eupen Verviers Spa


…where else?

The province of Liège can’t be su summarized umma mmarrized mm ri in one wor word, instead its various sights and attractions can be divided into three themes. Culturally speaking, Liège firmly stands with one foot in history and with the other in the 21st century. When visiting the city, one is often surprised by the modern look and cozy feel. Modern art and music are displayed during many festivals and other events. The province’s long and rich history as an independent prince-bishopric can still be seen in the many castles, abbeys and other historic sites dotting the landscape. The natural landscape is as beautiful as it is diverse: rustic fields, rolling forested hills, river valleys and marches. Let’s not forget the ‘Hautes Fagnes’ and the many city and animal parks. Finally, since ancient times visitors have visited Liège to recover their inner and outer wellness in and around the mineral hot springs of Spa. These three themes serve as the perfect background for meetings and incentives – now and in the past.

wallonia MIM 7

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Liège 07. Aqualis The Convention Bureau of the Blue Ardennes


el ge – Van Grinsv © OT Ville de Liè

06. Liège Congrès Liège... where else?

Standing at the gateway to the Ardennes, Liège cultivates its reputation as a warm and welcoming city. Endowed with an enviable location, a growing accommodation availability, an ambitious airport and a non-common railway station deserved by highspeed trains, Liège is able to welcome large-scale events. New hotels, venues and other locations keep popping up: the Verviers Hotel, the Crowne Plaza Hotel Liège, the Médiacité and the new railway station. Owning the only convention centre in the whole of Wallonia, Liège moreover offers a vast number of historical, original and unusual sites that will please even the most demanding organisers. Its world-famous university, the emergence of dynamic companies and the hosting of numerous cultural events, make Liège ready to join the ranks of the big cities. And yet, Liège has remained human in its scale, keeping people mesmerized with its unique, friendly and authentic atmosphere. Should you plan an event in the “Country of Liège”, the convention bureau, Liège Congrès, will provide you with advice and assistance in your researches. This neutral interface, discretely efficient and entirely dedicated to your cause offers you totally free services that will contribute to the success of your project.


08. Tourist Federation of the Province of Liège

o S i l a D

So different, yet so close

T P f y t ( L f t H

Many significant events take place in the province of Liège: the Belgian F1 Grand Prix, the Spanish cycle race ‘La Vuelta 2009’, Belgium’s largest and most prestigious Christmas Market with more than 190 wooden stalls, making Liège a dynamic and sparkling area. Liège is a touristic and cultural hot spot of European level with the Museum of Walloon Life, the Grand Curtius museum, the Royal Opera of Wallonia, the Philharmonic Orchestra of Liège and also the famous University of Liège. This province offers you original places and professional entities to organise your happening. Just think of the castles

A s v e w l y n

f w

Liège The ‘Blue Ardennes’ is the nickname of the Walloon ‘Far East’: Spa and Stavelot, the Circuit of Francorchamps, the Eastern Cantons and the Land of Herve and many other well known and appreciated tourist destinations in the region. Apart from the well preserved nature, a all of these sites have one common denominator: water. Hence the Joint tourism identity around the ‘blue gold’.


Sub yourmerge e in bluvent gold e

‘Blue Ardennes'. Think Spa, the High Fens, lakes, nature and – don’t forget – fine hotels and high-capacity meeting venues fitting your requirements. Since 2005, Aqualis has developed a Business & Events service, specifically for businesses, groups and associations. Seminars or Congresses, Incentives or Wellness... ‘Blue Ardennes’ offers you everything other MICE destinations offer and to this Aqualis their experience and knowledge. Aqualis offers a single point of contact for your project, customized proposals and they respect your budget.

of Harzé, Colonster and Val Saint-Lambert, the many hotels in Spa, but also unusual places like the boats ‘Pays de Liège’ and ‘Val Mosan’, or the PaixDieu abbey in Amay. The Tourist Federation of the Province of Liège is ready to furnish your stay. It will help you to discover superb attractions like the Crystal Discovery (crystal manufactory Val SaintLambert), Blegny-mine (the former Blegny Trembleur mine), the Aquarium-Museum and the House of Metallurgy. Are you looking for ideas or something new to arrange or to visit? Well then, the Tourist Federation of the Province of Liège will be pleased to research the latest innovations and provide you with all the information needed.

09. Eastern Cantons Tourism Where Latin and German cultures bond... in the summer you can sail and surf on the lakes of Upper Belgium, in the autumn you will enjoy the multicoloured leaves on a hike and in the winter you can take your skiing gear out of the closet. Even if the weather doesn’t cooperate, many centres offer indoor and outdoor carting, bowling, paintball, sumo, laser game, shooting, and other adventurous team sports.

"Green meetings in the High Fens" The Eastern Cantons are a land of vacation on the very line between the Latin and Germanic cultures. Located between the basins of the Rhine and Meuse, the landscapes of the region reflect both the Eifel and the Ardennes. The High Fens nature reserve is the best example of this natural geographic melting pot.

And last but not least, for business and for recreation, many hotels have excellent wellness and fitness infrastructure to ensure a wonderful relaxing stay.

Your seminars and meetings will be purified by the high amount of chlorophyll in the region and your team-building activities will take place in utterly unspoiled nature. In the spring you can explore the perfectly marked network of mountain bike and bike routes,


Liège 10. Tourism Spa: SPArkling events The Belle Époque may be long gone, but Spa a is still a meeting place par excellence. The period buildings still serve as the décor for many a meeting, but they have been joined by modern infrastructure in and around the town. In the immediate vicinity one has opportunities aplenty for incentives, the best known of which is the F1 Circuit of SpaFrancorchamps.

Spa’s main attraction is of course the water, closely followed by the beautiful surrounding nature. In the 19th century Spa became the centre around which were built pleasure gardens, luxurious hotels, a casino, a race track and all the other things that made up the good life of the elite. Royalty, nobility and celebrity came from all over Europe to meet and be seen in Spa or, as it was called, ‘le Café d’Europe’.

Meet in the origin

al Spa!

11. The Abbey of Stavelot

12. The Château

Meet in medieval Wallonia

A touch of magic in an exce

The abbey of Stavelot lies embedded in a magnificent region where water is omnipresent: by the river Amblève and the nearby waterfalls of Coo. In the 7th century the abbey, formerly known as the St. Remacle abbey, became the centre of the Principality of Stavelot-Almédy. The abbey was demolished during the French Revolution,

but luckily it got a second life, thanks to the efforts of the Walloon region. In this year’s spring and summer, it was possible to hold a Tintin rally on this site, and admire a display of vintage comic book vehicles. How lucrative can an ancient abbey be in modern times? Three museums have found themselves a home here. In 2010, an exposition on abbot Wibald will take place in the historical museum of the Principality of Stavelot-Malmédy. And the good news is that most part of this collection will remain at the museum afterwards. The museum of Guillaume Apollinaire is the only museum in the world dedicated to this poet, according to Pierre Erler, marketing manager at the abbey. Around this time of the year, you can as well gaze upon a continuously changing collection of wellfunctioning race cars in the Francorchamps race-track museum. For your meeting or event, take place in authentic rooms such as the Monks’ Refectory, or the Cellar of the Blancs Moussis. Even the abbey’s museums, the archaeological remains of the old abbey church, the cloister... can form the stage of your event!

10 MIM

The Château des Thermes is an exceptional place in a relaxing environment and combines well-being with fine food and drinks. Allow yourself to be pampered in this serene, tasteful atmosphere, while enjoying the benefits of the hot-spring water in prestigious surroundings, dedicated to harmony

a s

T n is c o s

A li E n m c Y 4

w w

"Sand alis nu El dolo erci ti drerci


âteau des Thermes an exceptional setting



and relaxation. To really get away from it all, come and stay at the Château des Thermes at Chaudfontaine. The exceptional discretion, refined elegance, high technology, the highest standards of comfort and personalised service provide the framework for a visit which will cater to your every whim. A unique team of specialists offer a range of anti-ageing treatments based on their skills in the adjacent Clinique du Château.

13. Spa Casino ‘Faites vos événements, mesdames et messieurs’

All meeting rooms are modular and are lit by natural daylight. Each has an outdoor terrace and air-conditioning. Each room has a screen, flip-charts, WiFi internet connection and telephone. On request, a projector, lectern, microphones, etc. can be supplied and a business centre with office and secretarial facilities is available. You are also invited to visit the new four-star hotel with 47 warm and comfortable rooms and majestic suites.

Since its inception at the turn of the century, the Casino of Spa has always welcomed its clientele with the attention reserved for the upper class. The clientele may have changed in the new millennium but the superb service remains.

With its neoclassic façade and its saloons, each decorated in its own style, the Spa Casino is a stylish establishment for corporate parties, private shows, product launches, … In addition, the casino offers corporates and organizations a choice from several business formulas. An

"Sandrem eum alis nulputat. El dolorem ip erci tionsen drercip esed"

evening, a day or even a weekend can all be planned. Traditionally, the event ends in the gaming hall where you can prove your skill or test your luck with cards, dice, slot machines and other games. The Spa Casino will assist you in setting up the most efficient and original programme and will deal with the whole organisation of your event, while ensuring that your expectations and budgetary requirements are satisfied.

A saf bet for ye o even ur t!

wallonia MIM 11

Liège 14. Sol Cress P Place yourself in a revitalizing environment Y can say You Sol Cress is the ideal starting point amazing natural to discover the amazi environment of the region, as well as the interesting cultural activities, the Casino of Spa, and much more. Just up the road, you can’t miss out the Thermes of the ‘Water city’, having new Thermal baths available. A 1300 hectare forest next to the domain is waiting to be explored and available for mountain-biking and even surprise buffets. With its wide range of different room types, 48 modern rooms, 20 studios/ duplex rooms, 18 bungalows and 12 apartments, it is hard not to feel at home in ‘Domaine Sol Cress’. Starting from September 2009 it will be the place to

sleep as a new magnificent building with 30 rooms, Pavillon Clémentine, will be ready to use. Functionality and modernity characterize the 11 conference and reception rooms, carrying the names of springs and famous places in Spa. The meeting rooms can receive from 10 to 340 persons, and include spaces for workshops, exhibitions and coffee breaks. In the Spaloumont Brasserie, you will be indulged with a high level cuisine. Or are you into something different, like walking dinners, Texas barbecues, gourmet menus or buffets? Try out a special local beer, like the 'Bobeline', or a skillfully prepared cocktail at the lounge bar.

15. Circuit Spa-Francorchamps Discover the Francorchamps business experience Right in the scenic heart of Belgium’s Ardennes region the racing circuit of SpaFrancorchamps is waiting for you. Here, meeting delegates can share a once in a lifetime experience. Spa-Francorchamps provides a pleasant and prestigious setting for seminars, conventions, trade shows and much more. Whether it is a business group of 10 or 500 participants, the right space can be made available in accordance to your needs. The marve-

12 MIM

lous environment around the circuit is very likely to make your event a winner. From the modern meeting rooms, the skyboxes overlooking the racecourse to the luxurious Eau Rouge auditorium, many fabulous sites add quality to your business gathering. A wide range of activities is available, as well as excellent hotel accommodations. At Spa-Francorchamps, guests will have the chance to discover the thrill of the racetrack while

riding next to a professional race car driver. They can even choose to give the racing track a try with their own car, starting from the hairpin at La Source, uphill through the famous Raidillon de l'Eau Rouge and around the Blanchimont curve. And all of this takes place while the safest conditions are ensured.

Liège 17. Radisson Blu Palace Hotel Spa Stay over in the Radisson Blu Palace Hotel in the very centre of Spa and discover the perfect combination of business and wellness.

16. Radisson Blu Balmoral Hotel All about feeling Zen In the Radisson Blu Balmoral Hotel in Spa, no effort is put aside to allow visitors a true refreshing stay within an exceptional setting. The woods of Spa, surrounding this appealing four-star hotel in Anglo-Norman style, are a perfect setting for all sorts of activities.

"Professional Meetings & Events team on standby"

In the 106 renovated rooms, natural materials create the typical warm coziness of this Radisson establishment. The six meetings rooms provide space and equipment for seminars, meetings, cocktail parties and dinners for up to 250 people. A professional Meetings & Events team guarantees a 100% smooth course of your meeting or event.

The hotel’s Super Breakfast Buffet is the ideal way to start your day of adventurous teambuilding activities, ranging from golf to parachute jumping and racing at the nearby Spa-Francorchamps. If you would like to include wellness in your program, enjoy the hotel’s brand new ‘Balmoral Wellness Center’ with a relaxing pool, sauna, Turkish bath and Jacuzzi. For large groups, special arrangements with the beautiful and spacious Thermes of Spa are always possible.

The Radisson Blu Palace Hotel boasts a total of 120 luxurious bedrooms and suites. The 2 meeting rooms ‘Aqua’ and ‘Terra’ can each be divided into 4 separate rooms, offering a capacity of 150 guests for a meeting or 180 participants for a cocktail. In total the hotel offers 8 meeting rooms spread over more than 300m2 for all your meetings, incentives, dinners and cocktails. The outside terrace of ‘Terra’ is the perfect place for a coffee break, a BBQ or a reception. The total meeting space allows you to organize seminars, dinners, cocktails, and all kinds of incentives. And if you're in need of a well-deserved break, you simply take the hotel’s private funicular, bringing you to the famous Thermes of Spa. In the brasserie ‘Les Saisons de Spa’ and its heated outside terrace, regional specialities, an around the world buffet, as well as season-bound dishes are on the menu. But also outdoor meals in the Spa Casino, the Lido, the Spa-Francorchamps Formula 1 racing track, or barbecues in the woods can be organised.

Busin es & We llness in On s e


Conclude the day with a barbecue in the middle of the forest or a themed buffet in the renowned restaurant ‘Entre Terre & Mer’ while watching it all happen in the open kitchen. The hotel’s remarkable wine cellar houses wines from all over the world.

MIM 13 wallonia

Liège 19. Dorint


18. Royal Golf Club des Fagnes The ‘Roaring Twenties’, the ‘Golden Twenties’ or ‘les années folles’ all refer to the period in our history when traditional culture was abandoned for a more modern and lively life-style. It’s no wonder that the Royal Golf Club des Fagnes, built by famous architect Tom Simpson, was founded in these years. Located on the hills of Balmoral, in the heart of an ancient forest, visitors will discover an attractive golf course and the harmonious contrast between the beauty of wild nature and beautiful manicured fairways and greens. The Clubhouse offers a beautiful terrace and fine dining in a relaxing

and warm atmosphere. In addition, many hotels surround the golf course. The close-by new spa of Spa, the casino and the circuit of Francorchamps offer additional advantages. The

"Get the ball rolling" club was ranked among the best courses in Europe by the specialized press (17/20 in the Peugeot Guide 2008). The course will satisfy both novice players and golfers with a minimum handicap of 34. A visit to Spa becomes an unforgettable experience.

21. Crowne Plaza Liège First 5 star hotel in Liège There was one thing the province of Liège lacked to become a great meeting and incentive place: a five star hotel. No longer! From 2010 on, we will be able to meet and stay at the Crowne Plaza Liège. Located right in the middle of the historic, cultural and commercial centre of the city, the hotel forms a superb architectural ensemble of two

14 MIM

former aristocratic palaces and one modern building. Thanks to its private gardens you will be able to enjoy the easy accessibility of a city and the quiet peacefulness of the countryside. The hotel has 111 spacious rooms, a complete VIP floor with 34 rooms (with private saloon) and 6 small and 9

Liège Like a butterfly the Dorint hotel, located in the forested hills of Spa-Balmoral, has emerged from its cocoon to spread its wings with a new annex. Apart from 24 design guest rooms and three special suites overlooking the forest and lake, an additional 5 meeting rooms are available. The crowning piece of the new annex is without contest the new ‘Montréal-Indianapolis’ room: three glass walls and a private terrace overlook the green surroundings. Up to 300 people can be admitted for a seminar, but also for events, cocktails, dinners etc. Dorint has a total of 16 meeting rooms, making it an excellent green meeting location. This green image is further enhanced by a future oriented towards environmental and sustainable development. Solar panels will take advantage of the hotel’s unique location to provide heating and water for the entire hotel and the Wellness Center. The Dorint Spa-Balmoral truly plans to be a hotel of the future, harmoniously combining environmental and comfortable living.

20. Hotel Husa de La Couronne Serenity and modernity in one Looking for a heavenly night's rest in a prestigious environment? Hotel Husa de la Couronne might be just what you need. The hotel belongs to the Husa Group, a company based in Spain, with more than 160 establishments. But there is no need to go that far. One of their hotels is situated right in the business centre of Liège. Next door is the fabulous new TGV train station of LiègeGuillemins, designed by the renowned Catalan architect Santiago Calatrava. The recent renovation of the hotel allowed recovering one of the most emblematic buildings of the city. In the refurbished hotel, comfort, modernity and functionality are the basic premises. The 77 rooms are

supplied with all the necessary equipment. In the whole, Hotel Husa is a perfect blend of charm and modernity. Trendy business facilities are in place to welcome business travelers. A splendid patio is just one of their little secrets.

large suits. You can organize large meetings (400 people) in the exceptional décor of the reception hall and have adjoining smaller meetings in 12 meeting rooms (8 to 200 people). To strengthen the inner and outer self, the hotel has a café-brasserie, a gastronomic restaurant, a bar-club in the old armoury and a private spa of 1200m2. The brasserie and the restaurant both have a wonderful terrace. ‘Mens sana in corpore sano’ has never before been so profoundly realized.

Blue Blooded

Meetings wallonia llMIM i 15


22. L’Auberge et sa Residence

L’Auberge et sa Residence are situated in the picturesque centre of Spa, right across from the new thermal spa and the world’s oldest casino. The Circuit of Francorchamps and the Royal Golf Club des Fagnes are just ten minutes away. The hotel has 19 comfortable and cosy rooms, 12 luxurious suites, a fully equipped seminar space for up to 15 and a gastronomic restaurant with room for 100 people. In this Parisian brasserie-themed restaurant one can enjoy the delights of the traditional French cuisine.

"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication."

With the Spa Pass, offered by L’Auberge et sa Residence, the hotel guests are entitled to discounts in various shops, as well as for a number of services in Spa.The neighbouring thermes allow the guests to fully relax. Apart from in- and outdoor swimming pools, sauna, Jacuzzi, hamam etcetera, various wellness packages are available. As part of the Best Western Group, you can be assured of quality service and a personal approach to all your desires. Parking facilities are available close to the hotel.

16 MIM

Namur Capital idea !

Like the Sambre and Meuse rivers running through h it, Namur ows with life and opportunity. The City of Namur is the capital of the province as well as the capital of the Walloon region. Its political importance and its position in relation to the main European arteries, gives Namur a preponderant place from both a domestic and international standpoint. The Province of Namur has been spared the scars of heavy industry and has gradually acquired a vocation as a services centre, a trading point and a tourist haven within Europe. Beautiful caves, steep p hills and deep river valleys deďŹ ne the countryside and offer many adventurous opportunities for groups.



wallonia MIM 17

Namur 23. Namur Congrès Authentic meeting venues Namur’s meetings industry is both varied and dynamic. There are plenty of possibilities to organize meetings and incentives and the list is getting longer every year. A fine MICE selection: - Boat for You allows you to organise events for up to 220 people on board the ‘Belrive’, a river boat floating at the very foot of the Citadel of Namur. The boat has been transformed into an exclusive establishment for receptions, gatherings, product launches,... A unique venue to surprise and entice your guests. - The Domaine du Vieux Moulin, a four star hotel plus gastro-

24. Château de la Poste Probably Belgium’s trendiest hotel... The newly opened Château de la Poste is located in the magnificent region of Belgian’s ‘Condroz Namurois’, only 18 kilometers away from Wallonia’s capital: Namur. Its perfect location, a stone’s throw from the highway between Brussels and Luxembourg, makes it the perfect venue for professional meetings, or simply for a romantic stop-over. The hotel is nested in a 42 hectares domain, at the top of a hill overlooking the forest and the beautiful gardens designed by Jules Buyssens in 1895. The castle used to be the residence of Princess Clémentine de Belgique (3rd daughter of King Leopold II) and her husband Victor Napoléon. The new owners have turned it into a ‘sexy’ contemporary countryside resort thanks to a unique interior design signed by Marie’s Corner. The hotel

18 MIM

could be qualified as a concept-hotel or a boutique hotel by some but the idea is mainly to live an experience there and discover the place at your own pace! 42 unbelievably quiet rooms, 10 fully equipped meetings rooms with daylight, one of the best terraces of Belgium, a great restaurant ‘Chez Clémentine’ offering a ‘bistronomic’ cuisine and a wide range of outdoor sports make this property a perfect venue for a professional retreat, a team building or simply for a family get together. The ‘must’ of the resort is probably its Scott mountain bikes test centre, offering no less than 60 upscale bikes which can be used on one of the three tracks of the estate or for a longer ride in the region with professional guides. Other fun ideas include barbecue parties in the forest, wine tastings, picnics, etc.

25. Lesse

Kayaks when adventure calls…

Namur nomic restaurant, has recently fitted out a room for seminars and receptions in a cosy but high-tech interior (capacity: 130 to 225 people). The new venue has been expertly integrated into the original buildings of the old village inn. - Four star hotel-restaurant Les Jardins de la Molignée is located in and around a former stone cutting workshop near the town of Dinant. 120 guests can convene in six seminar rooms or enjoy low stress days in 52 excellent rooms, far away from the hustle and bustle of city life. The homebrew may help to relax even more!

26. Mercure Castel de Pont-à-Lesse Park your meeting in a park

Watermills – active or not – are still fascinating in this high tech age. The one at Le Domaine de Béronsart combines both medieval machinery and the latest technology in a meeting venue with character. Perfect for relaxation, reflection and discovery in the beautiful surroundings of the Condroz region. The estate also offers lovely greenhouses for receptions for up to 600 people.

Sometimes mind and body need a break from the hectic life at the office. Can you think of a better way to escape from this organized chaos than handing over the reins to Mother Nature herself? The Lesse valley is a corner of paradise ready for your (own) discovery. This river has preserved its wild nature and runs through and past the most beautiful spots of the Ardennes: evergreen forests, majestic rock formations, prehistoric caves, medieval castles and picturesque villages. A kayak trip with your colleagues can be further enriched by many other neighboring activities. Make a pick from several available formulas. Plan and reserve this adventurous teambuilding activity between 1st April and 15th October. If you don’t feel like getting wet, you can choose for Dinant Adventure to prove your mettle. This sport center is located in a former rock quarry near Dinant. Experienced instructors will help you and your party navigate a veritable high-wire act made up of monkey bridges, a death-ride, a via ferrata and the aptly named fun cable. The latter is a bridge spanning the site at the dazzling height of 60 meters, guaranteeing an unforgettable experience. Furthermore, you can show of your strategic skills on a paintball field instead of in a meeting room. Indeed, many skills learned at work can be transported to the wild nature of the Lesse valley and the region around Dinant.

"Let nature guide your course"

In a leafy and secluded spot in the heart of the Ardennes lies Hotel Mercure Castel de Pontà-Lesse. This manor hotel was built in 1810 and offers beautiful views over the Lesse and its own 25 hectare park. The hotel has 11 meeting rooms, 5 of which are multifunctional and can accommodate 300 people. The other 6 are located at the ground floor and are all distinct from each other… an ideal venue to host workshops. For inspiration one just needs to step outside and take a deep breath of fresh, green air. And that’s not the only thing one can do for inspiration or teambuilding. Kayaks and mountain bikes can be rented to discover the beauty of the river banks. The hotel also has its own mini golf and tennis courts. Weather not permitting, you can still enjoy the indoor heated pool. While the manor was probably built for the hunting retreats of the bourgeois, you no longer need to shoot the local wildlife to enjoy a wonderful banquet. The newly built ‘Orangerie’ restaurant features a panoramic glass wall providing a marvelous and soothing view of the trees. You are invited to share in the passion of the chef for fine cuisine and for the authentic flavors of regional products.

wallonia MIM 19

Wavre Nivelles

Walloon Brabant Brussels’ Garden

Wa W Walloon a Brabant is an attractive and practical choice for your meetings and incentives. Attractive: it’s a province characterized by a delightful landscape dotted by, amongst many other things, charming villages, grandiose sites, nature reserves and Knight Templar farms. Practical: it’s on the very doorstep of Brussels. You can be present at your meeting or conference in the city and afterwards or even before, you can get away in just a few minutes to the attractive countryside of Walloon Brabant. Great parks, golf courses and sunken lanes provide a welcome green contrast to the grey of the city.

27. Martin’s Hotels The solution for every reunion Always beautiful and always with their own identity and beguiling charm, Martin’s Hotels offer you great infrastructure for all your events. Whether it’s a conference for up to 1000 people, a seminar, a gala dinner or another event, you can be assured of a personalized solution suited to your every need. Martin's Manoir in Genval has 3 function rooms for meetings, cocktails and dinners for a maximum of 70 guests in an authentic and warm décor. Martin’s Manoir has created such a welcoming quality environment for you and your events, that it has truly earned the coveted ‘Hotel de Charme’ label. Additional rooms and space can be found at the nearby … Chateau du Lac in Genval. It’s fully revamped, fully equipped, fully modular Argentina room is

20 MIM

able to accommodate 1050 guests. Your event can be framed with a refreshing treatment at the Martin’s spa or with several activities, like the popular Crime Scene Investigation formula. Martin’s Grand Hotel in Waterloo promises you a day of historical and unforgettable seminars. Your event will be especially enriched by restaurant ‘La Sucrerie’, one of the best tables in the hotel group. Here cocooning and gastronomy are combined with quality and personalization. Finally, all hotels from the Martin’s group offer a professional event service. One contact will organize your event from A to Z. What are you waiting for?

Durbuy Marche-enFamenne La Roche-enArdenne


Meet in green


It’s a well known paradox that Luxembourg is the largest province of Belgium, but the least populated. In other words, it’s the most peaceful Belgian province – perfect for holding meetings in quiet surroundings. And what surroundings! With its postcard-like forests and rivers, it’s no wonder that the province is primarily known as the Ardennes instead of by its proper name. The meetings are always greener here. The Belgian Ardennes has other strengths Arlon

28. CVB Ardenne Meetings & Incentives The Belgian Ardennes offers a wide range of prestigious places like castles, private mansions, abbeys to hold an extraordinary event. In short, there’s a lot of potential to explore for events in an authentic setting supported by qualitative and modern infrastructure.

that add to its charm: gastronomic delights, the castles of Bouillon and of La Roche-en-Ardenne, Houffalize ‘Flower City’, Durbuy ‘smallest city in the world’, Marche-en-Famenne. If there's one thing that equals the alluring beauty of the region, it is the hospitality and friendliness of its inhabitants. Everything and everyone seems to be working together to offer an enthusiastic and friendly welcome to those willing to discover the region.

your green events. Planning a meeting or incentive in the Ardennes gets easier with the new search engine and you submit your request online for the bureau to follow up and offer alternative solutions if necessary.

Green Meetings, the Convention Bureau Ardenne Meetings & Incentives, will make your search easier. It’s an efficient and reliable relay of information and services for the organisation of your events. Above all, they offer this invaluable service free of charge. Depending your preferences and budget, they will offer you a personalized sampling of locations and companies. On their new website you will find all their meetings and incentive possibilities, as well as concrete ideas for

MIM 21

Luxembourg 30. SI La Rocheen-Ardenne Nestled in a bend of the Ourthe, the small town of La Rocheen-Ardenne has sometimes been called the pearl of the Ardennes. As a touristic destination, La Roche has years of experience catering to the wishes of visitors. Each day the region is enriched with new incentive opportunities.

29. Ardenne Attractions Luxembourg will surprise you su

There are, of course, the classic adventurous sports: high wire acts between the trees, paintball, kayaking, mountain biking, ... However, the Ardennes has other treasures to offer. The romantic ruins of the medieval castle overlooking the town are a testament of the town’s long history. It now also serves as the setting for many interesting activities. For example, you can put yourself in the armoured shoes of a medieval knight and explore the secrets of the fortress. La Roche is also a region where one can enjoy the simple pleasures of life: a revitalising guided walk through the wonderful environment, followed by a professional wine, beer or whisky tasting. La Roche-en-Ardenne is a real jewel with quality accommodations, renowned gastronomy and tourism professionals ready to develop a program tailored to your wishes.

Su Surrounded by nature, the members of the Ardenne Attractions Ar network will help you ne newly rediscover the n well w known tourist sites of the province s of Luxembourg. You need not look further for fun, friendly and original f activities. Discover your hidden talents as a an astronaut at the Eurospace Centre, explore the medieval strongholds of Bouillon and La Roche-en-Ardennes, dive into the caves of Hotton or learn how to fish at the Interpretative River Centre. The boldest may try to escape the labyrinth of Durbuy to discover this wonderful little city and its topiary park. The Burgundians will enjoy the taste of gourmet local products of Rochehaut before visiting its wild park. Travelling back in time is easy in Luxembourg. You can retrace the footsteps of Godfrey of Bouillon with the steampowered Aisne tram. History buffs can relive the Battle of the Bulge in almost any village or town in the Ardennes. The friendly people at Ardenne Attractions site will help you organise a program of unforgettable activities and incentives to liven up your meetings.

22 MIM

"The tourism office will hold the fort for your event"


A pla of goocde living!

31. Auberge de la Ferme Meet and live as an Ardennais villager The Auberge de la Ferme started as a small farm in the enchanting village of Rochehaut-sur-Semois. Over the years more buildings were bought and renovated by the Borreux family in and around this picturesque village. Now Auberge de la Ferme has four separate professional inns with a total of 80 rooms, two restaurants, a catering service, a wonderful wine cellar, a seminar building and a shop with local products. There’s also an old school building with three meeting rooms, which is regularly used for corporate training weekends. With such diverse facilities and services, it’s easy to organize an company retreat combining catering, meeting and lodging in one address. Quite a lot of activities can be organised in the neighbourhood: a tour on foot or by train in the ‘Entre Ferme et Forêt’ wild park and the surrounding nature reserve, a visit to the Agriculture Museum (unique in Europe) and of course mountain biking, kayaking,... In short, the Auberge de la Ferme offers everything for a professional stay in the Ardennes without losing the personal touch of a family business.

32. Floreal La Roche-en-Ardenne Meet up in the castle of Floreal La Roche-en-Ardenne, one of the four centra of the Floreal-club. An imposing historical building, decorated with small appealing towers appears when entering the site. Nestled on the banks of the river Ourthe in the heart of the green Ardens, here you can relax out in the open nature. In la Roche, you can feel the charm of a castle, and at the same time benefit from modern meeting facilities. ‘The castle’ and a more recent building accommodate you in respectively 76 renovated guestrooms and 38 flats with balconies. Also 8 seminar rooms are in place. In addition to these features, hospitality and warmth are certainly among the hotel’s qualities. Regional dishes but also other formulas are served in the gastronomic restaurant ‘Le Parc’. Ask the chef for suggestions made to measure your events and take pleasure in dining on one of the lovely terraces. A large scenic park forms the backdrop to the centre. Even other organisations benefit from the activities taking place here. Mini-golf, health-track, a tennis-court, outdoor swimming pool in the summer season,... sports lovers won’t be dissatisfied after a stay-over. If you had something more peaceful in mind, there is the possibility to go fishing in the river. Conclude your corporate event by placing a dance in the private disco.

MIM 23


v w

33. Auberge du Sabotier The Auberge du Sabotier captures all the important aspects of the Ardennes for your meetings and incentives: green surroundings, gastronomic bliss and an authentic decor. Located in the unique setting of a 17th century building, the hotel will charm its guests with its rustic charm and quiet. The hotel has 20 comfortable rooms, 2 relaxing and modern meeting rooms ‘Victory’ and ‘Chevaliers de la table ronde’ and a gastronomic restaurant ‘Les 7 Fontaines de l’Awenne’. The latter can also be used for a themed team cooking course or for an appreciative wine tasting led by the hotel’s award-winning chief sommelier. The hotel also offers other activities of its own:

34. Brandsport: if adventure has a name…

24 MIM

t for c e f r Pe storic hi nts ! eve


Gastronomic Ac

discovery walks di lk in i the th forest f t and d evening promenades to listen to the belling of the stags during mating season. Even more team building activities (kayak, an army jeep rally, etc.) can be arranged with the hotel’s partner Haras du Sartay. In any case, through a stay with Auberge du Sabotier you will experience the real Ardennes.

35. Chateau Jemeppe

In r 4 in A c s f la g e t J in s r s t n e in s p

i w

Follow in the footsteps of the noble lords and ladies of the castle At equal distance from Brussels and Luxembourg City lies Chateau Jemeppe. This castle dating back to the 13th century lies on a private estate of 60 hectares. It was restored and con-

Brandsport has amassed nearly 30 years of experience as an organizer of team building activities. You can choose from several formulas: management training, Forest Rope Adventures and LaRoche Team Adventures. A new formula incorporating horses can be expected soon.

other’s security, blindly putting your faith in your ‘buddy’ and by leading and being led, you get to know and trust your colleagues. These experiences, combined with the competition between the teams and the all-around rush of adrenaline, guide everybody to exceptional performances.

Brandsport’s philosophy is that there’s no better way to improve team bonding and team performance than sharing top experiences in the outdoors. By working together, assuring each

These activities can be organized for small groups as well as for groups of about 175 people. Possible activities include: rock climbing, blind abseiling with your ‘buddy’, archery, construct-

i k w R f s T 2 o e a e t p

r ct fo oric! nts


Luxembourg verted to become a friendly place where work and relaxation go hand in hand. In total the castle has seven seminar rooms, which can accommodate 6 to 400 people. Three of these are located in the centuries-old majestic donjon. A Boardroom and a Business Corner complete the range of available working space. The historic atmosphere and the formidable views of the forests and rolling landscapes of the Ardennes, will inspire guests to new heights. All rooms are equipped with the most modern facilities and technology. Naturally Chateau Jemeppe also caters for informal meetings, which can be held in the castle salons and reception rooms. The newly renovated ‘La Grange’ room deserves special mention: it can accommodate up to 400 people and is ideal for gala dinners, product launches and other large events. The various lounges – including a billiard room and library – and the swimming pool, sauna and tennis courts provide ample opportunity to relax.

ps d

36. Euro Space Center Your event in the stars! Organize your corporate events in the exceptional environment of the Euro Space Center in Transinne and find out how it feels to walk on the moon. In the heart of the Ardennes you are offered the possibility of organizing an event, incentive or seminar on a site that is unique in the whole of Europe. Organize a drink in the Temple of Planets, or do you prefer a gala night beneath a Space Shuttle? The Auditorium (130 places), the Freedom Room (100 places) and smaller rooms are also at your disposal for your seminars and product launches. Plenty of breathtaking and inspiring activities will bring you and

your colleagues to another dimension. With your head in the stars and both feet in a futuristic setting, you'll discover what real astronauts actually experience. Simulate a space flight on board of the Space Shuttle or try out the astronaut training. Navigate and repair a satellite during a zero gravity simulation! Outdoor activities like quad driving, mountain biking and archery are also possible after your group had a VIP visit of the premises and an unforgettable Space Pursuit Challenge.

the of

on d to

g -

ing a raft and crossing the river together, kayaking, rafting, a hike ‘n bike raid with extra challenges, … Their ‘Forest Rope adventures’ includes rope courses from tree to tree with some interesting specials, like the cuddle pole. ‘LaRoche Team Adventures’ can be realized in 24 hours: arrival in the morning, lunch, outdoor teamwork, dinner, a party in the evening, a good night’s rest, breakfast and an action filled morning. Different elements of competition can be added to all the programs. Other formulas are possible, like action combined with

reunions or a longer stay. Meetings can be organized in their own hostel ‘La Laiterie’, but other accommodations can

"Outdoor Adventure & Teambuilding" also be arranged in nearby hotels and venues. All programs can be adjusted to fit your personal preferences.

MIM 25

Luxembourg 38. Hostellerie La Claire Fontaine Classified with 4 stars, La Claire Fontaine is located in a former tannery within walking distance of La Roche-enArdenne. The inn is situated in its own 1 hectare park, which lies next to the river and is in itself surrounded by the greenery for which the Ardennes are known. In short, the perfect decor to have a relaxing drink, discuss business over coffee or to organise a seminar.

37. Hotel les Tilleuls

For seminars, meetings and training sessions, the inn has 2 meeting rooms that overlook the park and the wooded slopes of the Ourthe valley. These are equipped withcomfortable furnishings and all the latest technological devices. There are also several rooms that allow you to organize receptions and business meals for 200 people. The inn has

Rustic and quiet It used to be a mansion, nowadays hotel-restaurant ‘les Tilleuls’ in Jupille (La-Roche-en-Ardenne), specialized in the tailor-made seminar, welcomes business delegates with open arms. Situated in the greenery, les Tilleuls looks out over the valley of the Ourthe and offers a splendid panoramic view. A private parking, the possibility of having the exclusivity of the building which means calm and confidentiality, a meeting room adaptable according to your wishes, a well-considered service, an agreeable bar and reception room and last but not least, Etienne Son in the kitchen to offer you a French cuisine of the first ranks. Everything is in place to make a triumph of your stay. Etienne Son, artisan caterer and event organizer, will do the unthinkable do make the impossible possible. The hotel indulges you with charm and cosiness while providing the most modern and comfortable rooms, which have been renovated in 2007. On the leisure side, Tilleuls ensures original activities in and outside the hotel; team cooking with the chef, the ‘beavers’ ballad’ and farmer’s golfing, without forgetting to mention the large range of activities that take place in collaboration with Wildtrails.

26 MIM

39. Hotel Ol Fosse d’Outh Stay Together, Work Together, Relax Together One might say that Houffalize tends to attract meetings. During the Ardennes Offensive the Allied generals planned to counter-attack the Germans from the north and the south and to meet in Houffalize. It cost them a lot of time and blood. Thankfully, that’s no longer needed to plan a successful

meeting in Houffalize. Hotel Ol Fosse d’Outh is a large recreation and congress centre near Houffalize. The hotel is surrounded on all sides by unspoiled greenery, fully justifying its claim of intense contact with nature. The hotel corresponds completely to the special needs and require-

Luxembourg 23 comfortable rooms ready for your residential participants. All the dishes are prepared by the house, with regional and seasonal products, chosen and selected with care. Thankfully, the wine cellar is one of the most diverse and richest of the region because venison tastes all the better with a carefully selected wine.

An at m of cal osphere relaxam and tion

The staff is ready to meet any challenge head on, to respond to your every desire and to offer you a personalized service to meet closer to your desires. They will take care of the meet ‘n greet and will attend your guests in between meetings,

ments of the meetings industry. It provides a place to work, plenty of opportunities to relax, a professional service and all within a respectable budget. With 300 rooms, 18 meeting rooms for up to 250 people, a congress hall for up to 800 people, 3 large restaurants, a nightclub and a spacious lounge bar, Ol Fosse d’Outh is just the thing for large conferences. Sport and relaxation can be found in the Aqual’O centre. Adventurous activities can be organized in the surrounding forests. Those interested in history can revisit the many Ardennes Offensive museums and memorials in the region.

coffee breaks and adventurous, cultural and sportive incentives.

40. Jean de Bohême Nature, culture and leisure

This 4 star hotel of great character and charm is surrounded by the beautiful countryside and woodlands of Durbuy, the world’s smallest city nestled in a deep valley of the Ourthe river. Personally supervised by the proprietors, the atmosphere is matched by a friendly and efficient service as well as a warm hospitality. The 33 personalised rooms and 5 seminar rooms are all equipped with modern comforts and technology. Business meetings are handled with great detail by the resourceful and talented staff. Seminars, events and congresses can be organised for up to 250 people. To make the organisation of your event easier for you, the hotel has a diverse selection of ready-made pro-

grammes for your seminars, team-buildings and sport activities.

"Unique experience: your walking aperitif can be organized in the kitchen" The comfortable bar and the lounges are ideally suited for an aperitif, a cocktail or to relax in between meetings. Large and small banquets can be held in private in the restaurant, specialised in local dishes. Other reasons to visit are the castle, the topiary, the vast forests and the two nearby golf courses.

wallonia MIM 27

Luxembourg 41. Quartier Latin An exceptional place for an exceptional event and incentives, than a former Jesuit church?

The Jesuit Order is best known for its intellectual and cultural pursuits. When you think about it, these are also the better known pursuits of the meetings and incentive industry. Meetings requires your undivided attention and oftentimes incentives are organised in a cultural cadre. What better location for your meetings

In Marche-en-Famenne, the ‘Gateway to the Ardennes’, an 18th century Jesuit church became the foundation for the hotel Quartier Latin – yet another reference to cultural and intellectual pursuits. A contem-

42. Le Sanglier des Ardennes A unique setting, ideal to dream away and to relax When arriving in ‘Hostellerie du Sanglier des Ardennes’ in Durbuy, you will come upon a setting marked with charm and diversity. The Sanglier’s location on the banks of the river Ourthe and in the smallest town of Belgium, creates an authentic and unrivalled ambiance. The hotel’s restaurant has definitely earned its culinary reputation. And to enhance the team spirit, Le Sanglier has got some quite original ideas in mind. In his restaurant, head chef awaits you for urant, the h

el A hotated r integnature into

a marvelous demonstration. But you can also realise today’s special yourself and compete with your colleagues. Several wine-appreciation courses teach you the flavors of the regional wines. When you are looking for even more unusual activities, you are certainly at the right place. An adventurous safari in an old American Jeep is one of the latest novelties. The four stars Hostellerie Le Sanglier des Ardennes offers an infrastructure with standing, consisting of four prestigious

43. Le Val de Poix

buildings, gs, each having a character of its own: the refined and authentic Hôtel Le Sanglier des Ardennes, the contemporary Hôtel Victoria, the charming ‘Le Vieux Durbuy’, and a former convent, the ‘Château Cardinal’. Eight professionally equipped meeting rooms, 4 terraces, 50 guestrooms and luxury suites, 2 restaurants and several private rooms… the experience of the hostellerie in the professional organisation of meetings is striking.

Productive meetings need a professional setting and a stimulating location with a programme of refreshing activities. The heart of the Ardennes is undeniably and ideally suitable for providing this original and encouraging atmosphere. Le Val de Poix perfectly responds to these expectations. It provides extraordinary incentive programmes in the heart of the exceptional Saint Hubert forest. Everyone will feel like Mother Nature's privileged guest. The hotel has three meeting rooms: one larger for up to 52 people and two smaller

28 MIM

porary wing is connected to the church by a terrace. Seminars, banquets and meetings can be held in the hotel’s 8 modern meeting rooms, which can accommodate up to 300 guests. The professional staff, 75 comfortable rooms, the private wellness centre and the restaurant with its simple and delicious menu, will guarantee a comfortable 4 star quality stay. The kitchen can be the decor of the popular Team Cooking incentive: put on your apron and your hat, grasp a spatula and create a menu under the guidance of the head chef. Several team building activities can be integrated in your program with the help of the hotel’s partners. Your yearning for culture can also be satisfied in the surrounding city of Marche-en-Famenne. It’s home to several museums, including the lace industry museum, and hosts quite a few folkloristic events.

Hospitality The hospitality industry, like the meetings industry, has become an important industry whose sole and noble purpose is to receive and entertain guests, visitors and strangers with liberality and goodwill. Over the years the demand for quality services has steadily risen. Luckily, being hospitable comes natural to many in Wallonia. Proof of this can be seen in the presence of several high quality hotel chains and in the existence of several accommodation associations. Supporting the meetings and incentives of corporates and organisations comes just as natural to them as can be seen in the following pages.

ones that combined can accommodate 40 people. The nearby municipality of Saint Hubert is certainly worth a visit: the abbey with its basilica, the ‘Fourneau Saint Michel’ (an open air museum dedicated to the iron industry) and the castle of Mirwart. For the more energetic team activities, Val de Poix works closely together with Brandsports. At the close by Aeroclub of the Ardennes you can escape in the clouds with a glider or a tourist plane. The assets of Val de Poix must not be underestimated: wonderful location, professional infrastructure and helpful service will ensure a first-class corporate event.

MIM 29

Hospitality 44. Gîtes de Wallonie

45. Business-Etape Choose freely from more than 50 meeting residences

46. Leonardo Hotels The Art to Feel at Home

d An original an e iv at rn te economical al

In all the meanings of the word, ‘Gîtes de Wallonie’ has become a ‘G household name guaranteeing modho ern and comfortable accommodae tions in Wallonia. In recent years the ti federation has developed a formula fe combining rural seminars and tourc iism: ‘Meetings in the Green’.

Exploring the Ardennes countryside with your colleagues in green surroundings becomes much easier in auand quiet surroun thentic guesthouses that meet the high standards of a business clientele. This way the ‘Meetings in the Green’ formula fills the increasing need of companies for charming accommodations in the Ardennes. Lodgings with this label guarantee a high level of professional service. You can be sure of a unique and charming venue with modern infrastructure and equipment. The service is efficient, flexible and offers a different kind of hospitality without ever disturbing your privacy. Added to this advantageous formula is the competitive pricing. Since 1989 the members of ‘Gîtes de Wallonie’ do their utmost to fulfil the wishes of their guests in such a way that they often become the first ambassadors of their region. After all, making people welcome is an essential value of the ‘Gîtes de Wallonie’.

30 MIM

Leonardo Hotels have established themselves in the 3-4 star plus category in some prominent European cities and destinations in attractive locations that offer features such as airport proximity, city centre or the quiet countryside. These hotels are designed to cater to the special requirements of business travellers as well as those of event participants. Of the 30 Leonardo Hotels in Europe of which 3 are located in Wallonia. The Leonardo Hotel Wavre is located in the idyllic countryside, not far from Brussels. The E411 road, nicknamed the ‘auto route of the Ardennes‘, takes you to Brussels city centre, the trade fair grounds or the airports in about 25 minutes. The hotel‘s sport facilities include a swimming pool and there is a golf course nearby. The hotel has seven function rooms for up to 200 people.



Hospitality Sometimes the thing you need more than anything else for your meeting or incentive is privacy. Business-Etape can provide you with ideally private and quiet locations where you can have your event undisturbed. Business-Etape offers you a choice of more than 50 villas and all are guaranteed to be of the best possible quality. These exceptional properties are classified as luxurious residences, perfectly equipped for small meetings, seminars and teambuilding weekends. With so many locations spread out over Wallonia, it’s almost impossible not to find what you want. Modern villas, authentic farms, castles, miniature wellness centres? Nearly every theme or setting can be found for your residential seminar. Business-Etape can support your meeting or incentive in many ways. They listen to your needs, but

The Best Western Leonardo Hotel Charleroi is characterised by its sophisticated environment and ideal traffic connections. Brussels South international airport is only a few minutes away by car, and the railway station with its express connections to Paris, Amsterdam or Brussels can be reached on foot. The hotel has six function rooms for up to 180 people. The Leonardo Hotel Namur is situated directly on the idyllic banks of the River Meuse. The extensive parks offer plenty of space for outdoor activities. The nearby cultural centre of Namur, with its winding alleyways, great variety of shops, event programmes and museums, is a major attraction for visitors of all ages. The hotel has 19 function for up to 400 people. info.bestwesterncharleroi

they don’t impose anything. Through contacts with the best suppliers in the region, they can arrange the best catering, negotiate and organise sportive and cultural activities. Business-Etape guarantees the quality and professionalism of these part-

ners. That way you don’t need to bother yourself with the details, leaving you free to concentrate on what matters!

47. Accor Hospitality

Event formulas for every business client Covering every segment from luxury to economy around the world, Accor’s hotel brands meet the needs of business and leisure travellers. In Wallonia there are at least four Mercure hotels ready to accommodate your business event. Two have not been mentioned yet: Mercure Liège Centre and Mercure Louvain-la-Neuve Centre de Seminaires. Both are aptly named. The Mercure hotel in Liège is the only four star hotel in city centre. The hotel offers two comfortable boardrooms hosting up to 20 people and one large meeting room up to 110 delegates. This meeting room can be divided in two smaller rooms. The hotel offers several business packages for day

seminars, cocktail parties, banquets, ... Located 30 minutes away from Brussels’ city centre and 20 minutes away from the airport, the Mercure hotel in Louvain-laNeuve has a total of 19 meeting rooms. The largest can host up to 210 persons. Restaurant ‘La Découverte’ has very recently been renovated in a modern and bright style. It’s very relaxing to enjoy a business meal or banquet in this restaurant, surrounded by a park of 50 acres. The A|Club (Accor hotel loyalty program) special offer for Meeting Planners grants you outstanding benefits while organizing your meetings ... Earn A|Club points with EVERY event. Convert your A|Club points into rewards throughout a wide selection of Accor hotels or with our Partners,…

MIM 31

Professional organisers Wallonia is an interesting location for meetings and incentives and offers an endless list of possibilities from which it’s extremely hard to choose. Luckily there are quite a few professional organisers ready to help you organise the perfect event. Flexibility and quality are the key words. It doesn’t matter where, when or how. You can be sure that these professionals have the training, experience and inspiration to deliver fun, exclusive, personal and/or surprising programs and activities.

48. BITS-DMC Just what you needed Are you in need for a relaxing business weekend or a creative event with your colleagues? And you are not sure where or what? BITS, an incoming tour operator, has got some good ideas in mind… that is, if you opt for the Belgian or neighbouring territory. In January 1988 Marc Dans founded BITS, Brussels International Travel Service, and was joined later on by Igor Korn. BITS is not just any destination management company, it made it to the top DMC’s in Belgium. The people of BITS are eager to share their beloved Belgian destinations. After 20 years, they have gathered a profound expertise on Belgium and its service

32 MIM

providers. Hospitality and quality are taken very serious. They even have some original sample programs and activities in store. When talking about Wallonia, BITS shows proof of a deep knowledge. For instance, BITS praises the city of Spa for its lead role and Liège for its recent investments. But it is the whole destination of Wallonia, with its green land and forests, which lies closest to their heart. ‘The hundreds

of castles, typical valleys and millions of hectares of forestt are since long time the ideal terrain for team building activi-ties, based on sports, ts orientation, treasure hunt…as Marc Dans points out. And to follow his advice, you better try out a ride on the Ardennes draft horse, pulling tree trunks in the forest.

Organisers 49. X-Cape Escape the office ! X-Cape is based in Florenville, part of the Gaume region. Situated at a lower altitude than the Ardennes, it is delineated by borders with France, Luxembourg and the Ardennes. Temperatures in this region are often higher than in other parts of Belgium due to a microclimate, guaranteeing a breath of fresh air in this well preserved environment. But that’s not all: X-Cape is proud to offer various quality solutions to its customers – everywhere in Wallonia and even across the borders. Workshops, seminars, … just ask and they make it happen. For over 14 years X-Cape has welcomed thousands of satisfied customers from all over Europe. Their self-stated priority is to make their clients happy and proud of themselves by offering opportunities aplenty to discover raw nature, enjoy a quiet environment, push their own limits and – last but not least – reach the goals.

"Satisf-Action guaranteed!" There are tons of activities to choose from. From droppings in the woods with different themes to dead-rides. Paintball, quads, rope courses, teambooster activities, teambuilding challenges, horses, nordic walking… as long as it involves outdoor adventure. They have it all and they’re waiting for you!

50. The Good Time Company An activity that has been in the making for 42 years

An un solutusual ion

The Good Time Company offers you team building activities in, around and with Citroën’s most iconic car: the 2CV (1949-1990). It was once described as ‘the most intelligent application of minimalism ever to succeed as a car’. The Good Time Company has applied the very same concept and car to their team building activities. The 2CV tour team building activities are an excellent opportunity to bring your team together. Groups of four people in each car drive along quiet country roads, come across nice little villages and other lesser-known points of interest. Along the route several stops are planned for playful activities, like parking the car blindfolded with the help of the team, pulling the car with a rope, tasting local

specialties, or doing the Crazy Good Time Dance. Everyone participates and is motivated by a common goal and the weather is never a problem. Like the 2CV, these all season programs are versatile and affordable. They can be organised wherever and for as long

as you want: a full day, half a day, a few hours or a fully customised tour. Sixteen to sixty people can relive their memories of these loveable and colourful ‘ugly ducklings’.

wallonia MIM 33

Organisers 51. Action Team Training Learning, creation and … action! Action Team Training is specialised in the creation and organisation of team building events for companies. “Learning, creation and action”, are the leading concepts in their approach. And they know what they talk about. Action Team Training has gathered its experience over 20 years of working in the field of teambuilding. Tour and Taxi, Fort Genval, an old Clinic of Brussels, the Abbey of Villers’ ruins and the Orange fortress in Namur are just some of the sites where the action takes place. Are you prepared to bring your collegial

relations to a higher level and stimulate collaboration and motivation? Action Team Training provides events that abound with quality and originality! In the more than 15 indoor and outdoor activities, professionalism, effectiveness and fun are the key principles. Action Team Training is proud to present Action Team Learning, a complete new way to address your team building event, with the focus on the aspect of learning. It proves to be a very efficient tool to ap-

52. Annapurna Consult Seminars, team buildings, incentives and business events … all are part of the specialties of event bureau Annapurna Consult. With the utmost creativity and efficiency, Annapurna realizes the concept of your dream and leaves you and your guests with a treasured memory. y

With Annapurna you will have little to worry about: every detail of your event can be managed. Their slogan ‘Your communication partner’ shows they offer much more than the basic organization of your event. This event bureau even takes care of your promotional ta activities, brochures, invitations – both in Belgium and abroad – and arranges everything from logistics to catering.

The ble nsa indispebureau event

Find the coat and try to escape from the Cube

Outdoor and indoor activities, tailor-made or ready-made, in Belgium or anywhere else in the world, all options are open! Annapurna’s team building activities are beyond imagination and will enhance the spirit of your group. Discover with your team of archaeologists the riddle of Sir Lancelot or get ‘lost’ in the Sonian forest in search for the hidden bunker. Annapurna is proud to present an exclusive new activity, ‘The Cube’. This activity takes place in the four-star hotel, conference & resort centre, Dolce La Hulpe Brussels. In two hours time, you will be challenged to fabricate a serum and save humanity from a mortal bacteriological attack. All formats can be found on the website of Annapurna.

34 MIM

proach your company’s themes and issues: from the promotion of a fusion, the launch of a new product to the sharing of information. If you have any doubts, Action Team Learning will answer your enquiries with concrete results.

53. Agritour Get away from the daily stress with a twist!li Why not leave the city behind and become one with the beautiful countryside of Wallonia? Agritour is there to help you undertake a journey to Wallonia’s agricultural land and dares you to reveal its hidden secrets. Agritour is a cooperative tourist agency with a social commitment, more precisely, the development of the region of Wallonia. Wallonia’s grandiose rural areas and great richness of products are simply too worthy to be forgotten!

"Socially committed incentives"

Organisers 54. Wildtrails They’ve got it covered Wildtrails is not only a specialist in organizing seminars , sportive events, teambuilding and training, but also in supporting these events for others. Wildtrails has amassed quite a few interesting assets: nearly fifteen years of experience, three seminar locations, an immense training ground and rental equipment. Thier locations are certainly worth visiting and – at the very least – describing. ‘Les Pieds dans l’ Eau’, ‘Porte de Cielle’ and ‘La Presbyterie’ are each multifunctional training and seminar centres . The first is a charming Ardennais restored farmhouse, the second is also a restored farm, but on a hill overlooking the Ourthe valley and the third is a former presbytery. Then there’s ten hectares of adventurous rocky terrain, woods and fields on both sides of the Ourthe. After an intake talk to get acquainted with your expectations and wishes, Wildtrails will organise your event by the sea, in the Ardennes, or anywhere else in Belgium. Team trophy, highland games, abseiling, speleology, via ferrata, etcetera can be organised as the main part of your event or as entertainment in between your meetings and workshops. And even if you decide not to make use of their experience, you can still rent one or more of their locations or their rental equipment. Indeed, Wildtrails offers you a choice from many trails towards a wild and successful company event.

To let you encounter the treasures of Wallonia, Agritour offers you meeting facilities in various unique rural locations, with completely equipped rooms for your corporate event. Or do you prefer a guest room in a small village or even in a farm? Buffets abound with local specialities and in Agritour’s ‘fermes Gourmandes’, high quality products are standard.

"A list of references for each letter of the alphabet"

To spice it all up, Agritour makes sure original and professionally organised teambuilding activities are available. If you would like to taste the flavours of the region, just pick one of Agritour’s gourmand tour proposals. Or get to know the specific agriculture of the region and the secrets of brewing beer, producing ‘foie gras’ and other culinary delights. A unique chance to learn about hidden professions and skills!

wallonia MIM 35

Looking for sharp ideas... Brussels, a cosmopolitan capital at a cultural and linguistic crossroads, is also a city of the arts and entertainment. Its lively atmosphere coupled with a gastronomic reputation make an essential contribution to the local lifestyle.

Brussels-Wallonia Convention Bureau forms part of the “Office de Promotion du Tourisme de Wallonie et de Bruxelles” (OPT). It acts as a go-between, completely free of charge, between enquirers abroad and suppliers on the ground. It will provide information about the latest facilities, and can also suggest original programmes. Visit the website to discover the many features of this dual destination that is so fascinating.

Wallonia is the green alternative venue. Splendid countryside stretches across the southern half of Belgium, so that there are ideal places to meet up – far from the hectic cities and with myriad sports, games and other leisure activities.

Brussels-Wallonia Convention Bureau Rue Saint-Bernard 30 - B-1060 Bruxelles T. +32 (0)2 504 02 34 - F +32 (0)2 513 95 66 -

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MIM107 Supplement - Wallonia  

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